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These were some of the first articles I posted on my website. I did not put dates on my documents at that time, but they were written around 2003 and 2004.



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History is Warped

Who Cares? (below)

Change the Piper

Who is CIA agent?

Why pity the CIA?



Who Really Cares?

Many people who proudly boast that they don’t believe in conspiracies also tell me something like, “If the September 11th attack was a scam, people would do something about it.”

Well, people are trying to do something. There are thousands of us talking about it and trying to help the nation. But all of us are laughed at or ignored for being “conspiracy nuts”.

There’s a widespread attitude that people care and that people would do something. But most people don’t care about the world’s problems. Rather, most people care only about their own personal problems.

Thousands of people have been complaining for decades that our train system is deteriorating; our cities are disorganized jumbles of ugly buildings; and our school system is pathetic. But the majority of people don’t do anything about these problems. Instead, they focus their attention on their income level and the upcoming television shows.

The same is true with the Oklahoma City bombing that Tim McVeigh was accused of doing. Where are all the people who care about that “Fertilizer Bomb From Hell”?

General Ben Partin, one of the military’s experts on explosives, made a graph to show the pressure gradient from Tim McVeigh’s fertilizer bomb. Partin shows that it is impossible for such a small bomb to do the damage. Furthermore, the damage had non-symmetrical aspects to it, which is impossible to explain from a bomb that explodes in the street.

General Partin's Report


But where the people who care? Only a small number care, and they are drowned out by the vast majority who don’t care about anything but themselves.

And what about the “Car Bomb From Hell” that went off in Bali, Indonesia in October of 2002? Where the people who care about that? That bomb dug a crater the size of the swimming pool. According to the BBC reports, buildings within a 3,000 foot radius were damaged. This car bomb belongs in the Book of World Records for the most powerful car bomb ever detonated.


Nearby buildings were not merely damaged, rather, concrete was stripped off the reinforcing rods. It left behind a mesh of steel hanging in the air. How can a car bomb dig a crater, and at the same time cause such extensive damage over such a large area?


"Bunker Buster" or Micro-Nuke?

Could a very powerful "bunker buster" bomb do this? If it was painted black and dropped from a high altitude during the night, it would silently penetrate the ground so quickly that nobody would notice. It would then explode while underground, thereby creating the crater.

A tiny nuclear bomb also has the power to do this. A nuclear bomb would have to be underground in order to reduce the intensity of the blast so that it was not too obvious that it was nuclear. Since it would be underground, it would throw a lot of dirt into the air, leaving behind a big crater in the street. But even if a tiny nuclear bomb was muffled by being underground, it would still have enough power to strip concrete off reinforcing rods, incinerate cars, and damage buildings within a 3,000 foot radius.

Joe Vialls's site has more info

And where are the people who care about the “Train Accident From Hell” in North Korea? Two trains crashed into each other in North Korea in April 2004. Supposedly something on the trains exploded, and supposedly this explosion was so powerful that it dug a crater 72 feet deep.

What type of chemicals can explode above ground in such a manner as to excavate such an incredibly large crater?


Take a close look at these craters. Notice that a lot of dirt has fallen back into the hole. This is significant for two reasons. First of all, if the dirt had not fallen back inside, the crater would have been even larger and deeper.

Second, and most important, we are told that the crater was formed because the explosive pushed dirt away from the area. But if the dirt was pushed away, how did it fall back into the hole? The fact that lots of dirt fell back into the hole is evidence that the bomb was underground, and that the bomb pushed the dirt upward, and some of that dirt fell back down into the hole. This is exactly what the craters in Nevada look like from the testing of nuclear bombs, such as the test below:


Car bombs go off in the Middle East every once in a while. Why is it that some car bombs have such tremendous power that they can dig craters and blast concrete off of reinforcing rods, while other car bombs can only destroy the car? Here is a "car bomb" in Iraq:


And here is the "truck bomb" at the Khobar Towers in Saudi Arabia:


It is important to note that a lot of the dirt falls back into these craters, so the hole is actually much deeper than it appears. These incredibly powerful bombs should be considered as possibly nuclear, or as bunker buster bombs dropped by the US, Britain, or Israel, but where the people who care?

Nukes in Iraq in 1991?

Dennis Kyne, who was an Army air medic in the 1991 Iraq war, posted photos on the Internet as evidence that the U.S. military used at least one tiny nuclear weapon on the Iraqi people in 1991. He has helped a lot of wounded soldiers, but he claims he has never seen a bomb do this type of damage to people or objects.

In some cases flesh is missing from some bones, but the pieces of flesh are not lying nearby, nor are their pools of blood. It appears as if that portion of his body was in direct line of sight to a nuclear blast which vaporized the flesh.

Dennis Kyne's site

Most people believe that only two nuclear bombs have been detonated in public, and both of them were used on Japan during World War 2. But the powerful car bombs and the vaporized Iraqis are evidence that nuclear bombs have been going off in public places for years without many people noticing or caring.

If these bombs are not nuclear, then it is a sign that someone is dropping gigantic bunker buster bombs in public. Does it matter if they are gigantic bunker buster bombs or tiny nuclear bombs? The point is, the majority of people simply do not care.

If most people don’t care enough to investigate these suspicious bombs, how can we expect people to care about the Oklahoma City bombing or the September 11th attack?

The fact that these scams go on year after year is evidence that the majority of people don’t care what is happening, don’t want to know, and will never do anything to help make a better world. And when a few of us try to do something, we are ridiculed as “Conspiracy Nuts”.

"If the truth were to come out, people would riot."

A lot of people make remarks similar to:
  • "If the truth about 9/11 were to come out, people would riot."

  • "We must wake up the people."

  • However, a Zogby poll taken in 2004 shows that 66% of New Yorkers want the 9/11 Investigation re-opened, and 49% believe U.S. leaders 'consciously failed to act'.

    This poll shows that the people are not "asleep". Other polls show that millions of people know that Oswald did not kill Kennedy, that the Apollo moon landing was a hoax, and that government officials staged the 9-11 attack.

    Therefore, millions of people know the truth. However, the people not rioting. Actually, they are funding the people who lie to them! Many of these "enlightened" people are still paying for the New York Times, Popular Mechanics, Scientific American, and other publications that lie to them. This is as foolish as subscribing to the newsletter of a group of rapists.

    It is commonly believed that the ordinary people care about the world and will do something to make it a better place. However, history proves that most people will not do anything for society. Rather, they only do things that benefit themselves, and usually only in the short term.

    Most people do not seem capable of understanding that by helping society, they help themselves. As with animals, most people think only of simplistic goals, such as food, sex, and entertainment.

    When Janet Jackson exposed her nipple jewelry during the halftime show at the Superbowl, people around the world began talking about it. People were sending e-mail messages about it to their friends and relatives, and people were posting messages about it on bulletin boards and news sites. Within a day or two, possibly a billion people knew about that halftime show.

    Compare that incident to the demolition of Building 7. It has been almost 4 years since Building 7 was demolished, but there are still lots of people that do not know what Building 7 is, let alone that it was demolished. There is only one explanation: people are refusing to talk about it.

    This world is never going to improve as long as we have this attitude that we can "wake up" the common people. While it is true that many people do not yet know about 9/11 and other scams, the people are not sleeping. Rather, they are deliberately avoiding these issues.

    Most people talk only about boobs, sports events, and Hollywood stars. When issues of corruption are brought up, or when work has to be done, or when somebody mentions that the USA should switch to the metric system or 24-hour clocks for train and plane schedules, most people scatter like cockroaches when somebody turns the lights on.