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The bizarre case of
Michael Zebuhr

Updated 2 April 2006

Michael Zebuhr was a graduate student at Clemson University, in South Carolina.

A few months ago Michael Zebuhr was as naive about 9/11 as most other college students. However, one of his professors, Judy Wood, was among the first "full" members of a group called Scholars For 9/11 Truth.

Scholars For 9/11 Truth was created in response to professor Steven Jones, of Brigham Young University. After he announced his research that shows that the World Trade Center buildings appear to have been brought down with explosives, Professor Jim Fetzer, of the University of Minnesota, convinced him to join with him in creating an organization to expose 9-11.

Professor Judy Wood, of Clemson University, in South Carolina

Professor Wood says that Michael discovered the 9-11 information on her web site by himself. Even though she was actively involved in exposing 9/11, she implied that she did not push the issue on the students.

Professor Wood says that Michael became fascinated with the 9/11 information, and he began to research the issue. He joined the Scholars For 9/11 Truth as a student member. He soon organized a 9/11 student group on the campus. He was very active in educating the other students about 9/11, and he was in the process of arranging a showing of some 9/11 videos to the students. It appears that Michael became much more active in educating students about 9-11 than professor Wood.

During spring break he and his mother went to Minneapolis to visit his sister, who was a student at the University of Minnesota, where Professor Fetzer works. We do not know whether Michael's sister was also involved with the 9/11 issue, or whether she knew of Professor Fetzer.

On 18 March 2006 Michael, his sister, his mother, and a friend were walking to their car after dinner at a restaurant when they were approached by a couple of young men who demanded his mother's purse. She gave it to them without a fight, but one of the men shot Michael in the head anyway, for no apparent reason. He died quickly.

The two men escaped in a car. Police were soon chasing after a car that matched the description. A woman was driving. Two male passengers tossed loaded handguns out the window. After a few miles the woman stopped the car and all three people in the car were arrested.

However, the two men, Omari Kwakou Thomas (2920 Northway Drive, Brooklyn Park), and James Michael Walker (2938 Morgan Avenue North, Minneapolis), were soon released. The woman, Aiesha Camille Williams (1301 Highway 7, Apt #127, Hopkins), is still in jail, but the police insist she had nothing to do with the murder. Mug shots are not available.

A description of the murder.

A news report about the suspects being released:

More about professor Wood and Michael here:

Why would the police release murder suspects?

If you were driving a car that matched the getaway car for a murder, and if you were to toss a loaded handgun out the window as you tried to evade the police, would the police let you go free?

Would they be able to instantly determine that you had nothing to do with the murder? Would they decide that no investigation was needed?

Senseless murder? Or execution?

Is this just another meaningless murder in a nation that has thousands of murders every year? Or was his murder connected to his involvement in educating students about 9/11? Is there any connection to Professor Judy Wood, Professor Jim Fetzer, or Scholars For 9/11 Truth?

There are several possibilities. Let's first list a few facts and coincidences. Let's start with some of the suspicious aspects of Minnesota.

Suspicious aspects of Minnesota

The Minneapolis FBI arrested up Zacarias Moussaoui

Harry Samit, the FBI agent who arrested Zacarias Moussaoui in August 2001, worked in Minneapolis.

This arrest -- and the trial that is taking place in March 2006 -- helps to support the government's conspiracy theory that the September 11 attack was conducted entirely by 19 Arabs.

This FBI agent is still supporting the official government story.

Coleen Rowley, Minneapolis FBI

Coleen Rowley was the FBI agent who is held up by many people as a hero and a whistleblower because she announced that the FBI ignored information that some Arabs were training as pilots to attack America. She was working at the Minnesota FBI office at the time.

She appears to be exposing incompetence in the FBI, but in reality she is supporting the government official story that Arabs attacked us on September 11. She is currently running for Congress.

She is still supporting the official government story. Do we really need another person in Congress who supports the official theory on 9/11?

Senator Paul Wellstone died in Minnesota
Senator Paul Wellstone, his wife, and daughter died in a mysterious plane crash in Minnesota. However, the Minnesota FBI did not find anything suspicious about it.

Here is one investigative reporter's view of the Wellstone accident:
Wellstone and 911: The Uncanny Connections

Summary of Minnesota

While every FBI office is lying about 9-11 and other major crimes, the FBI department in Minneapolis, Minnesota is very actively involved in promoting the theory that the Arabs were training to be pilots, and that they were attacking us on September 11.

The Minneapolis FBI obviously wants to protect the official story on the September 11 attack. So why should we trust their investigation into the murder of Michael Zebuhr? Why should we trust the local police department to tell us the truth?

Shouldn't we consider the possibility that Minneapolis, Minnesota is one of the cities that the criminal network has total control over?

