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12 Nov 2006

Ashkenazi vs. Goyim
Who will win?
So far, not us.

Israeli leaders work for their nation. The leaders of America and Europe are pedophiles and puppets.

The Israeli people work for their nation. The goyim of America and Europe work for money, sex, fame, and entertainment.

Smith and Hufschmid, 12 Nov 2006   8.4 mb
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Warning: I no longer trust Smith (my reasons are here) but while I was working with him, we created some useful interviews

Get the police to join us!

The American and European police could arrest Larry Silverstein, the Rothschilds, Murray Rothstein, Sam Newhouse, and thousands of other Zionists.

We have enough evidence to justify arresting these people. Tell the police that 9/11 was a Zionist Job.

We could end this Zionist nightmare, and then we could start the process of rebuilding our nations.

So, what is our problem?

One problem is that many of the 9/11 truth seekers are like Alex Jones. They try to frighten us into thinking the police are working for the "Luciferian Controllers".

We are told that the police will put chips under our skin and send us to concentration camps.

We are warned about a police state. Don't be a sucker! We don't have to worry about a police state. We have to worry about a Zionist state.

Don't be fooled by Zionist Deniers, such as Alex Jones. The police are victims of Zionism, just like we are. Help the police understand what is going on so that they join us.

Also, don't wait for the majority of people to "wake up". They are not asleep. Rather, they are incredibly selfish, neurotic, and stupid.

We have to act now, not when the hordes of selfish sheeple "wake up". Contact police departments via e-mail, or phone calls, or personal visits. Don't be afraid of the police. The police are not our enemy.

Send the police links to our website, and links to videos. Don't be frightened of the police or the military! The FBI and other Zionist organizations are our enemy, not the police.

Send a link to free videos for the police to watch, such as:


Carol Valentine has some interesting articles, such as her article that questions the honesty of the Northwoods document:

Was the Northwoods document another setup to shift the blame for trying to start a war with Cuba away from Zionists and onto the Goyim?

Will the Gullible Goyim ever make better decisions on who to listen to, who to ignore, and who to arrest?

Or will they continue following the Zionists and their puppets who praise them and make them feel good?

Will Americans ever figure out why they are spending billions of dollars each week to destroy Iraq?

Will the British ever figure out why they sent troops to Palestine during World War I?

Will Americans or Europeans ever figure out that their government officials are puppets?

We need real leaders. If we can't find enough Goyim who can distinguish between leaders and puppets, we are in serious trouble. So please help us find those few Goyim with functional brains, and try to get the police and military to join with us.