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Warning: Andy Hitchcock provides excellent information, but he seems to be another Zionist agent who's trying to gain our trust and shift the blame to a smaller number of Jews.

I have more information about him here and at my Money Masters page.

Zionist Control of Britain

"Friends of Israel" 
are creating the 
United Kingdom of Zion, 
a nation formerly known as Britain

by Andy Hitchcock
June 13, 2006

Whether we like it or not, today we live in a world dominated by Zionism.

I say, "dominated," but not yet, "controlled."

In this article I  am going to demonstrate how Zionism controls the British Political System.

Firstly in Britain, much like the USA we have two major political parties.  The Labour Party and the Conservative Party.  Indeed all British Prime Ministers have come from either of these political parties since the Liberal Prime Minister David Lloyd George left office in 1922.

We also in Britain have Zionist lobbying groups like the AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee).  However the groups in Britain are political party specific.  We have:

The Labour Friends Of Israel

The Conservative Friends Of Israel

Let's deal with these individually.

The Labour Friends Of Israel

The Labour Friends Of Israel are highly significant on the current global political scene.  They do not reveal how many Labour MPs are members, but they have sent at least 50 to Israel since 1997.  Since 1994 they have had a scheme in place to elect and keep in power a Zionist puppet named Tony Blair.  This is how the plan played out.

In 1994 Tony Blair was at a dinner party held by the second-in-command at the Israeli Embassy in London, Gideon Meir, who would go on to become the Information Chief of  Israel's Foreign Ministry.  Meir introduced Tony Blair to a Zionist businessman named Michael Levy.  Levy agreed to use his influence to get Blair elected so long as Blair agreed never to to act in any way against Israeli interests, whilst he was leader of the party.

Blair agreed and as a result Levy became chief fundraiser for Blair, and co-incidentally of course just before the 1997 election in which Blair became Prime Minister, Rupert Murdoch's News Corp. (which dominates the British Media) lavished support for Blair whilst attacking the Conservative Party on a daily basis.  Thus Blair was elected in a landslide.

Here is an excellent article on the Labour Friends Of Israel, and you can find the MPs and Lords on their Committee here.

The Conservative Friends Of Israel

The Conservative Friends Of Israel, who have over two thirds of Conservative MPs as members, you may think haven't had much to do since Blair's election in 1997, but of course they still need to manage the opposition.  This is evidenced by the recent contest for leadership of the Conservative Party which took place between David Cameron and David Davis in December 2005.   Both candidates were asked to complete a questionnaire for the Conservative Friends Of Israel.

David Cameron, who would end up being elected leader, no surprise there as he's related to the British Royal Family, would state that,

"Israel is in the front line in the international struggle against terrorist violence."
His full questionnaire is here.

On the other hand, David Davis, his leadership challenger, clearly had a slightly different point of view when he stated,

"Israel is....a force for good in the Middle East and wider world."
His full questionnaire is here.

You can find a list of the MPs and Lords on the Conservative Friends Of Israel committee here.

The Board Of Deputies Of British Jews

It is also worth mentioning, "The Board of Deputies of British Jews."  This is beacause they are the longest standing, "official," Jewish organisation in Britain.

They have a long history having been established in 1760, and this year had a dinner to celebrate, "the 350th anniversary of the Re-establishment of the Jewish community in England."

Following this, in June, Conservative Party leader, David Cameron, was guest of honour at their, "President's Dinner."


This article is short in order to demonstrate to all the international readers how easy it is to look for Zionist organisations who are infiltrating your political system and publicize them to others.

As you will see from this article the information is almost entirely from the Zionist organisations themselves.  Despite this political infiltration, in Britain, less than 0.5% of the population are Jewish, yet they dominate political lobbying.

As I said on the first line of this article, they, "dominate," they do not yet, "control."  How long it is before they do control, is up to YOU exposing those organisations in your respective countries and outing them as I have done in this article today.