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The military records of Daryl Bradford Smith 

Somebody sent me the publicly available 
records of Smith's military service

15 November 2008

Smith has boasted many times that he is a veteran.

At this page I posted the following excerpt in which he boasted of being a disabled vet:
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Note: Smith was using his step-father's last name (Setters) at that point in his life.

Click on the images to see them:
The military provided only two pages of information, one of which was mostly empty, but it shows that Smith was in the military for only 11 months from September 1975 to August 1976.

So, how did Smith become a disabled veteran?

Smith boasted about serving on the aircraft carrier the USS America, but his military records show he was on that ship for only three months. Somebody who was in the military told me that that the men on aircraft carriers normally serve for six months or longer. So, was Smith thrown off the ship because of his horrible personality, drug use, alcoholism, criminal activity, or fights?

One of Smith's many arrest records
Smith told me that he has been in out of jail all his life, mainly for drunkenness and fights. One of his more serious arrest records is here.


We must stop the secrecy!

As I point out in some of my documents and audio files (such as 19 April 2008), we are fools to allow mysterious people to influence our world. We should know who our leaders associate with, and what sort of activities, accomplishments, and crimes they committed during their lives.

What do you know about the people who run the websites you look at? What do you know about the people who influence our school system? What do you know about the FBI or your local Police Department?


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