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When do we arrest the criminals?

1 Sep 2018

• Is the human race as pathetic as it seems?
When will Trump “drain the swamp”?
Trauma-based mind control
Is the new generation inferior to the previous generation?
Will the USA become another ancient Rome? Or will we rise to the top?

Is the human race as pathetic as it seems?
I asked that question a few months ago in this document, but I still don't know how to answer it.

It's easy to see that the world has improved during the past few years. For example, there are so many millions of people around the world who realize that the 9/11 attack was an Israeli false flag operation to trick the USA into a war that it is very unlikely that Israel will be able to trick another nation into starting a war. However, some significant problems continue, such as:
• Lies about history
Journalists, schools, government officials, and other people in positions of influence are continuing to lie to us about the 9/11 attack, the Apollo moon landing, the world wars, the Holocaust, Anne Frank's diary, the attack on the USS Liberty, and other events.

• Censorship and intimidation
Some employees in USA are afraid that they will be fired or ridiculed if they express their opinions about the genetic differences between men and women, the 9/11 attack, the Sandy Hook elementary school shooting, or other issues, and the German citizens are terrified of being arrested for "Holocaust Denial" if they dare to discuss the suspicious aspects of the world wars and the Holocaust.

• Pedophilia
During 2018, a lot of people have made definite accusations that Steven Spielberg, Tom Hanks, and other Hollywood celebrities and government officials are pedophiles, but so far no police agency has shown any interest in investigating the accusations. Rather, the journalists ridicule the "pizzagate conspiracy theories".
When will our military or law enforcement agencies start removing the criminals from our government, media, schools, and other organizations? When will employees feel safe to discuss issues? When are the Germans going to stop acting like beaten dogs and tell the Jews that the truth doesn't need protection with Holocaust denial laws?

Why doesn't President Trump ask for help?
Although a few criminals have been arrested during the past few years, the incredibly sluggish pace of progress in eliminating the crime networks implies that those of us who are fighting the crime networks are outnumbered by criminals, or that the criminals dominate the positions of leadership. It also implies that the majority of people are as apathetic and easily manipulated as a group of sheep.

It is also possible that those of us who are fighting the crime network are a group of people who are so arrogant, anti-social, selfish, and/or mentally disturbed that we cannot work together well enough to defeat a crime network. If you have trouble believing that our group could be that neurotic and incompetent, consider how many religious fanatics have gotten into fights throughout history with people of a different religion, or who believe in evolution. Not everybody is capable of exerting enough self-control to compromise on issues and work together as a team.
I think that millions of sheeple would help us in the fight if they knew about it, but the majority of people do not seem to realize that there is a battle occurring. Why is this battle so secretive? Why doesn't President Trump expose this battle and ask for help?

Criminals want secrecy for obvious reasons, but why would those of us who are fighting the crime network want secrecy? Some of many possibilities are:
1) The criminals outnumber us by so much, and they hold so many positions of influence in our nation, that many of us are afraid of retaliation by the criminals. Perhaps even Trump and some military officials are frightened by the size of the crime network.

2) Many people who are fighting the criminals were originally working with the crime network. These people would want secrecy for different reasons, such as:
2a) They don't want the criminals to realize that they have turned against them.
2b) They were tricked or forced into joining the network, or forced to perform some illegal or embarrassing initiation ritual, and they are worried that the criminals will expose whatever they did. As a result, they want to fight the crime network in a very secretive, cautious manner.
3) Trump is a member of a rival crime network, and so he doesn't want to give us honest law enforcement agencies or media companies. Rather, he wants to eliminate his rivals, put his criminal friends in control of the FBI, media, military, and other government agencies, and take control of the nation.

4) Many of the people who are fighting the criminals have done some embarrassing or illegal things, and they are hoping to keep themselves and their crimes a secret by fighting the criminals in a secretive manner.
If possibilities 2b or 4 are correct, that we should tell those people to deal with the embarrassment. When we fight a crime network at a sluggish pace, we allow the criminals to remain active for a longer period of time. It would make more sense to speed up the battle with the criminals, and tell the people who are embarrassed of their past to deal with it. It is their fault that they are embarrassed, not ours. We are under no obligation to suffer the abuse of a crime network simply because some people are embarrassed of what they have done.

Will the criminals dominate the world?
Palermo officials estimate that 80% of the businesses are paying protection fees to organized crime. I think the article is interesting because it is about a couple who are trying to get married without contributing to organized crime.

Why does Palermo have such a problem with crime networks? In many documents I have pointed out that an organization is a reflection of its members. If you understand that concept, then you should realize that Palermo has more of a problem with crime than most other cities because the people in Palermo have a higher percentage of criminals, and/or a higher percentage of selfish, apathetic people who do not care enough about the crime to want to put some effort into stopping it.

To rephrase this, Palermo has an extreme problem with crime because the people in Palermo are - as a group - lower quality than the people in cities that have less crime.

In that article I mentioned, a couple is trying to get married without contributing to organized crime. If the majority of people in Palermo had the same attitude, they would be slowly destroying the organized crime networks rather than supporting them. Unfortunately, the majority of people in Palermo don't care whether they are funding a crime network, and many people are willing to join the crime networks.

The people in the USA, as a group, are higher quality than those in Palermo, but that's not saying much. Organized crime and apathetic citizens are significant problems in the USA, also, and if you doubt that, consider these issues:

   • The Russians Collusion
During 2017 and 2018, the FBI and media have been struggling to convince us that Donald Trump got elected because of a few Russians. However, they have no explanation for how those Russians altered the elections.

Were the Russians using voodoo dolls to manipulate the election?

How can such dishonest officials and journalists continue to hold positions of importance? Why haven't they been arrested, or at least fired? Why don't the citizens complain about these disgusting people?

How can a nation take care of itself or eliminate organized crime when the people either lack the mental characteristics necessary to realize that their FBI and media is corrupt, or are too apathetic to care?

During 2017 and 2018, a lot of people have provided evidence that there is a gigantic pedophile network operating in the world, and that they have infiltrated and dominated our governments and media, and are in control of some police departments, pizza shops, donut shops, and other organizations.

Some people have gone even further and made accusations that they have been raped and abused by specific people in Hollywood, the government, the police departments, and the donut shops. Isaac Kappy has gone so far as to claim that Steven Spielberg's friends murdered Heather O'Rourke.

However, as of August 2018, if any of our law enforcement agencies are investigating the accusations, they are doing so secretly. Their silence about the issue is allowing journalists to ridicule the accusations as "fake news".
How can a nation take care of itself when the majority of its citizens don't care whether a pedophile network has infiltrated or taken control of their government, media, and other organizations?

How can a nation take care of itself when the law enforcement agencies and public ignore the pedophile symbols in children's cartoons and company logos?

For example, click here for a full-sized image of Chief Zephyr (to the right), a lion that has a pedophile symbol repeated all over its face and body.
Some photos on the Internet show people who have been roasted and put on a dinner table to be eaten. Click here to see the full-sized image (to the right), and notice that the children are tied to their chairs.

Is that photo supposed to be a funny, Halloween prank? Or is it a scene from a Hollywood horror movie? Or is it a real photo of what pedophiles are actually doing? Can anybody identify those children?

How can a nation take care of itself when the majority of its citizens and law enforcement agencies don't care whether these photos are actual images of roasted people?
And consider all of the photos of children who are tied up. How can our nation eliminate crime networks when our law enforcement agencies, FBI agents, and citizens don't care whether those photos are showing children who are sold to pedophiles?
If those photos are staged, why are we allowing people to post them on the Internet and deceive people into believing that children are being kidnapped, and that people are being roasted? No business would allow its employees to pass around staged photos and make accusations that the executives are kidnapping and roasting people. Why does our government allow it? Why doesn't the FBI look into this issue?

   • The 9/11 attack
It has been almost 18 years since the 9/11 attack, and during that time a lot of us have provided the world with a lot of evidence that it was an Israeli false flag operation to trick the USA into starting a war. However, there are so few Americans willing to look at that evidence, and so few Americans who care about corruption, that most people are not putting any pressure on the government, media, school teachers, or other people to stop lying about the attack.
Even more amazing to me, there are not even enough Americans who care about this deception to demand that the military remove its troops from the Middle East and stop fighting with people who had nothing to do with the attack. Lots of conservatives are putting pressure on Trump to build a wall along Mexico, but they don't put any pressure on him to expose the truth about 9/11 or stop the fraudulent war.

How are we going to improve this nation when the people don't have any interest in stopping a fraudulent war? How can we improve our nation when most people don't even care that thousands of their citizens are becoming crippled, maimed, and brain damaged from the fraudulent war?

Another example of how pathetic many Americans are is that this article claims that 15 FBI agents and more than 300 firefighters and police officers have already died as a result of breathing the demolition debris from the 9/11 attack, and more than 7,500 other people have been diagnosed with cancer. That's a lot of deaths and cancer, and it is the result of a small group of Jews who demolished the World Trade Center towers with explosives.

However, there are very few American citizens, policemen, FBI agents, professors, or firemen who want to expose the 9/11 attack as an Israeli false flag operation, and even fewer Americans seem interested in arresting the criminals and preventing them from committing more crimes.

The people who are suffering cancer as a result of the 9/11 attack don't even show any interest in exposing the truth about the attack. All they care about is getting the insurance companies or government to pay their medical bills.

By doing nothing to stop crime and corruption, there have been a lot of suspicious events and deaths since the 9/11 attack, but very few people show an interest in investigating the suspicious events, and even fewer people are interested in stopping the crime network.
   • Laws against Holocaust denial and hate crimes
Jews are pushing nations into arresting people for "Holocaust denial", anti-Semitism, and "hate crimes". Some European and Asian nations have already been convinced to create such laws. This is as idiotic as allowing the Jews to have us arrested for being a "do-do head".

In 2018 the state of South Carolina passed a law to make anti-Semitism illegal on college campuses. The state of South Carolina uses this document to define anti-Semitism. One of the definitions is:
Accusing the Jews as a people, or Israel as a state, of inventing or exaggerating the Holocaust.
There have already been some Jews who have been caught lying about the Holocaust, and Norman Finkelstein wrote a book in which he accuses Jews of lying about being "Holocaust survivors", and he claims that some books about the Holocaust are frauds, so why should it be illegal for college students to investigate the Holocaust and join in on the discussions and accusations that Jews are exaggerating or lying about the Holocaust?

Why are so many nations allowing the Jews to get away with this abuse? Is the world dominated by people who are so trusting, gullible, neurotic, ignorant, and/or stupid that they cannot understand that the Jews are tricking us into arresting people who are trying to expose the truth about history? Or do a lot of people realize that the Jews are abusive, but they are such apathetic or mentally ill sheeple that they don't care that the Jews are abusing us?

Regardless of why people are allowing this abuse, a nation cannot take care of itself when it citizens allow their legal system to be used to suppress honest people, censor discussions, and protect crimes.

The Russians, Germans, British, Americans, Chinese, and Japanese suffered tremendously during the world wars, and I would expect them to be disgusted that the Jews tricked them into those wars, and then fooled them with the Holocaust lies, but how many people in those nations care enough to look at the evidence that they were lied to and abused? And of those people, how many of them care about the abuse?

How can a nation take care of itself when the majority of people allow this type of abuse?

   • The “Wolf in Sheep's Clothing” trick
I think that most of the people who are exposing the 9/11 attack, the Holocaust, the pedophile network, and other crimes are actually "wolves in sheep's clothing" who are doing "damage control". However, if a nation is dominated by people who are too stupid to understand this trick, or too apathetic to learn about the trick and watch out for it, then the criminals will be able to easily manipulate the nation with it.

An example of the wolf in sheep's clothing trick are the videos by Isaac Kappy. During the summer of 2018, Kappy began making videos to accuse people in Hollywood of being pedophiles. He stated that Steven Spielberg, Tom Hanks, and some other famous people are definitely pedophiles, and that Steven Spielberg's friends murdered Heather O'Rourke. (Kappy does not have his own YouTube channel, so find his videos by searching for his name, like this.)

Not long after Kappy began making those accusations, Daniel Lee, a Jewish evangelist, joined in on accusing Hollywood celebrities and government officials of being pedophiles. For example, he says that Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia was killed by a 13-year-old boy that he was raping.

Few, if any, of Kappy's or Lee's accusations are new. I heard about most of them many months or years earlier, but they had been presented in the form of rumors or speculations. Kappy and Lee are attracting attention because they are making definite accusations rather than cautious speculations. For example, Kappy is stating as a fact that Spielberg is a pedophile, and that his friends killed Heather O'Rourke.

Kappy and Lee are attracting a lot of attention because if they are incorrect, they are committing a very serious crime. Kappy even taunts Spielberg and the others with remarks that are essentially, "Hey Spielberg! If you don't like what I'm saying about you, sue me! Let's go to court over this!"

None of the people that Kappy or Lee accuse of pedophilia or murder are complaining about slander or false accusations. Furthermore, as of August 2018, the journalists have not shown any interest in discrediting the accusations, or condemning them as "fake news". This is causing a lot of us to assume that the accusations are true.

However, even though Kappy and Lee may be exposing pedophiles and murderers, that does not guarantee that either of them is honest. As I've mentioned in other documents, the best policy for us is to be suspicious of everybody. Our nations allow citizens to have an absurd amount of secrecy, and there are no repercussions for people who deceive us about themselves, so each of us should be suspicious of everybody. We should be especially suspicious of crime investigators who are willing to expose one particular crime, but no other crime.

For example, notice that many of the people who are willing to expose Steven Spielberg as a pedophile have no interest in exposing the lies of the Holocaust, Anne Frank's diary, the demolition of the World Trade Center towers, or the school shootings. This should make you wonder if they are really trying to expose pedophiles, or if they are doing some type of damage control.
“Spielberg said he would take care of me if I can attract the Gullible Goyim to my videos and away from those anti-Semites, like Eric Hufschmid.”
By making definite statements about Spielberg, Kappy is attracting attention, which could be the reason he is doing this. Specifically, he may be a Pied Piper who is trying to lure people over to him and away from the people who are truly trying to expose and stop the pedophile network, and who are also trying to expose 9/11, the Holocaust, and other crimes.
If Kappy and Lee can succeed in getting people to follow them, then they will essentially lead the people into a "goy pen". This will allow them to control the information that the people are exposed to. They will tell the naive people that Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg are pedophiles, and they will protect the lies about the Holocaust and Anne Frank's diary.

Kappy and Lee can also limit the number of people who are exposed as pedophiles to those who have already been suspected, such as Hanks and Spielberg, thereby protecting possibly thousands of other pedophiles. They may also be trying to protect the connection between the pedophiles in Hollywood and those in the government, media, police departments, FBI, and British government.

To make the issue more complex, we must also be suspicious of the victims of the pedophile networks who are coming forward to complain about the networks. Some of them may not truly be victims, and some of them may be victims who later decided to join the pedophile network. In other words, some of the victims of pedophile networks may also be Pied Pipers. For example, Liz Crokin made this video in August 2018 to warn people that she believes Asia Argento, Corey Feldman, and Rose McGowan were victims of the pedophile network when they were young, but they are now working with the network as Pied Pipers, although she refers to them as "pawns of the Deep State" rather than "Pied Pipers".

We also have to be suspicious of the police and FBI agents who are trying to stop pedophilia. For example, I think that Ted Gunderson was a member of the pedophile network, but he would pretend to be helping the victims so that he could observe them, manipulate them, and set them up for blackmail, intimidation, or death. I think his true goal was to protect the pedophiles.

However, do not let the confusion about this issue frighten you, or overwhelm you to the point at which you want to run away and hide from it. And don't be afraid of the Pied Pipers or other wolves in sheep's clothing. For example, don't be afraid to pass around links to the videos of Kappy or Lee. Their videos may help other people realize that there truly is a pedophile network operating in Hollywood. As long as you also explain to the people about the Pied Piper trick, they will not be manipulated.
   • The “Contaminate the Punch Bowl” trick
Another trick that criminals use to fool us into dismissing accusations against them is to mix something idiotic with the truth. People who don't understand this trick will notice the false information, and then assume all of the information is false.

This trick is especially useful for pedophiles because their victims are children, who are easily manipulated. Specifically, the pedophiles will convince the children to believe something idiotic, and when the children repeat that false information to their parents, teachers, or police, the adults will dismiss everything the children say as nonsense.

An extreme example is Holly Baglio, who claims to have been to the moon, Saturn, and other places that she could not possibly have been to. Her "friends" are not showing any interest in helping her understand that she was never on Saturn or Mars, so we should consider that her friends are as uneducated as she is, or they are members of the pedophile network, and they want to keep Baglio confused and ignorant.

Baglio's "friends" may also be observing who contacts her, thereby allowing the pedophile network to identify people who want to help her expose the pedophile network.

Some people might wonder if Holly Baglio is working with the pedophile network and trying to make the victims seem crazy so that we ignore the real victims, but regardless of whether the pedophiles fooled her, or whether she is trying to fool us, she is giving us an example of the "Contaminate the Punch Bowl" trick, and she is evidence that we really do have a pedophile network operating in our world. A crime investigator would be a sucker to ignore Baglio's accusations simply because some of her remarks are idiotic.

Trauma-based mind control

Many of the victims of child abuse mention concepts that seem to be nonsensical. For example, they claim to have "multiple personalities"; that they were "programmed"; that their "personality was split"; that they "disassociate"; and that they were a victim of a "CIA trauma based mind control program".

If you are unfamiliar with this issue, watch this video in which Katy Groves talks about these concepts. It is easy to dismiss her as insane, but we ought to consider that tormenting some children will indeed result in some bizarre behavior and suppressed memories. Since our language doesn't have any words to describe their feelings, they have picked such words as "multiple personalities", which might have specific meaning to them, but which sounds nonsensical to most people.

Katy Groves claims that when she was a young child, in addition to being sexually abused on a regular basis, she was tormented. For example, one of the things she was forced to do by the pedophiles was to rip the eyes out of another young girl, and then kill her. What happens to a young child when they are put through years of that type of abuse?

In this previous document, I pointed out that the Yanny - Laurel audio is an example of how we cannot use our senses as scientific instruments. The animal and human brain was not designed to produce intelligent thoughts. Rather, it evolved only to help us survive and reproduce. Evolution and natural selection are not intelligent entities. They are just descriptions of how random events can cause living creatures to change through time. Evolution has no concern for whether a creature's brain is producing intelligent thoughts, or that we enjoy life. All that matters is that the creature be able to reproduce successfully.
A personal example of the effect of trauma
I'll give a personal example of how our brain will produce irrational thoughts in an attempt to help us to survive and reproduce.

I left home when I was 19, and I traveled around a bit. I stayed at a cheap hotel in Ithaca, New York for a few days. Somehow, I cannot remember how, I encountered a man who was also traveling around. He was about 10 years older than me, and he told me that he was on welfare, lived at home with his mother in some other state, and would travel around during the summer because he would get bored and lonely.

After talking for a while, he told me he recently bought a pet dog, and the dog is in his car, and he wanted to check if the dog needed some water. He asked me to walk over with him to his car. So we walked to a nearby parking lot, and he had a very friendly dog in the back seat. It was not a puppy, so it was already accustomed to people and very well behaved.

I don't remember what he said to me, but I suppose he suggested that we sit in his car since there were no benches in the parking lot to sit on, so we got into his car and sat there talking for a while.

Like most cars in the 1970s, his front seat was a bench seat, rather than bucket seats. He sat on the driver's side, and I was in the passenger section of the front seat.

He told me how lonely he was, and that he was very excited that he met me because we would could be friends. I started wondering how I'm going to tell this man that I'm just passing through the area, and that we are not going to see each other for much longer.

After a while he told me that the other night he went to a pornography theater and watched a movie in which people were peeing and pooping on one another. He said he had never seen anything like it before. I had never heard of anything like it before, either.

I expected him to tell me that he was disgusted and shocked by what he saw, so I was surprised to hear him ask me if I would go with him down to the nearby creek and pee and poop on him. I decided that I have to get away from him because he might be dangerous. At that time in my life I did not have any concept of pedophile networks, but I was aware of the concept of serial killers. (Originally I wrote that I was aware of John Wayne Gacy's murders, but I have since discovered that Gacy was arrested a couple years after this incident, so I would not have been aware of Gacy at this time.)

I was worried that if I opened the door to run away, he might grab me, so I started wondering how I should get away.

He continued talking, and soon he was saying that he wants to poop and pee on me. I started getting more worried when he said that. At some point he slid over on the seat towards me and asked if he could kiss me, and he extended one of his hands towards me, as if he wanted to put it around my head. I put my arm up to block him, and he grabbed my arm at my wrist. It was at that point that I realized I am so weak that there is no possible way I could fight him. He was not an athlete, or even unusually large. Rather, I am just very weak.

After he grabbed my arm, he stopped moving towards me. He obviously had no intention of forcing me into anything, so I relaxed a bit. If he had been a serial killer, I would have probably have become a victim at that point because I do not remember anybody being in the parking lot at that time, and the only way I would have been able to get away from him would be if he was very un-coordinated, stupid, or sluggish.

After he moved towards me, I noticed that he had a strong smell of an alcoholic beverage of some type. I have not been around enough people who drink to know what the smell was, but it reminded me of strawberries.

I was trying to figure out how to get out of the car and get back to the hotel, but I was a bit nervous and worried so I wasn't thinking very well. I told him that we could go down to the creek and do what he wants, and I opened the car door to get out, to make it look like I was going to go to the creek with him.

I was thinking I could run away after getting out of the car, but he got out of the same side of the car, still holding onto my wrist.

I told him that we should first walk over to my hotel, which was very close by, so that I can go to the bathroom. I didn't think of it at the time, but he wanted us to pee and poop on each other, and I foolishly asked to go to the hotel so that I could go to the bathroom. I don't know what I would have said if he had responded, "No! Don't use the hotel bathroom; pee and poop on me!"

Anyway, he had a sad look on his face and agreed to walk over to the hotel. He then let go of my wrist. He obviously was not a murderer, and he made a remark about how I will probably run into the hotel and he will never see me again. I tried to reassure him that I would not run away. I was now visualizing how heartbroken he was going to be when I run away from him. He was so excited that I would be his friend, but I would soon abandon him, and then all he would have was a dog. I actually started feeling sorry for him!

When I got to the hotel, I opened the front door and he remained outside. I literally ran up the stairs into my room and shut the door, and I stayed there the rest of the night. I didn't bother eating anything for dinner that night. I did not want to leave the room.

Now comes the point of this story. The next day I looked around for him, but I didn't see him or his car, so I decided to walk to the market to get something to eat. I bought a small cup of Dannon strawberry flavored yogurt. I suppose I bought some other food, also, but I don't remember.

All I can remember about the food is removing the lid from the yogurt container, stirring in the strawberries, and then noticing that it had a strong resemblance to the smell of that man. I put a spoonful in my mouth, but instead of enjoying it, a very strong, unpleasant emotional feeling was triggered. After a couple of spoonfuls, I couldn't stand it any longer, and I threw it away.

Furthermore, for many days later, anytime I smelled that strawberry odor, very unpleasant emotional feelings were triggered. It took several weeks before I could enjoy the smell of strawberries again.

That incident shows a very important aspect of the human and animal brain. Specifically, our brain is designed for survival and reproduction, not intelligent thought. When we encounter a dangerous situation, our mind is designed to look for unique characteristics of the situation, and associate them with danger. When we encounter those same characteristics later in life, our mind will trigger unpleasant emotional feelings to make us avoid a possibly dangerous situation.

In my case, my mind came to the conclusion that the strawberry smell was the characteristic to watch out for. That odor was the most unique aspect of the incident. If I had frequently been around people who drink a lot, then my mind would have been so familiar with that strawberry odor that it probably would not have associated that odor with danger. Instead, my mind would have picked out some other unusual characteristic, such as the man's hairstyle, verbal expressions, or clothing style.

I was not hurt, raped, or even frightened by much. My "traumatic" encounter with that man lasted only a few minutes, and it was was trivial, but it had a noticeable, irrational, and long-lasting effect on my mind.

Now consider what might happen to a child who is much younger than 19 years, and who is being abused to a phenomenal extent, such as being raped to the point where they are experiencing severe pain and bleeding, and who are also being forced to do unpleasant things, such as gouging out another child's eyeballs while the child is alive, killing a child, or eating pieces of a child.

The brief and trivial "trauma" that I experienced caused my mind to associate strawberries with danger, and the smell of strawberries would trigger unpleasant emotional feelings for days. What would happen to a young child who experiences trauma that is so intense that it is almost beyond belief? And what happens to a child when that trauma occurs over and over, year after year?

What affect does extreme levels of abuse have on a child? Perhaps some children react by withdrawing into fantasies in which they imagine they are somebody else and in some other place. Their fantasies may result in them thinking of themselves as having "more than one personality".

What happens to children who have internal trauma?

The victims of pedophiles are tormented by something that is outside of their mind; namely, other people. What happens to a child who is born with a type of mental or physical disorder that causes him to be tormented in a similar manner? In that case the misery will be generated from inside his own mind. If his mind associates anything outside of him with those miserable feelings, his mind will be making a very serious mistake.

For example, consider that a defective child is eating some strawberry flavored yogurt, and his internal pains start to become severe. If his mind makes the mistaken assumption that it is due to the strawberry odor, then the next time he notices a strawberry odor, it will trigger miserable feelings.

Imagine that a mentally ill child is sitting at home with his parents and his internal mental anguish starts to increase. If there is anything irritating him in the room, his mind may associate that item with the pain. For example, if he doesn't like the type of furniture his parents have selected, his mind might associate that style of furniture with misery, thereby giving him a very strong, unpleasant reaction to that type of furniture. He may complain that he doesn't like the furniture; that it makes him feel awful.

Or, if he just had a haircut, his mind may assume that it is that haircut that is making him miserable, and he may never again want that type of haircut. He may describe the type of haircut as unpleasant, or that it makes him feel sick.

This problems might even happen to "normal" people. For example, imagine a mother is starting to feed her baby some solid foods. She gives the baby some strawberries, but coincidentally at the time she feeds him, he is suffering pains from some air bubbles that are passing through his intestines. If his mind makes the assumption that the strawberries are the cause of the pains in his stomach, he may develop a fear of strawberries that persists for weeks.

To rephrase this concept, a child who is suffering from internal pains may associate "ordinary" things with his misery, resulting in him becoming emotionally upset whenever he is reminded of those things. Those ordinary items will trigger miserable feelings, causing him to want to stay away from them.
There is a small percentage of children who want to dress in different manners, get odd tattoos, use different expressions when they speak, have different hairstyles, or get together with their friends in the evening at a graveyard. Why do some children want to be so different?

Perhaps some of them are suffering from internal pains, and their mind is making the mistake of associating ordinary things with the misery they feel, causing them to want to get away from those ordinary things.

For example, parents rarely take their children to graveyards, and as a result, the mentally ill children will not acquire many memories associated with graveyards. Since those children will accumulate lots of unpleasant memories of school, their neighborhood, shopping centers, and city parks, they will feel more comfortable at the graveyards.

When a child complains that some particular furniture, or other item, makes them feel sick, sad, or annoyed, we have a tendency to assume they are merely expressing their dislike of the item. However, we should consider that some of these children are truly having an unpleasant emotional reaction to the item due to their mind associating the item with their internal misery. In such a case, the complaints of these children are an indication that they are suffering from some type of internal problem.

Why are some people never satisfied with what they have?

At one extreme are the adults who enjoy their material items, take care of them, and do not want to replace them. They may have enough money to replace them, but they do not want to. When we ask them why they don't replace a worn out jacket, or an old coffee cup, or an old lawnmower, some of them respond that the item has a "sentimental value" to them. These people have developed an emotional attraction to the inanimate objects.

At the other extreme are the people who frequently replace their clothing, tools, automobile, furniture, appliances, and carpeting. Some of these people replace items even when they don't have enough money to do so, causing them to go into debt. Why don't these people develop emotional attractions to their material items?

To summarize these questions, why are some people developing emotional attractions to inanimate objects, while other people have so little attraction to their items that they want to replace them on a regular basis?

There are undoubtedly different reasons for why a person will develop an emotional attraction to an inanimate object. One possibility is that when a person is frequently in a pleasant emotional state with a particular item, his mind may associate that item with the pleasant emotional feelings.

In the previous section I pointed out that our mind is designed to evoke unpleasant feelings in order to make us avoid situations and items that may be dangerous. In this section I'm pointing out the opposite; namely, that our mind is designed to evoke pleasant feelings in order to cause us to repeat whatever has been beneficial to us in the past.

An example of this concept is that the children who enjoy their day care center will accumulate lots of pleasant memories of the other children, the adults, the room that they spend their time in, and the items in the room. When their mother tells them to get ready for daycare, the children will recall those pleasant memories, and they will enjoy going to daycare.

At the other extreme, consider the children who go to daycare centers that are operated by pedophiles. Those children can accumulate a lot of miserable memories of being raped, of watching animals be killed, and of being threatened with death if they dare talk about what they have seen. Those children can develop miserable memories of the room, those particular adults, and even some of the objects in the room. When their mother tells them to get ready for daycare, those horrible memories will be recalled, and that can trigger miserable feelings, which in turn can result in them begging not to be taken to daycare.

This concept applies to "ordinary" people, not just victims of pedophiles, and it applies to "ordinary" objects in our environment, such as coffee cups, furniture, wallpaper, and clothing.

For example, imagine a woman who is in good mental and physical health, and who is enjoying her life. When she gets up in the morning, she is in a pleasant mood. If she frequently has a cup of coffee every morning, and tends to drink from a particular cup, and in a particular room, she will start accumulating pleasant memories of that activity. After many months, when she looks at that coffee cup, or the room, or the furniture in it, some of those pleasant memories will be triggered, causing her to feel an emotional attachment to the item, (as in the drawing below, left).

That coffee cup will trigger pleasant memories, so she will not want to toss it in the trash and get a new cup. She may not even want to drink the coffee in a different room because the room may also trigger pleasant memories. Her mind might also make the mistake of assuming that it is the coffee that brings the pleasure, and so she may not want to try any other beverage.
Your emotional state determines whether the memories you accumulate each day are pleasant or miserable.

At the other extreme, imagine a man who has some type of mental or physical defect that is causing him to suffer from internal pains, or perhaps he is lonely and miserable due to having a odd personality. Regardless of why he is miserable, if he gets into the routine of drinking a cup of coffee in the morning, instead of accumulating pleasant memories of the activity, he will accumulate unpleasant memories, and his mind may make the mistake of associating the items around him with his misery.

As the weeks pass by, he will accumulate so many unpleasant memories that when he looks at his coffee cup, or the furniture in that room, those unpleasant memories will be evoked, which will trigger unpleasant emotional feelings, and that can cause him to want to throw the coffee cup away and get a new cup, or get new furniture for the room.

He will receive some pleasure when he replaces those items because he will feel as if he is throwing away the items that are making him miserable, and because we are titillated when we acquire new items. He will initially enjoy those new items, but the enjoyment will not last. As the weeks pass by, his mind will associate his unpleasant feelings with the items around him, and eventually those new items will trigger unpleasant memories, thereby causing him to want to replace those items, also. This cycle will repeat over and over. He will never be satisfied with what he has.

What this means is that when we find people regularly replacing items that are in good shape, and they don't have any intelligent reason for why they are replacing them, we ought to consider that the person is unhappy, and he is trying to eliminate the source of misery and bring some pleasure into his life.

You will appreciate items more when you "interact" with them
As I've mentioned many times, life is more complex than it may appear. In regards to how our mind will trigger emotional pleasure or pain when we encounter certain odors, items, hairstyles, or activities, our reaction to also influenced by our "interaction" with the item.

For example, when we are making a meal, we interact with food, knives, pots, and other kitchen utensils and appliances. When we are repairing a bicycle, we are interacting with tools and bicycles. When we go to school, we interact with other students, teachers, textbooks, and other items.

If our interaction with the items causes us frustration and problems, such as when our attempts to make a meal results in our burning or cutting of our fingers, or if we frequently create meals that have a terrible appearance and flavor, we will accumulate unpleasant memories associated with the making of a meal. In such a case, when we look at a kitchen, or at kitchen appliances, we will be reminded of those unpleasant memories, and that will trigger unpleasant feelings, which will cause us to want to stay away from the kitchen.

At the other extreme, if our interaction with an item is pleasant, we will accumulate pleasant memories with the item. For example, if we are successful in creating a wonderful meal, and if we enjoy our time in the kitchen, we will accumulate pleasant memories of the kitchen, the kitchen appliances, and the process of making a meal.

If we are routinely successful, then we will build up a lot of pleasant memories. As a result, when we look at the kitchen or the kitchen appliances, those pleasant memories will be recalled, and that will trigger pleasant feelings. That will cause us to enjoy going into the kitchen and creating another wonderful meal. Furthermore, the meals we produce will evoke those pleasant memories, also, thereby making the food seem to taste better.

This concept also applies to locations. For example, if an animal or human spends some time at a particular pond, garden, or forest, and if he enjoys his time, he will accumulate pleasant memories of that area. Eventually he will have so many pleasant memories of the area that thinking about or looking at the area will trigger pleasant feelings, causing him to enjoy that area more than the areas he has never been to before.

Conversely, if a person at a pond is terrified or injured by spiders or snakes, or by broken glass or razor blades in the dirt, or by toxic fumes that are drifting into the area from a nearby factory, then he will develop unpleasant memories of the area. When he thinks about or sees the area on another day, those unpleasant memories will trigger unpleasant feelings, and that will cause him to want to avoid the area.

Our memories about an activity or item will become even more pleasant if we are also interacting with people that we enjoy. For example, when we get together with friends to make a meal together, then in addition to accumulating pleasant memories of interacting with the food and utensils, we will also accumulate pleasant memories of interacting with our friends. That meal will seem to taste much better than the food given to us by strangers.

When a stranger serves us a meal, the food will not evoke any memories, and that means the food will not trigger any pleasant memories. The food will seem neutral. Therefore, in order for us to be excited by the food, the stranger must arrange it in a visually attractive manner so that when we look at it, we are titillated by its visual appearance. This is the reason restaurants are under a lot of pressure to arrange food in a visually attractive manner, and provide a pleasant social environment in which to eat. The restaurants that don't show much of a concern for such issues may produce food that tastes just as good, but the consumers will find the food less appealing, and so those restaurants eventually go out of business.

If we were living in the type of city that I've described, in which there are no servants, and everybody has to share in the chores, some of the people that we know would choose to work in the restaurants a few hours a month. This would have a beneficial effect on all of us, even those of us who do not choose to work in restaurants. The reason is because we would occasionally notice some of our friends, neighbors, coworkers, children, or relatives working in the restaurants. This would make the food appear to be better tasting.

In other words, if we were living in a city in which the meals were prepared by people we know, we would enjoy the restaurants and the meals more than we would in a city that uses illegal immigrants to produce the meals. And if people we knew were also involved with decorating the restaurants, the interior of the restaurants would be more pleasant than if a stranger had decorated them.

A lot of people believe that in order to enjoy life to the maximum, they need to become so wealthy that they can hire servants to pamper them like a baby, but I think that philosophy is false. Adult humans and animals were designed to deal with problems. Adults were not designed to be pampered like babies.

We evolved to work with and for our team
The social animals, such as humans, also evolved to work together. Business executives in a free enterprise system describe their business as a "team" of people, but they are not truly teams. They are more accurately described as "kingdoms" because most of the employees are in the role of a peasant who is working to make a few people extremely wealthy rather than working for the benefit of the team.

We were not designed to be slaves or peasants who work to provide extreme wealth for some some business executive, King, Hollywood celebrity, religious leader, or government official. We were designed to work with and for our team. Therefore, in order to truly enjoy our lives, we would have to design a new economic system so that businesses are dedicated to improving society rather than making profit, and nobody is allowed to become wealthy or pampered, and nobody is allowed to inherit positions of importance. Every business, and every job, should have some benefit to society.

Nobody should have a job that is intended to deceive, manipulate, abuse, or cheat other people. For example, we should not allow businesses to manipulate children into desiring certain types of candy, clothing, or toys. Nobody should be trying to push adults into desiring any particular camera, phone, or food. The reason I suggest this is because we do not get enjoyment from abusing, deceiving, cheating, or manipulating people. Rather, we get enjoyment from doing something our team members appreciate.

We will be most satisfied with life and our jobs when we create a social environment that is more similar to what it was in prehistoric times in which people were more equal to one another, and they worked for the benefit of the group. This is one reason I suggest we live in a city in which the government is in control of the economic system; there is no peasant or wealthy class; and we all participate in the chores of the city.

Furthermore, by sharing in the chores, we won't have the idiotic situation we have today in which some people are working absurd numbers of hours, and other people are doing virtually nothing of value. I think that type of social environment will provide us with a more pleasant life. I think it will also improve people's attitudes because it will eliminate the resentment and anger towards wealthy people and parasitic people.

Another advantage to sharing in the chores is that we will enjoy the city more. When we all participate some type of work for our museums, parks, schools, gardens, restaurants, social clubs, recreational areas, office buildings, bicycle paths, or swimming areas, we will interact with those things, and that will cause us to appreciate them.
For a personal example, the photo to the right shows a small dresser that I have next to my bed. I bought it at an unfinished furniture shop around 1985. It was already assembled so all I had to do was stain it, but the act of staining it caused me to develop a greater emotional attraction to it than the furniture that I had no involvement with.

On top of the dresser is a ceramic vase that I made in high school. I doubt that I would have purchased such a vase, but since I made it myself, it evokes pleasant memories, so I enjoy it.

On the wall is some molding that I put up in some rooms, and I put up the wallpaper, also. As a result, I have some emotional attraction to the molding and wallpaper.

Incidentally, in case you are wondering why I put the wallpaper along the bottom of the wall, under the "chair rail" molding, rather than above the chair rail molding, which apparently is the more typical method, the reason is because at the time I was not taking thyroid hormones, so I was too physically weak to be interested in attempting a more complex project.

Our city should be designed for replaceable artwork
Only the parents of the children who created this art would regard it as being worthy of framing and displaying.
Since we develop emotional attractions to the things that we create and interact with, we tend to develop such a strong attraction to the artwork that we create that we will use it as a decoration in our home or office for years, even though we would have regarded it as awful if a stranger had created it.

Mothers have such strong attractions to their children that the crude art their children create can evoke pleasant feelings in the mothers, and that can cause the mothers to decorate their home or office with it.

When strangers produce artwork, and when we have no involvement in that artwork, we will not develop an emotional attraction to it. The artwork of strangers will appeal to us only if we enjoy its visual image. However, we can get bored with its visual image after a certain number of months or years. Therefore, it would be nice if we could easily replace the artwork in our homes, offices, and city.

Unfortunately, in a free enterprise system, it is expensive and difficult for us to replace our artwork on a regular basis.

This is one of the reasons I suggest we live in a city in which the government owns all of the home and office furnishings. Everybody would be free to pick up whatever decorations and furniture they want for their home and office, and when they get tired of it, they give it back to the city and pick up some new items.

In this type of city, the statues, fountains, stained-glass windows, and other decorations in the city parks and plazas would be designed to be easily replaceable so that they can be changed for different seasons or holiday celebrations, and to prevent us from getting bored with them.

The walls in the homes and the businesses would have fixtures built into them to hold murals and paintings so that we don't have to pound nails into the walls. The paintings and murals would not hang from a string, which requires constant adjustments. Instead, the fixtures would hold them securely in position.

Instead of installing permanent fountains and statues in the city parks and plazas, we could make them easily replaceable.

Stained-glass windows could also be designed to be easily removed for cleaning and replacement, also.

It would require a bit more labor to design the paintings, murals, fountains, stained-glass windows, and other artwork to be easily replaceable, but so what? What are we living for?

We currently put a lot of labor and resources into providing billionaires with mansions and yachts, and we waste a lot of resources on Israel and wars, and we put lots of resources into Hollywood movies. I think we should change our priorities and put more labor and resources into making our parks, footpaths, factories, plazas, and homes more pleasant.

If we were to install fixtures into the walls of our homes and offices, we would be restricted to placing the artwork in those fixtures rather than in any location of our choosing, but so what? We don't need the freedom to pound nails into walls. We are not going to suffer if we have to put pictures and murals into designated areas on the walls. Furthermore, most people want to put artwork in the same locations of the wall as everybody else, so most of us would not have any complaints about the locations chosen for artwork.

In case you're having trouble understanding the concept of putting "fixtures" into the city for artwork, consider an artist who paints murals. Instead of painting directly onto the sides of buildings or walls, he would paint the murals on stiff sheets of some material. If the mural was for outdoor use, it would be put on a sheet that is weatherproof, and that sheet, (or several sheets, if it is a large mural), would then be attached to the side of a building, or along a wall, on the fixtures that have been built into the wall specifically for holding the sheets. The sheets would also have corresponding fixtures so that the murals could be attached without nails, glue, or cement.

When people wanted to replace the mural with a different one, they would detach those sheets and replace them with another set. In this way the city would be able to quickly and easily change its decorations according to the seasons, the holiday celebrations, and the city festivals.

The sheets could hold paintings, scientific photographs, mosaics of colored tiles, and wood carvings. They could also have lights within them to create interesting displays during the evening.

There are some businesses producing sheets of polyester fabric with photos and designs printed on them for consumers to hang on walls, as in the two photos below. However, instead of producing low-quality items for consumers, the city would authorize higher quality artwork.

For example, instead of producing fragile sheets of polyester with low resolution printing, inks that fade after a few months, and which are difficult to hang on a wall without wrinkles, we would create stiff sheets of material with higher resolution printing, better inks, and which are easy to attach to walls.

There are also businesses producing pictures that can be placed together to make one large picture, such as the coffee photo (below, left) that consists of three panels. Some businesses also produce artistic decorations from mirrors, LED lights, ceramic tiles, and woven materials, such as the pieces of mirror (below, right) in the form of an abstract flower.

By designing the walls, ponds, swimming areas, and gardens with fixtures for murals, statues, stained-glass windows, paintings, sculptures, tile mosaics, water fountains, and other artwork, it would be easy for us to decorate our homes, offices, restaurants, social clubs, factories, swimming areas, and parks, and it would be very easy for us to change the artwork when we got tired of it, or when we wanted to change it to fit the current season or holiday celebration.

Don't dismiss “crazy” remarks; instead, find the reason
for them

The children who complain that they are victims of a trauma-based mind control program might seem to be crazy, and the children who want to get together with their friends at night in a graveyard might also appear to be crazy, but the point I want to bring to your attention is that we should not ignore people that we do not understand.

The people who behave in a bizarre manner are not that much different from you and me. We should not regard them as a different species. We should instead realize that they have the same mental and physical qualities that you and I have, and there is some subtle difference between us that is causing them to behave differently.

If we can understand the subtle differences between the "normal" people and the crazy people, we will get a better understanding of ourselves, also, and it will help us figure out how to reduce the number of crazy people in the future.

We should not dismiss everything that a person says simply because some of his remarks are idiotic. This is especially true of children; we should expect children to make lots of idiotic remarks. Consider how many children believe that received presents from Santa Claus and the tooth fairy. The children of religious parents believe all sorts of nonsense that they picked up from their parents and churches.
More than a decade ago I wrote this article to point out that we should not ignore the "idiotic" stories from our ancestors, such as their stories about unicorns and firebreathing dragons. Their stories are inaccurate, but there is a reason that somebody created them, such as the person made a mistake in his analysis of what he was looking at, or the person was trying to deceive somebody in order to cover up his crime, or the person was trying to instigate hatred toward some other group of people.

One of the ways that pedophiles can get away with abusing children is to fool the child into thinking something idiotic, such as by taking them into a special room, and possibly drugging them also, and telling them that they have just been flown to the moon on a secret spacecraft.

Or they might convince the children that they have been taken to a deep, underground, military bunker beneath Chicago, or that they are being raped by Abraham Lincoln or Queen Victoria.

When the children tell their parents, teachers, or police that they were taken to the moon or raped by Abraham Lincoln, a naive adult will assume that the children are mixing dreams with reality, or suffering from mental disorders.

Keep in mind that animals and humans have a natural tendency to divide everything up into two categories, such as friend and enemy, and food and not-food, but in reality, everything in life is part of a spectrum.

There is no dividing line between "normal" and "mentally ill" people. If we could truly measure our mental qualities, we would find that there is a continuous spectrum from one extreme to the other. Furthermore, we would discover that each person's position in the spectrum changes depending upon which mental quality we are analyzing.

We should not assume that children who claim to have been on Mars are in a separate category from other children. There is not much of a difference between those children and the rest of us. To understand this concept, consider how many adults that you consider to be "normal", educated, and intelligent believe that they are going to heaven when they die.

What is the difference between an adult who believes he will go to heaven, and a child who believes that he was raped on Mars? The difference is that the adult is deceiving himself because he enjoys the deception, whereas the child was deceived by a criminal who is trying to cover up his crime. Who is behaving in a more absurd manner:
a) An adult who deceives himself.
b) A child who has been deceived by a criminal.
If we were to regard a person as being mentally ill simply because he has an idiotic belief, then everybody could be classified as mentally ill. Do the women who believe that they have "women's intuition" have any more evidence to back up their claim than Holly Baglio has to prove that she was on Saturn? Do the men who believe in quarks or dark energy have any more evidence for their theory?

It is also interesting to consider that millions of men believe they know the correct religion, the correct policy for marijuana, and the correct policy for abortion. Why not describe them as mentally ill and dismiss everything they say as "the ramblings of an arrogant lunatic"?

There are a lot of people claiming to be victims of pedophiles, and many people dismiss them as lunatics who are hallucinating, or who are getting nightmares or Hollywood horror movies mixed up with reality.

However, it would make more sense to investigate those children and their stories. If they are fabricating the stories, we ought to understand why they do it because we should try to figure out how to stop it from happening in the future. If we discover that their stories are based on the truth, that means we need to deal with a pedophile network. No matter how you look at the issue, we need to investigate it, not dismiss it.

We do what feels good, and avoid what bothers us

Humans and animals are biological robots that spend their lives trying to titillate their pleasurable emotions, and avoid whatever stimulates their unpleasant emotions. In other words, we do whatever makes us feel good. Therefore, when we find somebody doing something that is irrational, illegal, cruel, selfish, or abusive, we ought to wonder why that particular activity is making him feel good.

For example, consider the pedophiles who tortured Katy Groves and other children. To a religious person, those pedophiles are evil, or possessed by the devil. To a psychologist, those pedophiles had an unpleasant environment, or a conflict between their ego and their superego.

In reality, the pedophiles are humans, and they are very similar to you and me. If we could completely understand their mental qualities, we would find that they have virtually the same brain as the rest of us, but there are subtle differences in our mental qualities. Also, some criminals are suffering from brain damage as a result of head injuries, disease, or drug abuse.

The pedophiles who torture children are receiving pleasure by doing so. What subtle differences can turn a human who has an intense craving to raise, protect, and care for children, into a pedophile who wants to torture children? Why would anybody receive pleasure by torturing children? How could a person be entertained by watching them scream, cry, and bleed?

In previous documents I mentioned how Benjamin Sifrit and his girlfriend murdered a stranger because they were hoping it would bring some relief to their miserable life. That quest for happiness among the mentally disturbed may explain some criminals.

If we could remove the secrecy from people's lives and study the people who become criminals, we might start developing an understanding of what subtle differences are causing some people to become violent, bizarre, antisocial, and dishonest. However, we are not going to learn anything as long as we continue to allow people to be secretive and deceptive about themselves and their life.

Fortunately, we don't have to know exactly what is causing people to behave in undesirable manners in order to reduce the problem. All we have to do is stop promoting the attitude that these people can be cured with Bible studies, punishments, or psychological treatment, and accept the evidence that humans follow the same genetic rules as the plants and animals.

Our sexual desires are genetic, not environmental. Therefore, because of genetic variations, everybody has slightly different sexual desires. Each of us is attracted to slightly different visual appearances, odors, voices, and behavior. Some pedophiles may have a genetic desire for children, and other pedophiles may merely be social misfits who have had trouble finding a spouse their own age, and they have turned to children for sex for the same reasons that some people turn to dogs or robots for companionship or sex.

During prehistoric times, nature ensured that the sexual desires of the human race were appropriate. For example, the men who were attracted to children, or to old women, were less successful in reproducing than the men who were attracted to girls in their late teenage years. Men who were attracted other men or young boys were even less successful at reproduction. The people who had unpleasant personalities were also less successful.

The only sensible method of dealing with undesirable behavior is to do to ourselves what nature did for our prehistoric ancestors; namely, restrict reproduction to the people who have the characteristics that we regard as appropriate for this modern world. This requires making significant changes to our culture, and we cannot make such changes with conservatives, who want to follow their ancestors, or from liberals, who want to promote a "feel sorry for me" attitude. We need to put explorers and adventurers in control of society, and they must be willing to follow scientific theories rather than their emotional cravings.

When will Trump “drain the swamp”?
Ever since Trump has been elected, some Trump supporters have been promising that the Trump administration will soon "drain the swamp" of criminals, and we will then be free of abuse.

Some Trump supporters have become frustrated and angry with the lack of progress in removing the criminals from our lives. Some of them have wondered if Trump is just another criminal who has deceived the voters. Other Trump supporters respond that Trump has not had enough time to accomplish the difficult task of eliminating a large, worldwide crime network, but how much time does he need? And why doesn't he ask for help if the task is too big for him to handle?
On 28 October 2017, an anonymous person posted a message on an obscure Internet message board to announce that Hillary Clinton will be arrested on the morning of 30 October 2017. He said we should expect massive riots, and that we can verify his claims by asking any National Guard member if he was told to be available for duty in most major cities on 30 October. (You can find the messages here. Scroll to the bottom to find the first message.)

During the following days, that anonymous person predicted a few more people would be arrested, and he told us to "Sit back and enjoy the show". Within a few more days, people were referring to him as "Q" because he supposedly had a "Q clearance", which is given by the Department of Energy.

As the days passed, people began to doubt that Clinton and other people had been arrested, and the messages that Q posted became increasingly vague. He also began posting more questions than statements. Some of his messages are so vague that they make astrology predictions seem specific and detailed. For example, on 20 November 2017 he posted a lot of messages, three of the more brief ones, in the order they were posted, (first at the top), are:

Nov 20 2017 13:12:14 (EST)
POTUS opened the door of all doors.
Expand your thinking.
What is the keystone?
Nov 20 2017 13:24:02 (EST)
Why am I here during the day?
Why is this relevant?
What does this infer?
Nov 20 2017 19:42:50 (EST)
Good will always defeat evil.
No rigging / blackmail this time.
Wizards & Warlocks.

If Chinese fortune cookies had messages that were as meaningless as those from Q, people would complain that they are stupid and senseless.

Since most of Q's messages are meaningless, some people decided to interpret the messages and post videos on the Internet to explain what Q is telling us. They announced that Q was confirming that the Trump administration was actively involved in draining the swamp, but that it is taking longer than anticipated. We were told that Q is a group of about five people who are remaining anonymous because they are high level government officials with Q clearances.

When John McCain died, some Q supporters claimed that Q had predicted his death. However, his messages are so vague that we could say he has predicted everything, including the latest earthquakes.

Some people claim that Q is posting messages in order to prepare the public for the arrest of thousands of famous people in Hollywood, the government, and other organizations. However, they do not explain why the public needs to be prepared for such arrests, or how Q is preparing the public when most of the public is unaware of his meaningless messages.

Incidentally, it is possible that the very first messages from Q may have been correct. Specifically, Hillary Clinton and some other people may have indeed been arrested, but they made a deal to help destroy the crime network, and so they were released from jail. Although this is a possibility, and although it would mean that Q was telling us the truth, nothing Q says has any relevance to our lives. For example, even if the Clintons have been arrested, that doesn't change anything in our lives. We need to continue fighting the battle with the crime network.

Judge Q by his actions, not by his supporters
It is foolish to believe what a person says about himself, or what his friends say about him. It is best to judge a person by his actions. Therefore, to understand the purpose of Q, take a look at the content of his messages. Although most of his remarks are so vague that they can be interpreted in hundreds of different ways, in six different messages he wrote, "Trust Sessions." In one of those messages he followed that with:
Apparently, one of the purposes of Q is to convince us that we should trust Attorney General Jeff Sessions, rather than complain that he does not appear to be doing anything to destroy the crime network. Q and other people tell us that, as of August 2018, Sessions has created more than 40,000 indictments that authorize the arrest of that many criminals, but the indictments are remaining sealed because he has not finished adding names to the list.
Q does not tell us when the indictments will be unsealed. Therefore, if the indictments have not been unsealed at the end of Trump's four-year term, I suppose Q use that as an opportunity to pressure voters into reelecting Trump. In other words, Q will announce:

"Trump used his first term in office to create 80,000 sealed indictments, but now he needs to be reelected so that we can finish the job by unsealing those indictments and drain the swamp!"

If Trump got reelected, then Q could continue this "carrot-on-a-stick" routine. Specifically, after a few months of Trump's second term, Q could announce:

"There are now 100,000 indictments, and soon they will be unsealed!"

A few months later Q could claim:

"There are now 120,000 indictments, and they will soon be unsealed!"

Why are the indictments a secret?
If Sessions has truly set up 40,000 sealed indictments, why doesn't Trump or Sessions admit to creating them? Why would Trump want to keep the indictments a secret? And who is he trying to keep them a secret from?

When you consider that Q and other people have been talking about the indictments for nearly a year, the pedophiles and other criminals would certainly have heard about them by now. Therefore, the indictments are not likely to be a secret to the criminals. They are a secret only to the majority of the public, who do not pay any attention to Q.

Does Trump believe that by ignoring the indictments the criminals will assume that the indictments are just propaganda? And if so, how would that help the Trump administration? What difference does it make if the criminals are told that indictments are real? The indictments are sealed, so nobody knows what they are! For all we know, Sessions is creating indictments for marijuana smokers and dealers, and he is keeping them a secret because he's hoping to overturn the laws that legalize marijuana, and then he will have people arrested for selling and smoking marijuana.

The arrest of pedophiles may be a deception
In this previous document, I pointed out that some people are giving Trump credit for the arrest of thousands of pedophiles, but very few of the arrests have been of famous or wealthy people in Hollywood, the government, the churches, or other organizations. The police seem to be arresting only the "ordinary" pedophiles. This should make us wonder if Trump is really interested in destroying the crime network that has control of the world, or if he is arresting only the criminals who are not part of his particular crime network.
Katy Groves might believe some false information, but how can anybody ignore her accusations?
In this video, Katy Groves claims to have personally seen FBI and CIA agents arresting pedophiles. She says that sometimes all they are really doing is arresting people who are not in their crime network, or who have been misbehaving.

By making a few arrests once in a while, the FBI and CIA can make it appear to the public as if they're doing their job, when they are actually eliminating their competitors and intimidating the other pedophiles into obeying them.

Furthermore, she says that instead of freeing the children that they discover, they sell them to the members of their own pedophile network.

If you don't want to listen to the entire video, I extracted the 3 minutes of important information and put it in this audio file:

Katy-Groves-fake-arrests 920 kb,  3 mins
To download, click your right mouse button and select Save Target As

How many people are exploiting pedophilia for profit?
During the past few years, some people have posted videos or given interviews in which they claim to have been victims of a pedophile network. Other people have come forward to investigate and expose the pedophile network. One of the peculiar aspects of the situation is that almost all of those people are asking for donations.

A child who has been a sex slave of a pedophile network has not had a proper education, so it would be difficult for those victims to find a job. I can understand why they need money. However, most of the people who are investigating and exposing the pedophile networks are young and in good health, so why are they begging for donations?

Furthermore, some of them asked for a lot of money, such as Corey Feldman, who wanted $10 million. Isaac Kappy initially asked for a lot of money, but he removed his request after people accused him of exploiting the situation for profit.

In the case of Jordan Sather, he admits on his "about" page that when he was in college, "I had zero interest in my studies," so that could explain why he is making so many YouTube videos. He is also promoting Q, extraterrestrials, a cure for cancer, and other suspicious things, which should make us wonder if he is a member of a crime network.

Unfortunately, because all nations are providing tremendous secrecy to their citizens, we cannot be sure which of the victims and investigators are:
a) Honest, and truly in need of our help because they are being harassed by the pedophiles.
b) "Wolves in Sheep's Clothing" who are doing damage control, and who are trying to profit from it at the same time.
c) Unemployed misfits and criminals who are exploiting the situation for profit.
I can state with certainty that the Jews and their cohorts truly do incessantly attack their critics in a variety of ways, such as trying to prevent us from making a living, ruin our relationships, and put pressure on our relatives to convince us to delete our websites. Both me and Christopher Bollyn have been - and still are! - their victims. The victims of this abuse may sometimes need help in finding a job, or help in paying their bills.

However, some victims are not truly victims. A good example are the Holocaust deniers who are arrested and put in jail, such as David Irving and Frederick Toben. The Jews arrest only the Holocaust deniers who are working with them, such as their blackmailed pedophiles, because the arrest is a deception that is intended to intimidate us into remaining silent about the Holocaust lies. Furthermore, the trial is a fraud because the the Jews certainly arrange for trial to be with judges and lawyers that they have control over.

However, even though the arrest of a Holocaust Denier is a trick, the arrest is proof that there is a group of dishonest, deceptive, diabolical Jews who are trying to intimidate and manipulate their critics, and who have a lot of influence over the courts and police.

Likewise, the firing of James Damore was a deception that was intended to intimidate people who believe in genetics to remain silent about it, but regardless of whether Damore was a victim of that deception, or a willing participant in it, by lying about how Damore created a disruption at Google, and by firing him, the Google executives gave the world proof that they are willing to lie about, fire, censor, and blacklist anybody who dares to use his freedom of speech.

In regards to the investigators and victims of the pedophile networks who are begging for money, it is foolish to give money to a person who is merely repeating information that has already been put on the Internet. Those people may be doing damage control, or they may be trying to use other people's information for profit.The real victims and real investigators will provide us with information that we do not already know.

What are some advantages to ending the secrecy?
Everything in life has both advantages and disadvantages. Ending the secrecy about the indictments, the 9/11 attack, the Holocaust, the Apollo moon landing, and other issues is not a right or wrong issue. It is a decision that we have to make based on what we think will provide us with the most advantages.
I think that if Trump, or the US military, or some nation's government, would make a public statement that we have been lied to about 9/11, the Apollo moon landing, etc., it would cause us some problems for us, but the benefits would outweigh the disadvantages.

A significant benefit to bringing this issue out into the public is that it would put an end to the arguments that are occurring between family members, friends, coworkers, and neighbors over the issue of "conspiracy theories". Millions of sheeple who are insulting us for being idiots, anti-Semites, and conspiracy theorists would shut their mouth, and some of them would switch from being sarcastic jerks to helping us identify and stop the crime networks.

Some people might be worried that the sheeple would be a nuisance or a danger if we brought them into this fight because they are extremely resistant to thinking, self centered, arrogant, and naive about deception.

However, I'm not suggesting that we provide the sheeple with guns and police uniforms. Rather, I'm asking to do what the police do when they are unable to solve a crime.

When the police are confused about a particular crime, they will sometimes expose some of the information to the public, such as releasing security camera videos, and then ask the public to provide whatever information they know. When the police do this, they are not asking the public to get a gun and arrest some criminals, or to go into a police department and work with the detectives. Rather, they are telling the public to provide information, or to be on the lookout for people who resemble the suspects.

I am suggesting that Trump, or the US military, or the police departments, do the same. Specifically, they should expose information about these crimes to the public, and try to make the public feel safe about disclosing what they know about the crimes and criminals, and encourage the public to help watch for, identify, and expose the criminals.

This would also make the victims of the criminals, and the blackmailed puppets, feel much safer to turn on the network and expose what they know.

So why doesn't Trump expose these crimes and ask the public for help? Do the criminals outnumber us by so much that he is afraid to expose them? Or is Trump just another criminal?

Regardless of why this battle is going on for so long, and why it is so secretive, don't get discouraged, and don't become a passive sheep who "trusts the plan". Instead, spread information about this crime network, and look for more people to join us in defeating this network.

Don't follow anonymous, unemployable, or secretive people!
Most of the Trump supporters are "conservatives", and conservatives have a craving to mindlessly follow their leaders, just like sheep. Therefore, we ought to consider the possibility that Q and other people who are trying to reassure the Trump supporters that Trump is "draining the swamp" are merely taking advantage of that sheep-like behavior.

It is extremely dangerous to follow, work with, or marry somebody you don't know much about. Furthermore, it is risky to follow a person who has no useful skills, and no desire to make a living for himself.

Most of the investigators of 9/11, the Holocaust, the pedophile networks, and other crimes are very secretive about themselves, and most also seem to be completely lacking in useful skills, or they have trouble holding onto a job. This is not a coincidence. As I pointed out in other documents, criminals are not "evil". They are humans just like you and me, but there are some subtle differences between us that make it difficult for them to fit into modern society. These unemployable misfits often get involved with crime networks.
A lot of the "truth seekers" and think tanks want us to follow their advice, but they cannot make a living. Think about that.
Some people have been fired from their jobs for expressing opinions that the Jews are trying to suppress, and those people could justify asking for our help in finding another job or paying their bills because they have skills, are capable of working at a modern job, and truly are victims of a crime network.

By comparison, most of the "investigators" of 9/11, the Holocaust, the pedophile network, etc., don't seem to have any useful skills, or any desire to work. Even worse, many of them seem to be members of the crime network rather than victims of it.

Unfortunately, animals did not evolve a desire to be critical of their leaders. They have a desire to fight for leadership, but whichever animal wins the fight will be regarded as a leader by the other animals. None of the animals will question his ability to be a leader.

Humans are still behaving just like animals. Whoever can get into a leadership position will be treated as a leader regardless of his abilities because we have a natural resistance to looking critically at our leaders. An extreme example are the nations with monarchies. If a child or a mentally disturbed person becomes King or Queen, the citizens will worship him rather than complain that he is a child or a lunatic.

Our resistance to looking critically at our leaders also allows the wealthy people in the USA to put their children into leadership positions of businesses without any of the employees complaining. It also allows government officials, Supreme Court justices, and other people in leadership positions to be senile, stupid, dishonest, and incompetent.

In my documents, I have been proposing that we push ourselves into treating leaders as "employees". If a leader commits a crime, he should be arrested just as if he were a factory worker. We should not have to go through some difficult and complex "impeachment" process. If a leader is incompetent or senile, he should be replaced, just like we replace incompetent and senile factory workers.

We are in a battle for the future of the world, and in order to win this battle, we must exert some self-control over our crude, animal cravings. Don't follow somebody just because he is in a leadership position. Be more critical of your leaders.

It doesn't matter if a person has “inside information

When somebody complains that Q is a fraud, the supporters of Q will often respond that the reason we can trust Q is because he has proven to have inside information. For example, they claim that Q predicted that Trump would encourage friendliness between North and South Korea, and that this proves that Q is a group of high-level government officials within the Trump administration, which in turn proves that we should trust Q.

Here are two aspects to this issue that everybody should understand so that they don't get manipulated by this type of deception:
  1) We don't know if Q was the first to make a claim
A lot of people were predicting that Trump was going to help North and South Korea become more friendly, but we have no proof that Q was the first person to make this prediction. The supporters of Q are giving Q credit for a lot of predictions that other people were also making, similar to how Einstein is given credit for lots of phrases that nobody actually knows the origin of.

If you don't know what I mean about Einstein getting credit for phrases, here is one page that has some quotes by Einstein, and one of them is:
"Education Is What Remains After You Have Forgotten Everything You Learned In School"

According to this website, nobody knows who was the first to make that remark, but that people said it before Einstein did. To rephrase that, Einstein may have said that remark, but he is not the creator of the remark. However, the Jews don't care whether Einstein created the remark. They will give him credit for anything they can think of. The people who support Q are behaving in the same manner.

The Jews hold Einstein up as a super genius, but take a look at the evidence that Einstein plagiarized other people. Also, notice that most of the people who are exposing Einstein as a fraud are actually Jews who are doing damage control.
  2) Millions of people have inside information.
The second and more important issue to understand is that none of us should care whether Q has inside information. The reason is because there are millions of people in the world who have inside information of some type. For example:
• There are people in police departments who have inside information about who is about to be arrested.
• Some people in the Apple Corporation have inside information on their new products.
• There are people in hospitals who have inside information about a patient's health, and a person's cause of death.
• Some people at the US Patent Office have inside information about new inventions.
• The editors of scientific magazines have inside information about new research.
• The members of crime networks have inside information about the crimes they plan to commit.
Q may indeed be a group of people within the Trump administration, and they may indeed have some "inside information", but that doesn't guarantee that we can trust them. For all we know, Q is a group of pedophiles, and their goal is to fool the Trump supporters into behaving like passive sheep rather than active citizens who put pressure on the Trump administration to investigate and destroy the pedophile networks.

Previously I mentioned that Q mentioned six times that we should trust Jeff Sessions, but there are 31 occurrences of the phrase "Trust the plan" in his messages. Although a few of those messages are duplicates from when he quoted one of his own messages, he is averaging that phrase three times a month.

Why is Q telling us over and over to "trust the plan"? What is "the plan"? Q does not explain that!
Q is a group of people that we know nothing about, and several times a month they try to convince us to trust a plan that we know nothing about! Can that situation get any more absurd?

Amazingly, it did get more absurd. In August 2018 the group that calls themselves "Anonymous" posted a video that used a computer generated voice to tell us that they were going to expose Q as a fraud. In their video, they make the following remark to Q:
“We will not sit idly by while you take advantage of the misinformed and poorly educated”

To summarize this situation, a group of anonymous people who are so secretive that they will not even use their own voices to narrate their videos, boast that they will protect the misinformed and poorly educated people from another secretive, anonymous group.

Two groups of secretive people are competing with one another to convince us to follow them.

Help your children, friends, and other people realize that they should not follow anybody who is mysterious, secretive, elusive, or deceptive.
I suppose Anonymous believes that if they expose Q as a fraud, they will acquire more credibility, but I would say that anybody who believes any of the anonymous people is a fool.

For all we know, Q was created by some of the people who are also part of Anonymous, and that they are now willing to expose Q as a fraud only because Q has failed to attract a lot of Trump supporters. Rather than simply terminate the Q deception, they are trying to boost their credibility by exposing Q.

Is Trump our Savior? Or in a rival crime network?
We provide our leaders with so much secrecy that we don't know what any of them are doing. We don't know if Trump is really the President, or if he just follows orders from other people and spends most of his time playing golf and being pampered by servants.

We also don't know what the FBI officials are doing with their time, or what our military, CIA, or NSA officials are doing.

It is foolish for us to trust a plan that we don't know anything about, and to follow secretive, mysterious leaders. It is much more sensible for us to get involved with our future.

For all we know, the Trump administration is not showing any interest in exposing the lies about 9/11, the Apollo moon landing, Anne Frank's diary, the Holocaust, and other events because they are just a rival gang of Jewish criminals.

The crime network that has control of us right now is apparently involved with pedophilia and the trafficking of children and adults, but Trump may be a member of a smaller, rival network that is not interested in pedophilia, and so his gang is willing to arrest some pedophiles, but not expose any of the other crimes that their Jewish friends have been involved with.
The supporters of the Trump administration claim that they are fighting the "Deep State", but for all we know, the Trump network is just another gang that best described as the "Deep State Lite", or the "Pedophile-Free Deep State".

The Trump administration may be an improvement over the pedophile network that has control of our nation right now, but that is like saying Parkinson's disease is an improvement over cancer. We need to stop accepting the lesser of the evils, and start demanding the best that we are capable of providing for ourselves.

Since we don't know what Trump or anybody else in our government is doing, we would be fools to wait for Trump or other government officials to take care of us.

Find the emotional strength to get involved with determining your future. Help to spread information, and encourage people to discuss these issues. Don't be a passive, submissive child who waits for somebody to take care of you.

On 31 August 2018, Robert Steele posted some videos, one of which is from me, in which we ask President Trump to expose the truth about 9/11. Pass these around, and help put pressure on the Trump administration to expose the lies about 9/11:
• Trailer:
• My video:
I have more info here.
If Trump continues to ignore 9/11 and other crimes, perhaps we can convince the military, Vladimir Putin, or some other nation's government to expose the lies and start the process of fixing up our world.

Is the new generation inferior to the previous generation?
When I was a teenager, I would sometimes hear adults complain that the new generation of children, as a group, had less manners, were more troublesome for parents and teachers, were lazier, and less interest in learning a useful skill. They said that technology and material wealth was causing the new generation to become lazy, fat, and spoiled.

One of the adults responded that Socrates had complained about the "new generation" thousands of years ago. His conclusion was that every generation tends to regard the new generation of children as being inferior. (Incidentally, this site claims that this quote that is attributed to Socrates was actually made by a man in the 20th century.)

Some adults responded that the inferiority of the new generation of children was just an illusion caused by the dramatically different view of life between children and adults. Specifically, when we are children, we regard ourselves and other children as well behaved, responsible,intelligent, hard-working, considerate, and adorable. However, after becoming an adult, we see the new generation of children from the point of view of an adult. That causes us to regard the new generation of children as dumb, uneducated, badly behaved, lazy, and parasitic. This dramatic change in perspective can lead us to the inaccurate conclusion that the new generation of children are inferior to us.

As a society advances, it degrades genetically
If you agree with me that our genetics determine our physical and mental characteristics, then you should realize that whenever a nation starts to improve its technology, two problems occur:

1) They attract low-quality immigrants
When a nation becomes more advanced than its neighbors, it attracts immigrants. Some of the immigrants are high-quality people who want to join the advanced society and contribute to it, but many of the immigrants are low-quality people who are simply attracted to the food, material wealth, or better living conditions.

The low-quality immigrants cause the new generation of children to seem inferior for several reasons, such as:
• They make it appear as if the students in school are dumber and have less interest in learning.
• The immigrants who speak a different language, or who have trouble pronouncing words, encourage the other children to mispronounce words, also, creating the impression that all of the children are becoming dumber.
• The immigrants who emigrated only to get away from the police are likely to produce some badly behaved children, and those children are going to encourage bad behavior from the other children, thereby causing the new generation to seem more dishonest, obnoxious, and neurotic.
2) Genetic degradation starts to occur
As a nation becomes more technically advanced, the adults can provide their children with more and higher quality food, and better protection from weather, animals, disease, and insects. This allows more of the defective children to survive.

Furthermore, as cities become more advanced, the city officials and individual citizens have a tendency to feel sorry for the defective people. This is often referred to as "showing compassion" for "the disadvantaged" and "the less fortunate".
A portion of a painting by Pieter Brueghel in 1568 of cripples who are begging for food and money. Today millions of people in good health, and thousands of nonprofit businesses, make a living through begging.
For example, a city might create an orphanage for the unwanted children, and some churches provide meals to the hungry people. The city is also likely to put criminals in jail for a while rather than evict them or execute them.

The city is also likely to allow people to use the public streets to beg for donations.

Today we consider begging for money to be a normal, acceptable way of making a living, and this is allowing individual citizens, churches, think tanks, and other organizations to make a living through begging without any shame or embarrassment.

The city is also likely to force men to pay child support, thereby increasing the survival rate of the children from adults who have trouble forming stable marriages.

By showing compassion for the unwanted, dishonest, and defective people, those inferior people can survive and reproduce, thereby causing every generation to be genetically inferior to the previous generation.

The reason the children were not degrading during prehistoric times is because nature would kill more than half of the children, but most deaths were not random. Occasionally children would die randomly, such as during volcanic eruptions, but most of the time the children with the inferior mental and physical characteristics tended to die.

Furthermore, fewer children survived from the parents who were less able to form stable marriages, or who were less competent as parents.

Nature is no longer taking care of us
Nature is cruel to wild animals and prehistoric humans, but that brutality ensures that every generation of children is at least the same quality as their parents, if not slightly better.

To get an idea of how natural selection affects a generation of children, imagine if nature had been killing children during the past century just as it was doing during prehistoric times. In such a case, more than 50% of the children born a century ago would have died before reproducing, and of the generation after that, more than 50% of those children would have died before reproducing, and so on. Spend some time thinking about the effect that would have had on the world today.

The population of the world would be noticeably smaller, and the people alive today would be in noticeably better mental and physical health. This would have a significant effect on the schools, businesses, crime networks, and elections. There would be fewer people joining crime networks, and fewer people who were unable to find a job, and there would be less fighting between men and women. I also suspect that there would be fewer people struggling to become extremely wealthy.

The children who are alive today would have fewer venereal diseases, drug problems, and alcohol problems, and they would be better able to sit in a classroom and learn a skill. When those children became adults, they would be better able to form stable friendships and marriages, and they would do a better job of voting.

The new generation is indeed inferior, it is not an illusion
All throughout history people have been complaining that the new generation of children is inferior, but this is not entirely an illusion.

Every time a society becomes more advanced than its neighbors, it starts to suffer from 1) genetic degradation, and 2) the influx of inferior people from neighboring societies.

After a certain number of decades or centuries, the advanced society has so many dishonest, neurotic, mentally disturbed, antisocial people that it starts to break down, and then some other society becomes the most advanced, and the cycle repeats itself.

All of the advanced nations have been degrading genetically during the past few centuries. This problem is going to get worse if we don't face it and start restricting reproduction to the higher-quality people.

The world should be a paradise by now
The human race has achieved phenomenal technical progress during the past few centuries. Our lives today are incredibly easy and luxurious compared to the lives of people a few centuries earlier. Even the poor people in America have phenomenal material wealth, food supplies, medical technology, and dental technology compared to their ancestors.

Everybody who was alive today should be today should be enjoying our technology, but a large percentage of the human population is regularly cheating, lying, and stealing in order to get more material items. They whine incessantly that they don't have enough material wealth, and that prices are too high, and that their income is too low. Why are they so unhappy when they have so much wealth? Why are they struggling to get more items? And why are many of them are willing to hurt other people, including their own family members and friends, in the process?
Artwork by a woman to show what her depression feels like.
There are also lots of people whining about "work" or school. There are also lots of people who are so introverted that they don't want to be around other people, and who suffer from loneliness and frustration as a result. There are millions of other people who are depressed, suicidal, or suffering from hallucinations.

There are also people who get into arguments on a regular basis with their spouse, coworkers, and/or boss. Sometimes their arguments become brutal fights, and sometimes they are deadly. Why are so many people fighting with each other rather than enjoying one another?

There are also people who are involved with raping children, kidnapping children, and abusing children. Why are they involved with such crimes rather than helping to prepare children for our modern world?

Business executives a few decades ago were satisfied to have an income that was 10 to 20 times that of the typical factory worker, but today, even though technology has provided everybody with much more material wealth, business executives are no longer satisfied to have only 20 times the income of the ordinary factory worker. Why are executives less satisfied with material wealth today when they have so much more of it? Why do they want homes that are so large that they don't use all of the rooms?

Why are there so many miserable, unhappy people? As I have mentioned in other documents, such as this, one reason that we experience a lot of frustration, anger, and disappointment is because our social environment is inappropriate for us. By developing a more appropriate government system, legal system, school system, city planning, and other culture, we would be able to reduce a lot of the crime, frustration, loneliness, and anger.

However, even if some loving God were to appear and provide the entire world with beautiful cities, a superior transportation system, a better economic system, and other improvements, millions of people would continue fighting with each other, and millions would continue suffering from loneliness, obesity, drug abuse, and other problems. Furthermore, those problems would increase with every generation. The reason is because the human race is degrading genetically.

Every generation is more mentally and physically defective than the previous generation. If we do not start restricting reproduction, the future generations will have an even more difficult time forming friendships and marriages. There will be more loneliness, more cheating, more crime networks, and more business executives demanding even higher salaries. There will be more drug abuse, more idiotic pranks, more suicides, more obesity, and more anorexia. There will also be more people who are unable or unwilling to get a job.

The human race should be enjoying modern technology. Furthermore, it is so easy for us to provide ourselves with the basic necessities that there is no need for us to fight over food or material wealth. However, even the supposedly intelligent and educated people are fighting for more money.

An interesting example is in this article. It claims that MIT scientists discovered that the hormone melatonin helps us sleep, and their research showed that people who don't produce enough of it can benefit by taking up to a milligram of melatonin. Therefore, MIT applied for a patent on the use of melatonin up to one milligram for promoting sleep. They were hoping that the FDA would regulate melatonin, thereby allowing MIT to profit from the sale, but the FDA has not yet shown an interest in regulating melatonin. To avoid the patent by MIT, other companies began producing melatonin pills in doses larger than one milligram.

I assume that the article is correct, and I bring it up because in addition to showing how even the educated and intelligent scientists are fighting over money, it shows two interesting problems with our free enterprise system:
  1) We work for money, not for human life
The scientists at MIT are working to make money for themselves and MIT. Their interest in melatonin is to profit from it, not help the human race understand it, or help us determine who among us might benefit from melatonin supplements.

Likewise, the companies that decided to produce melatonin pills did not do so in order to help any of us. Rather, they saw an opportunity to profit from the hormone. To avoid paying royalties to MIT, they provided melatonin in doses larger than one milligram. They don't care if their customers are wasting money on absurdly high doses, and they don't care if there are side effects from the excessively large doses. They don't even care if some of the people who are purchasing their melatonin pills have no need for it. The only thing businesses care about is making money.
  2) We allow some people to profit from royalties and percentages
We allow entertainment businesses to collect royalties for movies and songs, and we allow banks to to collect a percentage of our transaction when we use a credit card or PayPal. MIT wants to patent and collect royalties for the use of a hormone. I would say that these policies are abusive and disgusting, and that they do not help the human race. Rather, these type of policies are beneficial only to the business executives and investors of those particular businesses.

Why not allow businesses that are involved with weddings to take a percentage of the wedding gifts? Or allow a clothing business to charges royalties every time we wear the clothing item that they produced?
A free enterprise system is ideal for technically primitive societies in which most people are farmers, and there is only a small amount of business activity, but in this modern world, free enterprise is a wasteful, inefficient system that causes us to put excessive emphasis on money, and it encourages businesses to fight and keep secrets rather than cooperate and share technology.

Will you help to set the future of the human race?
All of the advanced nations are following a path that is leading to their destruction. Every generation is more defective than the one before it, and this is resulting in an increase in all types of social problems and bad behavior, and a decrease in the number of people with useful skills.

Improving the world requires that we solve two problems:

1) We must defeat the crime network that has control of the world.
An international group of pedophiles, the Zionist Jews, and other criminals have secretly and quietly taken control of most governments, media companies, nonprofit groups, and police departments, and they have control of many businesses, also, such as Google and YouTube.

Before we can do anything to improve the world, we have to identify, expose, and destroy that crime network.

This will not be an easy task because it requires finding men who have the courage to investigate and arrest some potentially dangerous criminals.

Furthermore, those men must have the courage to use weapons if necessary.

This battle is not a game.

If you do not have the physical or mental characteristics necessary to fight with and destroy a crime network, then the least you could do is find some way to support the fight in some manner, or you could help with problem #2.

2) We need to find a lot of adventurers who can experiment with new culture.
After the crime network is defeated, we can start experimenting with new economic systems, city designs, school systems, and other culture. However, this will not be an easy task, either, because it requires people with unusual emotional and intellectual abilities. Specifically, it requires people with:
a) The attitude of an explorer
We need to find people who have the courage to wander away from the established path and try something completely different. We will not accomplish anything if we allow "conservatives" into the discussion because they will promote whatever religious beliefs, school system, and economic system their ancestors used.
b) A lot of self-control
We need to find people who have enough self-control to consider what type of culture would be best for the human race. For example, a pedophile would want to design culture so that it is acceptable for adults to have sex with children, but would that be the best option from the point of view of the human race? For another example, vegetarians would want to prevent people from eating meat.

We will not be able to improve culture if each person in the discussion is pushing for the culture that titillates his particular emotional cravings. We need to find people who can put aside their own desires and discuss what would be best for the human race.
Do you have the ability to control your emotional cravings enough to be a useful participant in a discussion of culture? Do you also have the courage to participate in experiments with culture?

We now have the knowledge to truly advance beyond the animals
As I pointed out in my social technology series of documents, the human race is still living and behaving like animals, but we now have the opportunity to dramatically change that situation. For example, we are still creating cities in the manner that a group of apes creates a place for themselves to sleep at night. Specifically, every person and business is free to put homes, roads, garbage dumps, and factories almost anywhere they please. There is almost no coordination or planning.

Today, however, we have enough knowledge and technology to experiment with city designs, economic systems, government systems, recreational activities, courtship procedures, and holiday celebrations.

All human societies today are also dealing with bad behavior exactly like the monkeys. Specifically, just like monkeys, we essentially yell at, bite, and kick the people who are badly behaved in an attempt to make them behave better. Today, however, we can start experimenting with other methods of dealing with bad behavior, such as restricting reproduction to the higher-quality people; designing a city that makes it easy to restrict the badly behaved people to certain neighborhoods; evicting the people we do not want living with us; and building a "City of Misfits" for the people that no other city wants.

We no longer have to live or behave like monkeys. The human race can begin living and behaving like a truly superior species.

Some Asian nations have recently been putting effort into building clusters of apartments and offices that are more pleasant to live and work in, as in the image below, but no nation has yet begun trying to design an entire city.

Will the USA become another ancient Rome? Or will we rise to the top?

Will the USA and Europe continue to deteriorate? Will we allow our nations to become failures, like ancient Rome, Greece, or Egypt? Will all of our cities soon be in ruin, just like those of ancient Greece and Rome?

Or are there enough respectable people in the USA and Europe to learn from past mistakes, get rid of the crime networks, and begin the process of experimenting with better governments, cities, economic systems, and recreational activities?

Can the USA or Europe rise to the top and impress and inspire the Asians? Will we encourage other nations to work together for the benefit of the human race? Or will we allow a group of pedophiles, criminals, and freaks to continue dominating us and stifle progress?
Find your pioneer spirit, control your emotional cravings, and join the team that is trying to bring about a better world!