“Permit me to post files on the Internet, and I care not who controls the money”
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Banking and Money

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The Money Masters video
A great history of the Federal Reserve system, the takeover of the banking system, and the Rothschild family. Produced by Bill Still and Pat Carmack.

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The Rothschild Family
The Rothschilds helped fund the Zionist movement, and they are taking over the banking and monetary systems of America, Europe, and other nations.

The timeline of the Rothschild family is here.

New: Here is an excerpt of Hitchcock's updated Rothschild timeline.


"Naked Short Selling"  --  Wall Street corruption
Patrick Byrne, CEO of Overstock.com, claims there is incredible corruption in the stock market and Enron. Listen to this interview with him:

Patrick_Byrne_naked_short_selling.mp3   8.2 mb, 1 hour 10 minutes

Byrne has more videos and information at his site and at deepcapture.com

In this news article, Byrne accuses the Russian mafia of being involved in the corruption in Wall Street. John McEnroe suspects that the Russian mafia is threatening tennis players, also.

However, take a look at the evidence that the Russian mafia is actually Russian Jews, not Russian Goyim: EyewitnessToDresden.html (#2 on this page)

History of the Money Changers
This timeline below will show that recessions and depressions occur because the Central Bankers are manipulating the money supply in order to manipulate our societies.

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