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Did I delete Smith's audio files?

Uhhh.... yes and no.

21 Dec 2007
updated 2 April 2009 here

Daryl Smith accused me of deleting 40% of his audio files.

So, if I deleted the files, why did he wait until December 2007 to complain?

Here is a little more history to help you understand why some of his files are "missing".

As I described in my previous articles about Smith, his website was initially very simple. It was just one page. I posted a few news items, a couple articles by John Kaminski and Karen Kwiatkowski, and his most recent audio files.

The Internet archive doesn't show his website until August 10th, 2005. However, you can see that as of August there were only three audio files available for download. At that time he was producing radio shows for the GCN radio network. The image below is the portion of the screen image that shows those three files:

You can see the entire page for Aug 10 at the Internet archive site:

So, how did some of his files get deleted? Here are some of the reasons.

1)  We never bothered to save the files from RBN

Smith began doing radio shows in January 2005 for the RBN radio network. They provide their audio files for free at their website, so neither Smith nor I bothered saving those files on Smith's site. Also, Smith had purchased the minimum web hosting option that offered, so he did not have much disk space.

Notice in the screen image above there is a message that Smith's first interviews from January to March are available at the RBN archive. Eventually somebody at RBN deleted all of Smith's audio files, so unless somebody saved a copy, they are gone forever. Did I delete them? No!

2) GCN did not want him providing the files for free.
Unlike the RBN radio network, GCN did not provide their files for free. GCN was selling monthly subscriptions, and they were selling audio files on CD-ROM. They told Smith that we could post a few of his most recent audio files for free, but they didn't want all them to be available for free. So I would post between three and six of his most recent audio files, and when he made a new file, I would delete the oldest one.

So, did I delete any of his early audio files from when he worked at the GCN network? Yes! And the reason was because we were told to delete them. Besides, he hadn't yet increased the disk space available for his website, so I couldn't possibly have saved all of his audio files at that time. He was doing a two-hour show five days a week, and on certain days he did an extra hour. That adds up to a lot of megabytes!

The GCN radio network turned out to be a Zionist operation. In February 2006 they decided to stop allowing Smith to produce radio shows. Smith and I started doing the radio shows together on 6 Feb 2006. From that day onward I saved all of his audio files. Did I ever delete any of his audio files after 6 February 2006? No!

3) His friend in Sweden deleted his entire website.

At some point in time (I'm not sure when) Smith became friendly with a man in Sweden named Krister, and Smith told me to let Krister have access to the website so that he could add some feature (or add something; I can't remember exactly).

So I gave Krister the password, and everything was fine until one day when I discovered that every file on the site had been erased. It turned out that Krister had deleted the entire site by mistake, and he never bothered to tell me or Smith. Smith's assumption was that Krister is a scatterbrain, and Smith told me to change the password and not give him access again.

Since all the files were deleted, I had to post them all again. It was easy to restore all of the most recent files but -- as I mentioned in my more detailed document about Smith -- I was never expecting to maintain his site forever, so some of the earlier files weren't as well organized. So I restored most of the site quickly, but during the following months I would occasionally get an e-mail message from somebody who said a link was failing, or an audio file was missing. It turns out that some of those links were still incorrect up until a few days ago. Either nobody had noticed that the links were bad, or nobody had bothered to notify me about the bad links.

I have this problem with bad links on my own website. I have had some bad links on my site for months before somebody bothers to let me know that the link doesn't work.

4) I posted about six of Smith's audio files on my site.

Around July of 2006 there were about six times when I tried to upload an audio file to Smith's site, but for some reason the website wouldn't accept it. I couldn't figure out what the problem was. I wasn't sure if godaddy was having some temporary Internet problem, or if it was because Krister was accessing the site at the same time, which was causing some type of interference.

So I gave up and posted the audio file at my site. My plan was to put it at my site so that people could have access to it, and then on some other day I would upload it to Smith's site. I discovered that I could upload the files if I waited a few hours or days. I never could figure out why I was having trouble accessing the site during that period of time.

On the morning of 14 December 2007 I was posting something on my website, and I noticed that some of Smith's audio files from July of 2006 were still on my site. I deleted them because I assumed that they were already on Smith's site.

A few hours later I decided to see what is new at Smith's site, and I noticed a message on their main page that I had erased some his audio files. It occurred to me that I forgot to upload those particular audio files to Smith's site. So I sent his webmaster, Krister, an e-mail message to ask him if he wanted me to e-mail those files I just deleted. He told me to send him the files, and he mentioned that there were a lot of files missing from the website.

I could not remember exactly which files I deleted; I could only remember that they were from about July 2006. So I went to Smith's website to figure out which audio files I deleted.

I sent nine files to Krister, and then it occurred to me that I didn't delete nine files from my website, and yet there were still files missing! So I looked closely at the links and noticed that some of the links were incorrect. Apparently, these links had been bad ever since Krister deleted the entire website. So I sent Krister a message on how to fix the links. It turns out that the audio files were on Smith's site, but the links were incorrect, which created the illusion that the audio files were missing.

I assumed that the issue was resolved. Then on the 19th of December, Smith posts an angry rant in which he accused me of deleting lots of his files. And yesterday, the 20th of December, he posted another angry rant about how I deleted his audio files!


So, now that you have more background information on Smith's website, you should be able to understand why he is accusing me of erasing 40% of his audio files.

I'm sure Smith realizes that most of his GCN and RBN files were never saved. I think the reason he's accusing me of deleting his files is because he is desperate to make himself appear to be a helpless victim who needs your pity and money, and he's desperate to make me look like a monster.

“Follow me, damn it!
I'm the honest truth seeker!”
Some of his files should be deleted!!!

Some of the files that he created while he was working with GCN were advertisements for Ted Anderson's gold business. They are referred to as "The Midas Report".

In fact, this morning, 21 December 2007, as I was writing this document, I decided to listen to the live broadcasts of Smith's French Connection via shoutcast, and I was amazed to discover that he was broadcasting one of those Midas Reports from September 22, 2005. Both Ted Anderson and Smith were promoting Anderson's gold business. That show is an advertisement, and Smith should delete that file! The image below shows the header of my shoutcast radio identifying it as the show with Ted Anderson:

Furthermore, most of his early audio shows were with Zionist agents, such as Wayne Madsen and Greg Szymanski. There is no reason to promote those particular people. Here is an excerpt of his idiotic shows from 2005 when he talks to Alfred Webre about HAARP and chemtrails:
Smith-HARP-22Feb2005.mp3  110 k bytes

You can find the entire interview at Smith's page for Feb 2005; look for Alfred Webre.

My assumptions:

Smith is so desperate to criticize me that he is willing to lie. Actually, Smith has already proven himself to be a liar. Let me refresh your memory with one example that I find truly amazing.

If you listened to my audio file for October 30, you heard me play an excerpt of Smith's show from October 28 in which he insisted that his health was fine, and he complained that I was spreading lies that he might be dying soon. Here is a brief excerpt to refresh your memory:
Smith-Rafeeq-health-28Oct2007.mp3  70 k bytes
Update, 2 April 2009!

Smith accidently exposed his lie about his health! 

I put the brief audio and transcript at this page:

"I was ready for a casket."

It was only six weeks earlier, on September 16, 2007, that Smith had recorded an audio file in which he admitted that his health was so bad at the beginning of 2006 that he worried that he might not survive another year or two. Listen to this brief excerpt from that show:
Smith-bad-health-16Sep2007.mp3   70 k bytes

And then, as I mentioned earlier, I was listening to the French Connection via shoutcast this morning, and I heard the Midas Report, and in that particular audio file Smith made a remark about his bad health!

From the 22 Feb 2005 interview with Alfred Webre (at this page):
Smith-bad-health-22Feb2005.mp3  25 k bytes

From the 15 Nov 2005 interview with John Kaminski (at this page):
Smith-bad-health-15nov2005.mp3  30 k bytes

On October 24, 2005 he was talking with Doug Rokke and boasted about being a veteran and how he gave up his health for the nation (at this page):
Smith-Rokke-veteran-24Oct2005.mp3   50 kbytes

And later in that show he once again boasted about how he sacrificed his health for us and that he lost his father because his father was also in the military:
Smith-Rokke-health-24Oct2005.mp3   37 kbytes

He also boasted of being a "disabled vet" on 13 Jan 2006:
Smith-disabled-vet-13Jan2006.mp3   7 kbytes

If you trust Smith, ask him to make his military records public so that we can see how he sacrificed his health for us. Judging by his behavior, he probably sacrificed his health by taking drugs, or getting into a fistfight.

Update 15 November 2008
Smith's military records!

A man who used to trust Smith decided to ask the military for information about him. The two pages that he received are here:


Think about this: for years Smith has been announcing on the radio that his health is bad, and he was admitting this up until September 16, 2007. Then six weeks later, on October 28, he claimed that his health is fine and that it was me who was spreading false rumors about his health being bad!

In private phone calls to me, he said his bad health was partly because of the stress of trying to expose corruption. I now wonder if he was exaggerating his health problems when he spoke with me and blaming it on stress in order to discourage me, as I described in my audio file for 2 Dec 2007.

Smith's ability to make statements that are such obvious lies reminds me of Larry Silverstein's remark on television that the fire department decided to "pull" Building 7. When faced with such obvious lies, we often assume that we must be mistaken; we have a difficult time believing that somebody could make such obvious lies.

Who is Daryl Smith? What is his goal?

What kind of person is Smith? Who would make statements that can be so easily disproven? We don't have to search for evidence that Smith is a liar because the evidence is on his own website! All we have to do is listen to his audio files!

I now suspect that Smith was set up to be a radio host by his wealthy Jewish friends in the gold and jewelry business. They probably considered his arrogant, dishonest, and aggressive personality to be of use as a leader, similar to Alex Jones.

However, they probably didn't have any use for Smith when they first discovered him, so they just maintained a friendship through the years. I also doubt that they actually liked him as a person. I suspect that they saw him as just another potential Useful Idiot to use in their goal of world conquest.

By the beginning of 2005 they decided to use him as a radio host. I would bet that they never told him anything about Zionism, the Holocaust, or 9/11. Instead, they encouraged his arrogance by telling him that he will become a world famous leader of a revolution against George Bush.

The people within the Zionist crime network who make decisions try to remain hidden. They look for mentally defective people to do their dirty work. People such as Daryl Smith, Alex Jones, Mike Piper, and Mark Glenn seem to be people with problems. I think all of them are fools to help this crime network. They probably think of themselves as respected members of the crime network, but I would bet that the higher level Zionists consider them to be mentally ill, worthless pawns. Smith should identify and expose his Jewish "friends" in the gold business. Alex Jones should also turn on his "friends", also.

Hey, Jones, Smith, Glenn, Jayhan, Weltner, and you other suckers! Turn on your "friends"! They don't really like you. Do something useful with your pitiful life; help us put an end to this Zionist nightmare!

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