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Lesson # 7
Crypto Jews and Crypto Zionists

12 Feb 2006
Update 14 Oct 2007: Mike Rivero admits his family were Crypto-Jews.
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"Closet Homosexuals"

The term "closet homosexual" refers to a person who is hiding his homosexuality in order to be accepted by society.

Centuries ago some Jews pretended to be whatever the dominant religion of their society was in order to be accepted. We could refer to them as "closet Jews".

Most people refer to them as "Crypto Jews", but we should narrow the definition of Crypto Jew so that it refers only to the Jews who do this for diabolical purposes.

For example, when a Jew pretends to be a Christian for the purpose of infiltrating a Catholic Church, he is not merely a "closet Jew" who wants to be accepted by society. Rather, he is a con artist who is disrupting society.

Crypto Jews
What would you think if a group of homosexuals were pretending to be heterosexuals so that they could marry women and then slowly cheat their family of money? Would you describe them as "closet homosexuals" who are trying to be accepted by society?

Of course you wouldn't. You would refer to them as con artists; as criminals; as disgusting specimens of the human race.

So what do we call a Jew who pretends to be a Christian, Muslim, or an atheist, simply for the purpose of infiltrating and disrupting our societies or our organizations? Let's refer to such Jews as Crypto Jews.

Crypto Zionists
Some Jews openly admit they are Jews, but they will deny that they are Zionists. We should refer to them as "Crypto Zionists".

A Crypto Zionist can infiltrate organizations of Jews, in addition to infiltrating non-Jewish organizations.

Is there evidence that Crypto Jews or Crypto Zionist actually exist? Yes, indeed.

The Young Turks; Crypto-Jews in Turkey

There was a massacre of Armenians at the beginning of the 20th century. The official story is that a group of Muslims -- known as the Young Turks -- were responsible, but there is a lot of evidence that the Young Turks were Crypto Jews. In fact, a Jewish historian claims that in 1908 the Young Turks began conscripting Jews into their army:

An excerpt of a book by Ioasif Kassesian: Young-Turks.html

This photo shows Armenians being forced to walk to a prison in April 1915.
I have an audio file and other information about the Armenian genocide here:
Tuesday, 23 Oct 2007
Hufschmid, on what difference does it make if the Armenians died from a genocide or from a war. Click here


Maranos: Crypto-Jews in the area of Spain

The official story of the Spanish Inquisition is very similar to the official story of Nazi Germany. Specifically, we are told that both the Spanish people of the 1400's and the German people in the 1930's decided to go on violent rampages and attack innocent Jews and other innocent people. Supposedly, the Spanish and the Germans are cruel, vicious people who enjoy killing innocent people.
The Jews of Cuba have a webpage about themselves, and they have an article about the Crypto Jews known as the Maranos:

Their site:

The official stories bring sympathy for Jews and disgust of Europeans. However, the Zionists have taken control of our media, so we should expect the official stories to have a strong Zionist bias.

Without the Zionist bias, the real purpose of the Spanish Inquisition was to remove the Jews and Muslims who were pretending to be Catholics. Some of the Jews had become priests and bishops. These Jews were referred to as "Maranos" or "Marranos", which has a similar meaning as "pigs".

Here are some alternatives to the official story:

Thomas de Torquemada, who was appointed to lead the Spanish Inquisition, has been described as a precursor to Adolf Hitler. Some people claim Adolf Hitler and many of the top Nazis were Crypto-Jews, so you might not be surprised that some historians claim that Torquemada was a Marano:

You might find it interesting that, a site that provides extreme types of pornography, provides the Zionist view of the Spanish Inquisition and Thomas de Torquemada:

Is it a coincidence that has a Zionist bias? Not if you consider the evidence that Zionists dominate the pornography industry. If you buy pornography, sex slaves, or prostitutes, you are likely to be funding the Zionists:

Any Crypto Jews in our government?

If you have been looking at the documents and videos at, you know that a large number of top government officials, media executives, and banking families are openly Jewish, and many admit they are Zionists. They are not Crypto Jews, but some are certain to be Crypto Zionists.

There are a lot of Christians and atheists in our government that show a strong support of Israel. Are any of them Crypto Jews? The Bush family, for example, seems quite happy to send Americans to die for Israel, and they seem happy to send billions of our dollars to the Mideast.

According to Texe Marrs:

"One thing I discovered is that George W. Bush is a devoted student of the Jewish Talmud, just as were Marx, Lenin, Trotsky, and Stalin."

If Texe Marrs is correct, the Bush family are Crypto Jews. There also accusations that President Eisenhower and Prime Minister Winston Churchill were, also. Many people believe that Adolf Hitler was part Jewish, as well as many of his top Nazis. The Rockefeller family is also suspected of being Crypto Jews.

Did you take a look at the scanned images of an article about Eisenhower's slaughter of German prisoners:

More shocking, Yaakov Wise, researcher in orthodox Jewish history, claims that Pope John Paul II was Jewish on his mother's side of the family (new link):

Jean-Marie Lustiger, archbishop of Paris, is Jewish. After Pope John Paul II died, some people were speculating that he might become the second Jewish Pope (the news article has been erased, but it is still in the Internet Archive):

If Pope John Paul II was Jewish, then Jean-Marie Lustiger would have become the third Jewish Pope.

Do Jews allow Catholics, Buddhists, Muslims, or atheists to become Rabbis?

If the information from Richard Koshimizu is correct, even Osama bin Laden was partly Jewish!

There is also evidence that Crypto Jews already have control of the Catholic Church, as I show here:

Is the truth movement infiltrated?

A large number of the "truth seekers" in regards to 9/11, UFOs, and the Holocaust are openly Jewish. Some of the truth seekers avoid telling us their religion, or they claim to be Christian or atheists, but they often show a strong support of Israel and a strong denial that Zionists were involved in 9/11. Why are so many of the truth seekers showing a Zionist bias?

In previous articles I criticized some of the 9/11 truth seekers. So in this article I will mention some new names.

  • Alex Jones
  • Jones is an example of a person who calls himself a Christian but his treatment of Israel and Zionism is what we would expect from a Crypto Jew, or from somebody who works with Crypto Jews.

    Jones has a radio show on the Genesis Communications Network. If you have access to their archives, listen to the 2nd and 3rd hours of the Friday, February 9, 2006 show during which he interviews Robert Gaylon Ross. There are several times during that show where he seems to be doing "damage control"; ie, he deflects criticism away from Zionism and Israel.

    For example, in this excerpt Jones tells us that the "Luciferian Controllers" are responsible for the world's problems:

    Click for MP3 excerpt of Jones, only 170 kb

    Jones brings up the X-raying of 110,000 Sephardic Jewish children, but he tells us that the US Government paid for the operation. This implies that the Americans were somehow involved. However, Jones fails to tell us who in the American government helped to fund it, and why they helped.

    Most likely the funding was coming from Zionists, Crypto Jews, Crypto Zionists, and/or their puppets within our government. However, by saying the US Government funded it, Jones deflects blame away from Zionists and onto the American government.

    He also asks, "Why, why are they always trying to kill Jews?"

    This brings pity to the innocent Jews who are perpetual victims of the mysterious "they".

    Jones says that "they" are always trying to kill Jews, but he fails to mention that the "they" are the Ashkenazi Jews; specifically, the Zionists.

    During that interview, Robert Gaylon Ross mentions that there is evidence that Hitler was an illegitimate child of one of the Rothschilds. This is very significant because if the Zionists played a large role in helping Hitler and the Nazi party, as well as the Communist Party, World War I, World War II, and virtually every other war and disaster of the 20th century, the Zionists are not the innocent victims they pretend to be.

    However, Jones does damage control by changing the issue to the X-raying of Sephardic children in Israel, and making it appear as if the mysterious "they" are responsible for the X-raying. He fumbles for words as he tries to bring pity to Israel:

    "Well, I mean, this group openly went and killed a hundred plus thousand.. and.. or radiated, these... these... these... Sephardi. They... every time we look they're killing Jews. And then I don't understand how we're... how we could be bad...  I mean Barry Chamish is Jewish. He's saying exactly what... exactly what you're saying..."
    MP3 Excerpt #2, only 170 kb

    Jones said "every time we look they're killing Jews". Once again Jones refuses to mention that the "they" are the Zionists.

    It doesn't matter which of his radio shows you listen to; you will find the same pattern over and over. Specifically, he blames the world's problems on a mysterious group that he refers to as the "New World Order", a "Germanic death cult", the "Luciferian Controllers", the "Western Intelligence Agencies", or the "Elite".

    Why does Jones use "Germanic death cult" as one of his expressions? Why not Jewish death cult? Why not Zionist death cult? How about "Israeli death cult"? Why do so many of these truth seekers try to create the image that Germans are evil when all the evidence suggests that Zionists are the problem?

    By never mentioning the names of Zionists (such as Sam Newhouse, Joe Lieberman, Sumner Redstone, Edgar Bronfman), Jones keeps his listeners in a state of confusion and fear. How can we defend ourselves from a "Germanic Death Cult"? How is it possible for the police to arrest the "Luciferian Controllers"?

    Alex Jones works closely with Paul Joseph Watson and his brother Steve Watson, who live in England, both of whom are rumored to be Jewish. (Further information is still demanded on their background.) Their support of Israel should be considered a sign that the Watsons are Crypto Zionists.

    Alex Jones is married to a woman named Violet, who is Jewish. Being Jewish is not bad, but if she may be a Crypto Zionist, she is a deceiver; a criminal; a con artist.

    Considering that Alex Jones works and lives with suspicious people, is it any wonder that he deflects criticism of Zionism to the "New World Order"? Perhaps he is also a Crypto Jew. Don't let the name "Jones" fool you; the man credited with founding the B'nai B'rith was Henry Jones:
    wikipedia entry for B'nai B'rith

    Our article about Charlie Sheen has more information about Alex Jones, such as his association with the mysterious religious group Remnant Saints Inter-Continental Congress. This groups claims to prepare people for "calamities" (such as 9/11?) so they can establish Zion.

    We have a lot more about Alex Jones here:

  • Dave vonKleist and Joyce Riley

    This married couple are also radio hosts on the Genesis network. As with Alex Jones, they also avoid discussing the role that Zionists play in the world's problems. 
    A man named Peter Kawaja started the American Gulf War Veterans Association in 1995, but he disappeared mysteriously:

    Joyce Riley later created a group with the exact same name:

    What is going on? Some people accuse Joyce Riley of trying to deflect attention away from Peter Kawaja, who is honest. For example:
    Important! A video made by Peter Kawaja shows Joyce Riley trying her best to fake a romantic interest in him in order to manipulate him. Click here for the link and more info.

    Joyce Riley is an example of why you must be careful of people who try to be your friend or lover, or who offer you money or help.

    Is Riley a Crypto Jew? Or a Christian Zionist?

    Dave vonKleist and William Lewis produced the video "9/11: In Plane Site", but for what purpose? To expose 9-11?

    The first version of his video explained that there was a pod under the airplane that hit the South Tower. Sure, the airplane may have had a pod under it, but so far there is no serious evidence to support such a theory. Therefore, as with the Loose Change video, the 9/11: In Plane Site video may be nothing more than an attempt to push aside Hufschmid's video, Painful Deceptions.

    Furthermore, by including the pod theory, people could -- and did -- attack 9/11: In Plane Site as stupid and sloppy, thereby giving 9-11 investigators a bad image. For example, here is one attack:

    Incidentally, is run by Mark Rabinowitz, who has a Zionist view of the world.
    Is it a coincidence that Dave vonKleist, who supports the Zionist view of the world, produces a crummy video, and then another Zionist criticizes the video as stupid?

    One technique to discredit 9-11 research is for the Zionists to produce crummy 9-11 articles and videos. Other people -- including Zionists -- will then criticize their sloppy work, thereby creating the impression that the 9-11 researchers are idiots. Is Dave vonKleist a Crypto Jew? A Christian Zionist? How about William Lewis?

  • Jeff Rense

  • Rense is another host on Genesis. Rense will condemn Zionism, and even complain that the Holocaust is a hoax, but most of what he has on his web site and on his radio show is nonsense about UFOs.

    Some people will try to pick through his articles in the hope of finding something intelligent, but I suspect that most intelligent people will think to themselves,

    "Holy Mother of Bush. Since his articles about UFOs don't have any supporting evidence, how can I trust his articles about Zionism or the Holocaust?"
    Furthermore, when somebody criticizes Zionism or the Holocaust, the Zionists can counter their arguments with remarks such as, 
    "Oh, you don't believe the official story of the Holocaust? You should go to where all the UFO believers, remote viewers, time travelers, and Holocaust deniers gather to discuss their hallucinations, you dumb ass."

  • Greg Szymanski

  • This is another radio host on Genesis. He also has a show on RBN, and he appears regularly on the Jeff Rense radio show.

    Although Szymanski wrote about aliens only once, he wrote lots of other deceptive articles, such as his series about the Vatican being behind the world's problems. For example:

    Incidentally, if the Catholic Church is involved in wars and corruption, it may be coming from the Crypto Jews within the organization, not the true Catholics. Greg Szymanski may also be a Crypto Jew.

  • Greg Zeigler

  • Most people don't know of Zeigler because he remains behind the scenes. However, he is in contact with some of the people in the "truth movement", such as Kee Dewdney, Leland Lehrman, Phil Jayhan, and Morgan Reynolds.

    Furthermore, he defends some of the suspicious people, such as Judy Andreas, Scott Ritter, and Wayne Madsen.

    His behavior suggests that he is a crypto Zionist in a management position. His job may be to supervise a group of Crypto Jews and Crypto Zionists. He may be helping them to infiltrate the truth movement, produce propaganda, deceive the honest people, and collect blackmail material.

    We should be cautious of all of Zeigler's associates because they may be part of the Zionist Mafia. Key Dewdney, for example, admits to being partly Jewish, but denies being a Zionist.

    Dewdney created the web site Is Ziegler in contact with Dewdney to help him expose 9-11? Or is Zeigler trying to manipulate, blackmail, or bribe Dewdney? Or is Dewdney a Crypto Zionist who works with Zeigler?

  • Barry Zwicker

  • A journalist in Canada, he touches on only a few issues about 9-11.

    However, Carol Brouillet and many other people consider him to be such a valuable investigator that they invited him to speak at some of their 9-11 meetings. Is Zwicker another Crypto Jew?

  • Jim Hoffman

  • He created

    As I pointed out in our analysis of the Deception Dollar, he comes up with idiotic theories to make the 9/11 investigators look like idiots.

    His physical appearance and behavior at meetings reinforces the belief that we are idiots.

    Another Crypto Jew?

  • Mike Rivero

  • Updated 14 Oct 2007
    He runs the web site On his radio show for 13 October 2007, Rivero was asked for his solution to the world's problems. His answer was that Jews, Arabs, and Christians have been living in peace for centuries, and that only a few crazy leaders cause trouble. He also said that his ancestors were victims. Get your tissues ready...

    Rivero's ancestors were "nobility" of Spain, and "we had even fought in the Crusades to get the old homestead back". Everything was wonderful for the Rivero family until 1490, when the cruel and anti-Semitic Queen Isabella decided to evict the innocent Jews. Rivero's family pretended to be Catholic to avoid the anti-Semitic abuse.

    Rivero then said that we must identify the sociopaths at birth and drown them. Perhaps his remark was merely to emphasize the point that our leaders are crazy, but we ought to wonder... if Rivero and other loving and "truth seeking" Jews were in control of the world, which of us would they be label as "sociopaths"? Which of us would they kill? Would you like to find out? Well, you might be able to! Just be a good Goy and vote for the candidate that they are promoting, Ron Paul.

    Here is an excerpt of Rivero's radio show:
    Mike-Rivero-13Oct2007.mp3  470 k bytes

    I've been suspicious of Mike Rivero since 2002. In my book, Painful Questions, an Analysis of the September 11 Attack, I wrote that his reasoning ability and/or honesty should be questioned. My remark is on the first page of Chapter 13, which you can download here, if you want it.

    During the following years it became increasingly obvious to me that Rivero was a liar. His admission to being a Crypto-Jew should now help everybody understand his suspicious behavior. Some examples:

    Rivero is still insisting that Flight 77 really did crash into the Pentagon.

    In 2005 he would accept phone calls from Daryl Bradford Smith, and occasionally posted a link to one of his interviews, but by February 2006 he was not willing to talk to or help Smith.

    Carol Brouillet, who has been printing the Deception Dollar, promoted lots of deceptive web sites on the dollar, including Rivero's site.
    Have you seen my analysis of this dollar?

    The GCN radio network gave him his own radio show, and he is a regular guest on the Alex Jones radio show.

    Investigate every Truth Seeker

    During the past century the Crypto Jews and Crypto Zionists have been infiltrating Goyim organizations and societies for the purpose of starting wars, chaos, massacres, and corruption beyond anything the world has ever seen.

    We would be fools to assume that the Crypto Jews have stopped infiltrating Goyim organizations. Everybody in the "truth movement" should be investigated as a possible Crypto Jew.

    Many of the "Truth Seekers", such as Alex Jones, Jeff Rense, Wayne Madsen, Dave vonKleist, Mike Rivero,, and Webster Tarpley, have been exposing corruption for many years. They should know more about corruption than those of us who only recently got involved.

    However, these experienced experts seem to know less about Zionism and 9/11 than you and I. This is evidence that these experts are lying, and that their purpose is to monitor, manipulate, distract, and confuse.

    Ray McGovern
    Ray McGovern exposed himself as Zionist agent. Look at this article. He tries to make us pity Israel and hate Bush.

    All of McGovern's associates need to be considered agents, also, including TomPaine.

    This explains why McGovern and his associates never expose Zionist crimes.

    We cannot blindly trust "ex-CIA" or "ex-FBI" or "whistleblowers". Instead, we must investigate all of them!

    Can the Genesis Communications Network be trusted?

    Most (probably all) of the radio hosts at the Genesis Communications Network (GCN) are liars, Crypto Jews, or con artists. GCN is a nest of disinformation specialities and Crypto Zionists.

    The Republic Broadcasting Network is similar.

    What if one of the purposes of GCN and RBN is to acquire a list of people who subscribe to and call into the radio shows? , and then keep that handy for when they need to get rid of their enemies? We suggest everybody avoid purchasing anything from Genesis,, or any of these other suspicious organizations. They may want your name, address, credit card information.

    This list would be very valuable to the Zionist Mafia because it would be a list of their potential enemies.

    Please do not give any support to any of the Zionist networks, such as GCN, RBN, the pornography sites,, or any of the other suspicious truth seekers. They may be collecting names, addresses, and credit card information. Try to learn from the mistakes of previous goyim, rather than become another victim of the Crypto Jews.

    The American Free Press has turned out to be a Zionist front
    The American Free Press has never truly tried to expose 9/11, or other Zionist crimes. If you have been watching what happened to Christopher Bollyn, you already know this, but if not, please take a look:

    The American Free Press pretends to be broke in order to suck money out of Gullible Goyim, and they may be collecting the names and addresses of people who are potential enemies to Israel.

    Be careful of everybody who works for that deceptive newspaper. Take a look at some of the names:

    If you don't take this issue up deception seriously, you may end up as one of their victims, as the Bollyn family did. This Jewish crime network is not playing games!