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1) An Eyewitness to the Firebombing of Dresden
Christopher Bollyn wrote this article for The Barnes Review (TBR) magazine before he realized TBR and the American Free Press (AFP) are Zionist groups. It is a PDF file:
Kuklane_Dresden_eyewitness.pdf   475 kb
Below are two images from Bollyn's article, but at a higher quality to make it easier to see them. If you don't know about the Dresden bombing, here is a BBC article.
2) The Russian Mafia
Raphael Johnson explains that the Russian mafia are actually Russian Jews, not Russian Goyim:
RussianMafia_RaphaelJohnson_TBR.pdf   370 kb

If you don't understand why we accuse TBR and AFP of being Zionist criminal groups, we have lots of articles about it, such as:

PHOTO ABOVE: As a high-ranking officer in the Waffen SS, August Kuklane supervised the collection and mass cremation of corpses in Dresden after the relentless Allied firebombings that engulfed the city in flames. It could very well be him in the photo, Kuklane once said.

Among the thousands of corpses that Kuklane saw, he claimed he did not see a single one in German military uniform. Dresden was to be made an example of. This was clear from the criminal strafing of fleeing civilians by British fighter planes and the aerial attacks upon Dresden rescue workers and corpse removal teams.

PHOTO ABOVE: August Kuklane estimated the number of people killed in Dresden at 600,000. 

The bodies of the innocent residents and refugees killed in the Anglo-American "Ash Wednesday" firebombing (perpetrated on one of the holiest days in the Christian calendar) were cremated on massive pyres in Dresden’s Altmarkt and the city center.

If a nation were to commit such an atrocity against a civilian population today, that nation’s leaders would surely be branded as war criminals.