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Note from Eric Hufschmid:
One of my readers was recently appalled by a mannequin he saw at a hotel in Florida, and his description of it reminded me of several movies, such as Eyes Wide Shut. For the past few years I've been wondering if I should write about that these issues, and his complaint about that mannequin inspired me to do it.
Although I wrote this article, much of the information came from my reader, which is why it's in the section for "Articles by Others".

The Creature at the Castle Hotel

Masks, Gargoyles, and Jewish rituals.

26 February 2011
More photos added in March 2011  (here)
Updated 17 March 2011 with Rothschild photos (here)

The Castle Hotel in Orlando, Florida

The four images below show a mannequin that is prominently displayed in a bay window of the lobby of the Castle Hotel. The CEO of the hotel, Richard Kessler, is proud of this mannequin, and he describes it as the "Castle creature". Some of the hotel guests consider the creature to be entertaining, but recently I was told of another person who considered it to be disgusting. He has smaller versions of it, along with small gargoyles, scattered around the hotel. The photo to the right shows one of the gargoyles that is used as a decoration around a doorway.
Why would a hotel display something so prominently when there are so many people who are disgusted by it? Would you give this creature such a prominent location in the lobby if this was your hotel?
Full size photos of this creature: #_1, #_2, #_3, and #_4.

Update: I received more photos of this and other creatures. I put them at the bottom of this file.

Who purchases these costumes and masks? And why?
Businesses produce these intricate masks and costumes for carnivals, such as Mardi Gras, and for artistic displays. However, Hollywood movies, such as Eyes Wide Shut and Wicker Man (described below), show these masks being used in bizarre rituals by people in leadership positions. Is it just a coincidence that a tobacco shop in Washington DC, Georgetown Tobacco, has such a large demand for these masks that they offer dozens of them, some of which are several hundred dollars?
Walter Gorski of Georgetown Tobacco writes:

"Venetian Carnival masks are immensely popular and have become a prominent feature in our store."

Why would a tobacco shop in Washington DC have such a large demand for such a wide variety of Carnival masks? Who in Washington DC is buying these maks? And for what purpose? How many people in Washington DC are purchasing these masks merely for decorations or carnivals, and how many of the customers are members of the "elite" who actually participate in bizarre rituals?

  1) Look at this article about one of these parties occurring in Britain in 2009.
  2) You can see hundreds of these masks if you search for "carnival masks", like this.

• Eyes Wide Shut

In this movie, some of the leaders of society rent or purchase masks and costumes for parties in which they have psychotic religious rituals and sex orgies. The people don't appear to be "religious" in the sense that most people use the word "religious", but their rituals are virtually the same as those that we find in churches. Specifically, their rituals consist of irrational behavior that doesn't make any sense to anybody, but which is supposed to have some type of deep, philosophical or spiritual significance.
The image above shows the shop that rents masks and costumes. The owner of the shop uses his retarded daughter as a "sexual bait"; ie, when one of his customers has sex with her, he can blackmail him for pedophilia. The image above shows the leaders of society in masks and black robes having some type of bizarre ceremony. Afterwards they have an orgy. The movie implies that they sacrifice people during these religious rituals.
Stanley Kubrick, who produced that movie, died mysteriously before it was released, and the movie may have been edited after his death. It's possible that the "elite" were upset that he was exposing too many of their secret rituals, blackmail techniques, and disgusting behavior.

• The Wicker Man

This movie (the first 10 minutes is here) is about a small community of people that has some nonsensical religious ritual in which they put people inside a wooden effigy of a man, and then burn it in order to sacrifice the person. There are several scenes in this movie in which people are wearing bizarre masks. As with the movie, Eyes Wide Shut, their ceremonies resemble religious rituals, but with bizarre sexual behavior.
The image above shows people having some weird ceremony in which one of them is dressed in a costume and the others are naked. The victim is forced to wear a mask, and the people use swords to form a Jewish star around her neck. Some of them are also wearing masks.
Incidentally, if you are not aware of how many horror movies have been made during the past few decades, a woman, Andre Dumas, loves horror movies, and she has this page specifically for the horror movies in which people are wearing weird masks.

"What's a Girl to Do", by Bat for Lashes

This music video has only one scene; namely, a young girl riding her bicycle alone at night on a road in the forest. Some strange people appear wearing animal masks, and then they follow her. Who would consider this to be entertaining? I would describe it as a form of psychotic pedophilia.
Why do the "elite" like to burn people to death?
The Jews have a fascination with "Holocausts", in which people are burned to death, and during the Middle Ages, the burning of people was often used as a method of execution. The Jews have also been fascinated with slitting people's throats and cutting off their heads. In fact, the kosher method of slaughtering animals is to cut the vein in their throat and let them bleed to death. Did these strange religious rituals, and the concept of burning people, come from Jews? Or did they come from some European race?
The burning of the Wicker Man

In the movie, a wooden effigy of a man is burned after they put one or more people inside, and the people stand around and engage in some bizarre religious ritual.

The Burning Man festival

For many years there has been a week-long festival in Nevada known as Burning Man (a documentary is here). A large effigy of a man is burned at the end of the festival.

Although I personally have never been to the Burning Man festival, I know of one person who goes every year, and judging by him, I assume that the Burning Man festival resembles those obnoxious parties that we see on MTV in which there is lots of childish behavior, drug use, loud music, and drunkenness. There is probably lots of casual sex, also.

It would be interesting to analyze the personalities of the people who are most strongly attracted to Mardi Gras, the Burning Man festival, religious rituals, orgies, and especially the murder rituals. Did you know that a Jewish woman in Chicago, Vicky Polin, claims that her relatives would occasionally give birth to a baby specifically to sacrifice in a Jewish murder ritual? I have a link to the video at this page.

Would you display the Castle Creature in your hotel?
Although some people are entertained by the "Castle Creature", there are so many people who are disgusted by it that I don't think a "normal" businessman would leave it in such a prominent location of his hotel lobby.

Have you heard about the use of orphan boys as sex toys among the "elite"? According to one of the orphans of the Boys Town Orphanage in Nebraska, he and other orphans were flown from Nebraska to Washington DC for parties, and he said that first few hours of the party was just an "ordinary" party. After the "normal" people left the party, the "real" party started, and that is when he and the other orphan boys were used as sex toys by the homosexual and pedophile elite members of society.

I wonder if the reason Richard Kessler is proud of that Castle Creature is because he wore that costume to one of the elite-only costume parties. He may have been fooled into thinking that he is one of the special people; a member of the elite who is bringing about a New World Order. However, he may have left the party after the dinner was finished, so he didn't see the psychotic sex orgies, the bizarre murder rituals, and the raping of children. That would explain why he is proud of that costume rather than hiding it in the closet. The real New World Order may be laughing at him, and using him as a tool. (The photo of the three men in masks is from the movie, The Wicker Man.)

Kessler is also involved with a home for troubled children

Richard Kessler is on the Board of Directors of Treutlen House, a home for troubled children. Some of these homes and orphanages have already been exposed as places where pedophilia is rampant. Therefore, we ought to wonder, are the pedophiles using Kessler as cover in order to make Treutlen House appear honest and legitimate? Or is Kessler involved with pedophilia?
Don't dismiss the accusations of pedophilia at orphanages, churches, children's hospitals, or day care centers. Have you heard about the book the "Franklin Cover-up", or what the author, John DeCamp has said about orphanages and about children who are sold for use as sex slaves? Also, have you seen my article about the pedophila at hospitals?

Gargoyles were originally attractive waterspouts

People have been putting waterspouts along the roofs of buildings for thousands of years in order to direct rainwater away from the walls and windows. Some of the waterspouts were decorated. For example, the ancient Egyptians would create waterspouts in the form of a lion's head, and the water would flow out of the lion's mouth. The ancient Greeks and Romans also tended to make waterspouts in the form of animals.

Why did gargoyles evolve into monsters?

As technology improved through the centuries, it became easier for people to create gargoyles, and the gargoyles could become more intricate.

Some of the gargoyles of the Middle Ages were simply decorations rather than waterspouts. However, I have to wonder, who among us considers these monsters to be decorative? For example, the photo shows a monster eating the head of some other bizarre creature.

Would you want this gargoyle to decorate your home? If you were a leader of society, would you authorize those type of monsters to decorate an important building of your city?

Why would gargoyles evolve from simple animals into complex monsters? Why didn't they evolve into more complex animals, or people, or flowers? Why not abstract shapes? Some of these gargoyles were intended to scare away evil forces, but what kind of people would believe such religious nonsense?

Obviously, some of the people who were producing or influencing gargoyles had an interest in the macabre or with bizarre religious fantasies of evil monsters. We can see this exact same situation today with artists all around the world. Some artists produce songs, paintings, and sculptures that are pleasant or amusing, but many, or most, of the artists today are producing artwork that is angry, psychotic, violent, or toilet humor.

This is one of many bizarre gargoyles on the Notre Dame Cathedral in France, which was built about 700 years ago. What type of personality wanted these gargoyles to be added to the building?
The Capuchin Catacombs of Palermo 
I grew up in America, and I developed the impression that Sicily was an area of crime networks and untrustworthy people. As I wrote in my "Sleep with dogs" file, a news report claimed that 80% of the businesses in Sicily were paying protection money to organized crime networks.

Is it just a coincidence that Palermo, Sicily has a church in which there are about 8000 mummies in bizarre displays? I don't think so. I suspect that an analysis of the people who are most attracted to the macabre are also more likely to be criminals, and more likely to ignore crime like a stupid animal rather than try to eliminate crime from society.

The location of the Castle Creature
The photo below shows the view a person sees of the hotel as he walks towards the main entrance (green arrow) of the Castle Hotel in Orlando, Florida. The Castle Creature is in the room with the bay windows (red arrow). People pass by those bay windows as they walk along the sidewalk into the main entrance.
The photo below shows the view a person sees when he is at the bay windows and the entrance. The back of the Castle Creature can be seen through the glass. The creature has turquoise boots.
In the photo below, the camera is showing the view that the Castle Creature "sees". The creature is facing the inside of the hotel, and this mirror is directly in front of it, hanging from the ceiling. The object in the mirror is the Castle Creature, and the bay windows with the purple, decorative draping is behind it. The Castle Creature is looking into this mirror, but why? What is the purpose of this bizarre display?
These photos show that the creature is in what most people would describe as "prime real estate" within the hotel. Why would anybody want to display such a disgusting creature in such a prominent location? And why hang a mirror in front of it? And why is the mirror this particular shape? Is that supposed to be an abstract form of a Jewish Star of David?

Update: 1 March 2011
I received some photos of some of the smaller gargoyles and other strange creatures inside the hotel. They were taken with a cell phone, so the quality is low. If anybody has better quality photos, e-mail them to me at:

The two photos below are smaller versions of the "Castle Creature". These two sit on a countertop.

The two creatures below are even smaller, and standing on pedestals near the ceiling. The person who sent me these particular photos told me that the clothing on these Castle Creatures are loosefitting robes, like some of the costumes in the movie Eyes Wide Shut, which could be a sign that - as in the movie - the people are naked underneath, which makes it easy for them to engage in their bizarre orgies while remaining in their masks and costumes.
The three photos below show some of the masks and creatures that decorate the walls. The middle photo is an arched doorway, and the masks are placed around the curved portion of the arch.
The two photos below show ceramic statues with masks. They are in display cases that have mirrors.

The photo below shows two dolls, one that looks like a rabbit, or a human wearing a rabbit mask, and the other more like a conventional doll. (The masks in the music video, "What's a Girl to Do" were of animals, and so were most of the masks in the movie The Wicker Man.)


The photo below shows a display case in the hotel's breakfast restaurant.

  The Castle hotel is described as fulfilling "the childhood wish of Mr. Kessler’s daughter, Laura, to have her very own princess castle." However, I would not describe these gargoyles or creatures with masks as being appropriate decorations for a "princess castle". I would describe these as props for a Hollywood horror movie, such as The Wicker Man, or Eyes Wide Shut. We ought to wonder why some people among us have a fascination with horror, torture, rape, and suffering.

The photo below shows a portion of a large painting (or a mosaic of tiles?) on the wall of the lobby. It shows two people with masks.

Update: 17 March 2011 A masked party with the Rothschilds?

This website claims that the photos (one of which is below), are from a party in 1972 in which the Rothschilds and their guests are wearing strange costumes and bizarre masks.
It's interesting to note that many of Lady Gaga's strange costumes resemble those at these type of parties. Is this just a coincidence? Or is she being influenced by this network of freaks?