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Christopher Bollyn
responds to our complaints

21 May 2009

Ever since June 2007 I have been making the serious accusation that Christopher Bollyn and his family are dead or kidnapped.

He has responded over and over to my accusations, but I think his responses are actually more evidence that I am correct. For example, when I told him in an e-mail we were confused about how he can receive money sent to a P.O. Box in Chicago, he responded on his website on 12 May 2009:

"Have you and your readers never heard of mail forwarding?  How much of a mystery is that?"
I would say it is a very big mystery. He said he was homeless, apparently in a foreign nation, so how is mail forwarded to him? Does he pay for this service? Furthermore, he claims to be hiding from the police, but couldn't the police figure out where his mail is being forwarded to?

He also has a bank account, a PayPal account, and an ISP, and he posted the address of his bank and his bank account information is on his website in the hope that we send him money electronically.

Who is Bollyn really hiding from?
Since when do fugitives use mail forwarding services, and put their bank account information on their personal Internet site?

It should be obvious that Bollyn is not hiding from the police or the banks. He's hiding from me and you and other ordinary people.

The evidence suggests that he is kidnapped, and this would explain why he won't look for a job or a home!

Bollyn is not convincing us that he is free with his irrational responses. In fact, the other day another man from a foreign country sent me an e-mail message to express his anger. Two of his remarks:
"...everybody involved in this kidnapping will be punished, even if they had a minor role, like arranging [the] interview meant to deceive us."

"They should rather think of trading his release for a discount on the punishment they will receive, before it is too late - for them."

"Hufschmid is helping Zionist Jews!"
On May 17, 2009, Bollyn posted "Bollyn Responds to Hufschmid's Slander". Instead of responding to our concerns that he has been kidnapped, he tries to make me look like I'm actually a Zionist agent. His primary evidence is that my half sister, Kathyrn, is married to one of Rupert Murdoch's sons:
"Your sister's husband, James Murdoch, is a key player in the Zionist-controlled media...
Yes, it seems as if my half sister, Kathryn, is married to James Murdoch. If you aren't aware of this yet, I discovered it in 2004, and I wrote about it here. (fixed the link)
This photo of Kathryn and Chicago's Mayor, Richard Daley was taken at a "climate summit" in New York in 2007.

Apparently they all are involved with the global warming scam.

A lot of us have friends or relatives in the military, or married to wealthy people, or working for a mysterious government agency, or married to a Jew, or with criminal backgrounds.

There is only one solution to this dilemma of who we can trust, and I've been emphasizing it for years. Specifically, when trials are held to determine who is guilty and who is innocent, everybody must be investigated.

The people conducting the trials must be the most thoroughly investigated of all because we would be fools to allow Jews to get involved in the trials. It doesn't matter if there is such a thing as an "honest Jew". We would be fools to allow Jews to get involved in trials that have such incredible significance to Jews. My recommendation is that the military conduct the trials, and that they don't allow anybody to get involved in the trials unless they can be proven to have no connection to Jews

Since millions of Jews are scattered around the world, a lot of us have relatives who are married to Jews. In fact, Bollyn's sister was married to a Jew, and she converted to Judaism, but even though they're divorced now, she is such a nitwit that continues to consider herself and her child as Jewish. And let's not forget that Bollyn admitted to being married to an Israeli woman for a short period of time.

A simple solution to this problem is for all of us with suspicious relatives to stay home, watch the trials on television, and encourage the military to deal with the Jews with such remarks as:

"I don't support the killings of Jews;
I only support the troops!

Go, troops, go!"

Was 9/11 the "crime of the century"?

I posted a man's comment here about Bollyn's description of 9/11 as the "crime of the century". Describing an event as the "crime of the century" is like describing somebody has the best singer or the best football player.; ie, it's just a personal opinion. We can't take such issues seriously.