If they have control over the police department, the FBI agents, and most city officials, it would be a safe place for them to arrange Paul Wellstone's murder, the setup of an Arab patsy, and the murder of students who are exposing the 9-11 attack.

Let's consider some of the coincidences in regards to Michael Zebuhr and the Scholars For 9/11 Truth.

Coincidences with the Scholars for 9/11

Professor Wood was quiet about 9-11

Professor Wood was a full member of Scholars For 9/11 Truth from its beginning in January 2006, but she did not seem to encourage students or faculty at the University to look into the issue. The students apparently had to discover the information on their own.

Why would Professor Wood join a group that exposes 9-11 if she had no interest in educating students or faculty? Was she too afraid to talk to the students or faculty about 9/11? Or did she join the organization for some other reason?

Scholars For 9/11 Truth is full of suspicious people

The Scholars For 9/11 Truth has attracted a lot of people who are either amazing stupid, or they are trying to deceive us about the September 11 attack.

It is possible that only the "full members" of the group have influence over it, and most of them are probably just names on a list rather than active participants.

However, some of the names will be familiar to you if you have read our articles about deception. Phil Berg, Morgan Reynolds, and Webster Tarpley are three of the full members.

Morgan Reynolds is currently trying to convince us that the airplanes that crashed into the World Trade Center towers were illusions created by blue screen technology. See the The Bovine Gas Theory for more details, or the Jimmy Walter article.

Professor Wood is stupid, or a criminal

For example, her site promotes the idiotic theories from the mysterious Finnish military expert who wants us to believe that the World Trade Center buildings were brought down by miniature hydrogen bombs that do not need a fission bomb to start the fusion.

If this technology exists, it is a secret. Why would a professor at Clemson University promote a theory that has absolutely no supporting evidence?

We could understand her mistake if she was a professor of art or music, but she is a professor of mechanical engineering. Therefore, her promotion of the miniature hydrogen bombs is certain to be deliberate deception.

Professor Wood promotes other criminals

Her page that has links has several categories. Under her category "Favorite 9/11 Sites" she has Stefan Grossman's site gallerize. We mention Grossman in these articles:
The Bovine Gas Theory
Why are we tolerating their deception?

Under her category "Excellent videos and articles" we find only these three entries:

"Loose Change" (video), 2nd Edition 
911 Eyewitness 
A Fairy Tale from Hell:  An Introduction to 9/11
She also includes links to 911blogger and other sites that promote idiotic theories, such as the airplanes were illusions created by blue screen technology. Also, she promotes sites that cannot find any Israeli involvement in 9-11.
Student comments about Professor Wood

Students wrote the following comments about Professor Wood at the website Rate My Professors. Only these three comments are available to the public:

She is an odd lady, to say the least. She is very good at what she does, but she can't always explain it well enough for students to understand. SHE TAKES FOR EVER TO GIVE EXAMS BACK!!!!! It took here 3 weeks to give an exam back once. 

Like others said, she had good intentions and when she wasn't trying to convince us Bush blew up the WTC she was actually nice, but she wasn't a great teacher. Too many times she starts examples and doesn't finish them. And yes, she was in a coma for 6 years. How crazy is that. 

She woke up from a coma and decided her calling was to become a professor. She did not really seem to know the material, and she was hopeless at trying to convey it to the student. She fails to be able to complete a thought if not a sentance. If it is possible at all, aviod her.
If these students are correct in their description of Professor Wood, she may be suffering from brain damage. This would fit the pattern that we find in his criminal network. Specifically, they look for people who can be taken advantage of in some manner, such as through deception, bridery, blackmail, and threats.

Professor Wood is promoting the theory that the World Trade Center towers were brought down with miniature hydrogen bombs, and she may be promoting that theory because she honestly believes it due to brain damage.

She may not be a member of the criminal network; rather, she may be one of their Useful Idiots.

By the way, the possibility that a university professor has brain damage should not surprise you. Students and parents have been complaining for years that some teachers are incompetent; that we need to put teachers through tests; and that we should eliminate tenure because it is allowing the incompetent professors to have lifetime employment regardless of how appalling their behavior is.

Professor Wood's personal website:

Bush blew up the WTC?

Note that one student commented "when she wasn't trying to convince us Bush blew up the WTC".

That student makes it seem as if she was pushing 9-11 on the students. However, this report creates the impression that Michael discovered this 9/11 information on his own. So, was she pushing 9/11 on the students or wasn't she?

More importantly, the student says that she was blaming the Bush for destroying the WTC. If that student is correct, she belongs in the same group as Webster Tarpley, Wayne Madsen, Alex Jones, and virtually everybody else in this 9/11 truth movement who ignores or minimizes the Israeli / Zionist involvement.

None of these people are truly exposing the 9/11 attack. Rather, they are doing damage control for Israel.

