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Hollywood actors promote official 9/11 story

By an anonymous reader of my website
11 May 2011

First, a note from Eric Hufschmid:
Osama bin Laden was recently killed, or perhaps Osama's look-alike was killed, or perhaps nobody was killed. Regardless of what happened, a reader of my website wondered why so many Jews on television are pushing this event as offering us "closure" for the 9/11 attack. He wonders if the Jews have finally realized that they cannot stop us from investigating the 9/11 attack and discovering that Jews are responsible, and so they are trying to fool the sheeple into thinking that bin Laden is responsible, the event is now over with, and we should stop investigating and discussing it.

This anonymous reader also asked me:
The military's fastest results for DNA testing is between two and four weeks. So how is it possible that bin Laden's DNA was checked in two or three hours aboard the USS Carl Vinson? Furthermore, when the Navy Seals entered the compound, how did they know that the man they shot and killed was bin Laden without taking his DNA first? Also, bin Laden's son was also killed, and apparently he and his father were buried at sea. So we have to ask the question, how many more people were killed and buried at sea? Was it one, two, three, or more? And why did the Navy Seals shoot and kill bin Laden's son? And why did they kill bin Laden if he was unarmed?
He also wonders about other possibilities, such as the Obama administration deliberately doing this "killing" in a suspicious manner in an attempt to encourage the sheeple to investigate the official 9/11 story, as well as become suspicious and distrustful of the media, the Jews, the police, and the government.

If the Obama administration can encourage more sheeple to stop acting like stupid, selfish, and/or frightened animals and join us in exposing the corruption that is rampant in every nation, then we eventually have enough people to start the process of improving the world.

Or are the Jews supporting the death of bin Laden in order to create the impression that Al Qaeda is so furious with us that they stage a nuclear attack?

This anonymous reader also wrote to me:

Al Qaeda also confirmed that Bin Laden was dead. This may be the Jews trying to tell the Goyim "that even Al Qaeda admits he is dead, so you can go back to your tv shows and not worry about 9/11 anymore."
Regardless of what is going on, this reader's brief article about why Rob Lowe has recently come forward to promote Al Qaeda propaganda reminds us that we should get into the habit of wondering why only certain people get worldwide publicity, and only for certain issues.
The Jewish crime network has been thoroughly cooked, but many of the criminals have such defective minds that they continue to believe that they can conquer the world through murder, arson, blackmail, and other crimes.

As a result, I expect world events to become increasingly confusing as some of the Jews secretly abandon their network, while others secretly sabotage it, and the others continue fighting for control of the world. This in turn means that we should be even more suspicious of the news events and people that the Jews are promoting.

As I first wrote years ago here, we should be suspicious of and investigate everybody, even if they are crime investigators, and even if they are famous, wealthy, or in a leadership position. Nobody should get any special waiver when it comes to an investigation of their effect on society. Don't let anybody intimidate you into trusting him!

Donald Trump
I personally was not aware of Rob Lowe's existence before this reader of my website brought him to my attention, but I had been wondering why Donald Trump has been promoting the Obama birth certificate issue, as well as fear of China and Iran, and a love of Israel. For example, in a speech to Republicans in April 2011, Trump said that the solution to the high oil prices is to take over the oil fields in Iraq. He also claimed that Iran is in control of Egypt, and that Iran will take over more countries soon. Two of his remarks:
"Think of this. We have a great ally over there, a real ally, Israel. And Iran has already said that they want to blow Israel off the face of the earth. They're developing nuclear weapons."

"But what's going to happen to Israel when you have Iran controlling... probably Libya, you have them controlling Egypt, which they're going to control, already they are talking about that. They're going to control everything over there!"

An audio excerpt: Trump-28Apr2011.mp3  670 kbytes
The complete video: Trump

I think Donald Trump is just another Israeli puppet, and that he is given publicity now as a way of promoting Israel and to make Republican presidential candidates look even more incompetent, selfish, violent, and paranoid.

I think this skit he did years ago with Rudy Giuliani is even more evidence that both of them are puppets: youtube 4IrE6FMpai8

Note: my advice is to assume that people with intense and endless cravings for fame, money, gambling, sex, babies, awards, or anything else, are potentially dangerous psychos who are never happy, and who are on an endless and futile quest to relieve the misery that is coming from within their own mind. These psychos will often commit horrible crimes in an attempt to make themselves feel better.

Hollywood actors promote official 9/11 story

By an anonymous reader of my website
11 May 2011

Rob Lowe 

Recently on CNN with Piers Morgan, Rob Lowe told the story of how he was on a flight to Washington, D.C. while filming the TV show, The West Wing. He was contacted weeks after his flight by the state's Attorney General's Office and told that he was on a dry run with the hijackers for 9/11. Why is he telling us now in 2011 about his experience with Al-Qeada almost 10 years ago in 2001?

Here is a video of Rob Lowe talking about the dry run prior to 9/11: 9-11-connection

You can see what he says about this right here:
monstersandcritics Rob Lowe 9-11 dry-run

It's also interesting to note that Rob Lowe was watching C-SPAN during the Iran Contra investigation and he saw Fawn Hall, Lieutenant Colonel Oliver North's personal secretary. He liked her so much that he did some research, got her telephone number, and called her at the Pentagon, and as he said, "the rest is history". Later, in 1991, she married Danny Sugarman, the former manager of The Doors, and they remained married until his death in 2005 of lung cancer. Fawn Hall was a crack cocaine addict during the 1990's, and her husband, Danny Sugarman, was accused of supplying her with that drug. Sugarman was a heroin addict for many years. 

Have you seen the speculation that Sugarman was involved in the cover-up of Jim Morrison's death? For more evidence of his connection to a cover-up of Morrison's death, watch this interview in which he mentions a promise he made to Morrison's girlfriend. There is more information about Sugarman and his mysterious secret in this article:

The alcohol and drug problems among entertainers make it difficult to figure out which of their deaths are murders and which are true accidents. I also find it interesting that a lot of famous people with serious drug or other problems often have relationships with other people with serious problems. For example Bill Siddons, the manager of The Doors from 1968 to 1972, got involved with Squeaky Fromm, who was member of the Charles Manson family, and in 1975 she tried to assassinate President Ford. In 2007 Natalie Holloway's mother was reported to be dating the father of JonBenet Ramsey. Have you seen the evidence that both families have some strange connection to pedophilia and/or sex slavery?

The emotional problems that some famous people have may drive them into pursuing money and fame, but it also makes it easy for crime networks to blackmail and manipulate them, as well as arrange for their murder and make it appear as a drug overdose or suicide. Have you heard this audio excerpt of Dirk Benedict from when he was on the Big Brother television show and he said that there were hundreds of murders in Hollywood? How many of those murders were interpreted as suicides or accidents?

 James Woods 

In February 2002, actor James Wood talked about his similar "dry run" experience in August 2001 while on a commerical flight from Boston to Los Angeles. Woods talked about four men who were apparently Arabs, saying "they never ate, drank, slept or read during the flight, only whispered to each other in low tones." He filed an official report with the FAA about the incident. Woods has been interviewed several times by FBI agents regarding the incident.  Apparently, this "strange" behavior can get one investigated by the FBI. You can see what he has to say about it here:
  In 2002:
  Transcript: prisonplanet transcript James Woods

He also talked about it again in 2007:
  In 2007:  l0lzZvCNkJw

What is going on in Hollywood?
It is interesting to note that these two famous Hollywood actors were apparently on commerical aircraft during a "dry run" for 9/11 by Arab men. How many other actors or celebrities were also on a practice run for 9/11? We should consider that these two actors may have been threatened, blackmailed, or are voluntarily working for the Jewish crime network.

We know that 9/11 was an Israeli-dominated operation with American Jewish assistance. Furthermore, nine of the 19 hijackers are alive and were cleared of being in involved in any of the hijackings on 9/11. One Saudi Airlines pilot sued the FBI to have his name taken off the list. You can read about his case and other 9/11 hijackers that are alive here:

From my own experience, the most reliable source of information about international Zionist crimes is and Most of the other websites are a mixture of propaganda, truth, and disinformation.