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Lesson # 5
What is a "Strawman"?

19 Jan 2006

The term "strawman" refers to a deception technique. It refers to a person who avoids debating the most significant aspects of a theory and instead attacks a weak or irrelevant aspect of the theory, or he attacks a distorted version of the theory. An example might help explain this.

In regards to the September 11 attack, there is a lot of evidence that the government was involved in the planning and execution of the attack, and that the World Trade Center towers and Building 7 were demolished with explosives. Some of this evidence is impossible to refute. Therefore, when someone wants to make us look stupid, they will avoid discussions of the irrefutable evidence and instead attack the weakest and most insignificant evidence.

Example: The Pod Theory

As mentioned in Lesson 4, some people believe a bomb or missile was attached to the bottom of the airplane that crashed into the South Tower. There may have been a missile attached to the bottom of the plane, but we do not have the evidence to prove it. Therefore, people who want to make us look like fools will ignore the irrefutable evidence and instead attack The Pod Theory.

Incidentally, this could explain why Deborah Simon, as discussed in Lesson 4, helped Phil Jayhan discover the bomb under the airplane. Specifically, she may have been trying to convince Phil to promote some absurd theory, and then her friends would attack the 9/11 investigators as being fools. Many people would not realize that when her friends attack The Pod Theory, they are actually attacking a very weak argument that only a small number of people believe.

Furthermore, when Dave von Kleist released his video, 9/11: In Plane Site, his first version promoted The Pod Theory. Immediately people appeared on the Internet to attack the Pod Theory and then explain that Dave von Kleist was a fool, and that his video was evidence that 9/11 investigators were sloppy and stupid. Dave von Kleist may have been set up, also.

The Pod Theory may have been created by the people who were involved in the 9/11 attack. After they convinced a few people to believe it, they attacked it as being idiotic. People who are not familiar with this technique may have been fooled into thinking the 9/11 researchers are idiots.

Mix nonsense with more serious information

Another technique to discredit 9-11 research is to mix UFOs, astrology, psychic abilities, or other easily disputed nonsense with a few 9-11 theories. Examples of some sites that do this:

Of those sites, GreatDreams has to be the most absurd, but it gets a lot more visitors (according to Alexa) than both of the other two sites combined. One of their 9-11 pages:

When a person's curiosity about 9/11 causes him to look around on the Internet for information, he is most likely to encounter one of those nutty sites. However, when people encounter one of those sites, some of them will react,

"Oh, these 9/11 theories are coming from the same mentally deranged people who think they have psychic powers, and who believe a Martian raped Whitley Strieber."

Furthermore, people can discredit the 9/11 theories by making remarks such as, 

"You believe 9/11 was conducted by the government? What is wrong with you? You need to look at the people who created these idiotic theories. Take a look at These people are insane. They think they have psychic abilities."

The Strawman Writer's Guild

The thousands of people on the Internet who write deceptive articles could be described as members of the Strawman Writer's Guild.

Some of these people attack the pod theory, or some other insignificant aspect of 9/11, while others promote UFOs or crop circles. Some promote each other. Together they fill the Internet with deception.

This group of people are one of the primary enemies of the world. It is very important that everybody understand what they are doing. They are not trying to help us. Rather, they are trying to deceive us in order to perpetuate their criminal network. We must consider them our enemies. Collect their names and addresses.

Example: Norman Livergood

Livergood starts one article with:

We Americans are now engaged in a New Civil war, testing whether this nation, conceived and dedicated as we are, will endure.
The above article is at:

The beginning of his article makes it appear as if you encountered a group of patriotic Americans who are ready to fight the corruption in our government. You start to feel good about America; you feel as if there are some intelligent, responsible Americans who are standing up to the corruption.

When you get about half way through the article you find the names of some of the wonderful patriots. One of the greatest patriots, according to this article, is Seymour Hersh:

An even more courageous struggle against the forces of deception and destruction is currently being carried out by Seymour Hersh ...

Livergood then lists names of other "Warriors in the Struggle Against Tyranny", some of who are:

  • Lewis Lapham, Editor of Harper's Magazine 

  • Greg Palast, investigative reporter 

  • Paul Krugman, Columnist, New York Times

  • Joseph Wilson, Ambassador

  • Robert Scheer, columnist, political analyst 

  • What have any of those people said or done that would suggest they are patriotic Americans?

    None of those people have exposed 9/11, the attack on the USS Liberty, or any of the other major crimes committed by Zionists. Actually, these people are covering up the crimes.

    Norman Livergood also mentions two web sites that he refers to as "Warrior Websites":

  • World Socialist Web Site

  • Rense


    Of all the millions of web sites, why would Norman Livergood pick only those two as "Warrior Websites"?

    The most likely explanation is that Norman Livergood is part of the criminal network, and he is promoting other criminals.

    How about GodlikeProductions?

    At the message board called Godlike Productions, somebody identifying himself as "Pissed off American" encouraged everybody to read the article by Norman Livergood with the remark: "Great piece, time to wake up."

    Click here for the message

    An administrator of the message board pinned the message so that it remained at the top of the message list for that day (January 18, 2006).

    Why would the administration of Godlike Productions promote Livergood's article? Judging by the type of messages they promote, the type of messages that they erase, and the type of messages they ignore, Godlike Productions appears to be another source of deception.

    Stop supporting criminals

    The media is under the control of what we could describe as a Jewish Mafia, or criminal Zionists. They are deliberately suppressing information about the corruption in this world. They are not doing this because President Bush told them to do so. The evidence shows that they are directly involved in the 9/11 attack, and other major crimes.

    We need more people to stop their support of the New York Times, Scientific American, Popular Mechanics, Newsweek, and all of their other publications, web sites, and message boards.

    Support the people who give you the truth. Don't support a criminal network. This requires you be able to figure out what is the truth, and what is deception.