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Eric Hufschmid interviews Christopher Bollyn
5 April 2007

Bollyn has discovered that the police destroyed the dashboard camera video that recorded his suspicious arrest.

If any of us were to destroy police video, we would be arrested!

Why would American police commit such a crime? Who is manipulating the police?

Who fooled our police into thinking that Bollyn was a criminal?

The ADL gives "advice" and "training" to American police.
We are suckers for letting Zionists take control of our police, our military, our media, our banks, and our government! Our police and military have become Zionist tools.

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Most of the people who provide information to US government officials are Zionists.

For example, Israel's "Mystery Benefactor" turns out to be Elliott Broidy:

He is one of the men who tells US officials what to think about Arabs!

His name is listed at the end of this Homeland Security Report:

James Schlesinger, Lee Hamilton, Israeli Brigadier General Yosef Kuperwasser, and Israeli Major General Israel Ziv are also listed as contributors!

Israel Ziv was exposed by an Israeli news reporter for putting an IED in Gaza that killed Arabs!


Lee Hamilton is a Zionist stooge.

As Bollyn says, the Zionists "own" him.

He and other Useful Idiots may as well dress in the appropriate uniform.

Professor Steven Jones has confirmed that Rosie O'Donnell's staff have contacted him:

Alex Jones, Steven Jones, and Rosie O'Donnell appear to be heroes who are exposing 9/11. However, they only accuse the Bush family and a few others of the crime.

They refuse to expose the role of Zionists in 9/11, the attack on the USS Liberty, and other crimes.

Can you figure out what is happening?

The Zionists cannot stop 9/11 from being exposed. They are now desperate to save themselves.

They are trying to direct all the attention to Bush, Rockefeller, the CFR, and other people that they are willing to sacrifice.

If they fool the Americans and Europeans again, we will arrest George Bush and a few other people, and the Zionists will end up with even more control over our media, police, voting machines, government, etc.

We must demand that all people be investigated, including the ADL, the Democrats,, the peace groups, the Green Party, Professor Jones, Jeff Rense, Webster Tarpley, Alex Jones, and Aaron Russo. NO EXCEPTIONS!

The only way to protect ourselves is a total and complete investigation!

Take Zionism seriously or we will continue to be losers!

Some people excuse Professor Jones and others with, "Well, maybe they are naive!"

Don't be a sucker; don't follow idiots!