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More about the murder of Michael Zebuhr

Michael Zebuhr was murdered March 19, 2006.

It is entirely possible that Zebuhr's murder was a random act of violence, and therefore, it had nothing to do with his investigation into 9/11.

However, this document offers more reasons to believe that his murder was planned by the Scholars For 9/11 Truth, probably in cooperation with the Federal Bureau of Israel (commonly referred to as the FBI)

Hopefully you are already familiar with our previous document about Zebuhr's murder:

Some important points to keep in mind:

Professor Judy Wood, Morgan Reynolds, and Professor Steven Jones were among the first and primary members of the Scholars For 9/11 Truth.

Professor Judy Wood was one of Michael Zebuhr's professors. 

In August 2006 Professor Wood and Morgan Reynolds quit the Scholars For 9/11 Truth.

Professor Wood and Morgan Reynolds are trying to discredit the work of Professor Steven Jones. They prefer to promote Zionist Deniers, such as Gerard Holmgren, Rosalee Grable (the webfairy), and 9/11 liars, such as the producers of the 911Eyewitness video and the Loose Change video.

Just before the South Tower collapsed, a stream of liquid pours out of the tower.

The peculiar aspect of this liquid is that it is glowing yellow.

In order for a liquid to glow yellow in daylight, it has to be about 2400°F.

You can watch the molten iron in both normal and slow motion at youtube:

The same video is here in WMV format:

Professor Steven Jones, of Brigham Young University, conducted some experiments and came to the conclusion that it could not be aluminum because aluminum at that temperature  in daylight would appear silvery or a faint yellow, not bright yellow.

Aluminum is an excellent reflector of light, which is why it is used on mirrors. However, good reflectors are also low emitters of light.

Furthermore, the high reflectivity of aluminum causes it to reflect a lot of the ambient light.

In a dark room, there is no ambient light, so your eyes would see only the glow from the aluminum. However, if there is any ambient light, some of it will be reflected by the aluminum.

What this means is that when you look at molten aluminum, your eyes will see the glow from the aluminum mixed with the reflected ambient light. If the ambient light as at a high level, your eyes will see more reflected ambient light, which makes the aluminum appear silvery.

Every object at 1000°F produces red light; every object at 2000°F produces orange light; and every object at 2700°F produces white light.

However, different materials emit different amounts of light, and different materials reflect different amounts of ambient light.

Aluminum does not emit as much light as iron, and it reflects more ambient light. The end result is that the iron will have a brighter glow.

In order to fully understand this concept, a piece of aluminum and a piece of iron would have to be placed side by side and then heated up to the exact same temperature. We would then clearly see that the iron glows brighter than the aluminum, even though they are at exactly the same temperature.

In the photograph below the molten aluminum inside the crucible is glowing a faint red, but the aluminum at the edge of the crucible is reflecting a lot of sunlight, so it appears silvery.

This photograph was taken inside a building, so the ambient light is at a lower intensity.

This makes the crucible appear a brighter red, but the aluminum at the edge of the crucible (where the light is brighter) is still silvery.

If the lights in this building were turned off, all of the aluminum would glow a bright red.


Professor Jones concludes the yellow liquid in the South Tower was molten iron. Since an ordinary office fire cannot melt iron, this implies that something such as thermite was inside the tower.

Thermite is still used today for repairing railroad tracks because it is a simple way of producing molten iron. Here are photos of people using thermite to repair railroad tracks in Australia:

February 2006, the attempt to discredit Professor Jones

In February 2006, Professor Judy Wood and her student Michael Zebuhr conducted an experiment to determine if Professor Steven Jones was correct that molten aluminum would appear silvery at high temperatures. The results of their experiment can be found at the site of Professor Wood:

The Scholars For 9/11 Truth also posted this article:

Their experiment proves that molten aluminum does indeed glow when melted, and that Professor Jones is incorrect when he says molten aluminum appears silvery.

However, take a close look at their photographs. Notice that the ambient light is at a very low level. In dim light, every object at 500°C (932°F) will appear red, and every object at 1100°C (2012°F) will appear orange.

In a completely dark room, an object as low as 400°C will appear dark red.

This is a deceptive experiment. In order to be an honest experiment, they should have put aluminum and iron next to each other. That would allow us to compare the two metals when they are at the exact same temperature.

Furthermore, they should have conducted the experiment in bright ambient light in order to duplicate the conditions of the molten metal that poured out of the South Tower.

Why would Professor Wood and Michael Zebuhr conduct a deceptive experiment?

It is possible that both of them are incompetent, but it is more likely that they are trying to discredit Professor Jones.

Professor Wood and Morgan Reynolds have teamed up to criticize Professor Jones:

In that article they reference David Shaw, producer of the deceptive video 911 Eyewitness, who tries to fool us into believing fusion bombs demolished the towers!

