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Infiltration or Incompetence?

Why isn't the world improving?

10 Aug 2006

There are thousands of organizations claiming to help the world. There are political parties, environmental groups, veterans organizations, and peace groups.

With so many people struggling to help the world, why is nothing improving? Are these groups incompetent? Or have they been infiltrated and sabotaged?

Stormfront, National Vanguard, and other "white supremacist" groups are behaving like crybabies.

The anti-war and peace groups are behaving like brats having tantrums.

The political parties are behaving like idiots.

None of these groups are helping us understand or deal with our problems.

Have they been infiltrated? Or are their leaders as stupid as they appear? Regardless, they need better leadership, or they need to be abandoned.


White Supremacists? Or White Crybabies?

Imagine walking past a beggar who cries out to you: 
Help! I need money for food. Yesterday I had $500, but I spent $34 at a newspaper stand to buy the Jew York Times, Jewsweek, and other Jew publications.

An hour later I purchased some Ecstasy tablets made in Israel by Jews and imported into the USA by Jewish gangsters.

Then I had to mail my annual $125 contribution to the Jews in the Israeli government.

And a few minutes ago I spent my remaining money on a Jew who was selling pornography and lottery tickets.

The Jews took all my money! Now I need money for food!

I would get a job, but the Mexicans are taking all the jobs!

I would learn a skill, but the Jews dumbed me down!

I am a victim of the Jews and Mexicans! Please help me!

Would you feel sorry for that beggar? Or would you think to yourself, 
"It is your own fault that you need money, you stupid jerk! You are a disgrace to the white race!"
How is such a beggar any different from the "white supremacists" who cry:
The white race is a victim of Jews, Mexicans, and other races!

The Jews are the worst! They force us to fight a war in Iraq; go to their gambling casinos; buy Jewish propaganda; and give billions of tax dollars to Israel every year.

The illegal aliens are forcing us to give them welfare. The legal aliens are forcing us to give them our jobs. The South Americans are forcing us to buy drugs.

Our intelligent children have become stupid because the Jews dumbed them down!

The white race is slowly becoming extinct; the white culture is dying. Help the white race survive!

If that crybaby attitude is typical among white people, then the white race will go extinct. Actually, people like that should go extinct.

The members of the white supremacist groups should take a serious look at their leadership. I suspect their leaders are Jews in Nazi clothing.

Why would Zionists create White Supremacists?
I can think of lots of reasons, such as:
1) By creating groups of stupid, angry white people who blame other races for their own self-inflicted problems, the Jews can frighten us into believing that these white supremacists are a danger to society, and that we need "hate crime" legislation to protect ourselves from these angry imbeciles.

2) Whenever somebody accuses the Jews of causing trouble, the Jews can make it appear as if this person is yet another of those insane Nazis who blame the Jews for everything.

The Jews can even make sarcastic jokes about how we may as well "blame the Jews" for hurricanes and fleas. Take a look at how many web pages there are for the expression "blame the Jews".

3) The Zionists can collect the names and addresses of the people who want to defend the Goyim; ie, the Zionists can identify their enemies. They might even arrange for some of these people to be blackmailed, arrested, killed, or used as Useful Idiots.

4)  The Zionists can lure the anti-Zionist Goyim into these groups, and then ensure that the leadership is self-destructive and ineffective. This prevents those particular Goyim from forming groups that actually do something useful to stop Zionism. 

5) The Zionists can frighten other Jews into supporting Zionism by telling them that insane Nazis are everywhere, and that Jews must help take over the world from these insane, violent Goyim.

6) The angry groups of white imbeciles reinforce the idea that "anti-Semites" actually exist, and that the anti-Semites hate Jews simply because they are freaks who enjoy hatred and violence.

For most people, the word "anti-Semite" brings up images of stupid, angry white people. As a result, accusing somebody of anti-Semitism will cause most people to immediately be reminded of those imbeciles, and that will cause people to hate the anti-Semite. Nobody bothers to discuss the issue:

"What is an anti-Semite? And why do you say Eric Hufschmid is an anti-Semite?"
How do we determine who to trust?
How do we know which of the people who complain about Zionism are seriously interested in stopping it? All we can do is investigate everybody; no exceptions: InvestigateTheTruthSeekers.htm
Quit pouting! We don't have to be victims!
If the white supremacist groups had respectable leadership, they would explain to their members that we can take care of ourselves whenever we want. They would explain that your life is whatever you make it. For example:
If you go to a gambling casino, it is because you made the decision to go; Meyer Lansky and other Jews didn't make you go there.

If you subscribe to Newsweek or the New York Times, you made that decision, not Sam Newhouse, Murray Rothstein, or some other Jew.

If you buy Ecstasy, it is because you -- not some Jew or Mexican -- made the decision to buy it.

