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Lesson # 8
then Criticize your Assumption

25 August 2006

Learn a lesson from the attack on Sam Danner

A good example of a technique to fool people into thinking you discredited somebody is the way Russell Pickering "discredited" Sam Danner.

If you have not followed the Danner incident, here is what started it:

And after that it became confusing:

Before I continue, keep in mind that I am not guaranteeing anybody's honesty, including Sam Danner. In fact, Sam Danner eventually admitted that he lied about seeing the Global Hawk. Most of the people in that "truth movement" are wolves in sheep's clothing, so you have to be careful trusting them. There is evidence that Pickering and most of the other people involved in the "Sam Danner controversy" are lying, also!

I'm not trying to imply that Danner or Pickering or anybody else is honest. Rather, the point I want to make is that Russell Pickering has not proven that Sam Danner has lied. Rather, Pickering is using a particular technique to fool us into thinking that he has proven that Sam Danner has lied.

That technique is to make an assumption, and then criticize that assumption.

Is Sam Danner a pilot?

Sam Danner mentioned that he has flown lots of airplanes since he was a teenager. In casual conversations he even mentioned that he flew helicopters during the Vietnam War.

Russell Pickering looks into the issue and announces that Danner does not have a pilot's license, and that Danner is therefore a liar.

Pickering makes an assumption that Danner has a pilot's license, and then proves that assumption to be false. People then foolishly believe that Pickering just proved Sam Danner made a false statement.

However, Danner never said that he had a pilot's license (as far as I know). This is simply an assumption made by Pickering.

How can Danner fly aircraft if he is not a pilot?

Danner said that he flew helicopters in Vietnam. How could that be a truthful statement if he does not have a helicopter pilot's license? Because the pilot's license is an assumption. Danner never said he has a pilot's license.

Years ago I heard a riddle:

A young boy who was hit by a car as he was riding his bicycle to school. He was very badly injured and taken to the hospital. The surgeon at the emergency ward looked at the child and said,

"Oh no! Please find another surgeon. This is my son, and already my hands are trembling."

The surgeon was not his father, so was the surgeon a) telling the truth, b) using the word "son" in a different manner, or c) lying for some reason?

People make the assumption that the surgeon is a man because most surgeons are men. It doesn't occur to many people that maybe the surgeon is his mother.

So, how is it possible for Danner to fly a helicopter and many types of airplanes when he doesn't have a license to fly either helicopters or airplanes?

The answer is that most of the airplanes he flew were with flight instructors. In the case of the helicopter, the pilot knew Danner was taking flight lessons, and after the helicopter was flying and everything was OK, the pilot asked him if he wanted to try flying a helicopter for a while.

Is Danner lying when he says he flew a helicopter?

If so, consider the absurd situation this creates for teenagers who are learning how to drive a car. Imagine a father taking his son to an empty parking lot. He lets his son drive a few minutes to introduce him to driving. When they arrive at home, the son proudly tells his mother,

"Mom! I drove the car today!"
His mother reprimands him:
"You f'ing liar! You don't have a drivers license! I hope you and Sam Danner burn in hell."

Pickering is not proving that Sam Danner is a liar simply by making assumptions about what Sam Danner says, and then proving the assumptions to be false.

Pickering also points out that Sam Danner has inconsistencies in his story, but we all have inconsistencies in our recollections of past events. This only proves that the human memory is imperfect.

Zionists deliberately do lousy jobs of exposing one another

If both Danner and Pickering are part of the Zionist crime network, then Pickering would not want to do a good job of exposing Danner's lies because he would not want to expose the connection between Danner and the Zionists.

Instead, Pickering would want to expose something trivial about Danner in order to make Danner appear to be just a silly old man who lies due to old age or mental disorders. This would create a lot of confusion without actually exposing any of the Zionists.

When in doubt, ask questions!

If you are confused by what somebody says, don't make assumptions unless you have no other choice. Instead, ask them to explain the issue in more detail.