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The Globalists have been identified!
Thanks to Bob Dacy, an associate of Alex Jones, who runs this hardware store in Austin, Texas!
On Friday, June 30 2006, Alex Jones had a very special guest in his studio. It was none other than Bob Dacy, the Globalist Specialist.

Bilderbergs, CFR, Rockefeller... we now know who the Illuminati are!

Updated 15 October 2007. Bob Dacy admits he is a member of the John Birch Society and that they are our savior who fight the "Globalists". Click here to jump to the update.

On that momentous Friday, June 30 2006, Alex Jones introduced Bob Dacy as one of the world's greatest researchers and asked Dacy to explain who the Globalists are and what the New World Order is.

Dacy was not afraid to name one of the Globalists: the 91-year old David Rockefeller.

Dacy found the courage to expose other amazing details about the Globalists. For example, he explained that the Globalists are the "international bankers", the "super rich", the "elite", the Bilderbergs, and the CFR.

A short excerpt: AlexJones-BobDaceyOnGlobalists_short.mp3   250 kb
The full excerpt: AlexJones-BobDaceyOnGlobalists.mp3   1.4 mb

Are Jones and Dacy really exposing the "Globalists"?

Take a close look at what Dacy and Jones said:

Bob Dacy:
The globalists are the international bankers, the super rich, the elite. In the United States they are best exemplified by people like David Rockefeller.

You have three basic organizations. You got the Bilderberg group, which is the super high group, mostly Europeans and Americans that run everything.

You got the Council of Foreign Relations here in United States based in New York, which is about 4000 members of the most elite people in business, in banking, in government, in education. They are everywhere. 

I have learned over my years to smell a CFR rat instantly. You know, if he is the president of a major university, if he is the CEO of a big corporation, look it up, he's probably CFR. And also, they got the legal community, too. 

So, you got these group of people, they're taking orders from a higher group of people, which is the international bankers, the guys that lend everybody the money.

It sounds so Orwellian, it doesn't sound real, but the fact of the matter it is real. 

And they manipulate everything from behind the scenes. The CFR has 5 or 600 members of that organization in the United States government at the highest levels. It's hard to find one who isn't. 

Of course, President Bush isn't, because I think you generally have to ... be pretty smart to be in the CFR, but the people that he surrounds himself with are.

Alex Jones:
But his father was one of the chairmen of it, and let's not forget David Rockefeller just wrote a book two years ago, his autobiography, and in it he says, people have accused me of wanting global government, and taking people's national sovereignty away, and if that's the charge, you know, guilty, guilty as charged.
Aaron Russo, creator of 'America: Freedom to Fascism' 

Aaron Russo and Bill Deagle

Bill Deagle has a radio show. Aaron Russo was a guest on his show, and both of them agreed that the most powerful man in the world is David Rockefeller. It is hour #2 of 26 Oct 2006 here

You can hear an excerpt here:
AaronRussoBillDeagle_RothschildsDeniers.mp3   470 kb

Can you see the pattern of how the people who get publicity try to shift the blame away from Zionists and onto somebody else?

Please consider that David Rockefeller is expendable to the Zionists -- and he is about to die, anyway.

Anybody who gets publicity by Zionists is either a Zionist, or one of their Useful Idiots. As children would say, Duh!

I have more about Aaron Russo's movie about the Federal Reserve, and a link to it, here.

Bill Deagle is also suspicious, as explained in Hufschmid's article about the Columbine school shootings here. Also watch our video about Deagle:

That video is at this page:

Tony Gosling; another Bilderberg expert!

On 5 Jan 2007, Alex Jones interviewed Tony Gosling and promoted his site which exposes the Bilderbergs as the Masters of the World:

Jim Tucker; another Bilderberg expert!

Jim Tucker writes for the American Free Press, and he exposes the Bilderbergs on a routine basis.

Hopefully you will consider the evidence that the American Free Press and The Barnes Review are Zionist organizations posing as patriots:

These organizations can collect names of people who are wise to Zionism, plus they can make money from the Gullible Goyim, and they can confuse the Goyim with deception. Try to avoid becoming one of their suckers!

Who are the Bilderbergs?

Click here if you want a Microsoft Excell spreadsheet that lists many of the attendees of the Bilderberg meetings. 

The meetings are only once each year, and many attendees appear at only one or two of the meetings. This is a sign that the meetings are intended to influence people who are outside the criminal network; these are not planning sessions for the top-level criminals.

Furthermore, these meetings supposedly began in the 1950s. Therefore, we cannot blame the World Wars, the Federal Reserve system, or anything prior to the 1950s on "The Bilderbergs".

The people who "expose" the Bilderbergs would do us more good to expose the people who show up at AIPAC meetings.

What is the CFR?

The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) is similar to Britain's Royal Institute of International Affairs. Both groups got started around 1920 by a particular group of people, such as Edward Mandell House. These are people who wanted to create Israel.

Unlike the Bilderberg meetings, the CFR is an actual organization that exerts some influence over our government. 

However, the CFR formed after the Federal Reserve system, World War I, Theodor Herzl's founding of the Zionist movement, and the establishment of the Rothschild's banking empire.

Therefore, the CFR is not the criminal network; rather, it is simply one of many organizations that has been set up by the network.

The network can easily have some of their organizations exposed, and even destroyed, but the network will remain. If the CFR is forced to shut down, the criminals can immediately create another organization with a different name.

Who are the "Super Rich"?

The people who expose the "Globalists" as the "super rich" are not exposing anything. Oprah Winfrey has an enormous amount of money; is she one of the Globalists? Did she help plan the destruction of the World Trade Center towers? Did she help arrange the war in Afghanistan or Iraq?

Oprah Winfrey may be aware of the corruption, and she may be willing to ignore it so that she can become rich and famous, but there is no evidence that she is one of the high-level criminals.

We need names and addresses

To describe the Globalists as the "international bankers" is not telling us anything, either. Who exactly are the international bankers? Where do these people live? 

We need names and addresses of the people behind the Federal Reserve system, the Rothschild's banking empire, and the European Union and its banking system. And then we need to arrest them.

The executives and many reporters of the New York Times, Newsweek, CBS, CNN, Scientific American, and Popular Mechanics are covering up these crimes. Every one of these people has a name and address. We need to identify these people, and then we need to arrest them all

Some of the people we arrest may turn out to be innocent, but we should determine that at their trial, not on the Internet messages boards.

It is possible that David Rockefeller and George Bush Senior are involved in this criminal network. However, both of them are about to die of old age, so what difference does it make if they are exposed, or even arrested? The network does not need either of them. Both of them can easily be sacrificed.

We need the names and addresses of the younger criminals who are actively working in this network. Giving us the names of a couple of extremely old men is not giving us anything of value.

Update 15 Oct 2007!

Bob Dacy is a member of the John Birch Society

The John Birch Society (JBS) appears to be a patriotic group of people who struggle for noble causes. Their images of flags and eagles make themselves look like patriotic Americans.

However, we must judge people by their behavior and their accomplishments, not by what they claim to be. They have been lying continuously about the 9/11 attack, and they have accomplished nothing in regards to improving the world.

On 15 October 2007, Bob Dacy was filling in for Alex Jones on his radio show. Dacy promoted an article by the JBS. A man called to complain about the JBS. Here is a very short but amusing attempt by Dacy to defend the JBS. Notice that he blames the Rockefeller family for giving the JBS a bad image:
Bob-Dacy-15Oct2007-1.mp3 only 120 kbytes

Dacy and Jones blame the Rockefellers for everything, and Benjamin Fulford claims that the Rockefellers are in control of Japan. Have you seen my article on Benjamin Fulford's accusations yet:

They had to pause for an advertisement, and then Dacy made the remark that "we are the most effective anti-totalitarian organization in the United States of America". Here is a 5 minute excerpt:
Bob-Dacy-15Oct2007-2.mp3  1.3 mbytes

Try to learn from his tricks. He starts by pointing out that the JBS helped convict a murderer, which is an attempt to make them look good, and at the end he points out that Alex Jones doesn't agree with everything that the JBS does, which is a common trick to fool us into thinking that it's acceptable for Alex Jones to promote the JBS. This is equivalent to a person promoting Jeffrey Dahmer for president and making the remark:

"Well, I don't believe in everything Dahmer does."
Dacy's membership in the JBS would explain why Alex Jones works so closely with him, and it would explain why the JBS lies to us about 9/11, the Holocaust, the Apollo moon landing, and other crimes committed by Israel and Zionists. We should also wonder why Ron Paul is supported to such an extreme by these liars.

One of the lessons to learn from this is that we can force these liars to expose themselves by standing up to them. For example, you can call  radio and television talk shows and ask about Israel's involvement in 9/11, or ask them:

"How would you respond to the evidence at Eric Hufschmid's website that 9/11, the Holocaust, and the Apollo moon landing are Zionist deceptions?"

Asking such questions will force them to either lie or ignore you. Either way, you will help to expose them. We can beat these people!

Furthermore, a lot of other people are supporting the John Birch Society, such as Stan Monteith, another radio show host on the GCN network, and Rick Adams, of the RBN radio network. Both Monteith and Adams promoted JBS articles on their radio show during October of 2007. I thought that was suspicious, but now with Bob Dacy admitting to being part of the JBS, it makes sense. All of these people in the GCN and RBN radio network,are part of the Israeli/Zionist network.

Rick Adams is also working with The Barnes Review, which is part of the American Free Press:

It's interesting to note that Daryl Bradford Smith's brother, Scott, promotes and works with Rick Adams. I thought my brother was stupid for believing everything the television tells him, but at least my brother doesn't work with or promote these liars.

After a certain amount of time we have to start wondering if the people who work with Alex Jones, Stan Monteith, and Rick Adams are Zionist agents. As time goes on, one "truth seeker" after the next is exposed as a Zionist agent, not a clueless idiot. After another year of this, who will not have been exposed? Did you listen to Mike Rivero admit that his family were Crypto Jews?

Zionist Deniers should be arrested

We can easily prove that Alex Jones, Bob Dacy, the Scholars for 9/11 Truth,, Webster Tarpley, Wayne Madsen, Kurt Nimmo, and many others are deliberately covering up the role of Zionism in world corruption.

Covering up a crime is itself a crime, so these Zionist Deniers are guilty of a serious crime. This is not a joke.

We could tell the Zionist Deniers to provide the evidence and witnesses to show us that their theories are accurate. We could tell them to present all their evidence that the Vatican, George Bush, or Dick Cheney are responsible for the world's corruption.

We can easily show evidence that the Zionist Deniers are deliberately avoiding the overwhelming evidence that Zionists are the primary group behind world corruption, the World Wars, and other horrendous scams.

So let's pass Zionism Denial laws, arrest these people, and force them to prove their theories.

Watch out for deception

This criminal network is getting away with the 9/11 attack, the Federal Reserve, the attack on the USS Liberty, the World Wars, and other crimes partly because millions of people cannot see through their deception.

None of us knows all of the details about this criminal network, and some of our assumptions are certain to be incorrect.

However, it should be obvious that certain Jews that we refer to as "Zionists" are the group that created the CFR, the World Wars, the Federal Reserve, and all big terrorist attacks. 

Do be a Zionist  Investigator, don't be a Zionist Denier

Do you remember the "Do-Bee" song from the 1950s? Some of the lyrics were (or should have been):
I always do what's right. I never do anything wrong.
I'm a Romper Room "do-bee"; a do-bee all day long.
Do be a Zionist Investigator, don't be a Zionist Denier.
Do be an honest citizen, don't be a thug for hire.
Do be an inspiration, don't be a frightened child.
Do be a crime exposer, don't be so meek and mild.
I'm a Romper Room "do-bee", a do-bee all day long!

Here is the beginning of the original song:
RomperRoom_Do-Be.mp3   120 kb

The Blackmail Victims and Frightened Sheeple Union

Do you want this criminal network to continue? The people who are helping this network simply because of blackmail or fear need to find other people who are also frightened or blackmailed.

You should form a Blackmail Victims and Frightened Sheeple Union. And then go on strike. Stop supporting them! Sabotage your Zionist masters!