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The “dancing Israelis”...
...a meaningless event? 
Or evidence of Israeli involvement in 9/11?

2 April 2009

Note: I explain how Peter Schaenk tries to deceive us about the dancing Israelis, but the concepts apply to other people and other evidence, so try to learn their tricks so that you can identify them when other people use them in other situations.
Three of the five Israelis who were arrested in New York City admitted on Israeli television that they were sent to document the attack.

Here the audio of the CNN television news report about two of the five in police custody:
911-van-arrest-CNN.mp3 220 kb

More at this page:

“We are innocent Israelis who were sent to New York to film the attack simply to provide Israel with historical documentation of those murderous, hateful Arabs and their suicidal, terrorist attack on our good friend, America.”
Peter Scheank says this issue doesn't prove anything!
Shaenk-Mike-dancing Israelis-2008Aug13.mp3 100 kb

Transcript of that excerpt:

Peter Scheank:

Most people that are unfamiliar with the Israeli connection, so to speak, they want to show that they do know about it by bringing up the dancing Israelis. This is some great revelation. The dancing Israelis!

Personally, Mike, the dancing Israelis... that's probably some of the least compelling evidence [giggles] of 911. That is what they use, though. They always bring up the dancing Israelis because that doesn't prove anything.

There's a bunch of Jews on top of a building, jumping around, having a party, videotaping the twin towers set on fire. I mean, a lot of people were probably doing that.

Imagine that a vicious gang breaks into your home and beats and rapes you.

And imagine that five Israelis were sent by Israel to film the attack.

“We are innocent Israelis who were simply documenting the rape and beating of our good friend.”
And imagine that Scheank announced:
Peter Scheank:
Most people that are unfamiliar with the Israeli connection to that rape and beating... they want to show that they do know about it by bringing up the dancing Israelis.

That's probably some of the least compelling evidence [giggles] of that rape and beating. They always bring up the dancing Israelis because that doesn't prove anything.

There's a bunch of Jews in front of house, jumping around, having a party, videotaping the rape and beating of a man. I mean, a lot of people were probably doing that.

Would you wonder if Scheank is trying to protect the gang? And would you wonder how the Israelis knew that the attack was going to occur on a certain day, time, and location? And would you wonder why Israel would want the attack documented?
Schaenk claims that "Clean Break" is the smoking gun

Excerpt #2: Schaenk promotes the 'Clean Break' document 
Shaenk-Mike-cleanbreak-2008Aug13.mp3  130 kbytes

Transcript of the above excerpt:
Peter Schaenk:

I also find it very interesting that the 911 truth kids, let's call them that, they always avoid the document known as Clean Break.

Clean Break is the document, the smoking gun, that shows Richard Perle and company, were paid agents of Israel writing foreign-policy for this country and Israel. And that Clean Break clearly illustrates what we are doing in the Middle East right now.
"Richard Perle and the Neocons are responsible for 9/11.

Don't even think that "the Jews" are to blame."

My comments:

The Clean Break document comes from the Institute for Advanced Strategic and Political Studies, another of the thousands of mysterious "think tanks", this one in Israel.

I don't think Clean Break can be described as a "smoking gun". Rather, I see it as just one of many documents produced by government officials and think tanks around the world that promote Israel.

All of these documents are evidence that Jews within our nations are actually working for Israel, not for our benefit.

Thousands of Jews around the world are promoting policies that benefit Israel, so why does Schaenk claim that Clean Break is a smoking gun?

The Clean Break document was written mainly by people connected to the Bush administration, so by focusing our attention on this particular document, the blame for 9/11 can be shifted away from the millions of Jews, and onto a small group of "Neocons".

Peter Schaenk continued:

But yet, they don't discuss this founding document of the group PNAC. Instead, they discuss the document known as RAD, Rebuilding America's Defenses. Because in that document, you've got, I believe it's Cheney, who makes reference to Pearl Harbor.

So they say this shows that it was Dick Cheney, George Bush, and all those rich white guys that belong to the Germanic Nazi death cult, that are behind 911 and the invasion of the Middle East.
"Don't be fooled by the propaganda! The German Nazi death cult did not do 9/11. You can trust me to expose the propaganda. Follow me to the truth!"

Who among us is talking about RAD?

Schaenk is using a common trick among the Jews. Specifically, he criticizes an idiotic theory in order to make himself appear as an honest investigator, and then he hopes that we don't notice that he is trying to shift the blame away from Israel, Zionism, and the Jews and onto a smaller group of people.


Don't follow secretive people! 
As I discussed in my social technology articles, businesses routinely do background checks on potential employees, but most people are still behaving like medieval peasants who give blind obedience to their leaders, even when those leaders abuse them.
Most people have no concern for who their leaders are. As a result, we have allowed mysterious, secretive men to get control of our media, banking system, military, schools, "think tanks", charities, etc.
Peter Schaenk is a good example. He is struggling to become a leader for the American "patriots" and the "white race", but we are fools to follow a man who hides behind a mask, especially when there is so much evidence that he is working with the network that has committed the most horrendous crimes of all time.

As of yesterday, April 1, 2009, Schaenk is no longer Program Director of the Voice of Reason network, but that doesn't mean the network is honest. It is still a very secretive network that promotes people I don't trust.

“I will protect you from the Jews. Follow me!”
By observing Jews, you can learn their tricks
Listening to Peter Schaenk's interviews can help us understand the tricks they use. Likewise, looking at some of the message boards can help us, also.

Months ago I was told about the messages at this YouTube video in which people argue about whether Jim Morrison, the singer of the rock band the Doors, truly died of a heroin overdose, or whether he was murdered by Jews.

After watching the arguments and the attempts to manipulate and deceive, it occurred to me that some of you who are still learning about the issue of propaganda and deception might benefit by observing the arguments.

So I saved some of the messages, and eventually I put them, with a brief analysis, at this page: