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The criminal Jews
are frightened of me!

My interview on 9 April 2009 with
The Patriot Dames has been canceled, again!
Here is their announcement.

4 April 2009
Updated, 5 April 2009

VoR's pathetic attempt to defend themselves

Mike Conner, of Voice of Reason (VoR), is trying to defend their decision to cancel the show. Look at the comment section. After somebody complained, Conner insults me and encourages everybody to watch the trailer for the movie In The Shadow Of The Moon

So, watch that trailer to discover that I am "a kook and a troll".

Update, 5 April 2009:

Mike Conner deleted his idiotic message after I posted this file. A copy of his message is in the box below:
Mike Conner on April 5th, 2009 1:12 am

I am going to break a rule. I am going to talk about why I am here.

Hufschmid doesn’t have any truth. He is a kook and a troll. Susie was very, very foolish for insisting on giving him VoR air. VoR will never be a platform for Hufschmid. That’s not censorship, as Hufschmid has total control over his own schizophrenic Web site. Hufschmid is a nut, but VoR has no obligation to accommodate him.

I ask all to watch this:

I’m a tenth-generation American, under siege by Jews and their dirty allies. I like Germans; I am 1/4 German myself, but I will not tolerate extreme germanophiles who bash my American heritage. No one is going to insult my American ethnicity on this network.

Kooks will be evaluated based on their entertainment-liability ratio.

That is all for tonight.

As  I've pointed out before, the patriots, the white supremacists, the neo-Nazis, and most of the other "truth seekers" insist that Apollo astronauts really did land on the moon, and they've been trying to pressure me into remaining silent about this issue for years.
In fact, Dave von Kleist, of The Power Hour radio show, even gave me a lecture, both on the phone, and in person, about remaining silent about the Apollo moon landing and the Holocaust.

Daryl Smith would also stop me and other people from talking about the moon landing on his radio show.

Also, notice that at the end of Mike Conner's response, he tries to convince us that he is a victim of the Jews, not one of their agents:

"I’m a tenth-generation American, under siege by Jews and their dirty allies."
I suppose if a person is dumb enough to believe that a movie trailer exposes me as a kook, he will also be dumb enough to believe that Conner is fighting the Jews.
Nobody was afraid of me in 2002
From 2002 to 2004 I was interviewed by lots of radio hosts, and many of them sold my book and video -- including Dave von Kleist and Alex Jones! Some of them also invited me to speak at their meetings. But for the past few years they have been pretending that I don't exist.

After years of being ignored, near the end of March 2009, Susie, of The Patriot Dames show on the VoR network, asked me to be a guest on their show for April 9, 2009. I agreed, and I listened to some of the shows that were produced by that network.

I discovered that they were promoting people I describe as wolves in sheep's clothing, and I wrote an article that exposed their mysterious program director, Peter Schaenk as a Zionist agent (Part 1 in the box below).

Not long afterwards, Schaenk cancelled The Patriot Dames show. However, due to pressure from the public, a couple days later the show was allowed to continue, and Schaenk resigned from the network on April 1st. The next day I posted Part 2:

Jews in Nazi clothing
Please learn about this Zionist trick, and educate people about it, especially if you know people in the police departments or military.

Part 1  •  Part 2

The next day, April 3,  Susie posted an announcement of my appearance on her radio show (it is at this page). The next day her show was canceled again.
They're losing!
Nobody in this "truth movement" was frightened of me in 2002, but today virtually everybody is afraid to even mention my name. They refer to me as a kook, an anti-Semite, a Zionist Jew, an agent for Rupert Murdoch, a Holocaust denier, and a Nazi, but it's easy to figure out what's happening.

The criminal Jews have been exposed, and now they are slowly losing the battle, and they are becoming frightened.

So, let's finish them off !
Promote my website. Mention my name.