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Who is a Jew?

And should we care what a person calls himself?

7 July  2008

Andy Hitchcock wrote The Rothschild Timeline.

Later he turned it into a paperback book, The Synagogue of Satan.

In my audio file for 2 July 2008, I said that Andy Hitchcock was Jewish. He responded by sending me an e-mail message that Daryl Smith, who told me that he was Jewish, is incorrect. Here are the e-mail messages.
(If you don't know why I no longer trust Smith, check this out.)
9 July 2008 Update: I now see a pattern. I now understand why Bill Still and Pat Carmack support the official story of 9/11.

Update on my Money Masters page.


Judge people by their effect on the world

It doesn't matter who is a Jew and who isn't. Judge people by their behavior, not by what they call themselves.

The Jewish historian, Arthur Koestler, pointed out in his book The 13th Tribe that the Ashkenazi Jews are not the original Jews of Palestine but are the descendants of the savages in Khazaria. But even if the Ashkenazi Jews are related to the Jews of Palestine, why should we care? 

It doesn't matter whether Andy Hitchcock is "Jewish". He appears to be helping Israel divert attention away from themselves and onto the Rothschilds, and so he may as well be an official in the Israeli Propaganda Department.

What difference does it make if Andy Hitchcock is a Jew or if he is a Goy who is taking bribes, or a Goy who has been blackmailed? The effect is the same in each case.

Anybody who has a detrimental effect on our world should be considered a criminal. Don't be concerned about whether he calls himself a Christian, a Jew, an atheist, or an African American.
Spike Lee, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and lots of other people of African descent are not "Jewish", but they seem to be protecting the Jewish crime network, and I doubt if they're as naive as they appear.

I suspect that they're helping the criminal Jews in return for money and fame.

However, it doesn't matter why the African-American leaders are behaving in such a strange manner. All we should be concerned about is their effect on the world.

They're not providing leadership; rather, they're ignoring phenomenal crimes and corruption. Therefore, they should be considered as animals, or savages, or criminals.

Our enemy is badly behaved people, not "Jews"

It's obvious that there is an international Jewish crime network, but there is no agreement on what a "Jew" actually is. Don't focus too much on "Jews"; focus on the behavior of people.

A lot of the people who are causing trouble for the world are Chinese, Japanese, African, Indian, and Peruvian. All of these disgusting people need to be dealt with.  

Len Horowitz refers to himself as a "Messianic Jew".

He told an audience: "That means I'm a Christian Jew."

It doesn't matter whether Horowitz refers to himself as a Jew, or a Christian Jew, or a Hindu. It doesn't matter whether he's an Ashkenazi Jew, an original Jew of Palestine, or a Goy with only one distant Jewish ancestor from centuries ago.

We should judge Horowitz by what he actually does for the human race. Look at the information he is providing us. He is mixing truthful information with nonsense. This suggests that he is deliberately trying to confuse, deceive, and manipulate us, and that is all we need to know to consider him a threat to the human race.

By the way, several years ago his organization, Healthy World Distributing, asked me if they could sell my books and videos, and so I sent them some, but as with some other people and this "truth movement" they never paid me for them.

Was Alfred Hitchcock Jewish?

One of the reasons that Daryl Smith believes that Andy Hitchcock is Jewish is that many people believe that Alfred Hitchcock is Jewish, and that Hitchcock is a Jewish name.
The official story of Alfred Hitchcock claims that he is Christian, but he has certain characteristics that are common among the Ashkenazi Jews.

For example, look at the large gap between his nose and mouth.

Notice the small upper lip and the very large lower lip.

He also has a slightly sloping forehead, and his neck is short and angled forward, like a Neanderthal.

(I have photos of people with Neanderthal qualities here.)

Is the entertainment business really entertaining?

It doesn't matter whether Alfred Hitchcock is Jewish. Judge him by his effect on the world. His movies entertained a lot of us, but does he actually do anything of value for the human race?

Don't assume that a person who entertains you, especially when you're a child, is contributing something of value to the human race. Howard Stern entertains a lot of people, but does any of his entertainment really have any value?

Hitchcock movies were frightening stories of murder, fear, and horror. We could describe his movies as having "shock value". Is the entertainment business really entertaining us, or is it merely attracting our attention with horror, murder, sexual titillation, and fear?

Take a serious look at the entertainment business. How much of the entertainment can really be described as pleasant or inspiring?

Just because people are attracted to something, doesn't make it good. People are attracted to loud noises, explosions, and car accidents, for example, and so movies are full of this type of "entertainment", but does it really have any value? Does it improve life for you or anybody else? Or does it merely grab your attention?

Gardens and certain types of art are pleasant and make us relax and feel good, but horror movies and Howard Stern simply grab our attention.

Just because we're attracted to something doesn't mean we should have it. We like sugar, but you wouldn't let a child live on candy. Men are attracted to certain images of women, but that doesn't mean we should put pornography everywhere.

It seems to me that most of the entertainment in America today is encouraging bad attitudes among both children and adults, and it gives unrealistic views of marriage, sex, society, money, and life in general. I think people, especially children, would have a happier life without the psychotic entertainment and the constant sexual titillation.

So why are the entertainment businesses producing so many psychotic movies, books, and television shows? I think it's because the entertainment business is dominated by Jews, and they seem to have a preference for horror, death, murder, torture, doomsday scenarios, sexual perversion, and pornography. Alfred Hitchcock may not be Jewish, but he produced the same type of frightening "entertainment" that other Jews produce, and he should be judged by his effect on the world.

We need better people, of all races

The Jewish crime network is the largest and most successful crime network, but we need to get rid of every crime network. We need to deal with everybody who can't behave properly, regardless of whether they refer to themselves as Jews, Christians, Polynesians, Celts, or Arabs. People must be judged by their behavior and their effect on the world, not by what they claim to be.

So, don't worry about whether Andy Hitchcock is "Jewish". He is helping the Israeli Jews by protecting the Holocaust, Israel, and by working with and promoting Daryl Smith, so rather than refer to him as Jewish, we could refer to him as a criminal, or a savage, or an animal.