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Zionist Jews in Nazi clothing
An analysis of this Zionist trick

30 March 2009

To help you identify the people using this trick, here is my analysis of Peter Schaenk's recent interviews of Mark Weber and Professor Kevin McDonald.
“So then I told him, 'I hate Jews', and now he trusts me, just like a puppy dog. What a sucker!”

On February 4, 2009 Schaenk interviewed Mark Weber of the Institute for Historical Review, a group that investigates the Holocaust. Below are two audio excerpts. 

A transcript of the excerpts is in the left column, and my comments are in the right column.

Excerpt #1: Schaenk talks to Weber about the 9/11 attack 
Shaenk-Weber-911-2009Feb4.mp3  180 kbytes

Peter Schaenk:

You and I talked once about the 9/11 people. I'm no expert in it,
"Gosh, I don't know much about 9/11. 

Sure, it's been 8 years, but I'm a leader in the white supremacist movement, so I'm too busy to look into silly issues."

My comments:

The Zionist agents frequently claim that they are not an expert on 9/11. Politicians frequently use this trick, also. We could call it the "Fake Ignorance Trick".

They fake ignorance so that when you complain about their idiotic opinions, they can respond, "Gosh, I haven't had time to investigate it."

However, we don't need to be an "expert" to realize that the towers were demolished with explosives, and that the primary group responsible are Zionist Jews and Israelis.

Peter Schaenk continued:
but I've been dismayed about how many people who are involved in this thing seem not to care at all about the larger reality that millions of people around the world are so furious and so outraged at US policy in the Middle East, that they're willing to kill and die to make clear their opposition and their hatred of these policies.
"We hate you Americans, and we will die to kill you."
Here he promotes the standard Zionist propaganda that millions of people around the world hate Americans, and want to kill us, and that they're willing to sacrifice their lives in order to kill us.

He avoids mentioning that the policies that supposedly cause people to hate us are coming from Jews, not Americans.

Peter Schaenk continued:
And, sure, it may be that this or that terrorist action was actually carried out... isn't what it seems, and wasn't carried out by Muslims,
"I realize that not all terrorist attacks are carried out by Muslims. I'm highly educated, so I don't need you to tell me about terrorism."
Here he acknowledges the possibility that 9/11 and other attacks were not carried out by Muslims.

If you complain to him that 9/11 was an Israeli operation, he can respond, "I've already pointed out that some terrorist attacks may not have been carried out by Muslims. You're not telling us anything we don't already know. Now go away."

Also, notice that he says the attacks might not have been carried out by Muslims. It would be more useful if he said who might have carried out the attacks, but he wants to avoid the evidence that Jews were responsible. So he makes a vague remark that implies that it might have been any group, such as Catholics or Chinese.

Peter Schaenk continued:
but there's no question that a lot of Muslims, and even non-Muslims, are just furious at what the United States and Israel are doing, and they're willing to kill and die for that purpose.
"I'm a suicidal, Muslim maniac, and I'm willing to die in order to kill you because of what you and the Israelis are doing."
Here he again repeats the Zionist propaganda that people all around the world hate us and are willing to kill and die in order to get revenge on us.

Also, notice that he says that the Muslims are furious at what the United States and Israel are doing, which implies that Americans and Israelis are equally guilty, and possibly working together as friends.

However, the evidence shows that Jews are secretly manipulating the American government, the American churches, the American media, etc.

Excerpt #2:  Schaenk and Weber discuss anti-Semitism
Shaenk-Weber-antisemites-2009Feb4.mp3  260 kbytes
Peter Schaenk:

What's interesting is that you have a group of people that hate Jews so much that it borders on a psychosis. And I think it kind of clouds their judgment and their thinking.
"I love Hitler! I hate Jews, Chinese, and Africans!

White Power!"

"Feel sorry for white people, and hate Jews!"

My comments:

Who are these psychotic people who "hate Jews"?

Peter Schaenk is promoting the Zionist propaganda that there are lots of anti-Semites who hate Jews simply because of some mysterious psychosis.

The Jews encourage us to hate Muslims and Nazis, but when we discover the truth that Jews are responsible for the events that are blamed on Muslims and Nazis, the Jews respond that we are anti-Semites.

There are no anti-Semites. Rather, millions of people around the world have discovered that the crimes we were blaming on Muslims and Nazis were actually conducted by Jews

We do not "hate Jews". We have simply become educated about historical events, and we are disgusted with the abuse.

Peter Schaenk continued:
On the other hand, you have other people out there like the Kevin McDonald's, like the Mark Webers, and like the Peter Schaenks, who are saying, let's look at this logically, rationally, and let's come up with what... let's use all the facts to find the truth. 

It doesn't matter where the cards fall, let's just find out what the truth really is. It doesn't matter if it hurts Israel, or if it helps Israel, let's find out what the truth is. 

That should be the mission of the IHR, and I believe that's what it is, would that be correct?
"I'm an honest investigator, just like Peter Schaenk, Kevin McDonald, and Mark Weber. 

We want the truth. We don't lie. You can trust us."


He promotes himself and other Zionist agents as honest, loving people who want to find the truth.

This type of remark is at the mental level of television advertising. Specifically, the people who claim to be fair, honest, etc., never provide any evidence to back up their claims. They simply make the remark and then hope that we are stupid and gullible enough to believe them.

I don't think I've ever told anybody that I'm honest. Why should I? Let them observe me and decide for themselves.

Telling people that you're honest is like denying that you're a pedophile. Why should you have to tell us the obvious truth? As I wrote years ago, only lies need to be promoted and protected.

In my audio file for September 3, 2008 I mentioned that Smith has been denying his pedophilia for years, but why? He also denies that he has a black wife, but why deny the obvious? Is he hiding something?
“For the 600th time, I'm not a pedophile, and my wife is not black. OK?

Hufschmid is a Jew, an agent for Murdoch, a liar. Stop listening to him! Trust me! Listen to me!"

Mark Weber:

Yes, I don't wish harm to anyone based upon his ancestry or the accident of his birth.

Weber responds to Peter Schaenk by claiming that he is also fair, unbiased, honest, and lovable.

However, if he is truly the honest, unbiased person he claims to be, he wouldn't have to tell us.

Mark Weber continued:
I am concerned, and I've written a lot and spoken a lot about the harmful effects of this -- what I call Jewish Zionist power, you can call it the Israel lobby, you can call it other things, there's different names for it -- but this power has real consequences and harmful consequences, I think for America and the world.
"I'm an expert about Zionism. Follow me to learn the truth."
This is the type of remark that fools people into thinking that he is exposing Zionism.

With this remark, he promotes himself as an educated investigator who is aware that Zionist Jews are trying to manipulate America and the world in a manner that most of us would consider harmful.

Mark Weber continued:
But there are some people who are so angry and so hateful that there's no villain... nothing they don't see the evil hand of Jews behind. So they... a lot of them are just unhinged when it comes to, I think, reality.
"Jews are responsible for every problem in the world, including migraine headaches."
However, he immediately follows his critical remarks about Zionism by repeating the Zionist propaganda that there are mysterious, mentally ill, anti-Semites who hate Jews.

The Jews spend a lot of time trying to fool us into believing that these crazy anti-Semites are everywhere.

Mark Weber continued:
I mean, if a bomb goes off in Mumbai, killing people -- apparently it was carried out by Muslim terrorists in Mumbai -- I'm not an expert on it.
"Muslims terrorists attacked Mumbai. I'm not an expert, and I know nothing about that attack, but follow me anyway."
He promotes the official story that the terrorist attack in Mumbai was caused by Muslims, and then he immediately used the Fake Ignorance Trick.

As I described in my document, infiltration or incompetence, you are a fool if you follow somebody who knows less than you do. A leader should provide you with information and guidance.

The leaders of the white supremacists, Holocaust revisionists, etc., claim to know nothing about 9/11, the Apollo moon landing, and many other issues, so why are they leaders?

Mark Weber continued:
But there are plenty of people who immediately say that it must've been carried out by the Mossad, by the Israeli secret service.

Well, maybe, but the quickness that some people have to blame Israel for absolutely everything bad that's going on is just astonishing, and unhinged. It's irrational.
"We were bit by mosquitos last night at our Nazi rally, and we know that the Jews were somehow responsible."

Mark Weber once again tries to create the impression that there are maniacs around the world who simply hate Jews.

These maniacs are unhinged; they are irrational. They will blame Israel for anything simply because they are "anti-Semites".

Don't be a sucker, and don't be intimidated.

There is nobody who "hates Jews". There are only people who have become aware that a large group of Jews are using accusations of anti-Semitism - and lots of other tricks - to get away with their crimes.

Who is Professor Kevin McDonald?

Why do the Jews promote McDonald as an anti-Semite?

Why do Peter Schaenk and so many other Holocaust revisionists, patriots, neo-Nazis, and white supremacists also promote him?

You can probably figure it out from the following brief excerpt or transcript of Peter Schaenk's interview of McDonald in Nov 2008.

Excerpt #3:  Schaenk and Professor Kevin McDonald discuss the Holocaust
Shaenk-MacDonald-2008Nov19.mp3 80 kb

Professor Kevin McDonald:

But I do want to say that I'm not a Holocaust revisionist. I think the Holocaust did happen, and it was a moral travesty.

But you know, having said that, the reality is that it is true, the Holocaust has become a cultural icon. This is the result of Jewish activism.

And it is part of this sort of intellectual cultural background now of multiculturalism in this country. In other words, if you oppose immigration, oftentimes the imagery will be Nazis, you know, or racism. So any kind of criticism of the culture of the left, multiculturalism, immigration, and so on...[he goes on and on with vague, academic, mumbo jumbo]
"I'm a professor with a PhD, and my years of research show that the Jewish stories of the Holocaust are 100% true!

Send your children to my school for an education."

My comments:

McDonald wants us to believe that Jewish activism is the reason the Holocaust is such a large part in our lives.

None of us have the resources to figure out exactly what happened during the world wars, but it doesn't take much intelligence or effort to look at the information I provide about the Holocaust and figure out that the reason the Holocaust is such a significant part of our lives today is because the Jews were involved in setting up the world wars and the Holocaust, and Jews are lying about the Holocaust on phenomenal scale, and they are using the Holocaust to manipulate us.

And this explains why the Jews are trying desperately to prevent us from investigating and discussing the Holocaust.

Can you see the pattern?

Professor McDonald is promoted by Jews as an anti-Semite because they know that he won't expose their Holocaust lies or other crimes. And the reason the white supremacists, patriots, neo-Nazis, and truth seekers will promote Professor McDonald, Peter Schaenk, Mark Weber, Edgar Steele, and lots of other people, but not me, is because I'm not under Jewish control.

Incidentally, does anybody know Peter Schaenk's real name? He seems to be another person who is trying to keep himself a secret.

Learn the Zionist tricks!

The Zionists are trying to create the impression that the world is still full of anti-Semites in order to frighten Jews into defending themselves against the psychotic Goyim, and to manipulate the Goyim into supporting the arrest and censorship of Holocaust deniers, anti-Semites, people who commit hate crimes, and racists.

Some things to watch out for:

• Anybody who promotes Hitler as a respectable man, such as this site that refers to him as "Adolf the Great":

When Christopher Bollyn was working with the American Free Press, he wrote an article that made a critical remark about Hitler, and his remark was removed by the management. As I described years ago in this document, the American Free Press is another Zionist organization.

• People in leadership positions who seem to know nothing about the Israeli involvement in the 9/11 attack, or that the Apollo moon landing was staged here on the earth, or that the Holocaust is a Zionist trick.

It is now 2009, so if a leader doesn't know what's going on by now, don't assume he is naive. Don't follow idiots or ignorant people!

This applies to professors, also. If a professor doesn't know at least as much about 9/11 or the Holocaust as you do, don't assume he is naive.