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The Disinformation Pests

by Eric Hufschmid
7 Nov 2005

In my article about deception, I mentioned that Gary Webb's suicide is suspicious, and that Mike Ruppert might be covering up the murder in order to protect Zionists.

That remark is now being criticized by a woman named Lisa Pease. Since you probably don't know who she is, let me give you a little background.

Lisa Pease speaking at a Political Assassination conference.

All of the speakers should be considered disinformation agents until proven innocent.


Lisa Pease and Jenna Orkin

In the summer of 2005, Jimmy Walter ( funded meetings in Europe to spread information about the 9-11 attack. He invited Christopher Bollyn, William Rodríguez, me, and a few other people to speak.

Jenna Orkin was invited to speak about the health problems of the dust from the collapse of the World Trade Center buildings. However, a few weeks before the tour was to begin, she started complaining to all of us via email that Christopher Bollyn might be an anti-Semite because he works for a newspaper where an anti-Semite works. Bollyn works from his home, and he was living 700 miles away from than the anti-Semite, but Orkin didn't care.
Jenna Orkin sabotaged Jimmy Walter's 9/11 tour by fooling Walter into thinking that Bollyn might be arrested as a "Holocaust Denier":

Orkin also mentioned that she did not care much about 9-11 anyway because the issue of "Peak Oil" is more important.

Jenna Orkin was dropped from the tour, and Lisa Pease became her replacement. However, Orkin continued to send email to people in Europe that Bollyn should not be allowed to speak because he might be arrested. Her reasoning was that some European nations have laws against "Holocaust Denial", and Bollyn works for a newspaper where an anti-Semite works. Great reasoning, Jenna!

If the Europeans are stupid enough to arrest Bollyn for such idiotic reasons, the human race should be ashamed to refer to Europeans as "people".

Anyway, some of the people helping to organize the meeting in Austria became concerned about Bollyn's anti-Semite connections. They put such up a fuss that Bollyn was not allowed to speak. So we will never know if the Austrians are stupid enough to arrest Bollyn.

My guess is that the people creating the fuss in Austria were Zionists, and Orkin is a Zionist. I think they were trying to cause trouble for us, not protect Bollyn from arrest.

Furthermore, I think Orkin's involvement in 9-11 is only to divert attention to some American government officials. This article explains how Orkin is cleverly covering up the explosives in the towers and Building 7:

If Orkin is a Zionist who is covering up the explosives in the WTC and trying to disrupt the meetings, should we expect her replacement to be any better? Who exactly is Lisa Pease? 

Lisa writes about the assassinations of the Kennedys and other people. Not surprisingly, Pease did not have much to say about 9-11 at our meetings, even though the meetings were about 9-11.

However, she told me and Bollyn that there is no Zionist connection to the Kennedy assassination; that Apollo astronauts really did land on the moon; and that we are incorrect about a Zionist connection to 9-11.

After discovering my article about the 9-11 Wolves in Sheeple's Clothing, Pease sent e-mail to me, Jimmy Walter, and who knows how many other people, to let me know that I'm incorrect when I suggest that Gary Webb's suicide might have been a murder.

 She wrote: 

I went to Gary Webb’s funeral. I couldn’t believe it was suicide until I got there and talked to his family. I was there when Ruppert asked them about the two shots to the head.

The first shot entered the ear and exited the cheek. That is not a fatal shot. It goes through no brain tissue. It just hurts like hell. That’s why he had to shoot again. The second shot entered the brain. That killed him.

He had told every member of his family at some point or another that he had considered suicide. They just, tragically, didn’t believe he would really do it. His wife assured us that there was NO WAY anyone could have forced Gary to write the notes he wrote to his children, or forged them. It was his words, his handwriting.

PLEASE. Stick to facts. You discredit the 9/11 movement when you go off like that. You become the type of disinformationist you rail against. I’m sure you’re not doing this on purpose, but out of ignorance. Please be more careful.

How would Lisa Pease know what part of Webb's face the bullet went through? She did not do the autopsy. Besides, an autopsy was performed on President Kennedy but they lied about it, so why should we believe their autopsy on Gary Webb? And our authorities identified all the passengers who crashed into the Pentagon by DNA samples. How can we believe such a group of liars?

Lisa Pease claims there is no way anybody could forge suicide notes, but people are forging paper currency and all sorts of other documents.

Besides, our government lies so often that we cannot be sure there really were suicide notes. The suicide notes might be as real as Mohamed Atta's passport (it was found in the street near the World Trade Center, remember?).

Pease also claims I discredit the 9-11 movement when I suggest that Gary Webb's death may have been murder. Who in the 9-11 movement has been discredited? Can anybody give me the name of just one person?

After Jimmy Walter read her e-mail, he responded that he does not trust Mike Ruppert, either. Pease responded with the following e-mail:

I know Mike Ruppert too, and whatever else he is, I do not believe him to be an agent. He can be insufferably rude, and has gone out on a limb and been wrong before, but if he’s an agent that would be a great surprise to me, and this from someone who has called a lot of people an agent! ;-)

Re the shooting – he used to smoke a lot of pot – his sister-in-law said he was probably stoned when he did this, which is why the pain wouldn’t have forestalled the second shot. The family believes from his actions that it was suicide. I wouldn’t have believed it had I not spoken to them in person, so I understand why others cannot feel that way about it. I was SURE at first that it was MURDER, but after I saw the evidence and heard the anecdotes I was convinced it was suicide.

Lisa Pease wants us to believe that if you smoke pot, you can shoot yourself in the head and not be bothered enough by the pain to shoot a second time. We should let the hospitals know about this amazing pain reliever!

It is also worth noting that Pease claims that Ruppert can be "insufferably rude", and that he has been wrong before. She makes excuses for Ruppert's atrocious behavior and mistakes, but she insists that I will discredit the 9-11 movement simply for suggesting Gary Webb was murdered.

However, if Ruppert can be insufferably rude and make mistakes without discrediting the 9-11 movement, I think I can also be insufferably rude and make mistakes. Why do I have to be perfect?

It should be obvious that the answer to these questions is that Lisa Pease, Mike Ruppert, and most of the other "Truth Seekers" are actually wolves in sheep's clothing. They are not trying to help us understand anything; rather, they are trying to suppress discussions of Gary Webb's death, the Zionist connection to the Kennedy assassinations, the Apollo moon landings, and the Zionist connection to 9-11. 

Why do they try to suppress discussions of those particular issues? Because the truth comes out in discussions. Lies, on the other hand, require suppression of investigations and discussions.

If the "Truth Seekers" really were trying to expose the truth, they would proudly boast,

"Go ahead, look closely at Gary Webb's death, the Apollo moon landing, and Zionism! You will discover that we are correct."

However, it is Bollyn and I who proudly boast,

"Prove us wrong, Ruppert, Pease, Orkin, and all the rest of you. Put us in our place; show the world that we are fools. Go on, punks; make our day."

Furthermore, all of the friends and associates of these people should be considered guilty until proven innocent.

If you were to discover that your neighbor has been part of gang that has been raping children for the past ten years, would you let one of his friends baby-sit your child?

Don't make excuses for these "Truth Seekers". When you catch one of them lying, you should realize that they are part of a large network of criminals. Don't defend them with such remarks as, "But 37% of what they say is true!"