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Interview with Muhammad Rafeeq
“One cow in Palestine is worth more than all the Jews in Poland.”

Rafeeq explains the above remark, and provides a very informative exposé on the use of terrorism by Zionists to bring sympathy to Jews and Israel.

He also explains the recently declassified documents that detail a plot to assassinate a British leader in 1947.

Smith's intro, Mar 9, 2006  2.0 mb

Muhammad Rafeeq, Mar 9, 2006  7.2 mb
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Some of the issues brought up in this discussion:
• A news article about the declassified documents about the attempt by Zionists to kill a British official (the article was recently deleted by the newspaper, but it has been saved on many other websites):,,2087-2069967,00.html

• The Internet is the primary method to bypass the propaganda. As Hufschmid describes it, there is an invisible army using the Internet, as well as DVDs, CD ROMs, and books to educate people. Become one of those invisible soldiers.

• Using Einstein as an example of a genius is wrong. Take a look:

• Many (maybe all) of the top neo-Nazis and anti-Semites are actually Zionists, or work for Zionists (sometimes without fully understanding it):

Judicial-inc has interesting articles, such as:

Was Ilan Halimi, in Paris, really killed because he was a Jew?

Who really organizes the Nazi demonstrations?

Is Bill White really a Nazi?

• Ben Freedman's speech: