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Are Jews more logical than humans?

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23 June 2010

Why are Jews often referred to as reptiles?
The aliens in the television show V, and Mr. Spock, of the television program Star Trek, share certain characteristics. Specifically, they are less emotional than the humans and more logical.

In the television show V, when the aliens became concerned that some members of their race were working with the humans, they would determine which of them was a potential traitor by showing them a video of humans who were suffering, and measuring their emotional reaction to the video. The "good" aliens would be able to watch humans suffer without showing compassion or sympathy. Any alien that showed concern for human suffering was considered a defective alien, and was killed.

Once you realize that the aliens in V and the Vulcans in Star Trek are supposed to represent Jews, you ought to wonder, why do the Jews consider themselves as less emotional and more logical than humans? Why are Jews able to remain calm and unemotional while humans suffer?

Would intelligent animals appear logical?

Have you ever wondered how an intelligent dog or monkey would behave? Do you think you would enjoy having dinner with an intelligent dog? Would you want to marry an intelligent monkey?

Of course, we wouldn't truly be able to mix with intelligent animals because they wouldn't fit into our society. For example, they wouldn't be able to pronounce certain words in our language, and their crude hands would make it impossible for them to function in our world, and we would also consider them to be physically unattractive and stinky. However, ignore the physical differences between us and try to imagine how intelligent animals would behave. Imagine increasing the intelligence of an animal while leaving their personalities and emotions exactly the same.

I think we would consider their personalities to be very crude. A dog with intelligence would be able to think intelligent thoughts, but it would have the same emotions as a stupid dog. It would want to chase after cats, fight with other dogs over territory, bark at noises, and stuff food down its throat at a rapid rate.

An intelligent dog could use his intelligence to control himself, but he could also use his intelligence to figure out how to satisfy his cravings.

Animals have no concept of personal property. Therefore, intelligent animals would have to struggle to control their cravings to grab whatever attracted their attention. Animals would differ in their ability to control themselves, but they would all have trouble, and as a result, they would all have a resentment to laws and police. Instead of being disgusted by criminals, they would probably be impressed by the successful criminals, and they might glorify pirates, gang members, and con artists in their movies and television shows.

I think that intelligent animals would be so independent, selfish, and arrogant that they would have trouble holding jobs and following our rules for behavior. I think they would complain incessantly that they want to be free; that they want to do as they please. I think they would have very little interest in society, and I don't think they would care how their behavior affects other people.

I think intelligent animals would have more trouble than humans in regards to controlling their attraction to food, sex, alcohol, drugs, gambling, pornography, cosmetics, and toys. The ability to control your emotional cravings has nothing to do with your intelligence. There are intelligent humans who have trouble controlling their emotions, and there are stupid humans who can easily keep their cravings under control. Your ability to control yourself depends upon your emotions, not your intelligence.

I think that intelligent animals would be misfits in a human society. I think a lot of them would end up as prostitutes, drug dealers, con artists, religious leaders, salesmen, and think tank members. Many would survive through theft, begging, inheritances, and marrying people with money.

The primary activity of an animal is fighting for survival, not cooperating with other animals for the benefit of all animals. Therefore, instead of competing in business, sports, or other activities, they would fight in a much more vicious and dishonest manner.

Another reason animals would have trouble competing in a friendly manner is because they have intense cravings for dominance, and so they would have difficulty in being an "ordinary" person. They would fight with each other to be kings and dictators. They would want to feel important, to win awards, to be famous, and to be worshiped.

I also suspect that intelligent animals would be more attracted to religion, magic, voodoo, and other silly concepts, and they would disregard the evidence about Jesus and assume that he looked just like they do. The monkeys would assume that Jesus looked like a monkey, and the cats would assume Jesus looked like a cat.

When people raise two dogs together, the dogs become friends, but if one dog gets more attention, the other dog may become intensely angry and envious of the other dog. Sometimes the two dogs cannot even eat their own food; one dog will try to eat the other dog's food.

The reason dogs behave like this is because animals do not have the emotions to admire the talents of other animals, and they don't want to work with other animals for the benefit of all animals. Animals regard competitors as a threat to their survival, and they want to kill or chase away all competitors.

If an intelligent lizard was told that she was too ugly to serve as a model for a painting, I think she would react with anger and envy of Mona Lisa rather than admiration of Mona Lisa's beauty.

I think intelligent animals would use their intelligence to kill, sabotage and blackmail their competition. An intelligent lizard would not tolerate losing a modeling contract to Mona Lisa; rather, the lizard would become intensely envious and angry, and look for a way to kill or sabotage her.

As a result of this behavior, instead of talented animals and people rising to the top of society, we would become dominated by the selfish, vicious, envious animals who were the most successful at eliminating their competition.

I could go on and on about what an intelligent animal might be like, but I'll end by pointing out that I think intelligent animals would be able to kill and rape both humans and other animals without showing much concern for their victims.

Intelligent cats would probably like to keep mice in cages and torture them day after day. An intelligent chimpanzee would probably enjoy keeping a toad in a cage so that it can use it year after year as a sex toy. An intelligent dog might enjoy performing blood rituals with cats.

I think their ability to kill, torture, and rape would be interpreted by them as a sign that they are less emotional and more logical than humans. 








Why are Jews described as reptiles? 

In the television show V, the aliens are described as a reptilian race that hides its green, scaly skin and reptilian eyes with a thin outer covering that gives them a human appearance. Some of the aliens feed themselves by catching animals and eating them raw (the photo to the right shows this).

I think the Jews have noticed that there are differences between their behavior and ours. Every person assumes that he is the standard to judge other humans, so the Jews naturally assume that their behavioral characteristics are the ideal. Therefore, since they can kill, rape, steal, plagiarize, kidnap, torture, and lie without any emotional feelings, they assume that they are less emotional and more logical than humans.

However, I would interpret their behavior as being more like an animal. And I would describe their personalities with such adjectives as bland, dreary, boring, simplistic, envious, hateful, vicious, selfish, arrogant, childish, primitive, and crude.

If the ignorant people centuries ago were to observe somebody like Joseph Fritz as he repeatedly rapes and tortures his own children, or if they were to discover that Barney Frank likes to rape young boys, I can understand why they would wonder if those men were possessed by the devil, or if they are some type of evil creature that only resembles humans.

Perhaps the reason people began describing Jews as Reptilians is because we have an expression in the English language that a person is cold or cold blooded when he has a bland personality, or when he's capable of hurting people with no signs of guilt.


Feeling sorry for misfits is destructive
Although there aren't any intelligent animals in our society, there are lots of people who are unwanted. Our natural tendency is to feel sorry for the misfits and "Underdogs", but allowing misfits to live with us creates an unpleasant society because we don't truly accept them as friends. We don't like their personalities, their physical appearance, or their speech problems, so they are never truly a part of our lives. We merely tolerate them.

Most pet dogs are treated better than the unwanted people! The misfits suffer from low self-esteem and loneliness. Some of them react with anger or envy, and others whine about abuse. Furthermore, some of these misfits become criminals.

We can't allow people into our nations or other organizations simply because they want to become a member. If we are not going to fully accept a person, we shouldn't allow him in. We would create a much more pleasant society if we lived among people we enjoyed rather than people we avoid, fear, or despise.

How do you lick your lips?
The images below show the Prime Minister of Norway, Jens Stoltenberg, at the Eurovision 2010 singing contest. (I have some other photos of Eurovision here.)
It might be useful to observe people as they lick their lips to see if there is any truth to the accusation that some races have a tendency to stick their tongue in and out like a lizard.

By the way, the prime minister of Norway seems to be another of the people with a slanted forehead. Coincidence?