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Daryl Bradford Smith
interviews Christopher Bollyn
Rahm Emanuel belongs to a hard-core Zionist family from Israel that was part of the terrorist gang called Irgun.
Steny Hoyer of Maryland and Nancy Pelosi of California celebrate with Rahm Emanuel on Nov. 7, 2006
The Irgun was caught with their false flag attack on the King David Hotel in 1946, but nobody cared. The Irgun web site admits the King-David Hotel bombing was their work:

Is it surprising that the Zionists knew that they could get away with the 9/11 attack? They may eventually have a web page that admits it!

Will the Americans ever realize -- or care -- that our nation is being taken over by Zionist terrorists? Will the American military and police continue to be Zionist attack dogs?

Help us educate the police! Here is an interview in which I talked about this issue.  

Bollyn, Nov 16, 2006   6.1 mb
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Some of the issues discussed:
Bollyn has an article about Rahm Emanuel:
The son of a Terrorist

The English page for the Irgun:

The list of Irgun commanders:

If you don't know much about false flag attacks, watch my short video about false flags:

You can find that and other videos here:

Have you heard of the Deir Yassin massacre? Here is a video:
And here is a document about it:

Naftali Bendavid, of the Chicago Tribune, wrote this large article about Rahm Emanuel, but they try to make him look good, and they ignore his connection to the Irgun. Naftali Bendavid appears to be another Israeli who came to America to help in the conquest.

The Israelis would never let Arabs produce news for Israel, so why do we let Zionists produce our news?