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Interview with Muhammad Rafeeq

Rafeeq says that some employees in the UK banks told him that the banks are secretly creating lists of Iranian customers so that the banks can freeze their accounts in case of a war with Iran. The Zionists have failed to start a war with Iran, but the Zionist media is trying desperately to fool us into hating Iran.

Rafeeq sees thousands of people in the UK passing our audio files on CD ROM, which is why we don't notice many people coming to our website. A lot of people don't get information from the Internet, so feel free to copy our audio files, videos, and documents to CD-ROM.

Rafeeq says that the Protocols of Zion advocate getting control of the media, but they never expected the Internet, CD ROMs, computers, or DVDs. As Christopher Bollyn wrote, our invisible army is attacking them:

The result is that people are learning the truth about Zionism, which helps them realize that the media is dominated by Zionist liars. Rafeeq agrees this situation cannot last for long; that there will eventually be a confrontation.

Muhammed Rafeeq, 25 May 2007  9.3 mb
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Some people want us to support Ron Paul. However:

The Zionist media is ignoring him.

He doesn't get the same favorable coverage as Giuliani, Clinton, or Obama. Therefore, Ron Paul may be a pacifier; specifically, a trick to fool you into relaxing and telling your friends, "We don't have to worry; Ron Paul will save us!" Don't be a sucker; don't wait for Ron Paul to save you. We must do something on our own.

Ron Paul has been lying all his life!

Why should we believe he will suddenly become honest when he becomes president? The president is surrounded by Zionist agents in Congress, the FBI, the military, the banks, and the media. Why would those Zionists allow Ron Paul to stand up to Zionism? Does that make sense to you?
Ron Paul has a suspicious relationship with Alex Jones, Jeff Rense, Bob Dacy, the American Free Press, and other liars.
All of the "truth seekers" are completely ignoring Christopher Bollyn's illegal arrest, which shows that they don't care when Zionists arrest Americans who expose Zionist crimes!

We should be suspicous of every candidate who is promoted by criminals. We have no reason to believe that Ron Paul is honest. Nancy Pelosi also opposed the war, but what has she done to help America or the world? She is only helping Zionism.

Even if Ron Paul is honest, and even if he wants to help us, what can he do when the entire government, media, banking system, and military are controlled by Zionists?

When somebody asks you who should be president of the United States, the proper response is,

"I don't want any of the Zionist-approved candidates elected. We must help our police understand that they should do their job and arrest the Zionists in our media, banking, military, 9/11 groups, anti-war groups, and government. We must get rid of the Zionist movement. Then we can select some candidates."

Have you noticed the
"Truth Seekers" are ignoring 
Christopher Bollyn's illegal arrest?

Take a look at who is trying to help Bollyn, and who is ignoring him. You discover who your friends are when it's time to act. Where are the 9/11 groups? The peace groups? Ron Paul? Barak Obama?

Since Alex Jones, Ron Paul,, etc, do not care about Christopher Bollyn, do you think they would care about you?

Help us to show the Zionists that we are not going to put up with their abuse.

Don't forget about Bollyn
Take a look at what has been happening to Christopher Bollyn since this page was first created in May 2007:
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