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Eric Hufschmid interviews Christopher Bollyn

Since June of 2000 Christopher Bollyn has been working with the people that produced the Spotlight and the American Free Press newspapers.

He is perhaps the only investigative reporter in America who is truly trying to expose the lies and perpetrators of the September 11th attack.

However, instead of being proud of him, over the past year they cut his salary twice, and they took away his travel expenses.

It would seem as if they were trying to prevent him from investigating 9/11; that he was getting too close to uncovering the truth about the Israeli involvement in 9/11 and the Zionist infiltration of America.

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The American Free Press claims to be an employee owned newspaper, but they never told Bollyn who the employees are who own it, and they never wanted Bollyn to be one of the owners.

After Bollyn was abused by the mysterious "police", Willis Carto set up a legal fund for Bollyn. However, they were asking people to either send money to the American Free Press or subscribe to the newspaper.

How can anybody trust them to pass the money on to Bollyn?

Bollyn asked for the names of the people donating money so he could send a "Thank You" message, but the AFP said that would be too much trouble.

If you don't know about Bollyn's abuse:

Take a look at the Protocols of Zion, or Harold Rosenthal. The Zionists infiltrate or create the Goyim organizations, including the "anti-Semitic" groups.

Take this issue seriously or we will continue to be losers in this battle with the Zionists!

Some people excuse the leaders of the antiwar movement, the white supremacists, and the political groups with, "Well, maybe they are merely stupid or naive!"

However, stupid and naive leaders are dangerous also! Don't be a sucker; don't follow idiots!

An email to Bollyn explains why he was fired (does it make sense to you?):
Date: Sat, 7 Oct 2006 10:10:08 -0400 (EDT)

October 7, 2006

Dear Christopher:

We have worked together for a long time, and I am just beside myself over your recent actions. For the third time you have publicly given credence to the irresponsible allegation that this newspaper harbors or is controlled by "Zionist" forces.

The first time was when you sent e-mails to a dozen individuals asking why AFP was not printing your articles, implying that we were censoring you.

The second time was your failure to stand up for AFP on Mike Piper’s radio show, showing that you do not feel a sense of teamwork with your colleagues. Your failure to defend AFP was insulting to everyone who works here.

Now, in your personal fight with Wing TV you direct persons to a website that attacks AFP and which states, "The American Free Press is under Zionist control."

This is ludicrous, particularly seeing that AFP has criticized Zionism in virtually every issue. You know very well who controls AFP — the employees own the paper. The real question is who is influencing Christopher Bollyn?

Your senseless (or perhaps purposeful) attacks cannot be tolerated. An employee of any organization, whether General Motors or the Mafia, owes a debt of loyalty to his employer. We have a right to expect loyalty from you.

AFP’s reputation for accurate reportage is solid. Our subscribers believe what we print. Integrity is the very essence of our mission. And by attacking the credibility of AFP you attack yourself.

We and our loyal subscribers believe that when Jim Tucker or Mike Blair or any other reporter writes something and we print it that the facts presented are true. When we get a story from one of our trusted reporters we do not need to check every quote or fact. Our reporters would not dream of submitting a false story. The same cannot be said for you, however. By accusing AFP of being under the control of some other agency, you lie. There is an ancient Roman legal maxim; “falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus,” meaning that if a witness lies about one thing his testimony may be disregarded for all he says. Thus, we can no longer print anything you submit without checking it, and this we will not do.

For the reasons above, please do not bother to submit anything else to this newspaper. In addition, we will no longer be able to pay your salary.

This is effective immediately.

Christopher J. Petherick
Managing Editor/AFP