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Do Jews Have Different Brains?

Something doesn't add up.

23 March 2008 ..... by K.C.

I want to discuss the possibility that people of Ashkenazi Jewish origin have brains that are somehow physically different from most people.

A few months ago I wrote an article about Psychology to explain how aspects of Jewish culture yield behavior that is financially beneficial but also detrimental to its followers. Shortly afterward Eric put forth the idea that their behavior was probably based on genetic aspects, such as being descendants of Neanderthals.

My first reaction to this idea was disbelief. Surely there is a standard set of personality types (such as scientists, artists, doctors, clerics ...) which are uniformly distributed throughout all races. And what about the original Jews? They behaved just like the modern-day Ashkenazim, yet are not even related.

But as I looked further into their history I began to doubt my earlier conclusions. And the deeper I looked the less certain I became. There is something about the behavior of these people that defies explanation!

Consider the evidence:

1. It has gone on for too long

Throughout the ages many empires have come and gone such as the Roman and Mongolian empires. During their ascent to prominence, the people of these empires must have felt like supreme beings - somehow different and better than other races. Buoyed with confidence, they expanded their armies and began conquering neighboring territories. The end result was always the same: surrounded by enemies and drained of resources, their empires fell. Those people then went back to being normal - they learned they were not superior after all.

With the Jews it's different. No matter how often they fail, how quickly they fall from power and are evicted from their host countries, they continue to believe they are supreme beings. They somehow never learn a lesson.

2. It is planned generations ahead

And one of the reasons it's gone on so long is due to planning. When Adam Weishaupt drew up his "Illuminati Plan for a One-World Government" in 1776, he had no expectation that it would be accomplished within his generation, nor possibly the next. We tend to think of Zionists as criminals but what kind of criminal plans for the welfare of his grandchildren? Most criminals would have difficulty planning their own retirement.

3. Their dogma doesn't spread

Another aspect is literature. The Old Testament contains the Torah and early Jewish writings. It also contains depictions of murder, incest, rape, adultery, prostitution and bestiality. It's a precursor of what was to follow in the Talmud.

Christian Gentiles read this book regularly. They must be aware of those passages. Yet somehow it doesn't affect them: it doesn't convert them to a Jewish mind-set. This is shows that it is not literature which makes Jews who they are. Rather, the literature merely reflects the personality they already have. It was people with this personality who produced the literature originally, and this helped reinforce similar personalities of later generations.

4. It's incomprehensible to non-Jews

But perhaps the most convincing evidence is that the Zionist conspiracy has remained easily hidden from Gentiles. Almost no one who isn't a Jew can conceive that Jews think the way they do. In fact, usually the only way the average Goy believes it at all is that an extensive study of the evidence leaves him or her unable to draw any other conclusion. You can only understand another person's thoughts by comparing them with your own, so you'll not be able to comprehend a belief system which shares no common ground. This fact has allowed the conspiracy to operate almost in the open without Gentiles seeing it for what it was.

All of the above indicates that the Jewish brain encapsulates a unique thought process that is absent in Gentiles. How could this be?

Racial variations in thought

Race determines our outward physical appearance. Could it also determine our inner mental functioning? The very question is considered taboo: possibly out of fear that an affirmative answer would not only encourage but also justify race discrimination. But it is nonetheless a legitimate question and one which truth-seekers should ask.

Casual observation tells us that people of the same race have a similar way of thinking and behaving. We assume that this is because they are all raised in a similar manner. While this is undoubtedly a major factor, could some of their behavior also arise from genetic makeup? Alas it is difficult to tell because even if you could raise someone into a different culture, that person knows he is of a different race and might behave according to the race he identifies with.

A better way to resolve this is to look at different breeds of animals such as dogs. For example a Labrador Retriever (used for guide dogs) has a temperament completely different to that of a Pit-Bull Terrier (used for fighting). They are born this way and no amount of training can reverse it. Since dogs know nothing of cultural identities their different personalities can come only from genetics. The differences between races of humans is of course much less than between breeds of dogs but this is a good indication that genetic differences are likely to play a part in human behavior also.

In other words, it does indeed seem likely that the behavior of Jews is due to racial characteristics. But if this is true it raises a disturbing prospect, namely that... these people are incurable. No matter how much time passes, how much they fail, or how much education they receive they will never stop what they do. It is built into their psyche and the urge to follow is too powerful to resist.

DNA to the rescue

Jews sometimes go to great lengths to disguise their backgrounds; changing their names and religions while secretly adhering to the Kabbalah and acting as Sayanim agents against the Goyim. Some Jews go further and get plastic surgery.

