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Information from anonymous
20 June 2009

Update: a reader expresses his concern, see this page

Once again, just when I thought the Bollyn situation couldn't get any stranger... a man in Europe sent me an e-mail message.

He had a brief encounter with a person who speaks Estonian, and he asked for help in understanding the television interview (at this page) and news reports (references, below) about the Bollyn family. I put the information he sent me into this article.

Christopher's wife, Helje Kaskel, is a teacher 
The television interview shows Helje working as a teacher at a school.

The name of the school is the Otepää Gümnaasium, and it is located in the city of Otepää, Estonia.

Other news reports provide even more details, such as her starting salary of  10,000 EEK per month.

Her salary was later increased by 500 EEK per month.

She doesn't appear to be hiding from anybody, or having financial troubles.

Helje is co-authoring books!

These books are for sale at this page. 

Helje is listed as one of the co-authors of these books that teach English.

 Helje meets friends of her first husband at a concert 

Helje's first husband was a famous Estonian singer, Urmas Alender. He died when the ship that he was taking to Sweden, the Estonia, sank mysteriously. Helje has been involved in exposing this "accident" as a deliberate sabotage.

Christopher has some information about the ship at his website here. However, keep in mind that ever since Bollyn has disappeared, he has been promoting people that I wouldn't trust, such as Anders Bjorkman. So, when you look at Bollyn's website, consider it to have been edited and approved by criminal Jews.

On 18 July 2008, Helje attended a concert in which one of the singers was Tajo Kadajas, who used to work with her first husband.

After the concert, she met with him and another of the singers, Margus Vaher.

It appears as if she is happy and free to do whatever she pleases.

The full-size photos are here and here. Both captions say:
Otepää in front of the church in July 2008 after the concert "My Estonia"

Christopher's daughter meets Avril Lavigne

The television interview showed a photograph (below) of  the singer Avril Lavigne (left) with Christopher's daughter, Catherine  (right). Since I don't speak Estonian or pay attention to entertainers, I didn't understand the significance of that photograph.
It turns out that this photograph was taken in July 2008, when Avril Lavigne had a concert in Estonia.

People who bought ordinary tickets did not have the opportunity to meet Lavigne. Only people who bought the more expensive "VIP tickets" had this opportunity.

Helje's explanation of the tickets is:
"During the summer we went to Avril Lavigne's concert in Tallinn as a friend gave us VIP tickets that gave Catherine the opportunity to meet the singer behind the stage, talk with her, and take a photo with her."
So, it appears as if the Bollyn family has made some wonderful, generous friends, and that they're all having a wonderful time in Estonia.

Why do Estonians get a different view than you and I? 

The people in Estonia have been given a completely different view of the Bollyn family compared to what Christopher is giving to those of us who speak English.

Christopher tells us that he is hiding from the Chicago police, and that he is homeless, and that he is in desperate need of financial donations.

But the people in Estonia are being given the impression that the family has an income, and that the children are going to school and concerts, and that life is not too much different for the Bollyns compared to other families in Estonia.

Most people in Estonia do not speak English, and almost nobody outside of Estonia speaks Estonian. This isolates the people in Estonia from most of the world. Therefore, it's easy for Christopher to behave like a politician and tell each group a different story. Since we cannot communicate with the people in Estonia, we won't realize that we are being given contradictory stories of the Bollyn family.

Furthermore, if it was not for the Internet, we wouldn't know what was going on in Estonia. The Jews would be able to get away with anything! The Internet has removed the secrecy that has been protecting these criminal Jews. Today, whenever they do something, millions of people around the world can analyze it. So take advantage of the Internet and spread information!

Who are the Bollyns hiding from? 
The television interview shows their son (in the foreground, in the yellowish shirt), at school.
The name of the school was displayed in the television interview.

If the Chicago police, or the Mossad, were really interested in locating the Bollyn family, all they have to do is take a trip to this school.

The name of the television reporter, Martin Mae, was displayed at the beginning of the interview.

If the police or Mossad wanted more information about the Bollyns, they could contact this reporter.

It should be obvious that the Bollyn family is not hiding from the Estonian police, or the Estonian school officials or students, or anybody else in Estonia. At Christopher's website, he even posted the banking information for their bank account in Estonia, so they're not hiding from the banking system, either. They are only hiding from those of us who speak English.

Helje starts having serious problems at her school

The Estonian news reports show that the Bollyn family was having a relatively normal life when they first moved to Estonia, but after a while, they started having problems. For example, not long after Helje received an increase in her salary, school officials reduced her salary by about 35%. They said it was due to the severe economic problems that Estonia was suffering from.

This Reuters news report verifies that the Baltic republics were suffering much more than the rest of Europe: "Economies in the Baltic republics, worst hit by the crisis, contracted by 18.6 percent year-on-year in the case of Latvia, 15.6 percent in Estonia..."

However, Helje sent a letter to the local city officials to complain that she was being abused by some school officials, and that they were trying to pressure her into quitting her job as a teacher. She also complained that she was the only teacher who had her salary reduced.

Christopher's son also has serious problems at school

As you probably know, children have a tendency to torment other children that are different, or who they don't like. Christopher's son was picked on by other children when he attended school in other nations, so I'm not surprised that some of the Estonian children picked on him, also. However, the abuse seems to be much worse in Estonia than anywhere else. The abuse became so bad that Helje removed both of her children from school.
Christopher gets into legal problems
The news reports show that Christopher encountered one of the boys from school who was picking on his son. Some witnesses claim that Christopher only spoke to the boy, but other witnesses claim that Christopher grabbed the boy by his clothes and shook him. The boy filed a complaint to the police that Christopher was physically abusive to him. Helje said that she would find a lawyer to help deal with the legal charges.

In addition to his legal problems, there is no evidence that he ever found a job in Estonia, or that he even looked for a job.

How can anybody succeed in kidnapping a family?

Have you ever considered how difficult it would be to kidnap and kill an entire family? In order to get away with the kidnapping and eventual murder of the Bollyn family, the criminal Jews must accomplish two, very difficult tasks:

1) Convince us that the Bollyns are free.

It's easy to convince the police that a kidnapped family is free because most policemen have a tendency to dismiss "conspiracy theories", and they have no personal contact with the family.

However, it's difficult to convince the relatives that a kidnapped family is free, especially if they are in regular contact with each other, as Helje was with her mother and other relatives. When the Bollyns stayed at my house, I personally saw Helje talking on the phone with her mother in Estonia.

Christopher's mother and father are dead, so there aren't many Bollyns in America for the kidnappers to worry about. The primary problem for the kidnappers is reassuring the people in Estonia that Helje is free.

This would explain the strange events in Estonia. Specifically, the criminal Jews transported the Bollyn family to Estonia, and then arranged for Helje to have a job, and to be a co-author for those books mentioned above. They also arranged for the children to go to school. Christopher may have been too uncontrollable to have been set up with a job.

The criminal Jews then arranged for a television interview and for publicity photos with famous entertainers. These stunts would certainly convince Helje's relatives that the Bollyn family has simply moved from America to Estonia, and is now living a relatively normal life, just like everybody else.

2) Terminate communication between us and the Bollyns.
The kidnappers must somehow stop the communication between the kidnapped family and their relatives, friends, etc. That's not easy to do! Somehow Helje's relatives have to become so disgusted with the Bollyn family that they don't care if they never hear from them again. This could explain the strange troubles that developed.

Specifically, after arranging for Helje to get a job as a teacher, the Jews started causing trouble for her in order to create the impression that she's a terrible teacher with a terrible personality. The Jews also encouraged fights with the Bollyn children to make it appear as if the children are terrible, also. And then they arrange for Christopher to get into legal problems, just as they did in Chicago. And they also create financial problems for the Bollyns.

The criminal Jews can now justify moving the Bollyn family out of Estonia. They can send e-mail messages from Helje's account, and they can post articles on Christopher's website, to explain that they are moving to another nation in order to escape the legal problems, financial difficulties, and abuse.

When Christopher left America, he told us that he was hiding from the Chicago police. Now he will be able to tell his relatives in Estonia that they are hiding from the Estonian police, also.

If the criminal Jews are successful in causing Helje's relatives in Estonia to become disgusted with her, then they will eventually be able to kill Christopher and Helje, and sell the children as sex slaves.

Take advantage of the Bollyn situation!
Although it is sad that the Bollyn family has been kidnapped, don't let yourself get depressed over the situation. Instead, take advantage of this incredible opportunity. For example, the kidnapping has already helped expose a lot of Jewish criminals, such as the American Free Press and WingTV.

This latest information from an anonymous European provides us with more information on the techniques that the criminal Jews are using to eliminate those of us who stand up to their network. This is a tremendous opportunity! Don't let the suffering of the Bollyns go to waste. Instead, take advantage of their sad situation by learning from it. And then help us to expose and eliminate these disgusting, Jewish criminals.

Whenever the Jews commit a crime, they give us the opportunity to learn about their techniques and attitudes. So don't get upset or depressed when they kill, kidnap, start forest fires, or stage false flag operations. Instead, learn from them.

Here is a brief, Bollyn timeline:

Prior to June 2007, Christopher Bollyn and I used to talk on the telephone and by e-mail on a regular basis. He was in regular contact with other people, also, and he would travel occasionally in order to interview people for his articles. When they were traveling through California, the entire family stayed at my house, once in 2005, and again in 2006.

Bollyn's primary flaw was that he was very trusting. He didn't want to believe me when I warned him that he cannot trust Professor Steven Jones, Leuren Moret, Dave vonKleist, or most other people. He didn't like it when I told him that the inscription at the base of the Statue of Liberty is not a joke; that America really does have a lot of "wretched refuse". He preferred to think that most Americans were wonderful people.

However, there was a moment during the elections of 2004 when he noticed that nobody in Chicago seemed to care whether the votes were counted accurately, and he became so upset with the American people that he wrote a short article with the title:
Let's face it. We are a bunch of losers.

In order to win a battle, whether it be sports contest or a fight with Zionist Jews, we have to be serious about our teammates. We're not going to defeat the Zionists by convincing ourselves that we have the greatest people on our side. America, Europe, and other nations are loaded with alcoholics, criminals, psychos, and freaks, and many of them will sell out to crime gangs for small amounts of money. We need a realistic assessment of the people around us.

In 2006 the Hoffman Estates Police Department (outside of Chicago) arrested Christopher for resisting arrest. The police destroyed the video from the cameras inside their cars, but this illegal destruction of evidence meant nothing to the corrupt Chicago court system. 

Chicago has had a reputation for working with and protecting organized crime gangs for more than a century, so it's not surprising that the Chicago police routinely commit crimes. Furthermore, most policemen are taught to blindly follow orders, and so some of them may assist with crimes without realizing what they're doing.

This photograph, taken by Bollyn from his house after his arrest, shows the car of the mysterious men who visited all of his neighbors.

Bollyn thinks that the men were criminal policemen who were frightening his neighbors into remaining silent about the illegal arrest.

A trial was held in 2007, and Bollyn was convicted of resisting arrest. Bollyn decided to leave the country before the police could put him in jail. On about June 11, 2007, he vanished for a couple weeks.

When Bollyn reappeared, he would not let anybody know which continent he was on. He claimed to be hiding from the corrupt Chicago police.

Meanwhile, Daryl Smith, who claims to be an honest person who wants to help us expose corruption, began putting pressure on me to criticize the entire Bollyn family, as I described here. He wanted me to condemn Christopher and Helje as terrible parents, and he wanted me to criticize their children as weirdoes who needed psychological treatment.

I also received e-mail messages and phone calls from many other people who tried to convince me to ignore or criticize the Bollyns.

It appeared to me that there was an actual campaign going on among the Jews to ruin Bollyn's reputation and cause us to forget about him. This is a very important trick to understand. Smith and the others were trying to trick us into ignoring the information that Bollyn was providing and instead focus on some supposedly horrible qualities of his personality and children.

However, everybody could be described as having characteristics that are strange or flawed, and almost every parent has children that we could complain about. Watch out for this trick in which the Jews try to focus your attention on some irrelevant aspect of somebody's personality or their children.

If the Jews had succeeded in convincing us to ignore the Bollyns, then they could have arranged for me to be arrested, and then Smith and the others could ruin my reputation and take over my website. And then they could do it to the next person who dared to stand up to them.

