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Why are we
tolerating their deception?

Note: I wrote this near the end of 2005 when I was working with Smith

Put suspicious people on a list for the guillotine.

During an interview on November 14, 2005, Christopher Bollyn explained that secret agencies around the world spend large amounts of tax money on misinformation to deceive their own citizens and the citizens of other nations. He wrote about it in 2001.

Nobody is immune to deception

Everybody can be deceived, even the people who deceive us. None of us have the time or resources to investigate the thousands of people who claim to be providing the truth.

Everybody occasionally spreads false information. For example, many of us repeated the official story about Oswald shooting President Kennedy.

We cannot blame a person who innocently spreads false information, but we should stand up to the people who are knowingly providing this disinformation.

For example, Gerald Posner wrote several books and articles that support the government's version of the assassination of President Kennedy and the attack on September 11. How could Posner possibly have researched these crimes and come to the same conclusion as the government?

Let's be serious. Posner realizes that he is lying. Furthermore, he must have had discussions with the criminals in our government.

After all, if you were hired to write a book about the attack on the USS Liberty, how could you possibly come up with the government's version of the attack unless you had meetings with the government and were told what the official version is?

Most people ignore Gerald Posner and other liars, but these criminals are raping America. They are distorting our history books. They are allowing a criminal network to get control of the world.

When will people realize that standing up to criminals is not dividing the "truth movement"?

Our lives and future are at stake. We must get rid of these criminals.

Take a look at this page that has a list of "patriots", and there are 4 more pages. Do you agree with that list? Some of the people listed as patriots are:

  • Tom Flocco
  • Amy Goodman
  • Steven Greer
  • Seymour Hersh
  • Greg Palast
  • Gerald Posner
  • Mike Ruppert
  • Sherman Skolnick
  • What makes any of those people "patriots"? What have any of them said or done that has helped make America or the world a better place?

    Those people are causing trouble by spreading partial truths, and in some cases, total, blatant, outright lies. For example:

  • Many people consider Greg Palast to be a honest because he criticizes George Bush, but when has Palast ever told the truth about any of the big crimes, such as 9/11, the USS liberty, or the Kennedy assassination? Look at his article on 9/11.

  • Gerald Posner lies about  9/11 and the Kennedy assassination. How about his book that blames 9/11 on the Clinton administration?

  • Steven Greer insists that the government is hiding Martians from us.

  • We should stand up to Palast, Posner, and all the other liars. These criminals should be put on a list for the guillotine. 

    Other people create lists of disinfo sites.
    Daryl Bradford Smith goes further and presents
    Suggestions for the 9/11 Reign of Terror

    This is only a partial list  to serve as an example of what we need to do.


    Make them an appointment with the guillotine as soon as possible

    Probable criminals

    These people and their associates should be considered part of the criminal network until proven innocent

    Suspicious people

    Some of these people may be too afraid to be honest. They need further investigation.

    Karl W. B. Schwarz

    aka Jon Carlson?
    He lied to me in personal phone calls, and tried to use me for idiotic, embarrasing schemes to boost his image.

    He lies about his company and his financial status to create the illusion that he is a super rich entrepreneur. Tries to promote himself as a 9/11 investigator, and a presidential candidate.

    Eric Jon Phelps
    Diverts blame for 9/11, the world wars, and other large crimes away from Zionists and onto the Vatican, the "Black Pope", and the Jesuits.

    Everybody who promotes Phelps or this Vatican nonsense should be considered criminals, also, such as Greg Szymanski and Frank Whalen (radio host at RBN)

    Wayne Madsen

    He implies the Arabs were masterminds of 9/11, and the Israelis are innocent.

    He is described as "ex-NSA". Did he quit? Was he was fired? Or is he secretly working for the NSA? Why does he associate with suspicious people, such as Mike Ruppert and Thomas J Mattingly? Or is he helping some group of Zionists?

    George Soros

    Pretends to be saving the world from George Bush. So why doesn't he help us expose 9/11? Could it be because Bush is a puppet, and Soros wants to protect his friends?

    Stefan Grossmann

    Promotes the hologram theory, and does a lousy job of it, also. Does anybody read his crap? No wonder he is a lawyer! What else could such a lousy mind do for a living?

    Tom Flocco

    His lies are so obvious that if he is on our side, we don't need enemies. If he works for Zionists, they should dock his pay for doing a lousy job.

    Jenna Orkin

    Blames the EPA for the health problems that thousands of people are suffering from due to breathing the demolition dust of 9/11. Diverts attention away from the fact that the buildings were demolished. Caused disruption for Jimmy Walter's 9/11 European tour. A leader in the Peak Oil movement, but how is she helping us deal with energy problems?

    Fintan Dunne

    One of the best disinfo pests. Writes nice articles that are very convincing, and is subtle when he diverts attention away from Zionists and onto the CIA. One of the few people who had the confidence in his skills to attempt to make Eric Hufschmid look like an disinfo agent.

    Mike Ruppert

    He has been trying to suppress accusations of explosives in the towers starting on 13 Sep 2001

    He diverts attention away from Zionists. Tries to frighten people with "Peak Oil".

    Gerald Posner

    His support of the official version of the Kennedy assassination and 9/11 is so obviously a coverup that his books cannot be dismissed as an innocent mistake. We don't need to waste time with a trial for him.

