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Daryl Bradford Smith and Eric Hufschmid

25 Mar 2007

If you help us find enough people to see through the deception and demand better leadership, we could use our technology to make a wonderful life for ourselves.

Life should be getting nicer as a result of our technology, not more miserable.

Unfortunately, a Zionist crime network is getting control of our governments, banking, media, and schools.

They are trying to break down our societies and trick us into fighting each other so that they can get control of us.

Now they are trying very hard to promote themselves as 9/11 investigators so that they can shift the blame for 9/11 away from themselves.

If they fool enough people, they will sacrifice George Bush and a few other people, give us President Pelosi or President Clinton, and gain even more control over us.

Don't let them fool you.
Let's expose them and fix our world!

Smith and Hufschmid, 25 Mar 2007   8.2 mb
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The interview that Hufschmid refers to is Daniel Ott's, The Edge

Daniel Ott was a bit surprised when Hufschmid told him that the UFO stories, which Ott talks about quite often, is Zionist propaganda.

The UFOs should be described as JewFOs or ZFOs. The interview is at The Edge, at this page, or you can listen to it from this link:
The Loose Change Hollywood movie

Why is 2929 Entertainment promoting Dylan Avery's video?

Are you smart enough to figure out whether they are trying to expose 9/11, or if they are using it as bait to lure you into a Goy Pen?

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Alex Jones; a Zionist sheepleherder

Have you listened to Alex Jones try to create hysteria over the Y2K issue in 1999? Bill Cooper exposed this years ago:
Bill-Cooper_Alex-Jones-1999-part1.mp3   7.1 mb

You can find that audio file and more in our exposé of Alex Jones:


Bilderberg is just a meeting place
Many people accuse the  Bilderbergs for 9/11. On 5 Jan 2007 Alex Jones promoted this site. Are you smart enough to figure out if Bilderberg is the Master of the World? Or are they just a conference?

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Watch out for Armageddon and Martian fanatics

This Zionist crime network is fooling some religious people into accepting war, pollution, and chaos as being part of a Armageddon plot by God or Jesus.

They fool other people into thinking that aliens from other planets will soon appear and give us their technology and wisdom.

They fool some people into thinking the Vatican is in control of the planet.

Try to notice the pattern that almost all of these people are supporters of Israel and Zionism. Most of them are Jews, but some are Christians, and some are part of a recent variation of Christianity referred to as Mormons, also known as The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Professor Steven Jones is part of this "religion".

The best policy is to be suspicious of all people who believe that God wants us to kill Arabs and create Israel, or that God is about to destroy the planet in an Armageddon plot.

If God is really powerful enough to create the universe, he doesn't need to resort to the silly tricks like starting forest fires, famines, or wars. He could just fix the earth right now. These Armageddon scenarios are coming from humans, not some god.