Professor Fetzer cannot see Zionism

Professor Fetzer is a researcher into the assassination of President Kennedy. He has a book and web site about it. Professor Jim Fetzer spent years researching the Kennedy assassination, but he cannot see any Israeli involvement in it, nor any Israelis in 9/11, or anything else.

Michael Piper sent Fetzer a copy of his book, Final Judgment, which provides evidence of the Israeli involvement. After Fetzer said he never received the book, Piper sent him another copy.

Note: Piper himself has turned out be suspicious! See Hufschmid's articles about Piper:

When is Fetzer going to address this Israeli issue?

Scholars For 9/11 Truth is deceptive

Many of the people at Scholars For 9/11 Truth are also liars. Take a look at their site, and what they promote. One of the theories they promote is the blue screen theory.

They referred to Morgan Reynold's deceptive article about the "blue screen technology" as "a brilliant piece" on this page.

Update: they recently changed the comment from "a brilliant piece" to "a fascinating piece".

Also, notice also what Scholars For 9/11 Truth doesn't mention. It is what they don't mention that is the most important. Do you find any serious information about the Israeli involvement in 9/11? How much information about the dancing Israelis, or the Israeli art students that were arrested and quietly sent back to Israel? The missing trillions of dollars from the Pentagon and the fact that Dov Zakheim is a Rabbi? The fact that the media is deeply involved in the cover-up of these crimes, and that most of them are supporters of Israel?

With the overwhelming evidence that Israelis were involved in 9/11, how could these scholars not see any of it? Why is it that all they can see is George Bush and a few other American officials?

Deceptive sites try to frighten us with Michael's murder

Some web sites are promoting the possibility that Michael was killed in order to frighten those of us who expose 9/11. However, some of those sites are the ones that Professor Wood and Scholars For 9/11 Truth recommend.

In other words, some of the sites that deceive us about 9/11 are also trying to frighten us that Michael was murdered. The message they are sending to us is, "Don't talk about 9/11, or we might end up murdered like Michael."

For example, take a look at these two sites, the ideas they promote, and the sites they link to:

In this article, they mention the theories that Michael was killed by a government black op:

Notice that these conspiracy theorists never mention the possibility that he was killed by Zionists, or people within the Scholars For 9/11 Truth organization, or people within the 9/11 truth movement.


Let's look at some possibilities

When detectives try to solve a crime, they consider lots of possibilities as to who the criminal it might be, what the motive might be, and how the crime might have been committed.

There is nothing wrong with speculating on who had a motive to kill Michael, who actually murdered Michael, and how they did it. These are not accusations. These are speculations based on the limited evidence we have available.

Michael was murdered to frighten the students

Professor Wood, Professor Fetzer, and most of the other people in Scholars For 9/11 Truth are part of the criminal network.

Professor Wood was not encouraging her students to learn about 9/11 because she was not really interested in exposing it. She was only interested in helping to saturate the Internet with nonsense.

Michael Zebuhr, after discovering her site, began researching 9/11, and he began educating college students. He may have been exposing the truth about 9/11, not the idiotic theories about hydrogen bombs, holograms, and blue screen technology.

Somebody may have decided to risk murdering him in order to frighten other college students into remaining silent about the corruption.

Who would do the killing? In January 2003 Israel admitted that they were going to conduct murders in America in order to protect Israel:

Perhaps somebody sent a message to their Israeli friends that the college students at Michael's university are starting to become active in spreading 9/11 information. Michael's murder would have a significant emotional effect on the students who personally knew Michael, and who learned about 9-11 from him.

Some sites that lie about 9-11 and Zionism, such as and, were told to frighten students by spreading the theory that Michael may have been murdered by the evil  New World Order.

Michael was murdered because he discovered the criminal network

Perhaps Michael began to suspect that Professors Wood and Fetzer were trying to deceive people. Michael may have discovered the articles at that explain the deception in the 9-11 movement, and he may have started to realize that Scholars For 9/11 Truth is actually a nest of criminals.

Furthermore, if Michael discovered, he would have realized that 9-11 is just one of many horrendous crimes that the Zionists have committed during the past century. Michael might have started to discuss the attack on the USS liberty, the Federal Reserve system, the and Rothschilds.

If he were to inspire other college students to look into these issues, it would be devastating for the criminal network.



Our police departments, FBI, CIA, military, and other government agencies have so far done nothing about this criminal network. They are obviously protecting his criminal network, either because they are afraid to stand up to it, or they are working with it. It is up to us to fight the criminals.

There is nothing wrong with investigating a murder, especially not a suspicious murder that occurs in a city where lots of suspicious activities are taking place. Actually, we could say that it is a responsibility of every citizen to protect themselves and their fellow citizens from crime. Since our police departments are corrupt and/or frightened, it is up to the individual citizens to look into the strange murder of Michael Zebuhr.

The most important thing you can do is to spread information to your friends and especially college students.

Why does nobody care?

When a person shows no concern, or superficial concern, about the murder of somebody closely associated with him, detectives would consider it a sign that he is somehow involved in the murder.

This crime occurred to a member of the Scholars For 9/11 Truth organization, and those members ought to have the decency and respect to look into this crime. They claim to be honest, concerned citizens who want to expose 9/11, but if they are such concerned citizens, why are they not the most vocal people in demanding an investigation of the murder of one of their members?

What kind of organization would have so little concern about a suspicious murder of one of their members? Why aren't they making an issue of this? And where is Professor Wood, who knew Michael Zebuhr personally?

Learn from Mike Ruppert's deception

Some people on the Internet are telling us that there is no need to be suspicious of Scholars For 9/11 Truth because Zebuhr's murder was just a senseless robbery and murder.

Before you take those suggestions seriously, look back at what Mike Ruppert was saying about the September 11 attack. On September 13, two days after the attack, he wrote this article to convince us that the World Trade Center towers did not collapse because of explosives. For several years afterwards he tried to convince people that there were no explosives in the towers.

Today we find people telling us that Michael Zebuhr was not murdered because of his connection to Scholars For 9/11 Truth, nor because of his involvement in exposing the 9/11 crime. How would they know why Michael was or was not murdered?

Who should be a suspect in this murder?

There are so many suspicious aspects of Michael's murder that it deserves an investigation. A murder investigation requires that we find suspects to investigate. Who should be a suspect?

The suspects should include the people who benefit the most from the murder. Other possible suspects are people who knew the murderer, and had a motive to kill him

So who benefits from his murder? Who would have a motive? 

Considering that Michael was exposing 9/11, and that he was actively spreading information to college students, the people have strongest motive to kill him are the people who are trying to suppress information about the September 11 attack, and who are trying to deceive us about the attack.

This includes a lot of people, such as the Minneapolis FBI; Professor Wood, who is promoting the ridiculous theory that the World Trade Center towers were brought down by hydrogen bombs; and the people who are promoting the theory that the airplanes that crashed into the towers were holograms or illusions.

Professor Steven Jones of BYU wrote a paper to expose the September 11 attack, but his association with Scholars For 9/11 Truth should now make us wonder if he is really trying to expose the September 11 attack, or was this just a trick to create Scholars For 9/11 Truth as a way of identifying the people who want to expose this attack?

Do you know what a handler is?

The Minneapolis police released two suspects in a murder case, namely, James Walker and Omari Thomas. They did not bother with any investigation.

Have you listened to the interview of Kay Griggs? She describes how the criminal network creates assassins by picking up emotionally disturbed children from areas suffering from wars and other disasters. Some of these disturbed children will be grateful to have food and the place to live, and in return they will participate in whatever assassinations or crimes their handlers ask of them.
You can find links to the Kay Griggs interview at the bottom of our Einstein page:

There are reports that Thomas and Williams are from Somalia. Regardless of whether they were born in Somalia, or born to Somalians who were already living in America, we should look into the possibility that they are mentally defective people who are being taken advantage of by James Walker.

The release of murder suspects should make us wonder if James Walker was the handler for Omari Thomas and Aiesha Camille Williams. The handler manipulates, monitors, and guides the mentally defective people.

This manipulation is occurring in the 9/11 movement all the time. People with emotional problems and/or who suffer from intellectual defects are being fooled, bribed, or threatened into spewing nonsense about 9/11, such as the theory that the airplanes that hit the World Trade Center towers were illusions created by a blue screen technology.

Did you read my article about handlers:

Help us encourage investigations

The lack of interest in investigating these suspects is a sign that the Minneapolis police are trying to cover up this murder and protect the murderers.

Since we cannot depend on the Minneapolis police or FBI to look into this murder, it is up to us to investigate. If you know people at the University of Minnesota, Clemson University, or Brigham Young University, why not send this document to professors, students, and faculty, and ask them to look into this?

The Scholars For 9/11 Truth is promoting absurd theories without any supporting evidence, such as the Blue Screen Theory. What kind of "scholars" would promote such a theory? This is evidence that they are a criminal organization whose goal is to cover up and deceive us about the September 11 attack. They should be referred to as Scholars For A 9/11 Coverup, or Scholars For 9/11 Deception.

Professor Steven Jones should be told to look into this issue. His e-mail is at the site:

If the members of Scholars For 9/11 Truth continue to show no interest in the murder of one of their members, and if they continue to promote idiotic theories about 9-11, and if they continue to ignore the overwhelming evidence of Israeli involvement in the September 11th attack, they should be considered prime suspects in this criminal network and the murder of Michael Zebuhr.

Don't be intimidated by this criminal network. Don't be frightened. We outnumber these people. We can make this world a better place whenever we get enough people with a backbone and a desire to do something. So, let's do something!

My follow-up article to this murder is here: