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Eric Hufschmid,  23 June 2010

Can you sense the changes?

The Internet, cell phone cameras, and other technology has removed the secrecy that has been protecting criminals.

Ordinary people can now analyze world events and expose the Jewish involvement in 9/11, the HoloHoax, and other crimes.

The Jews are no longer protected by their propaganda or their whiny accusations of anti-Semitism.

The Jews still dominate the world, and they are still struggling to create wars and chaos, but the Jewish involvement in 9/11, the 7-7 bombing, and other crimes has been so thoroughly exposed that there is no way the Jews can get out of the mess they created for themselves. They cannot blame their crimes on the Bush family, the Nazis, the CIA, or the "Globalists".

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Will you help change the course of the human race?
Destroying the Jewish crime network will bring immediate improvements to the world, but we should go beyond simply eliminating their crime network. We should take some of the incredible opportunities available to us, such as building completely new cities and experimenting with different monetary systems, economic systems, and transportation systems.

However, taking these opportunities requires finding people with an attitude similar to some of the immigrants to America. We need people who consider starting a new life to be an exciting adventure.

 Have you considered some of the projects that we could be working on?

Our current economic system encourages businesses to pander to the common people, and as a result, an enormous amount of our resources are going into entertaining people with toys, cosmetics, gambling devices, video games, and pornography. Our government is so full of corrupt and incompetent people that their solution to economic problems is to fight for tourism or work fewer hours (my sarcastic jokes about that are here and here). As I described in other files, if we could put a higher quality group of people in control of our governments and businesses, we could put people to work on much more useful projects. 

In one of my files I mentioned computerized lawnmowers and other equipment would be extremely useful, and if you're having trouble understanding this concept, it might help to watch some of the videos from BP's robotic submarines. The evidence is becoming overwhelming that BP is not interested in stopping the leak, but ignore that and focus on the concept of the robotic submarines.

The mechanical arms on the submarines are so awkward and have such jerky motion that it required hours for them to use a saw to cut through the pipe. However, we could design robotic arms that provide feedback to human operators who are wearing special gloves so that the humans could sense what the robot is touching, and we could provide better acceleration and deceleration to make the motion smoother.

We could also provide the robots with several video cameras to provide three-dimensional images, and we could create robots that can switch between cameras that see infrared, radio waves, x-rays, and even sounds.

If we developed more advanced robots, we could apply the technology to a lot of other activities. For example, NASA wouldn't have to fake a man on the moon. They could send robots to the moon, and astronauts would explore the moon by remote control.

Robots could also eliminate the need for sending men into coal mines, sewers, and nuclear reactors. The men would operate the robots from a comfortable chair on the surface of the earth. They wouldn't have to worry about oxygen levels, temperatures, or cramped conditions.

We could also develop a variety of different sizes and styles of robots for virtual tourism. Instead of traveling to Antarctica, Venus, Alaska, or a tropical rainforest, you could control a robot that does the exploring for you. You wouldn't have to worry about the weather, insects, or dangerous conditions. You could walk up to the rim of a volcano, or swim underwater in a frozen lake. You could explore a cave of bats without worrying about the stench.

A small, light-weight robot would allow you to climb into small branches of trees so that you could observe birds or monkeys. A robotic airplane would allow you to fly. And you could go home whenever you got tired of exploring.

Gardeners could send tiny robots down gopher holes to find and eliminate gophers, rats, and other pests. If the robots could be made extremely tiny, you could inject one into your bloodstream to observe your arteries and heart.

We have incredible opportunities!
Once we remove the network of criminals, parasites, pedophiles, plagiarists, murderers, lunatics, and savages from our corporations, government agencies, schools, and other organizations, then we could replace those freaks with more advanced humans who have a concern for society and a desire to work together for the benefit of the human race.
Does the television program "V" have clues for us?
The very last scene of the final episode of the television program V shows the leader of the reptilian aliens, Anna, furious that her eggs were destroyed. She decides to get revenge on the humans. She does something to cause the clouds to turn red, but the episode ends without explaining what she is doing, or why.

This television program seems to be a disguised documentary about the struggle of the Jews to fool the humans into allowing the Jews get control of the earth. As in the television show, the Jews are losing the battle, and now the Jews are becoming frightened, sad, and angry.

That final episode was broadcast on 18 May 2010, and about a month earlier, on 20 April 2010, the massive oil derrick, the Deepwater Horizon, caught on fire. Was it a coincidence that this was the anniversary of Hitler's birthday? Have you noticed that these criminals have a childish fascination with numbers? Today, June 23, BP "accidentally" knocked off the containment cap. I suppose they are attracted to the date 6-23 because 6+2+3 = 11, which is their favorite number.

Reddish-brown oil is pouring out into the Gulf of Mexico, but it doesn't remain in globs that float to the surface and which would be easy to burn or suck up. Instead, BP is pumping an enormous amount of dispersant into the oil to break it into small droplets. Is this to maximize the environmental damage? Are some Jews trying to destroy the earth? Or is this an attempt to promote global warming and the carbon tax? Or is it to hurt Obama? Or is it to put pressure on government or military leaders to obey their masters?

Why are Jews referred to as reptiles?

This issue is more interesting than it may at first appear. I created a page about it here.



How do you treat people who trust you?
Religion has given people an unrealistic view of humans. We are not a special creation of a loving God. We are intelligent animals, and as a result, we can understand both our body and our mind by observing animals.

The people who abuse us are not evil. Rather, they are behaving exactly like animals.

Animals do not work with other animals, and they have no concern for what's best for the majority of animals. Every animal is incredibly selfish. Every animal regards other animals as potential enemies, or as potential competition for the scarce food and reproductive resources. Animals do not regard other animals as potential friends.

Animals do not appreciate the talents or abilities of other animals. Animals do not compete for the purpose of inspiring one another to do a better job. Rather, they fight in order to take all of the food and sexual resources for themselves. When humans behave like this, we describe them as selfish, or as envious, but a better description is that they are more like an animal.

Have you seen this video in which a chimpanzee in a zoo catches a large toad, pries open its mouth, and uses the toad as a sex toy?

The children at the zoo are giggling all throughout the video, and I admit that there is something amusing about it, at least if you've never seen anything like this before.

However, it might help you to understand this issue if you imagine aliens from another solar system giggling as they watch a video of a human church official prying open a child's mouth and using the child for sex, or a video of Congressman Barney Frank prying apart the legs of an orphan boy.

There are a lot of humans treating us in the same manner that this chimpanzee is treating the toad. Why do humans behave like this? I don't think it's because they've been possessed by the devil. I think it's because they are more like an animal. Describing people as evil or possessed doesn't help us understand their behavior, or show us a solution to the problem. In order to stop crime and corruption, we have to be realistic about its causes.

Prying open the toad's mouth

Shoving his penis into the toad's mouth

Using the frog as a sex toy
When Congressman Barney Frank pries apart the legs of an orphan boy, or when our government officials purchase children for sex slaves, or when people go to a farm and have sex with the animals, they are not doing so because they have been possessed by the devil. Rather, it is because they are intelligent monkeys who have figured out that they can use orphans, retarded children, and animals to satisfy their cravings for sex.

Most people believe that we can cure these people with religion, or by punishing them, but there is nothing we can do to change a monkey into a human. A chimpanzee will behave like a chimpanzee no matter what we do, and Barney Frank will continue to behave like Barney Frank no matter what we do.

When some of us encounter adults or children who trust us, we treat them with decency. Unfortunately, the world is full of people who consider trusting people and helpless children as suckers to be taken advantage of.

To make the situation even sadder, some people don't wait to encounter trusting people. Rather, they actively pursue us. They struggle to convince us to trust them, and then they take advantage of us in some way.

We like to imagine that the world is full of wonderful humans, but a significant percentage of our population are predators who routinely abuse us. Some of these predators, such as salesmen and advertisers, take advantage of us for monetary reasons, and others take advantage of us for sexual purposes.

Most people behave like a toad!
Another visitor to the zoo posted a video of that chimpanzee later in time. The chimpanzee lets go of the toad momentarily, and the toad tries to walk away. However, there is no sign that the toad cared or understood that it was being abused, and there is no sign that the other chimpanzees cared.

