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"Stop blaming Jews!" 

15 Nov 2007

As awareness of Zionism increases, I find myself under increasing pressure to stop blaming “Jews”.

OK, so who should I blame?

Most of the 9/11 criminals share certain characteristics, such as:
• most are men.
• most are older than 20 years of age.
• many are Jews who support Zionism.
However, we are condemned as anti-Semites when we point out the obvious fact that a lot of Jews are involved in 9/11. This dilemma of how to describe the "Illuminati" is nothing new, and it turns out that Marie Antoinette had a solution!
“Marie, the peasants don't like it when you refer to the Illuminati as Jews.”
“Then let them be referred to as Neanderthals!”
Marie noticed that many of the Illuminati members share certain physical traits; specifically, sloping foreheads and short, angled necks.

Look at the forehead and neck of Mark Weber, the Director of the Institute for Historical Review, and who has been certified by the ADL as a Holocaust® Denier™.

Now take a look at the Neanderthals.

Cro Magnon
Two noticeable characteristics of Neanderthals:

1) short, slanted forehead, often with a massive brow.

2) head doesn't sit vertically over their body; their short necks are at an angle.

The Neanderthal neck is not vertical over the body.
Is it a coincidence that Adolf Hitler's forehead is similar to the Neanderthals?
Hermann Goring, a Nazi military leader.

Hitler in prison in 1924
Joseph Goebbels, Minister for Public Enlightenment and Propaganda.

Leonid Brezhnev, about 1968
Mugshot of Vito Genovese, a leader of an Italian crime family. Or was it a Neanderthal crime family?

Simon Wiesenthal, the "Nazi Hunter".

Mao Zedong
Neanderthal qualities are found in all races.

Kobe Bryant
His neck is like ours, but his forehead is Neanderthal.

Are Neanderthals extinct?
Scientists thought the coelacanth fish was extinct for millions of years, until somebody caught one alive. Several countries created postage stamps and coins with this fish.
As I mentioned a couple years ago in one of my documents, scientists have been wrong so often about extinct species that we have a phrase for their mistakes: "living fossils".
Perhaps the Neanderthals did not go extinct. Perhaps they interbred with us Cro-Magnons and are now dispersed throughout our population. Perhaps many of the people we regard as crude, savage, dishonest, immoral, perverted, freaky, wierd, and disgusting are close relatives of Neanderthals; perhaps Hilter was a "living fossil".

By referring to the 9/11 criminals as Neanderthals, we can include criminals of all races and religions, and there is no Neanderthal Defense League to complain that we are anti-Neanderthal. Futhermore, there might be some truth to this accusation!

Eric Hufschmid
100% pure Cro Magnon
“I'm not anti-Semitic.

I'm anti-Neanderthal.”

Arthur Koestler (who also has short neck and a slightly sloping forehead) investigated the history of the Ashkenazi Jews and discovered they are from Khazaria, not Palestine, as you can see in his book:
Smith and I discuss it at this page.

Perhaps the Khazarians, the Huns, the Mongols, the gypsies, and other savage groups are close relatives of different types of Neanderthals.

Henry Kissinger
Did you hear Kay Griggs claim that Kissinger is one of the people responsible for the Vietnam War, and that he raped male American soldiers? Does that seem like Cro-Magnon behavior to you?

Joe Stalin, young

Stalin while dictator
Bill Maher, the "liberal" comedian who defends 9/11, as this video shows.

Tony Blair of Britain

Menachem Begin, of Israel

Harvey Weinstein, of Hollywood

Shimon Perez, of Israel

David Letterman, a TV comedian
Dave von Kleist, one of the 9/11 "truth seekers".
Mark Glenn, one of the 9/11 "truth seekers".
Linus Pauling had a Cro-Magnon body and neck, but he had a large nose, slightly slanted forehead, and thin upper lip.

Ehud Olmert, of Israel
Alex Jones, one of the 9/11 "truth seekers" who is an obvious Zionist agent, as I explained here.
Another view of Jones. I also have him on my page 5 here about teeth
Albert Einstein's Neanderthal qualities don't make sense until you look at the evidence that he was a fraud and a plagiarizer.

Einstein when older
Did you know that his brain was missing a section? Perhaps he's missing the Cro-Magnon section.

Edgar Bronfman Jr.

Matthew Bronfman

Nelson Rockefeller

David Rockefeller
Don Trump's hair makes it difficult to see his forehead, but it appears slanted.

Bill Gates of Microsoft
Al Franken, a "liberal" in the media

US General Wesley Clark

Wolf Blitzer, the TV show host
Hugh Hefner, who started Playboy magazine

Mugshot of Isaac Babel
Mugshot of Joesph Rutherford, who became president of the Jehovah's Witnesses in 1916.
Larry Silverstein, landlord of the World Trade Center.
Sander Hicks, one of the 9/11 "truth seekers".
Mugshot of Larry King, the television show host.

Sumner Redstone, of Time Warner
Professor John McAdams, one of the JFK "truth seekers".
Luke Rudowski, one of the 9/11 "truth seekers", who is part of
Martin Shackelford, one of the JFK "truth seekers".
Louis Buchalter, the gangster who created Murder, Inc.
Jerry Springer, the television show host who exploits mentally ill people. This video(new link) has samples from the show that should make you wonder about Springer and the "common people". A close-up of his nose is here
Michael Franzese, an organized crime member, who is now out of jail. Videos of him are here.
Richard Hoagland, the "science expert" for George Noory, who tried to make me look like a fool on Noory's radio show, as I described here.
Michael Hoffman II, supposedly a "truth seeker" in the "revisionist movement".

Lee Harvey Oswald, the patsy for the JFK assassination.

Yitzhak Rabin of Israel

Pope Ratzinger in 2004
Mugshot for Steve McQueen, the actor.
Howard Stern, the radio host, may have a slightly sloping forehead (too much hair to see his head clearly).
Robert Anderson was CEO of Atlantic Richfield. Many successful business executives and salesmen have Neanderthal qualities.
A mugshot for John Gotti, the Italian gangster.
A mugshot of John Gotti's son.
Trevor Manuel, South Africa's Minister of Finance. Many people involved in finance and law have Neanderthal qualities.
Willis Carto, of the American Free Press, seems to have a slightly sloping forehead. Christopher Bollyn and I consider the American Free Press to be a dishonest organization, as I explained here in 2006.
Sid Sheinberg, entertainment executive and Holocaust® propaganda promoter.
Chris McGurk, another executive for such "entertainment" companies as Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.