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Who is winning awards?
Who benefits from the contests?

23 June 2010

Now that both Barack Obama and Al Gore have won the Nobel Prize and other awards, you ought to wonder, “How many contests are honest? Who organizes all of these contests, and for what reasons? Who benefits from these contests?” 

My suggestion is to assume that all contests are actually diabolical attempts to take advantage of our craving to be rich and famous, and that these contests are used to sell products, promote propaganda, and influence people's behavior. We should also assume that the only people who win these contests are those who are members of the Jewish crime network, or puppets of the network.

In this interview, Bob Dylan makes some cryptic remarks about how he became famous because he made a bargain with people he won't mention, but nowadays we can guess that he made the bargain with the criminal Jews who dominate the media.

Who benefits from the Eurovision song contest?
The Eurovision song contest occurs every year. The winner this year was Lena Meyer-Landrut of Germany. After winning the contest, her song became the most sold single song in Europe.

As with the Academy Awards, the winners get tremendous publicity, and the gullible public, who idolize and follow entertainers like stupid sheep, are easily tricked into liking the winners and purchasing their products.

The people organizing these contests can make a lot of money, and the winners and their sponsors can make a lot of money, also. Furthermore, the gullible public is easily influenced by the winners. Therefore, we should assume that the criminal Jews are using these contests for both profit and to manipulate public opinion.

These 6 photos show Lena Meyer-Landrut, the woman who won the Eurovision 2010 singing contest.

As she was walking towards the area to receive her award, she momentarily stops to have her photo taken, and she waves at the camera.

She makes a signal with her hand, which some people refer to as the “devil's horns”.
She makes this hand signals three times, apparently to make sure that the photographer gets a photo of it.
To understand how strange this is, try doing this yourself.

This is not natural. This is an awkward hand gesture.

Unless her finger is injured and stiff, she is doing this because she was told to do it.

During her third hand signal, her finger is starting to slip into a more natural position.

If you try this yourself, you will notice that it's an awkward hand gesture, which makes it useful as a gang signal since nobody is likely to do it by mistake.

The complete video is here. Watch how fast she makes all three hand signals. 
If that video is removed, here is a higher quality excerpt of it:
Lena-gang-signal.mpg 2.2 mbytes

Does her dark fingernail polish or tattoo have some meaning to her crime network?

How about her different shoes? Was that merely for entertainment? Or was it another attempt by the Jews to encourage people to disregard standards of normality and behave in goofy manners?

“Dude, why should I care?”

Some people might respond,
“Why should I care that Jews are arranging thousands of contests around the world? The contests don't affect me or my life. Why should I tell other people that they cannot have these contests? Who am I to judge what other people do? Why don't we allow other people to have the freedom to do as they please rather than trying to control one another? Why should I force my standards of morality on other people? I wouldn't want them telling me what I can and cannot do. ”
The answer is that we are all indirectly affected by crime. When we do nothing about a crime network, we allow it to thrive and grow. You are not forcing your standards of morality on people when you stand up to criminals, con artists, or parasites. Rather, you are protecting society when you stand up to criminals.

You have to make a distinction between forcing your opinions on other people, and protecting your society from crime. Don't be fooled into thinking that allowing abusive behavior is providing people with freedom. A person should have freedom only when his behavior is either neutral or beneficial to society. Anybody who behaves in a destructive manner should be stopped.

You should consider the world to be a garden, and your goal is to remove the weeds, the gophers, and the fungus. Ignoring a group of Jews who give a Nobel Prize to Al Gore and Barack Obama is like ignoring gophers who are eating your flowers. You are allowing your garden to be destroyed.

For centuries people have been ignoring the criminal Jews, and this has allowed them to grow into a gigantic, international network with phenomenal wealth. They have purchased media companies, businesses, land, and apartment buildings. They are bribing government officials, policemen, and military leaders. They are now dominating our television, our school curriculum, and many other aspects of our lives. They are feeding children propaganda about the Holocaust, Muslims, Nazis, and the Apollo moon landing. We are fools to ignore destructive or parasitic behavior.

Eurovision is blatant with their manipulation

Different types of contests attract different types of contestants and spectators. For example, the people who follow the Nobel prizes are a slightly more intelligent group than the people who follow the Eurovision contests. As a result, the manipulation at the Nobel prizes has to be more subtle.
Apparently the spectators at Eurovision are so stupid that the manipulation can be incredibly blatant without any of them complaining. For example, at the end of the Eurovision 2010 singing contest, these two hosts stimulate the audience with praise.

If the hosts of the Nobel prizes treated their audience in this manner, I think the audience would be embarrassed or ashamed, but the audience at Eurovision loved the blatant manipulation. You can watch them in this video.