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Concerns from
Hufschmid's "daffy readers"
regarding the Bollyn kidnapping

25 June 2009

Note from Eric Hufschmid:
I received the interesting e-mail message (below) from a man who wonders if the kidnappers of the Bollyn family are setting up problems for the Bollyns so that they can use the "murder and suicide trick".

I don't have a message board for you to post your opinions, so he suggested that I put your concerns in an article with a title such as, "Concerns from Hufschmid's daffy readers regarding the Bollyns". How could I resist posting his message and using that for a title?

(If you don't understand the "daffy readers" joke, it comes from this file)

Here is what he wrote to me (English is not his first language, so I edited it):

"Ahh, yes! The old, 'husband murders family and commits suicide' trick. That's the fifth time I've fallen for it this year!"
I just quickly looked again at your June 20th article. I would insist that the criminals are trying to end it soon with the Bollyns.

After contemplating the problems the Bollyns are having in Estonia, I now believe that the initial plan of the criminals was to kill the family shortly after kidnapping them. However, since you (and Daryl Smith, for maybe 1 week), have been constantly backing the fact (some could say theory but it's more likely to be a fact) that the Bollyn family has been kidnapped, the criminals couldn't just eliminate them without anyone noticing. So during the past two years they have been maintaining the image that the family is free.

Since Bollyn is still complaining that we don't give him much money, I think those criminals are getting desperate to end their job as kidnappers so that they can return to whatever "normal" criminal life they had. They need to find an excuse to murder the Bollyn family.

What is a simple solution to your problems when everything goes wrong in your life and your family's life? Murder and suicide!

We've already seen this many times already in the news. Specifically, a man kills his wife and children, and then he commits suicide! Then the news reporters interview people who knew the family, and they make such remarks as,

"I can't believe he did that; they seemed like normal people!"
"Well, they had a lot of problems with their children, and were going through a divorce, and had serious financial problems, but I can't believe he did that!"
See my reasoning? The criminals may be setting up reasons for why Christopher Bollyn would kill his family and then commit suicide.