Don't allow the Jews to get away with this trick any longer. Help us expose and destroy this disgusting network! Don't allow them to kill those of us who have the courage to stand up to them!

Did you listen to the actor Dirk Benedict's accusation that there are hundreds of murders in Hollywood? This would explain how the Jews control the entertainment business.

The video of Benedict has been removed from the Internet, but I have a copy of the audio here:
Dirk-Benedict-Hollywood-murders.mp3  240 kb

"hundreds of murders"
And did you look at the mysterious death of Jim Morrison, the musician of the band The Doors? Note that his father, an admiral in the US Navy, was so independent that he wanted to retaliate against Israel after they attacked the USS Liberty in 1967.

Jim Morrison was very independent, and so was his father. The Jews may have killed Jim Morrison in order to get rid of an entertainer that they had trouble controlling. Furthermore, by killing Jim, the Jews would be showing his father that they can kill any American they dislike, even family members of top US military officials. Admiral Morrison would realize that he is alone in standing up to these criminal Jews because he is surrounded by cowardly and dishonest military officials and police departments.

Incidentally, after Jim Morrison's mysterious death, some secretive people have been promoting stories that Jim was a user of heroin, and some suggest that he is homosexual. The Jews are trying to do to Morrison what Smith tried to do to Bollyn; namely, focus our attention on supposedly bad qualities of his personality so that we don't ask questions about his strange death.

It is also very important to realize that there is an enormous army of criminal Jews patrolling message boards on the Internet in order to counteract people who promote the truth. You should easily be able to see this at the YouTube videos of Jim Morrison's death, as I described here.

During 2008, while Daryl Smith and other Zionist agents continued to criticize the entire Bollyn family, the Zionist Jews in Estonia were arranging for television interviews and news reports to create the impression that the Bollyn family was doing fine in Estonia.

However, I have to wonder about some of those scenes in that television interview. The video of Christopher walking around in the market shows that his jacket doesn't fit very well.

Since he claims to be homeless, maybe he got this jacket from the trash. But I wonder if the bulge around his waist is an electrical device to keep him under control.

During 2009, the criminal Jews have been creating serious financial and legal problems for the Bollyns. This will allow the criminal Jews to justify moving the family out of Estonia into a secret location.
How can kidnap victims meet with famous entertainers?
You may wonder how it's possible for kidnap victims to have their photos taken with famous entertainers, television reporters, and school officials. If you have seen the evidence that the criminal Jews are in control of the entertainment businesses, media companies, militaries, government officials, police departments, schools, etc, then it's easy to understand how these publicity stunts can be arranged.

It is probably easiest for the criminal Jews to arrange publicity photos with entertainers because the Jews seem to have more control over the entertainers than any other group. For decades the Jews seem to have been getting rid of entertainers who shows signs of independence, morality, or honesty. For example, Bill Cosby was probably the most famous black man in the world when I was growing up, but he has been replaced by men who I consider to be terrible role models, such as Spike Lee, Jesse Jackson, and Al Sharpton.

The people who are being promoted as entertainers today are pathetic creatures who seem to care only about money, drugs, fame, jewelry, gambling, and/or sex. Don't be impressed by any of them. And take a look at the controversy regarding Paul McCartney.

Can Christopher trust his wife?

Some people have wondered if Helje is actually working with the Zionists. It's difficult to believe that a woman would marry a man simply to set him up for death or kidnapping, but as I show in my articles about Zionist whores, the Jews seem to have been doing this for a long, long time.
Furthermore, I have personally seen this tactic myself. For example, Sofia Shafquat, who made the video 911 Mysteries (I mention her here and have a video excerpt of her strange behavior), spent four years trying to become my friend, but did she really like me? She associates with Zionist criminals, and she promotes their propaganda. And as I've mentioned in other files, there were other women who were also very friendly with me. I now think they were all trying to influence me, or set me up for blackmail, or worse.

Furthermore, I am still getting phone calls almost every day, and sometimes two and even three times a day, from a Jew named Fred who is living in his van. These criminal Jews are relentless. They pursue us for years. They also seem to pursue people with money. They will do anything to become our friend, or our spouse. They will give us money if we need it, or other assistance. Don't assume that somebody who offers to help you is your friend.