    Steven Greer

    He is not discussing the possibility of life in the universe. Rather, he is trying to deceive us into thinking the government is hiding alien technology. His purpose may be to give conspiracy theories a bad image.

    Scott Ritter

    Would you want this man near your children?

    Info about him is here.


    The above table is a Daryl Bradford Smith production.

    No Zionist was mistreated during the creation of this table.

    Read Hufschmid's Axis of Perverts to understand the disclaimer

    Follow the rats to their nest

    When you discover a site that you are certain is a disinformation site, you should be extra suspicious about the sites it promotes. For example, Tom Flocco promotes Sherman Skolnick, Lenny Bloom, Tom Heneghan, and Stew Webb. Each of those people promote a few other sites. All of these sites are very suspicious. This is apparently one of the nests of criminals.

    Another nest can be found by going to the site of William Thomas.

    His web site implies that the American government ignored the warnings that the Arabs were going to attack us, and that they US Air Force allow the Arabs to hijack the airplanes. He ignores the most important aspect of 9/11; namely, the demolition of the World Trade Center towers and Building 7.

    By putting the emphasis on the Arabs and the U.S. Air Force, he is trying to fool us into thinking that 9/11 occurred because of a few US government officials.

    William Thomas has a lot of links, many of which are on this page:

    Where do those links lead you? Mainly to more sites that ignore the demolition of the towers, and try to fool you into thinking that the corrupt Bush administration officials allowed the evil Arabs to get away with hijacking the airplanes.

    For example, there is a link to Jared Israel's site:

    This site has lots of articles that defend Israel and Zionism, such as this:

    William Thomas also has a link to a site by Mark R. Elsis.

    This site has lots more links to sites that try to put the blame on the Arabs. For example, it links to an article by Chaim Kupferberg about the death of John O'Neill:

    Kupferberg's article is a variation of the theory that John O'Neill was killed by the Bush administration because he was about to uncover the connection between the Bush family and the Arab terrorists.

    It is difficult to read Kupferberg's articles, but if you can force yourself to read it, you will find that the Israelis are not merely innocent in 9/11; rather, they are victims! For example in one sentence he writes:

    ...various Israelis were unwittingly set up as patsies, to be exposed should the need arise.

    Keep a box of tissues handy when you read a Kupferberg article.

    Mark Elsis also links to the 9/11 timeline by Paul Thompson, who also ignores the demolition of the towers and makes the Arabs appear to be the evil masterminds of 9/11. 

    There may be hundreds of these nests of criminals on the Internet. If we ever have a 9/11 reign of terror, we will be very busy.

    How obvious does 
    the deception have to be?
    NOTE: I wrote this for Daryl Smith when I was working with him, and he was getting annoyed by Dave of who was promoting the theory that the airplanes into the World Trade Center towers might be holograms.

    The hologram theory is so stupid that even some of the original promoters of the theory, such as the webfairy, have abandoned it. Also, notice the behavior of the people who promote this deception.

    For example, on Nov 14, 2005 I and several other people received an e-mail from Dave of According to Blimpy Dave, a man named Michael sent him an e-mail with several questions, such as:

    > Dave,
    > I just heard on Daryl Smith's radio program The French Connection that you are a supporter of the hologram theory. Is this accurate?

    Blimpy Dave's response began:

    Silly Michael! There is no "the hologram theory" (of which I am aware).

    Dave is trying to convince Michael that he does not believe in the hologram theory, but farther down in his lengthy e-mail is a paragraph that starts with:

    Do you believe that it would have been impossible for a holographically-cloaked smaller aircraft, perhaps outfitted with "ventriloquistic" capabilities, to have fooled witnesses (and cameras) on 9/11?

    Doesn't that paragraph imply that Blimpy Dave believes in a "hologram theory"? And a "ventriloquist theory"?

    Not according to the end of that particular paragraph:

    But that doesn't mean I have hologram theory, either. (I don't. I just can't logically rule out the possibility.

    So, Blimpy Dave does not believe in a hologram theory; rather, he is merely considering the hologram possibility

    Before you try to make sense of that, take a look at this remark farther down in the e-mail:

    And if you can prove that no holograms were used on 9/11 before Daryl Bradford Smith can(not), I'll pay you the $500 instead of paying it to Daryl Bradford Smith. That is my totally honest way of saying "Put up or shut up" 

    Doesn't his $500 challenge imply that he believes in "the hologram theory"? 

    Dave started the email message by insisting that he was unware of a hologram theory. The day after I received that email I received an email from Stefan Grossmann who defended the hologram theory. He also wrote:

    I have published an account of the hologram theory on my page

    So here you go, Dave:

    Now you can't say you don't know of the hologram theory. And by the way, Dave... I will find a holographic guillotine for your head.

    Fishing for Useful Idiots

    Dave promotes the hologram theory in a subtle manner. He wants somebody else to post these theories on their site. He does not want to promote holograms on his site because it would make him look like an idiot. He wants somebody else to be the idiot.

    The best way to spread a lie is to find a fool who actually believes it. The Useful Idiot will then sound sincere as he spreads the lie to other people. Dave is looking for those Useful Idiots.