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Lesson # 3
Who are the "Illuminati"?



If we rip the mask off the vague, mysterious  groups who are referred to the Globalists, the Illuminati, and the New World Order, who will we find?

The people who commit 9-11 and other crimes have names and addresses.

However, referring to these criminals as "Globalists" gives them a frightening aura because we don't know who they are. Our imagination is free to run wild, and we tend to fantasize about super-human monsters.

By comparison, when we mention names, we realize that they are just humans, and we realize that we can send the police over to their homes and arrest them.

Don't be frightened by the vague terms. Referring to these people as Illuminati is as silly as referring to them as Aluminum Nazis. Referring to a group of criminals with a vague name is a trick to deceive you. Try to understand how this confuses and frightens people so that you aren't fooled by it.

So who are these mysterious criminals?

We must move past these vague, meaningless terms and start identifying -- and dealing with -- the people who are ruining our world. I have lots of audio files and documents about this. For example:

Friday, 19 Oct 2007
Hufschmid, on who is responsible for corruption, Bollyn's latest audio file, the No More Wars For Israel conference, and JBS. Click here

I have a video on this issue:

Plus articles such as:

Many people accuse the Bilderbergs of being in control of the world. On 5 Jan 2007 Alex Jones promoted this site. Are you smart enough to figure out if Bilderberg is the Master of the World?

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