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The phone call that preceded this

John Stadtmiller
becomes an inspiration!

Or, was it just another attempt to make me look bad?

by Eric Hufschmid

On Friday, 14 July 2006, one of John Stadtmiller's employees at the Republic Broadcasting Network notified him about this article of mine.
It was a few minutes before his radio show was to begin. He was upset to find himself and others accused of possible links to a criminal network. He decided to put aside whatever he was originally planning to talk about on the radio show and deal with this issue. He called me on the phone, and asked me to come on his show to explain my article.

You can find this interview at the RBN site:
Look for the file from Friday July 14, 2006.

Here are the direct links to each of the 1-hour audio files:
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If those files disappear from the Internet, download #1 here and #2 here.

Even though Stadtmiller is suspicious, you ought to be impressed by his desire to face a problem, and give me the chance to explain myself.

Imagine if America had more people like this. Imagine if more people -- when faced with problems -- dropped whatever they were doing and decided to face their problems immediately.

And imagine that despite their anger they give their critics a serious chance to explain themselves, as opposed to the attacks we see on CNN, Air America, PBS, etc.

Or, was Stadtmiller merely worried that he was being exposed? Was he hoping to make me look bad?

9/11 was an inside job?

One of the reasons I wrote the article that upset Stadtmiller is that I am concerned that the Americans and Europeans are getting only one side of 9/11 and other crimes. Specifically, most people are getting only the view of the Zionist Jew.

For example, most of the 9/11 truth seekers describe 9/11 as "an inside job", and Webster Tarpley has a book called "9/11, Made In The USA." The implication is that Americans did 9/11 to themselves, usually because of some plot to take over the world, or to control oil.

We need a second opinion, and a third, fourth...

We are encouraged to get second opinions when doctors discover serious problems in our body. Since 9/11 is a serious problem for our nation, why shouldn't we be allowed to get a second opinion? 

9/11 was an outside job!

My opinion is that 9/11 was an outside job; a Zionist job. I am sure that there were some Americans involved, but I don't think the Americans were the primary planners, and I don't think the Americans planned the demolition of the towers or installed the explosives.

Furthermore, some of the Americans involved in 9/11, such as Michael Chertoff and Larry Silverstein, hold American citizenship, but emotionally they are Zionists or Israelis. Their body may be in America, but their mind is somewhere else.

I think there were Americans involved in the attack on the Pentagon because that was a superficial attack. That attack closely resembles the staged attacks that were proposed in the Northwoods document.

The demolition of the World Trade Center buildings was so destructive and murderous that it is difficult to explain why Americans would do that to themselves. It was an act of war, which suggests an outside enemy. It also suggests that the people who did it consider us to be nothing more than cockroaches.

Where is Stadtmiller in all this?

I never accused John Stadtmiller of being part of the criminal Zionist network. Instead, I was pointing out that there are some mysterious people who seem to have financial connections to Zionists.

Specifically, I was concerned that Karl Schwarz was getting money from the billionaire Simon family, and that he was trying to use that money to influence Stadtmiller.

Take a look at the Simon family:

You may as well look at the Miller family, also:

Americans buy entertainment, not serious material

Stadtmiller could be an innocent American citizen trying to do his best to help the nation, but anybody who has tried to sell information about 9/11, the attack on the USS Liberty, or any other Zionist crime will agree that it is incredibly difficult to cover your costs, let alone make a lot of profit.

This puts people like Stadtmiller in a risky predicament. Specifically, since it is difficult for them to pay their bills, Zionists can offer them money in an attempt to influence them.

By the way, I financed my book and DVD with money I had saved up, so I didn't need funding.

Deborah Simon invested in Karl Schwarz's nonexistent business. Nobody invests money without expecting something in return, so what was she expecting?

Did she expect to make a profit when his company actually came into existence and became profitable?

This would be a valid expectation if Schwarz had a history of developing successful, profitable businesses. But does he have such a history? I don't see it.

My guess is that Simon was giving Schwarz money to influence people in the 9/11 movement, such as Stadtmiller, Dylan Avery, and/or other people.

Disclose your contributions, Simon!

Many people realize that secretive campaign contributions are dangerous. As a result, we now have laws requiring donations to be identified.

However, why do we tolerate secretive donations to 9/11 investigators? We should demand that the Simon family disclose all of their investments in the 9/11 movement.

The billionaire Simon family gives a lot of money to politicians, such as Lee Hamilton who served on the 9/11 commission. The Simons are not giving money to politicians because they don't know what else to do with their money. Rather, they are giving money because they expect something in return. What would they expect from a politician? Do I have to tell you the answer?

Somebody is helping Dylan Avery produce a Hollywood movie about 9/11, and somebody will put it in theaters. Are these mysterious people producing this movie solely for the potential profit?

Or, are they helping to promote Dylan's movie because they want to push a particular 9/11 message onto the American people?

The Holocaust Promoters and Zionist Deniers are getting the publicity

I think Dylan Avery, the Scholars for 9/11 Truth, Webster Tarpley, Mike Berger,, and many others, are getting a lot of publicity because every one of them are lying to us about 9/11, the Holocaust, the Apollo moon landing, the attack on the USS Liberty, the World Wars, and Zionism in general. I think these people are part of the criminal network.

Anybody who associates with or promotes criminals should expect other people to investigate them. If you don't want to be investigated, don't associate with criminals.

Have you seen my interview with a victim of the Columbine shooting? It might help you understand how deceptive Michael Moore, and other truth seekers really are:


If you try to influence my life, expect me to wonder who you are

Anybody who comes forward to tell us what to think about 9/11, George Bush, the Iraq war, Zionism, or other issues should expect other people to ask:
Who is this person who is trying to influence my life and the lives of other people?

Who are his friends?

Is somebody promoting or funding him?

Why should I believe anything he says?

We don't need secretive people to tell us about a secretive crime network. I'm not afraid of investigations; why are some of you? There is an expression about this: "If you don't like the heat, get out of the kitchen."

I have to stir the pot a bit more

Before I end this article, I just can't resist causing a bit more trouble.
Professor Steven Jones is a member of the Scholars for 9/11 Truth. The Zionists Deniers in that group may be using him as bait to bring Gullible Goyim to their deceptive organization.

I have no idea if Professor Jones is an honest citizen or part of the criminal network. However, it is becoming obvious that the Scholars for 9/11 Truth are a group of Holocaust Promoting, Zionist Denying criminals, so Professor Jones and other members should make a decision about whether they want to continue helping these criminals. 

Have you noticed that the Scholars for 9/11 Truth have absolutely no concern for the mysterious murder of one of their members?

Why would investigators who care so much about 9/11 not want to investigate a murder of one of their own members?

While it appears that America will soon disintegrate, there is the remote possibility that enough Americans and/or Europeans will locate their brains and their backbones, help us put an end to this Zionist Cancer, and create a new world.

If this happens, the people who have been helping the criminals may discover that their excuse -- "But I didn't realize they were criminals!" -- is failing to evoke pity from us.

The Zionists are not playing games, so why should we? It is time to wake up and smell the dead goyim.

Or is Harold Rosenthal correct?

Finally, I sometimes wonder if I am helping the goyim. I wonder if all I really do is poke the Zionists in the ribs, which encourages them to work harder and more intelligently.

Have you seen the interview with Harold Rosenthal? Some of his remarks about the goyim:

"Your people don't have guts."

"The people are only stupid pigs that grunt and squeal the chants we give them, whether they be truth or lies." 

"We virtually get away with murder, and all the goy do is to talk about it, which is ineffective since we, the masters of propaganda, always publish a contradicting account."

You can read that interview here:

Can the goyim learn to take care of themselves? Will they ever see through the deception? Or are the Zionists correct that we are an inferior species, just barely above the animal?

Time will tell...