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If 9-11 is Exposed,
the Zionist Empire Fails

Plus it would bring down the banking empire, many governments and monarchies, and the media executives

Can you see the Zionists in Al Qaeda clothing?
Can you see their Useful Idiots?

An example is
Scott Ritter

Why does he support 
the official story on 9-11?

Was he snagged 
in a blackmail trap?


During a speech in June 2005, Scott Ritter promoted the idea that the Arab terrorists attacked the USA on 9-11.
His entire speech is at this page.

Ritter blames the CIA and Bush for the lie about the WMDs in Iraq, which seems to make him honest, but he lies about 9-11, and he deflects attention away from Zionists.

At a meeting in New York City in Oct 2005, Ritter continued to promote the idea that Al Qaeda is the principal terrorist threat to America, and that America is not hated by the world. Ritter has also said that David Kelly's death really was suicide.

However, there is undeniable, overwhelming evidence that the 9-11 attack was a "false flag" operation by Zionists and their Useful Idiots in the US, Britain, and Israel, and that the media executives are involved in covering up this crime and deceiving us about it!

For some examples, if you are new to this issue:

  • Explosives brought down the WTC towers and Building 7.

  • The rubble from the WTC was sold as scrap metal despite the angry article in Fire Engineering magazine that this destruction of evidence was illegal.

  • The media is suppressing all evidence of the crime, and instead saturating us with stories about Arab terrorists. The media also suppresses the people who expose the crime.

  • The media has been doing this since the moment of the attack, which is proof that they knew about 9-11 beforehand, and were prepared and ready for it.

  • The 5 Israelis who were dancing during the attack were arrested that day, and they were found to have Arab clothing and traces of explosives in their van. They were later released to Israel to keep this issue quiet.

  • Only a few of the 19 Arabs are listed on passenger lists, and many of them were reported as alive in the Middle East. The media and governments refuse to explain this or look into it.

  • Arabs must be blamed

    The 9-11 attack must be blamed on Arabs, or if necessary, Bush and Blair, in order to protect Zionists and their friends that dominate European and American banks and media. 

    The banking families have the money to bribe millions of people. They can also pay for millions of web sites, organizations, radio shows, books, and magazines.

    However, don't underestimate the Israelis and Zionists. They have done a lot of hard work during the past century to create Israel. They are not likely to let the anybody get in their way, not even the bankers.

    Here is a link to the main page for the Scott Ritter information. Please pass this around.