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Interview with Muhammad Rafeeq and Eric Hufschmid

13 July 2007

Good news and bad news!

The good news is that Eric Hufschmid received a brief phone call from Christopher Bollyn on 12 July 2007. Christopher wanted to reassure us that is alive and his family is fine, but he is obviously too afraid to come out of hiding.

The bad news is that a family that is frightened and living in hiding is not going to reassure us that we needn't worry. We are in a war with Zionism. What if the corrupt police, FBI, and courts start going after the rest of us?

If the Zionists can get away with arresting Bollyn and creating such fear that the entire family is living in hiding, what could they do to "ordinary" people? What might happen to the people who subscribed to the American Free Press, The Barnes Review, or the anti-war groups? For all we know, some of those people have already been arrested, but we don't know about it because they are ordinary citizens.

We must take this issue seriously. We must make the world a safe place for the Bollyn family, and the rest of us! The Chicago police should investigate the people who set up that arrest, and who were responsible for destroying the video evidence of the arrest.

We don't have to live in fear, but we need more support, and we need more people to stand up to the corrupt government officials. Liars, such as Alex Jones, Aaron Russo, and Webster Tarpley are trying to create fear of the government, the police, the Mexicans, the Chinese, the New World Order, the Satanists, and even the King of Spain. Don't fall for the trick. Don't live in fear.

The police might complain that we are tarnishing their reputation, but they are responsible for their reputation, not us. The New York City police, for example, are ignoring the September 11 attack, and the Chicago police have been accused of working with organized crime for decades. The honest policemen should get together and ask themselves, "Do we want to continue ignoring the corruption within our organization?"

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Warning: I no longer trust Smith (my reasons are here) but there is valuable information in our interviews


• Ted Pike, the Christian religious leader who complains about "hate crime" legislation, is promoting the theory that Arab terrorists are out to get us. David Duke ignores our information, but he likes Pike's article so much that he posted it at his website zionism-presents-an-even-greater-and-dangerously-unrecognized-threat
Ted Pike has such remarks as:
“9/11, carried out by Muslim hijackers, was an unprecedented outrage and tragedy. Yet it happened, like Pearl Harbor, to a nation whose guard was down.”

Ted Pike is still listed as one of the staff members of the American Free Press as of August 2007, as this scanned image shows:

This would explain Ted Pike's strange behavior, and his lack of concern about Christopher Bollyn and his family. Everybody associated with the American Free Press, The Barnes Review, and all of the other white supremacist groups should be considered as Zionist agents.

Look at the  "contributing editors" of the The Barnes Review as of August 2007:

Some names you might recognize are Michael Piper, Mark Glenn, Victor Thorn of WingTV, Rick Adams of the RBN radio network, Fredrick Toben (a Holocaust revisionist), Edgar Steele (a lawyer and Holocaust revisionist), and Matthias Chang of Malaysia. If any of these people are honest, why are they associated with Willis Carto and other people who work with The Barnes Review and the American Free Press?

And why do they show no interest in Christopher Bollyn and his family? Why do they associate with and promote only other suspicious people and Zionist Jews?

The most likely reason is that they are working with the Zionist criminal network! Duh!

• The Zionist movement is hopeless and absurd. Those of you who are working with the Zionists, whether because you want to help Zionism, or because you've been blackmailed or tricked, should consider sabotaging the movement. Rebel now!

• The best policy to follow is to assume that the "truth movement" is dominated by Zionist agents, so be suspicious of everybody.

For a new example, Carlos Porter, who calls himself a "Holocaust revisionist", is like virtually all of the "truth seekers". Specifically, they don't say anything that has not already been said, and they promote lies. Carlos Porter promotes the official lie of the assassination of President Kennedy. Near the bottom of his page you will find a link to this McAdams site and a remark that McAdams is "debunking Kennedy assassination fairy tales":

Women of the Mossad
Does the Mossad have a large team of women to lure men into blackmail traps?
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• Ooops, this is not a real ADL site:
“The Anti-Defamation League Salutes Congressman Ron Paul -- July 10, 2007”

That site is registered to "Boris Pribich", who has several other sites, such as: