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Let the Fight Begin!

21 Feb 2006
updated 2 May 2007

In the left corner, with an estimated brain weight of 1104 grams, the Journalist, Greg Szymanski
In the right corner, with an estimated brain weight of 1437 grams, the physics professor, Steven Jones

Round 1: On 19 Feb 2006 Szymanski posted an article that encourages us to wonder if Professor Jones is a phony:

This article was also posted at Jeff Rense's site. Why would Szymanski and Rense want to create suspicion of Professor Jones?

Round 2: On 21 Feb 2006 Szymanski writes that Professor Jones "better start answering questions right now". Wow! Looks like Szymanski might be kicking some academic butt real soon!

And Szymanski refers to Phil Jayhan of as one of the "honest people in the 9/11 movement". Oh, dear! We thought Jayhan was a Zionist tool: What are "Handlers"?

Update #1:
Some mysterious person at Rick Siegel's web site implies that Professor Jones is involved with murder:

What is going on?

If you read some of our other articles (listed at the bottom of this document), you know that Szymanski and Rense support Alex Jones, Phil Jayhan, Greg Zeigler, Judy Andreas, Karl Schwarz, Dave von Kleist, Webster Tarpley, Wayne Madsen, and many other suspicious truth seekers who minimize the role Zionist's play in world's problem, and/or they promote nonsense about UFO's.

Update #2:
Professor Jones has since split from the Scholars For 9/11 Truth and now has his own group, Scholars For 9/11 Truth And Justice, but both are still accessible from

Both groups are full up highly suspicious people, such as Jim Hoffman, Victoria Ashley (Jim Hoffman's girlfriend), Webster Tarpley, Phil Berg, Alex Floum, and Wayne Madsen.

What is going on? The possibilities are endless. For example:

The Zionists are trying to stop Professor Jones from spreading the truth about 9/11. In his article, Szymanski writes,
Although Jones again claimed to be bowing out of the picture, in the last several months he has done anything but that...
This remark could be a sign that the Zionists are annoyed that they did not intimidate Jones into remaining silent. Perhaps they are now going to try convincing us that Jones is a government agent.

The Zionists are infiltrating scholarsfor911truth in an attempt to manipulate the organization. This would explain why the organization is attracting a lot of people who deflect criticism away from Zionists. These infiltrators may feel that they now have enough Zionists in his organization to set Professor Jones up for an attack.

We would be fools not to consider the possibility that Professor Jones is working with the Zionists, and his organization and the fight that is erupting is part of their plan to create confusion, as well as create the impression that the 9-11 truth movement consists of paranoid people who routinely accuse one another of being dishonest.

Who can you trust?

This is not an easy question to answer because none of us have the time to investigate the thousands of people involved in this truth movement.

The best advice we can give you is to look at people's actions, and notice that almost all of the 9-11 truth seekers are dishonest in some area. They either deflect attention away from Zionism, such as Alex Jones, Wayne Madsen, and Webster Tarpley, or if they expose Zionism -- e.g., Jeff Rense -- they spend most of their time on nonsense, such as alien abductions.

We also advise you to take a look at our articles on deception, such as:

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Remember, we are involved in a battle of intelligence, and the only way to win this battle is to see through the deception.