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Can we trust the
American Free Press?

25 August 2006
Eric Hufschmid

Do you have the emotional toughness to discuss the possibility that 9/11 was a setup by Zionists in order to fool us into hating Arabs?

Can you also discuss the possibility that the American citizens who struggle to expose Zionist crimes are actually Zionists?

Why would firemen start fires?
Would you start a lot of fires to stop a fire?

It seems like a crazy concept. However, firemen frequently set many small fires in order to control a large fire.

It is important to note that firemen set only small fires, and they remain in control of those fires.

Why would Zionists expose Zionism?

If you were a Zionist, would you expose Zionism? Again, it seems like a crazy concept.

However, Zionists will expose small amounts of Zionism in order to maintain control of the Goyim.

As with firemen, they only do a little damage, and they remain in control of the situation.

By exposing a little Zionism, they lure the Goyim over to them.

The Gullible Goyim gather around the Zionists to learn more about the terrible Zionists.

The Zionists remain in control.

Why do we question the American Free Press?

Some people have made the assumption that I doubt the honesty of the American Free Press only because I assumed the AFP censored four of Bollyn's articles, as mentioned in this document:

So let me clear this issue up first (there is more at the very end of this article).
I discuss this censoring issue more in my response to Piper:

Every editor has the right to reject articles. The rejection of articles is not evidence that the AFP has been infiltrated or influenced by the criminal network.

However, I never said "the one and only reason" that I accuse American Free Press of infiltration is because they censored or delayed articles from Bollyn.

In this article:

I mention the infiltration of the American Free Press:

They started selling Hufschmid's book in 2002, but about a year later they abruptly stopped selling it. How abruptly? Well, they had taken a customer's order, took his money, but never sent him a book. The customer contacted Hufschmid a few weeks later to ask why he had not received his book.

Obviously, somebody told the American Free Press to stop selling the book, and the employees did not bother (or were afraid) to fill the final order. The American Free Press has yet to explain why they did this, and why they would treat their customer in this manner.

That was written before Bollyn's articles were censored. Therefore, I made my accusations before the censoring, not because of the censoring.
Am I jealous that they don't sell my book?
When I complain about the publicity that Dylan Avery's video Loose Change has been getting, many people respond that I am jealous of Avery.

I suppose people will now respond that I am jealous that the American Free Press sells other people's books and videos.

However, there are two important issues to consider before making such an accusation:

  1) Why does the AFP prefer to beg for money?
The American Free Press claims to be suffering financial problems, so they beg for donations. For some examples:
Help American Free Press keep this web site alive.
Donation page on their web site  new link

They also beg on their subscription form:

Your advance renewals and donations help make it possible for AFP to continue...
PDF document is here -- html version of the pdf file is here

They are having a conference September 2 - 3, 2006 and they tell us that if we cannot be there, we can contribute money to help bring students to the meeting:

SORRY, I CAN’T COME! BUT I CONTRIBUTE $ ______ to help pay for student passes—$125 each
html version of the pdf file  ... this document is missing!

How many students will they bring? And which students? Does anybody verify the AFP does what they say?

My book was bringing the AFP some profit. When they stopped selling my book, they voluntarily and deliberately terminated one of their sources of income.

Why would they rather beg for donations? Is this your idea of a respectable organization?

Some people will make excuses for them, such as,

"Well, maybe they didn't make enough money from your book to make it worth their trouble!"

If you jump to such assumptions, (and even if you don't) you should look at this document:

That document explains that it is absurd to make assumptions, and then disprove your own assumptions!

In other words, don't assume that my book was a financial burden on the AFP, or a burden on their employees, and then deduce that they couldn't afford the burden.

Selling my book was no trouble or expense to them. All they did was take orders. They would send me the names and addresses, and I did the shipping.

They didn't have to buy any inventory, and there was no legal contract between us. There was no burden on them. All they did was collect money.

Why would they abruptly terminate an offer as nice as that?

Perhaps they beg for money to create the illusion that they are struggling Patriots.

Plus, when they fake poverty, they may fool wealthy people into donating large amounts of money, or even fool people into including the American Free Press in their will.

The American Free Press can prove my insinuations are incorrect by providing us with their financial records, including those of the Spotlight newspaper.

  2) Why doesn't the AFP provide an explanation for why they avoid my book and video?
Nobody is obligated to sell anything I produce. However, if the American Free Press doesn't want to sell my book or video, they could make up a reason, such as, "We don't want to sell it".

They could even make up a sensible reason, such as:

"We prefer to sell the books and videos we produce or authorize. We are not a retail store, so we don't want to carry many books and videos from other people."

Instead of behaving in a respectable manner, they refuse to explain to me -- or Bollyn! -- why they stopped selling my book.

The only reason American Free Press initially decided to sell my book is because Bollyn encouraged (pressured?) them to do so.

A year or so ago Bollyn was at their office in Washington DC, and he asked Anne Cronin why they would not sell my video. She made some sort of vague remark about how my video is crummy. She was especially annoyed with the section in which my head expands and contracts like a cartoon character.

Bollyn was confused. He called me on the phone and asked if I have another video in which my head expands and contracts.

I had to explain to him that I only have one video, and that Cronin is either getting my video mixed up with some other video, or the AFP is simply making a lousy excuse to ignore my video.

Anne Cronin's absurd remark reminds me of the remark Larry Silverstein made on television in which he accused the fire department of demolishing Building 7.

The attitude of both Larry Silverstein and the American Free Press is:

"Kiss my Khazar butt!" 
The American Free Press is "controlled opposition"
To summarize this, even if Bollyn's four articles had not been censored or delayed, I would continue to stand by my accusation that the AFP is controlled by Zionists.

It is also possible that the Spotlight and the AFP were created by Zionists, so they never had to infiltrate it. The newspaper may have been a trick from the first day to fool the Americans into following the Zionists rather than other Goyim.

Michael Piper's latest book is called the Judas Goats. Maybe Michael Piper and the other people at the AFP are the Judas Goats!

I have been suspicious of the AFP since 2002
I heard about the AFP in 2002 when I became involved in the September 11 attack. It was a sometime around spring of 2002 that Christopher Bollyn, who was living in Europe at the time, contacted me by e-mail when he saw my web site about 9/11.

When we discussed the evidence that the September 11 attack was a hoax, he would occasionally make remarks about how he had to be careful what he wrote because the editors at the paper didn't want to offend the military people and other readers of the newspaper.

I thought it was peculiar that a newspaper that claims to be fighting corruption is tiptoeing around the corruption out of fear of upsetting people.

Eventually I started looking at their articles, and I subscribed to the newspaper. That's when I noticed that they have a lot of peculiar authors. Let's take a look at some of them.

Michael Collins Piper
I trusted and was impressed by Piper, and I suggested to Daryl Smith that he interview Piper. Smith talked to Piper and was impressed, also. So Smith interviewed him a few times during the end of 2005 and the beginning of 2006.

After a few interviews, however, Piper stopped answering phone calls or email. He seemed to be avoiding Smith.

A couple of Smith's guests told Smith that they had been warned to stay away from Smith, so Smith made a remark on his radio show that he assumes Piper had also been threatened.

Piper responded to this accusation by announcing on his radio show that he was not frightened or scared of anybody.

This issue would not have much significance except that we have seen this odd behavior with many guests. Specifically, many people start out being friendly to both me and Smith. Later they turn on one or both of us, or they simply stop communicating with us.

In most cases, we come to the conclusion that they were infiltrators. What gives them away as infiltrators is that they have no qualms about providing assistance to WingTV, Mark Farrell, Mark Glenn, John Kaminski,, Kurt Nimmo, and others who appear to be working for the Zionist criminal network.

Isn't it interesting that Mike Piper started out being friendly to Smith, and then stopped talking to him, but he continues to support... guess who? WingTV, Mark Farrell, Mark Glenn, and all the other Zionist infiltrators. More amazing, Piper continues to praise and support David Duke!

Please investigatet David Duke before you defend him up as a great leader who is going to save us from Zionism. Have you seen this yet:

White Supremacists
Are they real Nazis?
Or Ashkenazis?

Click here


John Tiffany

He writes articles and book reviews for the AFP. In a review of a "fascinating new book, Suppressed Science" by Jack Phillips, he writes:
In another chapter, Phillips explores the art of dowsing—using divining rods to locate sources of underground water.  new link

As is typical with liars, he follows that sentence with a remark that allows himself to get out of trouble for promoting such nonsense:
Most mainstream scientists reject it. 
Tiffany then continues promoting the possibility that dowsing is real:
However, some progress has been made toward giving dowsing a scientific foundation, says Phillips. Dr. Elizabeth Jurka has found that the brains of dowsers, when dowsing, show four different types of brainwaves, as if the individuals were asleep and awake at the same time. And another scientist, Dr. Zaboj V. Harvalik,....
The American Free Press is selling that deceptive book, but they will not sell my book. How do you explain this?

John Tiffany also gave a favorable review to Victor Thorn's book 9/11 Evil. Furthermore, the AFP sells Thorn's book. Is it because Thorn's book is better than mine?

Greg Szymanski
The American Free Press prints some of his less deceptive articles. However, by giving him publicity, they are promoting a liar.  I have several articles that mention Szymanski, such as:
Mike Blair
He has been writing articles for AFP for years. In this article he implies that America and Russia have the ability to control weather all around the world:

He discusses the possibility that we have the ability to create and destroy hurricanes, and that we could have stopped the Katrina hurricane.

There is no evidence that there are any machines in America or Russia that can control the weather. Unfortunately, trying to show that this theory is a hoax as futile as trying to show that the aliens in New Mexico are a hoax, or that the image of Jesus on a cheese sandwich is a hoax.

I don't want to waste my time trying to talk people out of believing that America and Russia are having "Weather Wars". However, I will make the accusation that Mike Blair and other people who promote Weather Wars, crop circles, and aliens are fully aware that they are lying. I will accuse Mike Blair and the others of being con artists; criminals; Deception Delivery Devices.

I don't know why Blair and others are trying to deceive us, or who they work for. Maybe Blair works for America, and maybe he thinks that he is going to help us by running a psy-op that will counteract the Mossad psy-ops. Or maybe he works for the Mossad. 

James Tucker
He frequently writes about "Bilderberg". He writes as if they are an organization:

Tucker has been investigating these issues for many years, whereas I only recently took a look at Bilderberg, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Project for a New American Century, and other issues.

My opinion is that the Bilderberg is not an organization; rather, it is analogous to a conference, a party, a social event, or an AIPAC meeting:

While some people show up at many Bilderberg meetings, some people have only been to one meeting, and others have been to only a few of them. This is evidence that "the Bilderberg" is not an organization. Rather, it is a meeting; a conference.

Getting invited to the Bilderberg meeting is similar to getting invited to an AIPAC meeting. Specifically, the people who are invited are either part of the Zionist criminal network, or they are fools who the Zionists are trying to influence.

James Tucker frequently writes about the people who attend the "Bilderberg" meetings. It is certainly of value to know who is invited to these meetings because that can give us a clue as to who the Zionists are trying to influence.

However, the Bilderbergs are not an organization. Doesn't James Tucker understand this? He has been investigating crime many more years than I have, so he should know more than I do.

However, his articles make it appear as if he just got into this business two weeks ago. Is he really as stupid as he appears? I don't think so.

Paul Craig Roberts
He does not work for the American Free Press, but they publish some of his articles. I stand by my accusations that Paul Craig Roberts is a liar who tries to protect Israel and Zionism:
Mark Anderson
He wrote an article about the September 11 attack. One of his sentences is:
According to the News Service, he copied his letter, via email, to David Ray Griffin, author of the book about 9-11 called The New Pearl Harbor. Ryan also copied it to Catherine Austin Fitts, a member of the board.

Why would Anderson promote as a "News Service"? And why does he promote Catherine Austin Fitts?

The people at have proven themselves to be Zionist Deniers who sabotage other people's attempt to expose 9/11. Here is one article that mentions them:

Mark Anderson wrote an article in the 7 August 2006 issue of AFP about Aaron Russo's "highly anticipated film", America: freedom to fascism.

This film has liars, such as Mike Ruppert and Catherine Austin Fitts posing as experts on America's financial system.

Mike Piper has also been promoting Aaron Russo's film on his radio show, but I had assumed that Piper just didn't realize that Russo, Fitts, and Ruppert are liars.

A couple of years ago I made a remark to Christopher Bollyn that Cathy O'Brien has one of the wildest books I've ever seen, Trance: Formation of America.

Christopher Bollyn mentioned this to Mike Piper, and Piper responded witn an e-mail message to both of us that said something to the effect that we should not believe Cathy O'Brien. He told us that he thinks her book was intended to help make Jim Traficant look bad.

Mike Piper and the AFP defend Jim Traficant as a patriotic American who was put in jail by Zionists. Mike Brown wrote an article in the August 21, 2006 issue of American Free Press that claims Traficant is a victim of a corrupt judicial system.

Why is the American Free Press spending so much of their time defending Traficant? Is their defense of Traficant simply for appearance? Are they pretending to care while they secretly laugh?

What is the Freedom Law School?
It is extremely unusual for an advertiser in a newspaper to have anything other than a business relationship with the management of the newspaper.

Now that WingTV has exposed themselves as a defender of Zionism, their close relationship with the American Free Press should be considered as evidence that the American Free Press is a Zionist organization.

This in turn should make us wonder about any advertiser that has more than a normal business relationship with them.

One of their primary advertisers is the Freedom Law School.

The president of this law school is Peymon Mottahedeh. He is speaking at the upcoming AFP/TBR conference on September 2 and 3. Why would they invite an advertiser to speak at this meetings? Obviously, there is more here than a typical business relationship.

The Freedom Law School is not an ordinary law school. Rather, it is a small organization that people join in order to avoid paying income taxes.

Instead of paying a lot of taxes to the IRS, people can join the Freedom Law School and give the school a smaller amount of their money.

The Freedom Law School could be exactly what it appears; namely, a group of people who are trying to avoid paying income tax.

However, we should consider the possibility that their cozy relationship with the American Free Press is because the Freedom Law School is a Zionist trap.

If Zionists infiltrate other organizations, why not this one?
Have you looked at the evidence that Zionists created or infiltrated the Nazi party, the white supremacists groups, the 9/11 truth groups, the antiwar groups, the Republicans, the Democrats, and the Veterans groups?

Have you looked at the evidence that Zionists have taken over the television industry, Hollywood, and most publications?

If the Zionists started, infiltrated, or dominated all of those groups, don't you think the Zionists might consider starting or infiltrating the groups that help us avoid paying taxes?

To put that another way, if the Federal Reserve is controlled by Zionists, and if income taxes are a Zionist scam, why would Zionists allow the Goyim to form organizations to avoid paying income taxes?

Don't you think the Zionists might try to stop us from rebelling against their income taxes?

Why would the American Free Press promote an organization that encourages us to avoid paying taxes?

If you have trouble with that question, substitute "Zionist propaganda newspaper" for "American Free Press":

Why would a Zionist propaganda newspaper promote an organization that encourages us to avoid paying taxes?

An interesting coincidence is that the president of the Freedom Law School is an Iranian Jew.

Perhaps the Freedom Law School is a trap!
The ordinary citizens who join this law school may be allowed to avoid paying taxes, so from their point of view, the school may be a wonderful method to avoid to paying taxes.

However, if somebody the Zionists don't like joins the organization, the Zionists may allow him to avoid taxes for a couple years, and then they may send a couple of Zionist IRS agents to give him an offer he can't refuse.

The Zionist IRS agents may tell their victim that he has been caught in a trap, but he has options. He can try to fight the corrupt IRS in our corrupt court system, and after he wastes all his money he will be sent to jail for tax evasion, or he can become a Useful Idiot.

An interesting aspect of this trap is that it could operate without the honest IRS agents knowing about it.

If I can think of such tricks, couldn't the Zionists also think of them?

If this law school is a trap, we ought to wonder if any of the people at the American Free Press have been caught by it.

Who is in control of who? Is the American Free Press a Zionist Organization? Or are they victims of the Zionists?

Here is a brief video that has some information about Mark Lane, the lawyer who may be in control of the American Free Press:

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