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Now we know why Trump is silent !
The secret is out

Eric Hufschmid, 3 Sep 2018
Updated 4 Sep 2018 here
Updated 7 Sep 2018 here

The recruiting method of the Jewish crime network
In the movie, They Live, this scene shows a human who justifies working with the aliens because:
1) The aliens have total control of the world, so there's no point in fighting them.
2) The humans who join will benefit by helping the aliens create a better world for everybody.

That movie caused me to assume that people were working with the Jewish crime network for those same two reasons.

Some people had been claiming for years that the mysterious New World Order (NWO) would force people to join by drugging them, or by getting them drunk, and then forcing them to have sex with children, thereby providing the NWO with blackmail material.

Unfortunately, the people who made such claims never provided any evidence for what they said, and they never accused anybody of being one of their victims.

Now, finally, I have discovered that a woman named Jennifer Guskin is providing evidence for that accusation. She is producing videos in which she claims to have been one of the children that the pedophile networks used to provide blackmail material, and she is naming the people who were forced into having sex with her and other children.

The Jewish crime network forces its members into pedophilia
Jenny Guskin says that she and other children would be divided into three age groups and put on display, and the people who were forced to have sex with children had to pick one of the children. She says in this video that Donald Trump was among the people who were forced to do this.

In this video she provides more detail and says that Trump would pick the oldest of the teenagers. Apparently Trump is not interested in having sex with children.
Why would somebody defend Weinstein?
She believes that Trump is appalled with the pedophile network and is trying to destroy it, and she thanks both Trump and Ivanka in that video.

Jenny Guskin also mentioned Harvey Weinstein as one of the pedophiles. This would explain why the media is willing to accuse Weinstein of being lewd with adult women; specifically, they are hiding his pedophile crimes.

How many pedophiles are adopting children?
In this video, Jenny Guskin says she was adopted by a couple who were working with a pedophile network. To her father, she was just a source of income. For example, she was sent to a Jewish community center camp, and at night she and other children were often taken to sex parties, and she was given a wad of cash to give to her parents in return for being a sex toy.

Jenny Guskin, and the other people who are complaining about being used by the pedophile network, don't seem to have had much of an education, and that makes it very easy for the pedophiles to fool them into believing something nonsensical. For example, in her video for 3 September 2018, with the title: "Want full disclosure? Demand it!!", she claims that she is not completely human because she has some other type of DNA in her.

Like most people, she doesn't know what DNA is. She also believes the mysterious people called "Q" are fighting the pedophile network. (If you don't know what Q is, I mentioned Q here). However, as I mentioned (here about the “Contaminate the Punch Bowl” trick, and here about unicorns), don't dismiss the victims of pedophilia simply because they make some nonsensical remarks.

Jenny Guskin is releasing some devastating and embarrassing information about the Trump administration, and many other people in government and Hollywood, so we should expect the pedophiles to convince her to believe something idiotic so that people will dismiss her as a crazy person.

Now we have an explanation for Trump's obedience to Israel
In some previous documents I wondered why the Trump administration is so quiet about the lies about the 9/11 attack, and other crimes. I also wondered why he wants his daughter in the White House.
Jenny's videos are here
Jenny Guskin's information provides us with one possible explanation. Specifically, the reason Trump behaves like a puppet of the Jews and is quiet about their crimes is because the Jews have video of him having sex with teenage girls.

And the reason he wants his daughter in the White House is because she is aware of the blackmail, and she knows some of the victims, such as Guskin. Since the pedophile network is so large and diabolical, Trump wants Ivanka in his administration because he doesn't know who he can trust, and he wants somebody who is as disgusted with the network as he is, and who wants to destroy it as much as he does.

Trump is free! His secret is out!
During the past couple of years I occasionally noticed an accusation on the Internet that Trump had raped a teenage girl, but there was no evidence to back it up, or any details, so I did not mention it in my documents. Guskin now provides support for that accusation.

Trump can stop worrying that his past will be exposed. Guskin has just exposed it.

Blackmail material has no value when the material is put on the Internet for everybody to look at. Therefore, Trump no longer has to bow in submission to the Jews who threaten to release the video of him having sex with teenage girls.

It is time for Trump to become a warrior
Trump should become the warrior that his supporters assume he is.
Trump should get off his hands and knees, and expose the Jewish crimes to the public. This will bring a lot of sheeple into the fight, which will help us expose and destroy the network at a much faster rate.

All of the other people in the military, government, police departments, businesses, and other organizations who are in the same predicament as Trump should stop worrying that they will be exposed.

They may not yet have been exposed, but more information is coming out every day, and it is spreading around the world.

The Internet has changed human life significantly. More victims of the pedophile network are going to come forward with more information, and eventually we might find some of the blackmailed victims are willing to release the information they know, also.

The pedophiles are the only people who benefit by allowing this battle to drag on for years. It would be better to bring this battle out in the open and encourage all of the victims of the network - both the children who were raped, and the people such as Trump who were forced to rape the children - to expose what they know and help destroy the network.

The people who don't want to destroy the pedophile network should be considered as criminals, not as victims.

Why are there so many pedophile investigators?
In my previous document here, I pointed out that a lot of the people exposing pedophiles seem to be wolves in sheep's clothing. Guskin's accusations can explain why so many of them have appeared during the past year, and why so many other people have come forward to ridicule the "pizzagate theories".

Specifically, Jenny Guskin, Holly Baglio, Katy Groves, and some other people are putting out some truly important and devastating accusations, and this is causing the pedophile network to panic. So the pedophile network may have found a bunch of unemployable losers to become pedophile investigators, and they also have found some losers to ridicule the "pizzagate" and pedophile accusations and investigators.

Guskin has been posting videos since March 2018, which is almost 6 months ago, but so far she has not had much publicity. By comparison, the other people who are repeating the same information over and over get lots of publicity. Is it possible that all of those pedophile investigators are truly unaware of her? I don't think so. I think they are deliberately ignoring her.

Judging by the treatment I get from the Jews, I think the Jews have set up an army of Pied Pipers to ignore Guskin, Baglio, and the other people who are exposing truly important information. Those Pied Pipers are trying to lure you to their videos and websites, thereby limiting the damage, and the Jews are also trying to get you caught up in their idiotic discussions and arguments.

Until recently, I was also getting lots of Jews trying to become my friend or spouse, when in reality they were just trying to get information about me, manipulate me, or set me up for blackmail or death. They don't contact me as often now, perhaps because they have failed so many times that they are working on other people.

I'm sure that Jenny Guskin and the other people who are truly a threat to the pedophile network are also being contacted by "wonderful" people who want to be their friend, but who in reality are trying to find ways to sabotage and manipulate them.

The pedophile network might be Q, also, because Q does not encourage us to join in on exposing or destroying the pedophile network. Rather, Q encourages us to become passive, contented sheep who "trust Sessions" and "trust the plan".

Trump has an opportunity that nobody has had before
On September 11, President Trump is expected to make a speech about the 9/11 attack. Trump said that he likes to fight, and he has an opportunity to start what future historians will undoubtedly consider to be the most important, unusual, and significant battle the human race has ever seen.

Specifically, he could use that 9/11 speech to expose to the public that we have been lied to about the attack.

If he can find enough courage, he could go even further and point out that the 9/11 attack is just the tip of the iceberg of lies. He could point out that we have been lied to about the Holocaust, the world wars, and the Apollo moon landing.

He could then ask the military, police departments, businesses, and public to join him on the destruction of an international pedophile network that is blackmailing thousands of people in influential positions.

If Trump can find the courage to do this, he would start a fight that is bigger than any fight the world has ever seen before. It would involve more nations than the world wars. It would also be a fight of much more importance to the human race.

Put pressure on Trump to do it!
If you know of people in the government, military, police departments, etc., tell them to put pressure on the Trump administration to start the greatest battle in the history of the human race.

