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Science Challenge #12

Can a “Car Bomb” Dig a Crater?

Is it possible for a car bomb to excavate the dirt beneath the car?

On 19 Sep 2008 a car bomb in Islamabad, Pakistan digs a giant crater.
Photos here.
On 14 Feb 2005 a car bomb in Beirut, Lebanon kills Rafik Hariri and digs a giant crater, and rips face off nearby buildings!
More info from Christopher Bollyn:
On 12 October 2002, a car bomb in Bali, Indonesia also digs a giant crater, and also rips face off nearby buildings.

Here is a page that claims this is a micro-nuke!

On June 25, 1996, a truck bomb excavated a tremendous crater in Khobar, Saudi Arabia, where American military were stationed.
Larger photo here, and another view here. Other, high res photos here and here

If these bombs were inside
the car, how was dirt several meters
beneath the bomb thrown into the air?

Were they “Bunker Buster” bombs that were dropped from a high altitude, and which penetrated the ground before exploding?

Were all of these "car bombs" using chemical explosives? Or were some of them micro nukes? Can nuclear bombs be designed to be so small and clean that they fool people into thinking they are car bombs?

This science challenge is available as this PDF file with some different photos.

For more info:

That article is one of the series in my Conspiracy articles:

The Omagh car bomb

In 1998, in Northern Ireland, a bomb in a car exploded, but it did not excavate a crater.

The aerial view to the right shows piles of rubble, but no crater.

You can find lots more photos of this bombing by searching the Internet images, like this.

The Wikipedia article about car bombs has a photo of a real car bomb, and a very powerful bomb (photo to the right).

Notice that the bomb pushed the asphalt downwards; it did not excavate material upwards.