If Bollyn was still living in Chicago, I doubt if anybody would care that he refers to 9/11 as the crime of the century. But many of us are becoming irritated at the thought that his family has been kidnapped, and that his kidnappers are trying to use him to promote propaganda. Anyway, here is Bollyn's response:

"You might want to point that out to your daffy reader who is critical of my calling 9-11 the "crime of the century."  Perhaps you can tell me which crime that has occurred since 2000 is more heinous than 9-11."
The "daffy reader" sent me an email response that the war in Afghanistan and Iraq could be described as the crime of the 21st century because "They used biological, chemical and conventional weapons against civilians which had nothing to do with 9/11."
These wars are causing enormous numbers of deaths and suffering for Americans, Iraqis, and other people. And it's wasting enormous amounts of resources, and creating enormous amounts of pollution.

In addition, the "daffy reader" points out that many of us suspect that the Abu Ghraib "incident" was a Zionist operation, not an American operation. And the "daffy reader" also wrote:

"I have a new title for the book : 
Solving 9-11: An Independent Investigation of the Failure of the Century"
The "daffy reader" is pointing out that 9/11 was actually a failure from the point of view of the Jews because instead of helping them gain more control of the world, it resulted in their network being so thoroughly exposed and despised that they are now disintegrating.
Finally, the "daffy reader" suggested that I create a special cooking video for Bollyn's kidnappers so that they can provide the Bollyn family with healthy food at low cost, and with fewer dishes to clean. That way they won't have to beg for money so often.

Why don't I promote Bollyn?

One of Bollyn's complaints:
You have not even posted any of my very important articles about 9-11 since mid-2007, when I was forced to leave Chicago."
As I explained in my FAQ, everybody pressures me to promote them, but they won't promote me. Furthermore, as I pointed out in the article that Bollyn is responding to, ever since he disappeared, he has been promoting Zionist agents, such as Jim Hoffman. And a couple days ago he promoted a silly video from Jeremy Rothe-Kushel and Bruno Bruhwiler, of We Are Change Los Angeles, who in turn promote Alex Jones and other Zionist agents.

If you compare Bollyn's articles prior to June 2007 with those after June 2007, it should be obvious that a transformation occurred. He has switched from working with me to complaining about me, and although he continues to do good research, it is on a narrower range of issues now, and he promotes Zionist agents.

Furthermore, what is especially suspicious is that he complains the most when I suggest the military go after the Jews. When I posted my "Battle Plan" article on Smith's website (I was still working with Smith at that time), Bollyn responded with a Statement of Nonviolence and criticized my article with such remarks as:
"This language could easily be seen as "hate speech" or inciting violence. With comments like these Hufschmid and Smith are going out on very thin ice - legally. This is nowhere I would want to go. I would strongly urge them to remove such comments and stick to the moral high ground. Such violent language marginalizes them - and their message. Don't they see that?
He then wrote an open letter to me to complain some more.

Bollyn taught me everything I know!

Another of Bollyn's criticisms of me at his website:
As I recall, you did not know anything about the Zionist criminal network until I explained the history of Zionism to you over a period of many months.
I would say a more accurate description of my contact with Bollyn is that we both learned a lot from one another.

More importantly, I would say that Bollyn is avoiding the issue. I make the accusation that he is kidnapped, and he responds that he taught me about Zionism. Is that your idea of a sensible response to a serious accusation?

Bollyn cannot respond to my accusation that he is kidnapped, so he tries to make me appear as an ignorant, uneducated child, and that everything I know came from him.

Bollyn is avoiding the question: is he free?

Rather than respond to our concerns that he is kidnapped, he switches the conversation to my relatives, or to how much he has taught me about Zionism, or something equally ridiculous.

He could easily settle this dispute simply by appearing in public, but he won't do that. He won't let anybody contact him, or visit him, or talk to him on the telephone. And he won't look for a job either. He would rather beg for money for the rest of his life. His idiotic responses and behavior since June 2007 is evidence that he and his family have been kidnapped.

Is this the first time these criminal Jews have kidnapped people? I don't think so. There is a lot of evidence that they have been killing, kidnapping, and torturing people for centuries

I think this network is extremely large, possibly in the millions, and it has attracted some of the most disgusting people the human race has ever produced. We must destroy this network!