If you spent $3000 on a trip to Thailand to have sex with children, it is because you made that decision, not some Jew who arranged the trip.

Each of us is responsible for our lives, and the citizens of a nation are responsible for the nation. Unfortunately, we don't want to believe that our own relatives, friends, and neighbors are part of the problem. We prefer to blame some other race, or some other nation.

Unless all of us learn to be as critical of our own family members and friends as we are of other people, we will never deal effectively with our problems. We cannot solve our problems when we insist that our problems are coming from some other group.

What is "racism"?
When I hear the word "racist", I get visions of stupid white people in the Southern states dressed in bed sheets.

The Ku Klux Klan has given the word "racist" such a bad image that if somebody is referred to as a racist, most people will immediately hate him. Nobody asks, 

"What is a racist?  And why do you say Eric Hufschmid is a racist?"
There are serious issues regarding races and immigration that we have to deal with, but we can't discuss them because so many people are so sensitive to the issue of racism.

Consider four different ideas regarding the issue of human races and immigration:

1) We could allow different races to interbreed, and we could allow immigration. Eventually, after enough interbreeding and immigration, there will be only one human race.

2) We could prohibit interbreeding to preserve the different races, but we could allow immigration. This can create pockets of different races within a nation, similar to what we see in America with "Chinatown".

3) We could prohibit both interbreeding and immigration to preserve each race and each nation's racial composition. We would only permit people to make visits to other nations.

4) We could allow immigration and interbreeding, but we could prohibit immigration for purposes of providing cheap labor. In other words, a person would be allowed to immigrate to a nation if he truly wanted to be a part of that society, as opposed to merely looking for a higher paying job, or trying to get away from the police.

There are certainly thousands of other beliefs on what to do with the different human races and nations. Which of these beliefs is "racist"? Which of these beliefs is good, and which are bad?
We must stop using each other as cheap labor
I think we can all agree that we should prohibit the immigration of other races for the purposes of providing cheap labor. The use of different races as a cheap labor source has caused trouble all throughout human history. It has always resulted in racial fights.

America and Europe experience a lot of fights between different races because most of the nonwhite races in America and Europe are here only to serve as a cheap source of labor.

Should a nation be allowed to be "racist"?
Most people consider it "racist" to advocate preserving a race or a nation. However, the people who say that racism is wrong never explained why it is wrong. So, why doesn't somebody explain what is wrong with preserving a race? Is preserving a species of flower wrong? Should we breed all the flowers together so that there is only one flower?

Imagine that the Chinese government announced that they will no longer allow other races to immigrate to China, and they do not want the Chinese citizens to interbreed with other races.

Furthermore, imagine that the Chinese announce to the world that they are tired of listening to Americans insult them for eating dogs, horses, and scorpions.

Imagine the Chinese also announce that they will wear whatever clothing styles that they want to wear; they will eat whatever food they want to eat; and they will retain whatever other aspects of their Chinese culture that they want to retain.
Finally, imagine the Chinese announce that they are no longer allowing the Americans to set up Coca-Cola vending machines, McDonald's restaurants, and other businesses. Instead, Americans can only be investors or advisers with Chinese businesses.

Would the Chinese government be "racist" for trying to preserve the Chinese race and the Chinese culture?

Now imagine that another nation, such as Brazil, decides to allow free immigration and interbreeding. Would Brazil be a better nation than China? Is it possible for the world to be stable when some nations are racist and others are allowing free immigration and interbreeding? Or should all nations be forced to follow the same practices?

Do you really think there is a right or wrong?
Millions of people believe they know the correct answer to the issues of race and immigration, but life does not have answers. We simply have to discuss these issues and make decisions.

Some people create gardens in which flowers are randomly mixed together. Other people create separate areas for different types of flowers.

There is no right or wrong way to design a garden, regardless of whether the garden has flowers in it, or humans.

Is sexism bad?
A similar dilemma occurs between men and women. Some people believe that men and women should be treated as "equals", and other people suggest that we treat men and women differently.

The people who suggest treating men and women differently are considered to be "sexists", and sexism is considered to be bad.

The people who condemn racism have no idea what racism is, or why it is bad, and the people who condemn sexism also have no idea what sexism is, or why it is bad.

There is no right or wrong to any of these issues. We simply have to discuss them, and then we have to make a decision. And we can discuss the issues in the future and change our decision if we decide we would like to try a different policy.

The anti-war and peace groups
Several years ago I took some of my books (Painful Questions, An Analysis Of The September 11 Attack)  to an anti-war rally on the assumption that the anti-war protesters would be excited to find a book that exposes 9/11 as a fraud, thereby taking away the justification for the war in Afghanistan.

What better way to stop a war than to take away the reason for the war?

I was shocked when I discovered that the anti-war protesters did not see any value in exposing 9/11 is a fraud.