Or is Helje a victim?
The Bollyns stayed at my house for a few weeks. Helje seems much more respectable than the other women in the so-called "truth movement". So I suspect that Helje is a victim who is willing to work as a teacher and stage publicity photos because she is trying to cooperate with her kidnappers. She may not suspect that the Jews are using her to set up her eventual murder. Instead, she may be glad that she can get outside, visit other people, and have a somewhat normal life for a few moments. And even if she was aware of what the Jews were doing, what option does she have? Would it be better for her to refuse to cooperate?

Who can we trust?

Christopher Bollyn was too trusting. For example, when his computer had trouble, he trusted some of the "truth seekers" in his area to fix it, but that gave them access to his files, including his passwords. The Zionist network is gigantic. They are people everywhere willing to work for them. We have to be careful about who we trust.

Furthermore, I think we must eliminate the secrecy that is protecting the criminals. Don't believe the propaganda that secrecy is necessary to "protect our rights". As I described in my audio file for April 19, 2008, we need to make a distinction between secrecy and privacy.

Take a look at the people who complain the most about the lack of secrecy, such as The Intelligence Daily. They claim to be concerned about our "rights", but look at who they promote and what they say. It should be easy to see that they are promoting Zionist websites and Zionist propaganda. They're not concerned about our "rights"; rather, they are concerned that we might expose their crime network.

By the way, notice that the Zionist agents tend to tell us that they are honest. The Intelligence Daily, for example, describes itself as "uncensored news from around the world". Why do they tell us that their news is uncensored?

As I mentioned in my audio file for September 3, 2008 here, for years Daryl Smith has been denying that he's a pedophile, but I never saw an accusation that he was a pedophile.

Why does Smith deny an accusation that nobody made?

This is a trick. A dishonest person will tell us what he wants us to believe because he doesn't want us to look into the issue and make our own decisions. Don't fall for these tricks. Do your own analysis!

"I hate liars!"
"I am not a pedophile!"

References and details

The man in Europe who sent me this information summarized the news articles. Here is what he sent to me ( Note that the news articles focus on "Helje Kaskel" rather than on "Christopher Bollyn". Also, I edited his remarks a bit to improve his English.):

Here are some Estonian news articles that describe the Bollyn family moving to the city of Otepää; Helje's job as a teacher; and their children:

9 April 2009
LõunaLeht: a local newspaper
12 February 2009
Tartu Postimees: the Postimees is national newspaper; this is the edition for Tartu, the second largest city in Estonia, after the capital, Tallinn.
LõunaLeht: a local newspaper
Delfi: an Internet news service.

11 November 2008
Kroonika: the top national tabloid
Note: The classifications for the news services are partly taken from:

Helje Kaskel's family moved to Otepää. Their daughter, Catherine Grace, attends a music school, and she attends Otepää Gymnasium. Their son, Christopher Albert, likes vocational classes where he can build something with wood, etc, and he likes basketball. Helje's family hasn't decided how long they will stay in Estonia.

The music school that Catherine goes to was not identified, but there is only one music school listed for the city of Otepää, at this page. Namely, the Otepää muusikakool.

Helje started working in Otepää High School, Otepää Gymnasium, in November 2007 (*) after the school Director asked her, during fall 2007, to work as an English teacher.

Helje replied that she couldn't take a full-time job. The salary was 10.000 EEK per month, later increased by 500 EEK per month to cover travel expenses.

The "head of the teachers" [the expression is mine; this a teacher with special responsibilities but still under the director], who was going to be on maternity leave, and is an English teacher as well, asked Helje to take over her classes but Helje refused.

Recently (**), the Director canceled the agreements he made with Helje and cut her salary by 35%, blaming hard economic times. Helje was the only teacher in that school to receive a salary reduction, which seems to be pushed by the "head of the teachers" after Helje refused to take over her English classes.

Helje claims she was harassed/bullied at her work place and she wrote a letter to the local municipal government accusing the school leadership of misconduct. At least one more person linked to the school (other than the head teacher) confirmed the accusations against Helje to the newspaper LõunaLeht (***).

Helje considers this a invitation to leave the school and she wonders why there was such a change in the middle of the school year, at the beginning of the third quarter.

She also thinks she didn't deserve it as she is quite good at her job, having lived abroad for a long time and being the author of English textbooks (****).

She also complains about the poor management of the school and the lack of interest in setting high standards.

The Director claims that the salaries of the teachers of all levels working in his school are the same as those of 2008, including Helje's. He has not been communicated any message from her saying that she intends to leave the school.

He also claims that her letter, who surprised him as this is not the mood of the conversation they had before that letter, had the purpose of having him in the news and that he treated everybody fairly and impartially.

He would like to discuss the accusation she made on that letter but at the moment this is not possible as she is sick.

That letter was sent on 26 January 2009. The letter also complains about the decadence of the school due to management incompetence, low wages, and dissatisfactions of the teachers.

(*) In Estonia, high school begin at 1 September and end in the beginning of June:
The translator said delays such that are not exceptional.

(**) The article is dated 12 February 2009.

(***) The translator couldn't figure out why they are referring to accusations against Helje instead of those made by her.

(****) I found that Helje is co-author of a book for learning English (2008, Tallinn):

In her letter, Helje mentioned among other things the inability of the management of the school to deal with bullyism; she has in mind a number of cases in which his son has fallen victim. Helje reported that last spring (#) his son had his arms and face hit during the break between classes; she showed the [local] newspaper LõunaLeht photos of his son where you could clearly see signs of beatings at his arms and a big bruise in the eye area. 

His son was also insulted with rude English language. In January this year some children tried to extort money from him and pushed him, causing him to hit the floor on his back. Once some of his clothes were hidden, another time one of his shoes was hidden. Another time his hat was stolen, and didn't reappear until several months later. Once he was beaten on one of his legs. 

In January she wrote a letter to [?] the school director, the education department of the Valga county and the minister of Education and Research [?] (##), asking for some action to be taken against bullyism. Helje said that during the last week his son is distressed being a daily victim of bullyism and that he is and will remain absent from school, staying on "koduõppele" [i.e. home study, this is a formal condition], until some action is taken. 

The school director said that the cases are investigated though there are no confirmations regarding the extortion of money. He also said that she should have contacted the school psychologist; she said she did but it didn't bring any results. She suggested a negotiation [?] with the parents of the bullying kids [?] about the problem but the negotiation is stalled as she is on sick leave (###).

To complicate the issue, Helje's husband, Christopher, addressed one of the bullying boys inside a local shop. According to some eyewitnesses, he verbally made a point to the boy, but according to others he also pulled the clothes of the boy to shake him. Afterwards, the boy reported Helje's husband to the police.

Helje is still disappointed by the salary reduction. She said that there will be talks for reconciliation only if the charges against her husband will be dropped. The talks are stalled as she is on a sick leave, while her son is on home study. Yesterday Helje announced that she took a lawyer to find the best solution for this conflict. She added that her children no longer attend Otepää Gymnasium.

(#) This article is dated 9 April 2009.

(##) The translator summarized this sentence saying "She made a big fuss about it" so I added what I guessed from an automatic translation.

(###) This leave is for more than 3 days and requires a certificate from a medical doctor.

I had the translator look at the TV interview mentioned above and he mentioned:

Their daughter doesn't speak Estonian with confidence and prefers to speak English; of course, at school she has to speak Estonian.
The narrator says that Christoper Bollyn left USA as he stepped on some government toes.
The translator told me that the Estonian spoken by the boy was not so good.
Incidentally, did you notice that in that TV footage, she gets off the car from the passenger side, but the driver of the car is never seen?

The driver could have been behind the camera, maybe the cameraman.


This Andrus Kaskel seems to be a relative of hers:

Question: is all this publicity in the newspapers an attempt by the kidnappers to prepare to leave this place and move the Bollyns to a safer area? Are they afraid that Bollyn will go to court in Estonia?

I want to conclude with this sentence Bollyn pronounced at minute 02:22: of the TV interview mentioned before:

"Working in Estonia is uh... calmer and quieter and I'm less distracted, I'm able to think more, more profoundly"