Likewise, most people don't care that Barney Frank is using little boys for sex. The voters continue to elect him to Congress, and the police continue to provide him with protection. Most people also don't care that the World Trade Center towers were blown up with explosives, or that the Jews are lying about the world wars, the Holocaust, the Apollo moon landing, or the broken oil well.

Most people don't care that advertisers are manipulating their children, or that some software companies are deliberately making their software incompatible with earlier versions in order to force people to buy upgrades, or that some hardware companies refuse to provide drivers for Windows 7 in order to force us to purchase new products.

Most people behave just like that stupid toad. Criminals routinely pry open their mouths and rape them. When the criminals are finished, the people go back to their homes, cry or complain a bit, and then return to watching television. The criminals then abuse them again, and again, and again.

Have you seen the remarks made by Mark Zuckerberg in regards to the Facebook users who trusted him?

Don't dismiss his attitude as due to his age or the environment he grew up in. All of us have the opportunity to abuse people. Each of us occasionally has contact with children, animals, and adults who trust us. Each of us has lots of opportunities to abuse people, but only some of us take those opportunities. And only some of us go even further and pursue people to abuse.

Did you hear about Google accidentally collecting wireless data? Have you ever accidentally collected wireless data? One of the remarks from Sergey Brin:
“Trust is very important to us, and we’re going to do everything we can to preserve it”
Is this your idea of a man that we can trust? Or is this a crude savage who will pry your mouth open and shove his penis into it?
Fred, a homeless Jew, calls me almost every day!
As I mentioned in some of my other files, it was 2004 when Fred, a homeless Russian Jew, first contacted me. Initially he called me only occasionally, perhaps every few months (I can't remember exactly).

Around 2006 he was getting a divorce and had to move out of his apartment and into his 1989 white, Ford van (if I remember the details correctly). He then began calling me almost every day, and sometimes he has called two or three times in one day.

At least 99.99% of the phone calls began exactly the same. I say hello, and he responds, “Hi, how are you?” Sofia, the woman who made 9/11 Mysteries (who I mention here), would also almost always start the phone conversations with “How are you?” If I remember correctly, Leon (who I mention here), would also start phone conversations like this!

I often wondered if they had gone to the same training course in “How to earn a person's trust and then stab him in the back.” Their technique is to make us feel special; to make us feel loved and cared for.

As I write this, it is the middle of 2010. Fred has been calling me almost every day for the last four years. Don't dismiss this as meaningless, and don't assume that Fred is the only person behaving in this manner. Take a look at anybody famous or wealthy. You should notice lots of people are pursuing them.

People like Fred are parasites; they are predators. They are not pursuing us because they like us. Rather, they are trying to earn our trust so that they can take advantage of us.

They are not behaving like advanced humans. They are behaving like animals. They are disgusting. You should notice that these predators are everywhere, and some of them may be after you. You may not be rich or famous, but some of them may regard you as a stepping stone for their career advancement, or they may see you as an opportunity to meet somebody that you are associated with.

These people are sometimes referred to as "brown-nosers". All of us want to be nice to people, especially our bosses, so all of us could be described as a "brown-noser", but there is a significant difference between being nice to your boss and being a parasitic, predatory, dishonest, abusive, brown-noser.

“How are you?”
“How are you?”
“How are you?”

Don't let them manipulate you with praise

If you are suffering from low self-esteem, or if you are lonely, you are vulnerable to the predators and parasites. Did you see my article about Katie Piper? Don't end up like her!

Have you ever wondered why the Jews in the media are constantly referring to the New York police as New York’s Finest? The Jews also praise the firemen. By doing so, they hope to control and manipulate the police and fire departments. The New York police are suckers who have fallen for this trick. Look at their website; they refer to themselves as New York’s Finest! Here is part of their image:

Since they manipulate the Nobel Prize, why trust any contest?
Do you really believe Al Gore and Barack Obama deserve Nobel Prizes? Al Gore also wins Oscars and other awards. If you don't believe these people deserve such awards, then you ought to be wondering, “Since the Nobel Prize and Oscars are manipulated to promote Jewish propaganda, what about other contests? What about bodybuilding or sports contests?"

Have you seen who won Eurovision 2010? I have photos of her strange behavior here.

Which Jews will be blamed for 9/11 and other crimes?
Millions of people around the world now realize that Jews are responsible for 9/11, the world wars, and lots of other crimes. But which Jews? How do we determine who is guilty and who is innocent? And what do we do with the guilty people? As I wrote a couple years ago here, previous generations made the mistake of eliminating criminal organizations, thereby allowing the criminals to form new organizations. We're not going to improve the world by eliminating the Federal Reserve or a few "think tanks". We have to stop the people who are causing trouble.
What is a Jew?
A recent analysis of DNA claims that the different variations of Jews are related to one another. Arthur Koestler had come to the conclusion that the Ashkenazi Jews were Khazar savages who merely converted to the Jewish religion, but it makes more sense if all of the Jews are related to another because they behave more like one another than to modern humans.

Arthur Koestler may have traced the Ashkenazi Jews to the Caspian Sea area, but the inability to perform DNA analysis made it impossible for him to figure out if some of his ancestors were related to the original Jews of Palestine.

As of today I would guess that the original Jews of Palestine scattered around the Middle East, Europe, and Asia, and through interbreeding and rape, they created a variety of Jews. This would explain why so many of the people in Turkey, the Arab nations, Iran, and Armenia look and behave like Jews.

To add complexity to this issue, some of the savages in Asia may have also raped and interbred with the more advanced humans, resulting in a lot of non-Jewish savages.

Humans today could be a very confusing mix of different races, and this could explain some of the problems we're having. For example, the Neanderthals had a large mouth, so when they raped and interbred with modern humans, some of their children may have ended up with large teeth in small jaws, which caused the teeth to be pushed out of their normal locations. The Neanderthals also had different posture, so the mixture of the two different skeletons may sometimes result in back and neck problems. The mixing of different types of brains may result in children with mental disorders.

The Jews claim that they are all wonderful people who were abused by Egyptians 4000 years ago, but once you realize how often the Jews lie, and once you realize that they have never been able to be friends or cooperate with anybody, you have to wonder, Why should we believe the Jewish accusations that the Egyptians were an anti-Semitic and cruel people who abused the innocent Jews? The Egyptians may have originally treated the Jews with decency, and then got fed up with their abuse, just like all of the other nations. The original Jews may have been just as parasitic, dishonest, and abusive as the Jews during the Middle Ages and even today.
The Jews claim that Moses parted the Red Sea and led the Jews to freedom, but the Jews may have left Egypt because they realized the Egyptians were becoming disgusted with them.

The Jews claim that the Egyptians chased after them because the Egyptians didn't want their slaves to escape, but perhaps the Egyptians chased after them because the Jews were stealing items as they left Egypt.

Be cautious about coming to conclusions when you hear only one side of a story. Furthermore, keep in mind that the Jews often provide us with different sides in order to fool us into thinking that we have heard several different viewpoints. Harold Rosenthal boasted about this trick here.
Where does the desire for slaves come from?
The Khazars, Huns, and other primitive races of central Asia were extremely violent, and they seemed to enjoy slavery, torture, rape, and theft. Many decades ago I read in a book (I can't remember which book) that one of the primitive tribes in Central Asia about 1000 years ago would routinely blind people that they had captured and use them as slaves. They would blind them because that would stop them from running away. How is that behavior any different from people who purchase children for use as sex slaves? Where did Josef Fritz and other people get their desire to keep people in cages for torture and rape? Where did Barney Frank get his desire to rape little boys? Which of these desires are coming from Jewish DNA, and which is coming from the DNA of Khazars, Huns, Neanderthals, or other races?
All of us are contaminated with primitive DNA
It might be very useful to study people's activities. We might find that certain races of people are more likely to engage in sadomasochism, sex slavery, sex with animals, kidnapping, and torture. We might find that the Sephardic Jews are not as violent, sadistic, or sexually perverted as the Ashkenazi Jews.