Well here's some good news. If their behavior really is due to genetics it must be somewhere encoded into their DNA. This means that it should be possible to identify the offending gene(s) and test for their presence. Since it's impossible to change your DNA, this would provide a means of unmasking the agents.

Of course, not all Jews are bad. Many are perfectly normal people who have no interest in Zionist goals. Some even go to lengths to expose their wicked brethren. Jack Bernstein is a notable example. Perhaps these Jews don't have the offending genes - genes are not always transferred to the next generation. Here is where DNA would also be useful because it would identify the Jews who are not likely to pose a problem. After all, there's no sense in persecuting the innocent.

Criminal DNA profiling

It's possible that someone already has discovered the genes involved but was forced to keep the information quiet.

Occasionally we hear suggestions that criminal behavior might be genetically based and that we can determine a DNA profile for a suspect based on the crime involved. US courts have always rejected these claims and this gives the impression that there is no link between a person's DNA and their behavior. But what if there was?

What if a researcher who studied the DNA of criminals found a link between of certain types of crimes and the DNA of the offenders? And what if he then decided to extend his research by making comparisons with the non-criminal community and discovered that the same DNA patterns commonly occur in Ashkenazi Jews?

Well now, we can't have that information leaking out! That researcher would be under enormous pressure to bury his findings for good.

The mystery of the Semites

All this raises a question of why the ancient and modern Jews behave so alike.

European (Ashkenazim) Jews like to call themselves Semites and claim to be descendants of the original Semitic Jews; despite the obvious fact that they bear no skin-tone or facial resemblance. They also claim to have DNA evidence which proves their ancestral ties. We assume they are just saying this to justify their takeover of Palestine. But it's possible that their geneticists are telling the truth.

It's possible that they found a set of genes which are unique to both the Ashkenazi and Semitic Jews, and these are the genes responsible for their similar behavior. This would explain why the Ashkenazim feel a strong affinity toward ancient-day Jews and believe they're related. Although this doesn't mean they're related; especially not as their other features don't match. DNA mutates all the time and it's more likely that the same genetic mutation occurred in separate races at different times.


What's the use of this? Well, one it is that it would allow people to better choose who they wish to associate with. For example, an employer could require that all potential workers be DNA-screened before hiring. If they test positive the employer might then decide against hiring; especially for certain job types which Jews have a history of abusing.

A small problem here is that DNA testing is normally the domain of law enforcement agencies who are unlikely to agree to such an arrangement. Fortunately many private labs now advertise DNA analysis. Normally they do paternity testing but for a fee they'd surely run any other test.


Some people might complain that this is discriminatory, especially as Jews cannot be blamed for being born with different mental attributes. Is it? Absolutely! But keep in mind that discrimination is acceptable when practiced at a personal level. You are free to choose your friends and not required to associate with those you don't like. (That's the theory at least!)

Furthermore it is considered perfectly acceptable to discriminate when public safety is at stake. We don't allow blind people to become pilots nor retarded persons to be surgeons. It is not their fault that they are blind or retarded but we restrict them from certain activities on the grounds that they may harm others. Likewise, it is not someone's fault to be born Jewish. But seeing as there is a high likelihood that this will cause them abuse Gentiles, it makes sense to keep them out of occupations like the media and government.

Goy-only action groups

A better application of DNA screening would be to allow the formation of Gentile-only activist groups, such as a GDL (Gentile Defense League) or an AADL (you figure it out!). Admission into these associations could require that applicants submit to DNA testing. This would automatically bar Jews from infiltrating, except for those who are missing the mutant genes. We could then watch the Jews cry "racism", "hate speech", etc.

Actually this is already possible by restricting anyone of Caucasian appearance. Unfortunately a group consisting of only Asians or Africans would be too small and ineffective in the West. Although this should be possible in other countries (Japan, maybe?) now that the Internet has allowed the spread of information.

Into the Future

Benjamin Franklin once wrote that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. If that's true then the Jews must be among the most insane people in history. Those same things which got them evicted from other countries are what they are doing now. True, their media control might have protected them this time but it looks like they are losing that. So I'll stick with my earlier prediction that another mass eviction from America and other western countries is somehow inevitable in the coming years.

Beyond that it will still be necessary to find a cure since eviction has never been more than a temporary solution. Education (apparently) can't work and it is not currently possible to re-wire someone's brain. There is something called Gamma Knife surgery which can non-invasively target and cut through specific areas of brain tissue. This might work if it were a matter of removing a superfluous component of the brain. But who would agree to undergo that?

A simpler approach might be to encourage the Jews to assimilate into other races. If the offending gene is regressive it should gradually disappear within a few generations. Given the present attitude of Jews toward the "goy-cattle" however, don't expect this anytime soon!

-- End --