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Daryl Bradford Smith talks with Eric Hufschmid

12 July 2006

They slaughtered thousands of people on 9/11.
They caused permanent health problems to thousands of people who breathed the demolition debris.
They fooled the Americans into sacrificing themselves as they slaughter Iraqis and Afghans.
They fooled Americans in spending billions of dollars to slaughter Arabs in 1991.
They fooled Americans into thinking the attack on the USS Liberty was an accident.
They fooled Americans, Europeans, and others into slaughtering each other in two world wars.

They fooled Americans into thinking a hurricane blew open three levees in New Orleans.
They are fooling Americans into thinking they are "Truth Seekers".
They fooled Americans and Europeans into letting them have total control of their monetary system.
They fooled Americans and Europeans into letting them have total control of their media.
They fool Americans into giving billions of dollars and lots of weapons to Israel every year.


Will the Americans, Europeans, and Russians continue to be suckers?

Get A Clue!

Zionism is a cancer of the human race, and it must be eliminated!

Smith and Hufschmid, July 12, 2006   4.9 mb
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Please encourage people to look into these issues!
Almost all "truth seekers" are liars. They are trying to fool us into thinking George Bush, and a few other people, are solely responsible for the world's problems.

If the majority of Americans fall for this deception, they will be happy to replace George Bush with some other Zionist puppet, in which case, nothing will improve! The Americans will be suckers again!

The criminal Zionist network will still have control of our media, our banking system, our government, and our military.

We must get better leaders in power. This requires investigating all of these investigators. If there is one lesson to learn from history, it is that no one deserves blind obedience.

Think about these issues!


Take a look at the publicity "Loose Change" gets, and notice in this article that the producers claim to have given away 100,000 DVDs for free. How did they afford to do that? Where did the money come from?

Most of the anti-Semitism comes from Zionists, and they operate or infiltrate the "white supremacist" groups:

Don't be fooled into giving them your names and addresses, or your money!


Don't be intimidated by these criminals. Instead, prepare for the battle:

Don't let them fool you. They are trying to create fights between men and women, between different races, between liberals and conservatives, and between heterosexuals and homosexuals. Start realizing who the real enemy is: Zionists