Only one protester showed an interest in my book. The others were more interested in walking down the street and chanting slogans. This is the type of behavior I would expect from a bratty child who is having a temper tantrum. Are the American people really this stupid?

My assumption was that the leaders of this anti-war rally were either infiltrators, or the American people are even more mentally ill than I thought.

It is possible that these anti-war groups have been infiltrated by Zionists, and they have convinced their dumb members that the proper way to stop a war is to chant slogans while walking down the street.

I was told by some members of these groups that exposing 9/11 is "not their issue"; that their issue is stopping the war.

How can we convince Americans to stop the war if Americans believe the war is protecting America from Al Qaeda?

In order to stop the war, we have to show the Americans that the war is not protecting us from Al Qaeda because Al Qaeda did not attack us on September 11. We have to show Americans that the Zionists set up the 9/11 attack in order to trick us into becoming angry at Arabs.

It seems that Zionists have gotten control of these anti-war groups and have installed their puppets or friends as leaders in order to ensure that the groups are completely ineffective.

On the other hand, if Zionists are not in control of the anti-war groups, that means the anti-war groups are truly dominated by idiots. In either case, we don't need these groups, and we should not support them.

The Veterans groups
What is the purpose of the veterans groups? They seem to be intended to provide support for wars. If so, they are nothing but propaganda tools, and their members are fools; dupes; Useful Idiots.

I expected the veterans groups to be more interested in exposing the attack on the USS Liberty than any other group, but they don't seem to care about it.

I also expected the veterans groups to care about 9/11 because many people will become disabled veterans after going to a war that resulted from the 9/11 attack.

But the veterans groups show no interest in exposing the attack on the USS Liberty, the September 11 attack, the world wars, the dangers of uranium in weapons, or any other crime. Do the veterans want to create more veterans?

Some of the veterans groups are enormous. For example, the Veterans of Foreign Wars claims to have 2.4 million members, and they collect money from their members. If this organization were to educate its 2.4 million members on 9/11, the USS Liberty, Zionism, and the Federal Reserve, they could have a significant effect on this nation.

However, just like the White Supremacists, the KKK, and the Anti-War groups, the Veterans of Foreign Wars does absolutely nothing of value for America or the human race.

Are the leaders of veterans groups truly as stupid and ignorant as they appear? Perhaps they are. Or perhaps these organizations have been infiltrated by Zionists or our own military.

The veterans should take a serious look at their organizations and either give themselves better leadership, or abandon their organizations.

Stop following idiots!
The inability to select useful leaders is one of the problems we find all over the world. Everywhere there are people following imbeciles, con artists, entertainers, and criminals.

When are people going to provide themselves with leaders who are intelligent and respectable?

Furthermore, stop making excuses for your crummy leaders. Your leaders are supposed to be people you look to for guidance, not people you make excuses for.

Who came up with the concept of  "white supremacists"?
There is a lot of evidence that Zionists started -- or at the least, infiltrated -- the Nazi party of Germany in the 1930's. Furthermore, the Nazi attitude of superiority is very similar to the attitude of superiority among Jews. It appears that the Jews modified their beliefs slightly and gave them to the Nazi party.

Another interesting similarity between Zionism and the white supremacists is their "feel sorry for me" attitude. Both the Jews and the white supremacists promote the theory that they are abused by other races.

Both Jews and white supremacists believe they are the superior race, and that they are abused by other races. Both groups cry for pity. Is this merely a coincidence?

Another peculiar similarity between Jews and the white supremacists is that neither group shows much of an interest in researching or exposing Jewish crimes.

While the web sites of the white supremacists certainly have a lot of information on Zionism, it is information that was already available from other sites. Their information on 9/11 is pathetic.

In March 2002 I posted messages on one of their forums to explain to them that they should look into the collapse of the towers because it appears as if the towers were blown up with explosives. The people in control of the message board responded that they have more important things to do, such as fighting Jews. After a few messages I was banned from the forum.

My conclusion was that the white supremacist groups are controlled by Jews, and they are trying to ensure that their members remain ignorant about 9/11 and other Jewish crimes.

So, when will we discuss these issues?
The world might improve when we start to discuss the issues we face. However, the white supremacists don't encourage such discussions. Neither do the anti-war groups, the Veterans groups, the Democrats, the Republicans, or the environmental groups.

I suspect that most of these groups are dominated by Jews.

Stop hating, stop pouting, and start discussing
The Jews do not want the Goyim to do something useful. They don't want the Goyim to realize that we can make this world a better place whenever we want.

Instead, the Jews want to us to live in fear. They try to convince us that we are helpless victims of Jews, Mexicans, Globalists, Illuminati, Nazi Death Cults, Luciferian Controllers, and Bilderbergers.

As long as the Goyim waste their time feeling sorry for themselves and blaming other people for their problems, the Jews will remain in control.