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Lesson # 4
What are "Handlers"?

updated 6 Feb 2006
by Eric Hufschmid

To understand the issue of "handlers", let's first look at some curious coincidences in regards to woman named Deborah Simon.

  • Simon and Phil Jayhan
  • Deborah Simon discovered the mysterious bomb (or pod) that was attached to the bottom of the airplane that crashed into the South Tower. Here is how Phil Jayhan described her discovery on his message board:
    New Photo of 767 Showing Bomb on Far Wing & Pod as well.

    Posted: Mon Jun 21, 2004 12:32 am

    This picture was obtained by me and Deb Simon during one of my many trips to Ground zero, hosted by Deborah Simon of Connetticut, and also a member of this forum. This was one of the purposes of our trip, to get a feel of ground zero, it's buildings I only knew from photographs. And to obtain any new kind of evidence or proof for my work on 911, at the World trade Center. The funny thing about it is when the Chinese ladies, who have three tables set up at the stairs to the Financial World Trade Center, showed us the three 'Commemorative Photo albums' they have, there was proof of my work in all three of them, and this picture above and below, was a new piece of proof. Deborah Simon found the bomb on the far side of the aircraft on our Train ride home that night. Eagle eye Deb!

    The above message is at:
    That message shows that Deborah Simon took Phil Jayhan to New York City's Ground Zero many times and helped him discover bombs on the airplane that crashed into the South Tower.

    Furthermore, she helped to promote Phil's web site. For example, Deborah Simon posted the following message at

    Deborah Simon Says:
    July 31st, 2004 at 7:13 pm

    Hey..great article Ron ...I have an even bigger case against the Bush is


    The above message, and the one in the box below, is at:

    A few hours later, Phil Jayhan posted a few messages at that same site, the first being this:

    Phil Jayhan Says:
    August 1st, 2004 at 2:58 am

    Missiles at the World Trade Center; This is where impeachment falls short of an entire corrupt US Government. Please visit "" and see what happens when you slow down the video from the networks footage of 911.

    You see missiles being fired at the WTC, and you will never guess from where.
    Slow down, you move to fast, gotta make the morning last.

    Cheers- phil jayhan

    Is it a coincidence that Phil Jayhan posted a few hours after Deborah Simon? Or did Simon call Jayhan and tell him, "Phil, Simon says, post at!"

  • Simon and Karl Schwarz
  • Karl Schwarz not only praises Deborah Simon, but he also made her part of his 2008 presidential campaign team. Here is how Schwarz describes her:
    Deborah Simon of Connecticut will have a considerable voice this year and be coordinating many matters with my team on issues that will be presented to those that label themselves Progressive or Liberal. 

    I met Deborah at the 9-11 Confronting the Evidence forum and have found that she has a very clear picture of what is wrong and what has to be done on the various political sides to address the issues. 

    In fact, Deb coined a phrase that we intend to use for this year: "The truth comes alive in '05!"

    The above message is at:

  • Simon and Tom Flocco
  • An article at Tom Flocco's site describes Deborah Simon as one of his 9-11 researchers, and that she is knowledgeable about an issue most of us have never heard about, namely the "moser" issue:
    Deborah Simon, one of this site's 9-11 researchers who was married into a very prominent Jewish family, told us about something she called the "moser" issue--
    The above article is at:

    At the very bottom of that article is the remark:
    Deborah Simon contributed additional research for this story.
    It appears as if Deborah Simon is very important to Tom Flocco, as far as research goes.

    Considering that Simon discovered the bomb underneath the airplane that hit the South Tower, and considering that she allowed Phil Jayhan to take credit for it, shouldn't we wonder if Simon discovered that Barbara Olson was arrested, and that she allowed Flocco or Tom Heneghan to take credit for this amazing discovery?

  • Simon and John Kaminski
  • John Kaminski has suggested to some people that they contact Deborah Simon. Why would Kaminski promote her? How did Kaminsky even get to know her? What has Deborah Simon done or said that would justify being promoted by anybody?
  • Simon and Dylan Avery
  • Dylan Avery -- the young man who created the video "Loose Change" -- was supposedly taken to lunch (or dinner.. I forget which) with Schwarz and Simon while they were all in Washington, DC.

    There are also rumors that Dylan Avery, when he is not intoxicated on alcohol, is on some other drug, usually marijuana.

    Karl Schwarz said on a 6 Feb 2006 interview on the RBN network that Simon and Avery are "good friends".

    At the end of the second version of Loose Change, when they are getting special thanks to people, Deborah Simon is thanked for providing "the CBC footage and more". Did Simon merely provide some video footage? Or did she help influence the message of the video?

    Furthermore, the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) is part of the world-wide, controlled media. Did Simon merely provide a copy of CBC video that somebody recorded on the television? Or does she have connections to people within the CBC? If so, she could be a direct link to the Zionist Mafia that controls our media.

    A Summary of Deborah Simon

    Simon seems to be associated with a lot of men with financial problems, emotional problems, and/or frustrations with women:

    John Kaminski: a man who lives on donations, and has written several times of his frustrations and problems with women. 

    Phil Jayhan: a lonely man who shows abnormal swings in his emotional state, and who is demanding that we agree that a pod is under the airplane that hit the South Tower.

    Tom Flocco: a man who has been writing absurd articles about Barbara Olson's arrest, shootings in the Chicago subway, and indictments of President Bush and Vice President Cheney.

    Karl Schwarz: a man who seems to suffer from delusions of grandeur in which he is a presidential candidate, a super-rich entrepreneur, and a 9/11 researcher extraordinaire. He is also suffering from some sort of mental disorder that prevents him from writing proper sentences.

    Also, you should wonder why the RBN radio network promotes Karl Schwarz.

    Dylan Avery: a young man who is rumored to be often intoxicated or on drugs.

    Other Strange Situations

    Tom Flocco and Phil Jayhan know each other, and approve of each other's "work" on 9-11. 

    Tom Flocco, Tom Heneghan, Stew Webb, Sherman Skolnick, and Lenny Bloom support one another.

    Tom Flocco sells Dylan Avery's video "Loose Change", but nobody else's video. Why did he select only that video if he is trying to expose 9-11?

    John Kaminski complains about Jews, but he was involved in a relationship with Judy Andreas, who is Jewish, and her relatives are best described as Zionists, which are the Jews that Kaminski claims to dislike the most.

    John Kaminski has also promoted Deborah Simon, despite her possible connections to -- as the Flocco article describes it -- a very prominent Jewish family.

    So who is Deborah Simon?

    It appears that Deborah Simon is what we call a handler. This is a person who takes advantage of emotionally disturbed, naive, and/or stupid people. A handler tries to manipulate the opinions of their "Useful Idiots". A handler may use persuasion, threats, money, or sexual services.
    Note: I wrote the material in this colored box for Daryl Bradford Smith, plus this related file that has an email from Karl Schwarz to Smith:

    Why has Daryl Bradford Smith
    broken ties with John Kaminski?

    People who speak in public have to be careful about what they say, and how they say it. For example, if I accidentally use the word "girl" or "boy" when referring to an adult, some people will assume I did it on purpose to insult them.

    My situation is much worse than most people because I am standing up to the September 11 attack, the bombing of the USS Liberty, the control over the media, and Zionism.

    I can see people on message boards trying desperately to discredit me. They are looking for something to complain about. So far they have only been able to fabricate insults, such as claiming that my wife supports me financially.

    However, if one of my radio guests says something that could be interpreted as a hate crime, then my critics could accuse me of deliberately using my radio show to spread hatred.

    In December 2005 I was talking to John Kaminski on the phone, and I asked if I could interview him on my show once again. He agreed to do it.

    Kaminski knows how I feel

    Kaminski was well aware of how careful we have to be on the radio. In fact, a month before the interview, he told me that he turned down a meeting with a publisher in Europe because he was worried the publisher was actually trying to lure him to Europe so that he could be arrested for hate crimes.

    As far as I know, Kaminski has not actually done anything that would justify arresting him for hate crimes, but he was worried that the Zionists would arrest him anyway. Judging by the arrest of people such as Ernst Zundel, the Zionists don't need a valid reason to arrest people. The legal system in Europe and North America are obviously under the control of the Zionists.

    There were several private phone calls in which I told him that I live in a hate-crimes country. The issue of Ernst Zundel came up, and I was very clear that I must be careful about what I say. I also told him that I don't want to alienate my Jewish friends.

    Kaminski is well aware that is acceptable to publicly discuss crimes by Jewish criminals, but it is irrational to make an accusation that every Jew is involved in these crimes simply because some passages in the Old Testament.

    Such an absurd accusation could be considered a hate crime because it is as ridiculous as claiming that every Mormon is involved with, or support, polygamy simply because some Mormon documents support polygamy.

    The day before the radio interview we were talking on the phone. Once again the subject of hate crimes came up. However, much to my amazement, during my radio show Kaminski mentioned that virtually every Jew was complicit in Zionism and corruption! Why would this man say such things?

    Did my punishment fit the crime?

    Some people have told me my treatment of Kaminski was "harsh", and I agree that I may have slapped Kaminski a bit harder than I should have. However, the French Connection will not provide David Duke or Michael Savage type programming, i.e., programming that uses hateful or irrational statements.

    For example, one of Kaminski's remarks was:

    "I urge everyone to read the Talmud and see that the jews have always hated, HATED, everyone else throughout history. That's how they keep themselves together. They keep themselves together with hate, which is why all these new hate laws are the ultimate in hypocrisy..."

    How can Kaminski justify that remark when:

  • Large numbers of Jews are marrying outside their religion, and many of them abandon their religion for that of their spouse.

  • Many Jews have never read the Talmud or the Old Testament, or spent any time learning about Judaism in school.

  • Many Jews refuse to support Israel or Zionism, or any religion.

  • I am trying to fight corruption, and I will not tolerate my guests giving the criminals reasons to have me condemned, insulted, or arrested.

    What would you think if Kaminski made a statement like this:

    Republicans have always hated, HATED, the Democrats. That's how they keep themselves together. They keep themselves together with hate, which is why all these new hate laws are the ultimate in hypocrisy.

    Would you listen to a radio show if those type of remarks were the norm? You can make those remarks about everybody; they have no significance.

    Brunettes have always hated, HATED, the Blondes. That's how they keep themselves together. They keep themselves together with hate, which is why all these new hate laws are the ultimate in hypocrisy.

    Short men have always hated, HATED, tall men. That's how they keep themselves together. They keep themselves together with hate, which is why all these new hate laws are the ultimate in hypocrisy.

    My goal is to defeat these criminals, not to make money, friends, or fame. I want guests who help me in this fight, not guests who give people reasons to criticize me.

    Why does Kaminsky support nonsensical sites?

    Furthermore, part of my annoyance with Kaminski is due to the company he keeps. I suggested to Kaminski that he stop posting articles on web sites that promote crop circles and Martians because those sites make researchers of Zionism and the 9-11 attack appear to be lunatics. I explained to Kaminski that we need to drive those UFO sites out of business, not support them.

    However, Kaminski refused to terminate his relationship with any site, no matter how idiotic the site may seem.

    Why did Kaminski date Judy Andreas?

    When a man who insults all Jews for being evil gets involved with a Jewish woman, we ought to wonder what is going on. Furthermore, Kaminski lives in Florida, and Andreas lives in New York, so they had to spend considerable time and money traveling to be with each other.

    To top if off, I am shocked by the hypocrisy of a person who condemns all Jews but who will date a Jew and promote Deborah Simon.

    I urge people to raise their standards; to terminate support for people who behave in irrational ways.

    Please tell me I am wrong, John

    I grew up knowing and respecting John Kaminski's uncle, so it hurts me deeply to condemn John. So please, John, I would love to say I am wrong about you.

    John, please explain your irrational remarks, and your relationship with Deborah Simon and Judy Andreas. And give me a good reason for your support for the deceptive web sites that promote UFOs and another nonsensical topics. Also, tell us who is providing you with financial support.


    Secret donations are dangerous

    In politics it is very common for a few very wealthy people to give large donations to a political candidate, but they expect a favor in return.

    This is common knowledge, and as a result, political candidates, nonprofit organizations, and other people who accept donations should be required to let everybody know who is providing the large donations.

    I ask for a few hundred dollars a month only to cover my phone bills. Part of the reason I do not want large amounts of money is because I do not want anyone trying to bribe me.

    The Free Republic web site ( asks for donations four times a year. Their most recent donation campaign asked for more than $60,000. They are bringing in more then $240,000 a year at this rate. Who is providing them with this much money?

    John Kaminski claims to receive thousands of dollars of donations per year, which is a lot of money considering his audience is perhaps 20,000 to 30,000 people. Is he receiving thousands of small donations? Or is he getting a few very large donations?

    Many people are aware that large donations are contaminating politics, but few people wonder if donations are also contaminating Internet web sites, independent authors, and 9/11 researchers.

    Let's practice what we preach

    When will the 911 truth movement start applying the same standards to themselves that they expect political candidates to follow? If we expect candidates to be honest with their donations, why can't we expect the 9/11 groups to be honest about their funding?

    We want political candidates to be honest about their sources of funding, so why not demand honesty in regards to the funding for the 9/11 and other "truth" groups?

    Where is the MoveOn organization getting its money? How about Let's have some honesty in the 9-11 movement.