If it turns out that Trump is too emotionally weak to start such a fight, or if he has a lot of other horrible secrets that he is still hiding, then maybe we can find somebody else to do it, such as Vladimir Putin. If Putin is also too afraid, maybe we can find some person in a leadership position of Japan, China, or India.

Update 7 Sep 2018
In other documents I pointed out that Katy Perry and Bob Dylan mentioned that they made a deal with the devil in order to become famous. What exactly did they do?

If you wonder what else Trump could be hiding, here and here are just two of many people who claim that if we want to become famous in the entertainment business, we must be willing to agree to have somebody we know, such as our mother or friend, be murdered. If this is occurring in the entertainment business, is it also occurring with government officials, military leaders, or other people?

A few years ago I wondered (here) about the hidden meaning in Lady Gaga's Marry the Night video. The scene in the video that looks like a hospital made me wonder if she agreed to have some type of surgery, but now I wonder if she chose somebody to be murdered.

Lady Gaga became incredibly famous in 2008, shortly after her friend, Lina Morgana, died. When I first heard about that "coincidence", I wondered if Gaga had murdered her, or paid somebody to murder her, but I couldn't think of any motive, so I dismissed it as a coincidence. Today, however, I can see a motive. Specifically, Gaga was told by the Hollywood Jews to pick somebody to be murdered, and she chose her friend.

If a lot of the people in Hollywood, the media, and government had to agree to have friends or family members murdered in order to become famous, this could explain the extreme, almost psychotic, level of hatred and fear of Donald Trump.

But will Trump actually expose them? Or is he too afraid? Put pressure on Trump to bring everything out in the open!

We need somebody in a leadership position to get this battle started. People like me, Jenny Guskin, and the others who are willing to start the fight don't have the authority to do it, and we don't have enough influence over the public. The majority of people behave so much like sheep that they will listen only to "authorities", not to people like me, Jenny Guskin, or Katy Groves.

You can send this document to Trump, and here are some letters and videos.

Update 4 September 2018:

The blackmailing Jews want secrecy more than you!
For those of you who are afraid that the video of you having sex with children is going to be released, keep in mind that the people blackmailing you want secrecy more than you do.

As I mentioned in this file, blackmail is only useful when the victim is easily frightened. They do not want to release the information they have because that would expose them and their blackmailing operation.

Instead, they frighten you into submission. If you fight them, they try to kill you. They do not want to release the information about you.

However, if a large number of you would find the courage to stand up to them, they cannot kill all of you because that would also expose them. They can only get away with murder when they do it one at a time and make it look like an accident or suicide. They cannot fight a large group of people who stand up to them at one time. So find the courage to stand up to them. Stop being frightened.

The journalists are afraid to expose you, also
You might also be comforted to notice that the journalists are ignoring Jenny and the other victims. If you do not think this is important, then notice how the journalists have been struggling for years to make Trump look bad, and to justify impeaching him.

Jenny is providing them with information that he has raped teenage girls! Why don't the journalists, or any of the Democrats in Congress, use that information to embarrass Trump, or have him arrested or impeached? Why don't they interview Jenny? Why don't they use her to justify impeaching Trump? Why are they instead wasting their time trying to prove a "Russian collusion"?

The journalists do not want to interview Jenny because she would expose them, and their blackmail operation. Likewise, the FBI and Congress do not want to bring Jenny into a congressional hearing to provide information to justify impeaching Trump because that would expose all of them, also.

The significance of this is that the journalists, the FBI, the Supreme Court justices, the lawyers, and the Congress, do not want to expose you, either, and for the same reason they do not want to expose Trump. So stop being so frightened!

Do you need a deadline? Do you need some pressure on you?
How about if we set 11 September 2018 as the date at which the blackmailed puppets find the courage to stand up to the crime network? After that date, the people who continue to promote keeping the fight a secret should be regarded as criminals who are trying to protect the network, rather than as victims who want to destroy it.

Will that help you get off your hands and knees and fight the crime network?