We don't have enough information to figure out what is happening, but there is a lot of evidence that Professor Wood, Morgan Reynolds, and most of the other primary members in the Scholars For 9/11 Truth are working with the Zionist criminal network.

They are promoting the deceptive Loose Change and 911 Eyewitness videos, trying to discredit Professor Jones, and shifting people away from the possibility that Zionists are involved in the world's corruption.

Professor Wood and Michael Zebuhr ran a deceptive experiment in an attempt to show that Professor Jones is incorrect. They e-mailed the results of their experiment to Professor Jones on March 1.

If Professor Jones and Michael Zebuhr are honest people, Professor Jones may have contacted Zebuhr and told him about the mistakes in his experiment.

In such a case, Zebuhr may have figured out that he was a Useful Idiot who was helping to deceive the world by discrediting a valid theory. 

Less than 3 weeks later, on March 19, Zebuhr was murdered in a very mysterious manner.

The Scholars For 9/11 Truth are not demanding an investigation into his murder. However, Morgan Reynolds wrote about this murder, and implied that it could have been related to 9/11:

Why would Morgan Reynolds, who lies about 9/11 and other Zionist crimes, and who wants to discredit Professor Jones, be one of the very few people to show an interest in the murder of Michael Zebuhr? Perhaps to frighten people!

There are too many missing pieces to the puzzle to figure this out. However, we can conclude that Michael Zebuhr's murder is very likely to be connected to 9/11 and the Scholars For 9/11 Truth.

Why would somebody risk such a murder?

When a serious crime, such as murder, is committed, we have to ask, "Who benefits?"

The people who arranged for Zebuhr's murder took a very big risk, so they must have had a very powerful incentive to take that risk. What could the benefit be?

The people who are most dangerous to a criminal network are the people who have inside information about the network.

If Zebuhr knew who was contacting Professor Wood, or what they were planning on doing, it would be devastating if he told other students that Professor Wood and others in the Scholars For 9/11 Truth are using him to discredit Professor Jones.

If Zebuhr had figured out that the Scholars For 9/11 Truth was part of the criminal network, and if he had inside information about who was influencing Professor Wood, the Scholars For 9/11 Truth may have decided that it is better to take the risk of murdering him than to take the risk of being exposed by him.

Can we trust Professor Steven Jones?

Professor Jones is a member of the Scholars For 9/11 Truth. Why would he be part of such a deceptive organization?

The Scholars For 9/11 Truth appears to be like the White Supremacist groups, WingTV, Alex Jones, Jeff Rense, and the anti-war groups. Specifically, they all appear to be set up or dominated by Zionists in order to confuse, identify, and/or locate their enemies.

Take a look at the evidence that the Zionists create and control their opposition. Two articles that might help you:



It is possible that Professor Jones is working with the Zionists in order to lure people to the Scholars For 9/11 Truth, where they can be identified, and eventually killed.

It is also possible that Professor Jones is an honest professor, and he is afraid to leave the Scholars For 9/11 Truth because of this murder. They may have told Jones:

"You saw what we did to that college student. Don't go any farther with your research into 9/11 or Zionism, or we will kill more students. Your family members, also, if you give us too much trouble. And remain with Scholars For 9/11 Truth to give us credibility."
We cannot know for sure what happened with Michael Zebuhr's murder because the police are refusing to investigate.

However, you should take a serious look at this dead student, and look at all of the other people that the Zionists have killed. Do you want to end up like their other victims?

The Zionists are not fooling around, and we should not fool around, either.

Don't trust the FBI

The police arrested three suspects on the night of the murder, but the next morning two of them were released. Who has the authority to tell the local police to release suspects in the murder case? Especially when those suspects threw loaded handguns out the window of the car as they tried to escape from the police!

The FBI is one group that can and does override the local police. The American police have been fooled into thinking the FBI is a law enforcement agency that is dedicated to protecting us.

However, the evidence suggests that the FBI is protecting the Zionist organized crime network, and they only arrest criminals in other networks.

Nobody should trust the FBI or give them any assistance. The FBI should be regarded as a foreign enemy.

Homeland Security, which is controlled by Michael Chertoff, is another agency that should not be trusted. Chertoff may have been behind the arrest of Christopher Bollyn:

The police should be on our side, not on the side of the FBI

If thousands of people around the nation would warn the local police departments about the Zionist infiltration in our government, the police might realize that they have become Zionist attack dogs.

You could send them a link to our site, and encourage them to listen to the audio files and read some of the articles.

You could also send this photo:

Contact police departments in some other state if you worry about sending it to your own local police.

You can get email addresses of police departments in many ways, such as this search: