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Why is Richard Siegel promoting
the insinuation that Professor Steven Jones
is involved in the murder of Michael Zebuhr?

Updated 2  May 2007

Morgan Reynolds and Professor Judy Wood have been criticizing the research work of Professor Jones. Professor Wood and one of her students, Michael Zebuhr, conducted an experiment in 2006 in an effort to prove that Professor Jones is wrong about his theory that thermite was in the South Tower. Not long after that experiment, Zebuhr was murdered in a very mysterious manner:

A secretive person using the name CB_Brooklyn posted an insinuation that Professor Jones is involved In the murder of Zebuhr, and another murder many years earlier! These insinuations were posted at the site registered to Richard Siegel, a man involved with the video 911 Eyewitness.

So we have to wonder: Who is this mystery person CB_Brooklyn, and why is he implying that Professor Jones was involved with two murders? Why is Richard Siegel promoting this accusation?
Is Jones really involved with murder? Or are people trying to discredit Jones because of his work on thermite?

Many people in the 9/11 "truth movement" accuse each other of being liars, "feds", CIA agents, and Zionists. For some examples with Professor Jones:

• In Feb 2006, Greg Szymanski attacked Professor Jones:

• During the summer of 2006, Professor Jones was criticized by Morgan Reynolds and Professor Judy Wood:

• By December 2006, Professor Jones and Kevin Ryan left the Scholars for 9/11 Truth and started their own group because they got tired of Professor Fetzer's strange behavior:

• claims that Professor Jones was involved with a hoax in archaeology:

The site promotes lots of deceptive sites, so we must be especially suspicious of everything they say, but they imply that Jones was connected to a man named Frank Collin, who claims is a Zionist in Nazi clothing:

One of the issues that Professor Jones does not seem to understand is that his association with suspicious people, such as Jim Hoffman, is causing people to wonder if he is secretly working with Hoffman's group in order to sabotage or dominate the 9/11 movement.

Jim Hoffman has been attacking Bollyn for a couple years. For example, Professor Jones wrote about the evidence for thermite (the PDF file is here). One of the articles he referenced was Bollyn's article about the pools of molten metal:

Jim Hoffman wrote an article to convince us to dismiss the reports of molten metal, and one of his reasons was "the fact that it has been used by Bollyn and others". In other words, and he was saying that the reports of molten metal should be disregarded because "Bollyn and others" considered the reports to be valid:

One of the "others" who believes the reports about the molten metal is Professor Steven Jones!

Before trying to make sense of this, consider that Jim Hoffman and Christopher Bollyn were among the speakers at a 9/11 meeting in October 2004 in Los Angeles. After Bollyn finished speaking, Hoffman spoke, and he spent most of his time criticizing Bollyn as a disinformation agent.

In 2004 Jim Hoffman was promoting the theory that maser weapons might be responsible for demolishing the World Trade Center towers. He has since given up that theory because nobody considered it valid.

Why is Professor Jones working with Jim Hoffman? Does Professor Jones not understand what Jim Hoffman has been doing these past few years?

Many of us have warned Professor Jones that his "friends" are liars, and that he should get away from them, but Jones continues to associate with highly suspicious people. Why is that?

His close association with suspicious people makes him an easy target for theories that he is somehow involved in crime.

In case you don't know yet, virtually everybody in the 9/11 "truth movement" are liars. The strange fights that erupt among these people could be intended to confuse us so that we are not sure who we can trust.

However, some of these fights might be real because all crime networks have internal fights, and they fight with other crime networks, just as Al Capone murdered Bugsy Moran.

So, we ought to wonder:

• Is CB_Brooklyn trying to put the blame for the Zebuhr's murder on Professor Jones so that we look in the wrong direction?

• Or are all of these people lying and fighting in an attempt to keep us so confused that we don't know what is going on?

• Or is Professor Jones secretly working with Hoffman's crime network?

The best solution is to investigate everybody, and don't give blind obedience to any of these so-called investigators.

The following text is part the article posted at:
You should ask yourself, why would Rick Siegel promote this type of accusation? Does anybody have evidence to back it up?

If there is no evidence for it, it could be because somebody is trying to discredit Professor Jones, or perhaps they are trying to shift the blame for the murder away from themselves.


In May 2004, Founder of Infinite Energy Magazine, Dr Eugene Mallove, wrote an open letter to the world entitled “Universal Appeal for Support for New Energy Science and Technology”. In this letter, Mallove specifically mentions cold fusion as a possible alternative to oil and asks for research funds.

A few months later, Eugene was murdered by two people.

Three months before his death, Mallove was interviewed on the "Coast To Coast" radio program. This must-listen interview from February 3, 2004 can be downloaded in a 13MB MP3 here.

Dr Mallove, a known supporter of P&F’s research, discussed a cold fusion patent that was approved a few weeks before 9/11.

Mallove discusses his book "Fire From Ice" and the emerging technology of cold fusion in this must-watch mid-1993 TV news interview clip.

More information on Eugene Mallove here.

Infinite Energy Magazine: Cold Fusion in the News


In March 2006, Dr Judy Wood and her student, Michael Zebuhr, performed demonstrations with molten aluminum at Clemson University to show that Steven Jones’ research was faulty.

Two and a half weeks later, Michael was murdered by two people.

After Michael was killed, Judy Wood received an email with the following message:
"we've done it before and we will do it again if need be."



*Jones used muon-catalyzed fusion to distract people
from P&F's electrochemically-induced process research.

*Jones used thermate to distract people
from W&R's directed energy weapon research.


*Eugene Mallove was killed by two people
after writing an open letter asking for cold fusion research funds.
His letter interfered with Jones' deceptions so
his killing must have been a warning.

*Michael Zebuhr was killed by two people
after doing research with molten aluminum.
His research interfered with Jones' deceptions so
his killing must have been a warning.


Cold Fusion = 9/11

Stanley Pons = Judy Wood

Martin Fleischmann = Morgan Reynolds

Electrochemically-induced Process = Directed Energy Weapons

Muon-catalyzed Fusion = Thermate

Eugene Mallove = Michael Zebuhr



Steven Jones work is also linked to an archaeology hoax, which, not surprisingly contains alters photographs.