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Part 2

19 November 2006

Blackmail Traps 

Why can't our government solve crimes as obvious as 9/11?

They couldn't possibly be as incompetent as they pretend. Instead, the criminal network has control over them.

Blackmail is one method.

Part 1 is here

Part 2: Little Piggies

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Part 3 is here
In Part 1 of this video, I pointed out that Theodore Herzl realized that anti-Semitism could be used as a tool to manipulate both Jews and Goyim.
The Zionists also use sex, money, drugs, and fame as bait for blackmail traps.

They also encourage the hatred of homosexuals in order to enable the blackmailing of thousands of government officials, and to justify "hate crimes".

Theodore Herzl
didn't say it, but should have:

“It is essential that the sufferings of Homosexuals. . . become worse. . .”

If you cannot figure out who your friends are, and who is working with the Zionists, you may end up as one of their victims.

Have you seen what happened to Scott Ritter:

Don't worry about becoming a "police state"

Don't fall for the deception that comes from Alex Jones, Jeff Rense, and others who try to frighten you into thinking the police are our enemy.

We don't have to worry about becoming a "police state". We have to start fighting the attempt to turn us into a Zionist state.

Alex Jones and others are encouraging you to fear and hate the police because they know that the police could put an end to this Zionist cancer immediately.

If the police would wise up and realize that their leadership has been compromised, and that Zionists are using them as attack dogs, they could start arresting Michael Chertoff, Larry Silverstein, Sam Newhouse, Rahm Emanual, Edgar Bronfman, and thousands of other Zionists.

Our military could also put an end to this Zionist cancer.

So don't fear the police or military. Instead, educate them, and get them to work with us.

Take a look at how easy it is to find contact information for police departments with google; click here.

Send a link to one of our articles to some police department, and next week sent another link to another police department. Don't assume somebody else will do it. Most people do nothing; this is one reason we are getting beaten. It is up to a small number of us to spread the information and counteract the lies.

Tell the police that 9/11 was not an inside job. Rather, 9/11 was a Zionist job. More information and an audio file is here:

Everybody who gets publicity by the media or funding for politics should be considered guilty until proven innocent

The media will not give publicity to people like me, or to the issues I discuss.

Anybody they give publicity to, and anybody they fund for a political contest, should be considered a member of their crime network, or one of their blackmailed puppets.

For example, Michelle Malkin:

Take a look at the pedophilia among politicians, which enables them to be blackmailed: has lots on pedophilia. You should at least skim over the articles. For some examples:



Judicial-inc has some amazing information on Jewish crimes, but don't be fooled into trusting Birdman Bryant, Signs Of The Times, or the other liars they promote.

The evidence suggests that Judicial-inc is working with the Zionist Jews. I have some more information about them and this trick here.