Everybody has DNA that comes from people long ago, but we might discover that the most troublesome people are those who inherited the most primitive qualities. We might find that the worst of the Ashkenazi Jews are those who are the most closely related to the Khazars, Huns, or Neanderthals. And we might find that the people causing the most trouble in China, Japan, and India are those who inherited the most qualities from the savages of Central  Asia or the Neanderthals.

The Caucasians who are the most troublesome may be those who are most closely related to the savages, also.

DNA doesn't follow simple rules of arithmetic

A person who has a Jewish father and a Chinese mother is described as half Jewish and half Chinese, but DNA doesn't follow such simple rules. That couple might produce one child in which more than half of his traits are Jewish, making him more like his Jewish father than his Chinese mother. Another of their children may be more Chinese than Jewish.

Furthermore, a man only provides his child with chromosomes, whereas a woman provides more genetic information and nutrients. We assume that the man and woman are each contributing 50% of the child's genetic information, but the woman may contribute more genetic material to the child, as well as influencing the development of the child, and therefore, the mother may be a greater influence over the child than the father.

Don't let the Jews fool you! Ignore your ancestors!
Many people assume that they are a simple combination of their parents, grandparents, etc. The Jews are using this concept to fool people into helping them. For example, if the Jews discover that you have a Jewish grandfather, they will tell you that you are 25% Jewish, and therefore, you must help the Jews or you will be considered a Jew and executed along with all of the criminal Jews. And if they discover that one of your female ancestors was Jewish, they will claim that you are 100% Jewish because the Jews claim that Jewish traits are passed on by the females.

People such as Adam Austin are assisting with this trick by making remarks about how everybody with even a tiny bit of Jewish DNA should be killed. Are you aware of Adam Austin and how Jews are using this type of trick to frighten people with Jewish ancestry? I describe Austin and this trick here.

“See, people like me, we know, if you leave one Jew behind, and allow it to fester, we're going to be right back... our ancestors will be right back in this same boat another 2000 years from now if we let them live!
Adam-Austin-if-we-let-them-live-23Sep2009.mp3  only 56 kbytes
Adam Austin and other white supremacists, patriots, and truth seekers are secretly working with the Jews to create fear and hysteria among people with Jewish ancestry. You should not be concerned about your ancestors. If we follow our ancestors far enough back in time, we will find lots of primitive savages, and some of us might discover that one of our ancestors was a rat or a frog!

Don't worry about what your ancestors were. Instead, think about what you want to be, and what you want your future to be.

Don't let your family members or ancestors be a ball and chain around your leg. Become what you want to be. Become better than your relatives and better than your ancestors.

“Oh, dear God! I've just discovered that one of my distant ancestors was a rat! Adam Austin and other patriots will kill me!”
Watch out for infiltrators and instigators
You have to be careful when you go to demonstrations of any type, such as political demonstrations, or 9/11 "truth meetings". Many of the people in the audience, and especially the vendors and organizers of the meeting, seem to be criminals. Some of these people are merely gathering information, but others are trying to start trouble, or irritate the police.

On May 20, 2010 Alex Jones interviewed a British man, Charlie Veitch, who claims to be part of a group of honest, lovable people who refer to themselves as "The Love Police". He appears at political rallies and demonstrations to annoy government officials and the police. It's interesting to note some of the people in the background of the video.

Here are photos of some of the men in the background of this video in which Charlie Veitch is talking with David Icke.
Don't these grown men have anything better to do with their time?

It would be interesting to study the people who appear at demonstrations. How many of them contribute something of value to society? How many are parasites or criminals?

This man was standing very close to David Icke and listening intently. Did he truly find the interview fascinating? Or was he watching David Icke to ensure that he was a good puppet?

And what did he find amusing about the interview? I thought it was a stupid, boring interview. Was he snickering at such thoughts as, “Our propaganda is so obvious! I can't believe the stupid goyim believe our nonsense!”

The man with the beard was also listening intently to the idiotic interview, and those two people behind him are a bit suspicious, also.

If you go to a meeting or rally, don't be afraid of the people. Instead, observe them, and be suspicious of them.


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