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Why is the Anti-Defamation League
denying that Armenians were massacred in 1915?
Because the evidence shows that Crypto Jews were involved in that massacre.
The ADL condemns people for "Holocaust Denial", but the ADL denies the holocaust of the Armenians!

This photo shows Armenians being forced to walk to a prison in April 1915.

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Tuesday, 23 Oct 2007
Hufschmid answers the question "What difference does it make if the Armenians died from a genocide or from a war? And why should we care?"

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Smith interviewed Muhammad Rafeeq on the issue of Crypto Jews, the Armenian massacre, and Zionism:

Rafeeq, 20 Aug 2007  5.2 mb

Smith's followup interview with Rafeeq:


Many residents in Watertown, Massachusetts are upset that the ADL is trying to deny the Armenian genocide:

The disgust of the ADL is spreading to other towns:
Here is one of the silly propaganda signs from the ADL. The city decided to remove this idiotic and hypocritical sign.

The ADL expects us to remember every Jew who was a victim of crime or war, but they want us to forget that every other race, religion, and nationality has been a victim, also. Furthermore, some people have been victims of Jews! It is about time people stood up to the ADL's hypocrisy.

Send this file to people to help them to understand why the ADL does not want anybody to discuss the Armenian Holocaust.

For more information on the Crypto Jews: